The Blue Wolf Diana

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Sarah is a werewolf but not just any kind of werewolf, she's a hybrid. Nobody knows about her existence because of the simple reason, it's against the law. She is by law forbidden. All her life she's been living closed off society and nobody can know about her or her mother would be killed. Suddenly she finds her mate, will he stand by her side? Will they fight this evil, that is lurking in the woods together?

Romance / Fantasy
Lisanne Imschoot
Age Rating:

The end is near.

‘Sarah come down immediately!’ mom yelled. ‘Why?!’ ′ Because I said so..!′ Mom’s... . What is is with this woman? I stand up from my desk and go downstairs trough the kitchen where mom is sitting with a worried grimace. ‘What is it mom?’ I ask nervously.

′ Oh, nothing you should concern yourself with.′ This had been the story of my life, my mom worries all the time but she wants to protect me from all of it. And I don’t get it.

18 years ago, almost 19 now, my mom fell in love with this handsome warlock. They ran away together and before they knew it, they were expecting but mom’s pack found out she ran away with a warlock so she was banished of the grounds. The warlock, my father if that’s what you could call him, abandoned her when he found out that her parents cut her off. Apparently he was after the packs money and lied to my mom. He spelled her with a love potion and that explained it for my mom that she ran away from home but her parents thought it was just an excuse to come back home.

They didn’t believe it and she was left one her own, pregnant and all alone. My mom was heartbroken but she didn’t let it hold her back from having me and I’m proud to call her my mom. You could ask yourself why was this warlock after the money, well my grandfather is the packs Alpha and had a sparkling business in global marketing. They are the richest people in the entire town... And they have no idea that I exist.

Because of the forbidden love and now child, my mom had to keep me hidden or she could be sentenced to death. I carry my mom’s last name so it would be too obvious who my family is, so she homeschooled me. She did everything she could but with the result that I don’t know anybody, and I’m very closed off but on the other hand, my mom is my best friend and I saw that something was wrong with her. ′ Mom, just tell me already. I’m 18 you should trust me already and before you say anything, I know the rules. I won’t go outside or get angry.′ Her mom gasped, ′ First of all you are 17 but you are right honey,...′ she sighed ‘It’s my dad.’ My eyes widened. ‘What now?’ Mom told me about them but never much, it hurried too much. Mom stands up and walks toward me.

My mom is a beautiful lady, she has brown long curly hair with a couple of grey strips in it. She is about 5′ 11 and has curves to die for. These curves, I inherited from her and I’m proud of them. She has blue piercing eyes. I on the other hand have black curly hair and brown eyes. Other from this mom and I could be twins, not that anyone could ever know but I’m proud of it.

‘Your grandfather is coming in an hour.’ For a moment I couldn’t think, What on earth was happening? ′ Sarah?′ ‘Honey?’ Mom asked worried. ′ Sarah Julia Black!′ mom yelled. ′ Sorry mom, I guess I’ve heard you wrong. I thought you said granddad is coming. ′ I laughed while putting my hands up. ′ You’ve heard me right, sweetie.′ mom said. I quickly sat down and I probably looked white as snow, mom took my hands.

′ But why?′ Mom crunched down and looked right at me. ‘Apperantly something happend at the packhouse and they need my help.’ I couldn’t believe it, why, just why? ‘Why now? After 19 years? What does this mean mom? Do we need to be scared?’ I was scared and mom saw but she shook her head.′ No, sweetie. My mom isn’t alive anymore, she was the reason my dad cut ties with me. So I just think he wants to reconcile.′ Mom explained but she didn’t look happy about it, she looked worried. I couldn’t help thinking why would he come now? Grandma has been death for over 5 years, why now? This just doesn’t feel right. ′ Sarah,...′ Mom said to bring her back to the conversation. Before I could answer she she said: ′ We need to get the house ready. He should be here any moment.′ I nodded and started to erase myself from everything. Whenever somebody came over we had to take all the pictures away where I was in. So we replaced all the photo’s to ones where mom was all by herself. I knew what this meant, I had to go to my room and be quiet.

Before I knew it the door rang, ′ Shoot, upstairs and be quiet.′ Mom whispered. Sarah went upstairs quickly but before she went to her room she hid behind the wall where nobody could see her. ′ Hi, father.′ I heard my mom say. ′ Olivia.′ The older man said. I saw a picture on an advertisement once about him but he looked very different. It was a somewhat older man with slik brown curly hair with the same eyes my mom has.

′ I’m your dad, you should call me like that then.′ Mom started laughing hysterically , ′ I haven’t heard from you in 19 years and you want me to call you dad? Don’t make me laugh.′ Mom was getting very angry. Granddad looked like he could spit fire, his cheeks and eyes caught red and before I knew it he hit mom. ′ Olivia, don’t you dare talk to me like that.′ Mom was fuming, ′ No, DAD.′ she said. ‘How dare you come in to MY home and slap me! I can call you whatever I want. You haven’t even called me before today and you want to be my dad again? How dare you!’ she spits it out and all I could do was stand there with pride, my mom is such a strong woman.

′ Olivia, you know it was your mom who forbade me to call you, visit you or even to give you money.′ mom laughed at that. ′ Valerie has been death for like 5 years, father. So don’t use that as a reason for you abandoning your own daughter.′ Mom was saying this with a lot of hand gestures and I knew what that meant, stay away or get out. Apparently I wasn’t alone because he shrieked hearing about his wife in such a tone from his own daughter. But he looked like he was very embarrassed.

′ What do you want father? Or should I even call you that? Maybe I should call you David instead.′ Mom was really mad, doesn’t he know her at all? Stop arguing, you are not going to win this one... ′ No, no father is fine. You are right Olivia. I just didn’t know how to contact you after your mom died. I didn’t hear anything or saw anything.′ Mom laughed at that. ′ I’ve been in this house, my home for over 18 years, I’ve been in my hometown all these years. So you could’ve just asked someone about me or for example come at my job. You know the nursing home I’ve been working at since I was 18. So no, you don’t have any reasons for this bullshit. You left me, and that’s it.′ Mom was very angry, I’ve never saw her like that not even when I ran out of the house once when I was little. Well I’ve seen it but not in this volume and with all these hand gestures and it was scaring me.

′ What do you want, father? And don’t make me ask it again.′ Granddad huffed. ′ I want you home, you can work back in the pack clinic. But most of all, we caught that warlock you were spelled by, he told us about how he spelled you.′ Her mom started to tear up. ′ Now you believe me?′ He nodded. ′ Thanks for that but I can’t go home.′ He looked at her with a questioning look.

I ran towards the stairs and said: ′ Yes, you can mom. Go!′ Her mom looked shocked and her granddad looked furious. ‘Who the hell are you?’ he asked.

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