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Evan Paxwell, son of the billionaire Zach Paxwell and Emily Paxwell, now the co-CEO of his father's empire, is a playboy, who changes girls like clothes. Each night he is seen with a different girl in his arms. He enjoys his playboy life and doesn't care about what people say or think about him. He has everything a man can wish for : money, power and women. Women fall on his feet, just for spending one night with him. Whereas man despise him for having everything he wants. Lily Jones, an orphan, who was dumped by her parents in the waste container when she was only a day old, has spent her entire life in an orphanage till she turned 18. She was not treated well in the orphanage. And also sometimes even abused. When she was 19 years old, she found a newborn baby girl in a waste container just like her. She decides to adopt her, as she knows how they treat children in the orphanage. Somehow she manages to complete her studies and now at the age of 24 years, she is currently looking for a high profile job so as to fulfill all the needs of her little baby girl. She has done multiple jobs in hotels, restaurants and library. But now, she is looking for a job with high income so she can give a better life to her little baby girl What will happen when she finally gets a job as the personal assistant of the very famous and arrogant Evan Paxwell? Will she be able to resist his charms?

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