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THIS IS A BOYXBOY, GAY STORY. SO IF YOU'RE NOT INTO THAT THEN DON'T READ IT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Christopher Jenson never intended to set foot in Newton ever again, but when he's dragged back by his mother's funeral he catches sight of something that makes him reconsider. A beautiful teenage boy called Aden, who's just begging for a sugardaddy...

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1. Home sweet hell... or heaven?

Christopher Jenson hadn't set foot in Newton in years, and that was just fine with him.

There was nothing in that town that held his interest, nothing he wanted to go back for... But obligations forced him.

His mother's funeral wasn't exactly something he could miss, and it's not like he could just ask if they could please have the service in New York so he didn't have to go all the bloody way down to Newton just to say goodbye to his dead mother (who he hadn't spoken to in about ten years).

He made the plans to go to Newton, attend the funeral, and liquidate his mother's assets with the intention of making it as quick as possible before getting the hell out of there. Only his plans pretty much crumbled the first time he saw Aden Schue's pretty face.


Christopher was stopped at an intersection near the high school when he saw the kid. All of seventeen with a face that made him look at least two years younger, pink lips, pale skin, blue eyes. Fucking gorgeous. And worse - the kid had obviously just been crying.

Christopher just had this thing about pretty boys (or girls) who cried. He saw a gorgeous young thing with tears in their eyes and he just wanted to whisk them away and make it all better.

Preferably with champagne and sex in his penthouse apartment in New York. So he really couldn't be blamed (ok, he could) for rolling down his window and calling out; "Hey kid, need a lift?"

The boy turned, wide blue eyes suddenly looking right at him, and Christopher felt his cock stir just from the blueness of those eyes. The kid bit his lip (fucking tease) and shook his head. "No... thanks."

"Lamborghini, Muira, 2008," Christopher wheedled, and gave the kid his best charming grin.

"Come on. I don't bite, and it's not as if I'm going to kidnap anyone in a car this expensive, right? I'd get fingered in half a second. Maybe less."

The light at the intersection changed and the car behind him beeped at him. Christopher flipped the bird at the driver. He looked at the kid and offered one final seduction; "Live a little. What's it going to hurt?"

The kid looked at the backed-up and irate cars behind Christopher's Lamborghini, then let out a shuddering breath and quickly hopped from the sidewalk and hurried around to the passenger side of the car. Christopher barely waited for the kid to close the door after him before he sped off down the street.

"Where you headed?" He asked. "Where can I take you?"

They were two very different questions, and the boy seemed to realise that. He looked down at his knees, hands clasped loosely in his lap.

"Aden," the boy said, his voice soft. "Schue. And... Home, I guess."

Christopher snorted. "Fuck that. Boring."

"What?" Aden looked startled, his blue eyes blinking rapidly, face flushing pink. "But..."

"Let's go shopping. I'll buy you icecream." Christopher glanced at the kid again, noticed a recent stain on his sleeve that had all the marks of spilled soda.

"I'll get you a new jacket. Vivienne Westwood, right? I'll buy you something from the new collection."

Aden bit his lower lip again. He looked down at the stained sleeve of his jacket. "I don't even know you," he protested.

"I'm Christopher Jenson," Christopher replied, taking a hand off the wheel to offer it to the kid.

"And I'm bored as fuck and avoiding my family. I live in New York, I own Strut, Glamour, and Vive. Inherited the company they belong to a few years back when my dad's mother died. I'm in Newton for a funeral."

"Oh." Aden's face was even more flushed than it had been before, his eyes wide. He took Christopher's hand hesitantly and his hand was warm and soft, fingers delicate, nails neatly manicured. "I'm sorry, about the funeral."

"Don't be. She was a cold-hearted bitch. Anyway," he flashed a grin at Aden. "Now you know me."

Aden gave him a hesitant little smile. "So..." he said after a moment. "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise. And a half hour drive, so pick some music and make yourself comfy." Christopher waited until Aden was looking through his music collection before he asked; "So why were you crying?"

