The Black Pack

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🗲 Deep in Ashdown Forest, the Black Pack reside, hidden from the rest of the normal humans' world. Their bright glowing eyes can detect the darkest of secrets, their shapeshifting technique mastered to perfection, natural human abilities upgraded, their control ignited by a single thought. The humans that see them forget instantly, and always have... until one girl, Georgia Blue, stumbles across the son of the Black Pack's leader. And strangely, she can't be made to forget - and never will... 🗲 What makes Georgia so different from the rest? 🗲 Will Liam Tarne, the dark and mysterious boy in black, ever let her in? 🗲 And will she ever be able to restore the balance and heal the conflict between two unnatural packs... or will the dark secrets and mysteries remain untouched? 🗲 Could the unlikely pair be the solution to the problems, and could they possibly find happiness in each other? 🗲 You haven't seen fear until you look him in the eye. 🗲

Romance / Scifi
Mind Of Meesha
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🗲 Before The Beginning

(A/N - First part of the book! 😄🖤 Hope you guys enjoy, be sure to add to your libraries and follow me if you want more romaction 😅)

There are some places in the world that everyone tries to avoid. They haven’t seen anything threatening there. They haven’t heard anything threatening there. But they avoid it all the same because they sense something, something, out there, hidden away.

Something... or someone. Somethings, or someones.

My mum used to tell me that just because you haven’t seen something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. She believed in adventure, and angels, and wishes. She was thirty-two. I was ten.

And her personality and uplifting presence wasn’t the only thing to die when she did. Dad threw himself into work, and bought a small chain of nightclubs, running them and the main one in particular, where he hangs out with the young women with short skirts and heavy makeup and hourglass figures. His excuse is that we have to move on from the past, and he wasn’t going to spend the rest of his life in mourning and staying miserable. He moved on from the past within months, and it seemed like he’d moved on from me too. A few months after her funeral, he bought the clubs, a couple more months and he had a girlfriend, and a couple of months after that she was out of the picture and someone new came walking in.

I mostly spent nights at my friends’ houses, Laura Bushby and Nancy Burnett. They were closer than family ever since things started changing, and their parents were always understanding, letting me stay for as long as I needed and not gossiping to others or asking too many questions. When I left high school, I managed to get my own small apartment and started working at a nearby nursery. Occasionally hearing from my dad. Mostly sticking with Laura and Nancy.

That’s the way it had been ever since.

I often wonder what life would’ve been like if I hadn’t gone down the wrong road at night when I was coming back home from Nancy’s house, or had taken up Laura’s offer of travelling with her. I would never have seen what I did in Ashdown Forest. I would never have found him. I would never have found out that mum’s stories and imagination were right all along.

Wishes do come true without you realizing. Fairy-tales are inspired by the unseen. And you haven’t seen fear until you look him in the eye.

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