"What?" Aden blinked, face flushing again. "I wasn't crying..."

"Yeah you were. It's why I offered you a ride. I can't stand it when I see someone beautiful crying."

"I..." Aden shifted in his seat, cheeks bright red. His eyes were starting to fill with tears again, lashes clumping together from the moisture. "I had a particularly bad day at school," Aden explained. "Normally I don't cry, but today it just got to me. I'm not sure why. Stupid."

"Tell me about it?" Christopher took his eyes off the road to smile at Aden. "Tell me about it and I'll buy you a pair of shoes to go with that new jacket..."

"You're bribing me to tell you about my crappy day?"

"I want you to smile," Christopher corrected him, "if I'm going to spoil you 'til you're better I need to know how bad your day was first."

Aden bit his lip (for the third fucking time, this kid was going to give him a hard on if he kept looking at those lips).

"More like a bad year," he said. "Or a bad lifetime." And suddenly he was spilling his whole story, from the death of his mother to having no real friends at school to his father not connecting with him and the bullies that made his time at Newton High a living hell.

"I'm sorry," Aden finished with, "I don't even know why I told you all of that."

"Maybe you needed to," Christopher suggested. "Anyway," he nodded ahead to the parking lot and slowed his speed, "we're here. So now I can buy you an icecream, then I'll spoil you fucking rotten."


By the time the shops in the mall began to close Christopher was already loaded down with several bags full of new clothes and accessories for his smiling new blue-eyed boytoy.

Aden didn't know it yet, but Christopher wasn't planning on the afternoon being a one off. He didn't just throw a couple of thousand dollars down and walk away.

Aden was gorgeous, smart, witty (when he wasn't upset) and he liked old fashioned butter-pecan icecream. No way in hell was he just walking away from that.

Aden was much more talkative on the drive back. He told Christopher all about his plans for the future, his love of music, and his passion for Broadway (even if he only got to see the bootleg videos online and not the real thing).

He didn't seem concerned that his father would notice his bringing home a heap of shopping bags, and just shook his head when Christopher asked if he'd get into trouble for staying out late.

Christopher finally pulled the car to a stop outside the house Aden pointed out as his home and unbuckled his seatbelt so he could look at the boy properly. Aden looked back at him out of instinct, tilting his face up to look Christopher in the eye.

He gasped when the older man leaned down and kissed him but didn't pull away or protest. Christopher raised a hand to cup the side of Aden's face, stroking the boy's cheek with his thumb and coaxing his mouth open to make the kiss deeper.

"I was planning on leaving Newton again as soon as fucking possible," Christopher said afterwards, looking into Aden's half-lidded eyes. "Now... Do you want to see me again, Aden? Can I take you out?"

"On a date?" Aden asked, sounding just a little dazed.

"Dinner," Christopher agreed, "a movie. Whatever you want."


"Here. Here's my number," Christopher dug in his wallet a moment and handed Aden his card. It had both his mobile and office numbers.

"And here... is my hotel number. Call me if something comes up, otherwise I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven."

"Ok," Aden said again. He tucked Christopher's card into his pocket and smiled. "I'll think about what I want to do tomorrow."

"You do that," Christopher replied, and caught Aden in another kiss. One kiss turned into two, and more, and by the time they finally broke apart Christopher almost had his hand down Aden's pants.

He stopped, fingers still on the button at the top of Aden's fly, when the boy pushed him away. "What? Too fast, baby?"

"Well, that yes," Aden admitted. "And we're outside my house in a very attention-grabbing car."

Christopher thought about that for a moment, and what being caught making out with a teenage boy could entail.

He kissed the tip of Aden's nose and moved away from him and back behind the wheel. "I'll see you tomorrow, Aden."

The boy gathered up his shopping bags and got out of the car. He smiled at Christopher before he shut the door. "'Bye."

Christopher waited for the kid to disappear into the house before he floored the accelerator and roared off down the street.

This kid was a keeper. Aden had a lot of potential, even aside from being a cute little slice of virgin sex. Christopher didn't plan on letting him walk away.
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