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Better Believe It!

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Welcome to the life of Nia Wallace. She's just a regular 16 year old, 300 pound, five foot girl starting her sophomore year of high school. So what happens on her very first day when she crosses paths with the boy who would forever change her life? Tristan Woods is a boy she never imagined would come into her life and just change everything. From their first encounter to everything they have to endure to be with each other. Will their love be enough???

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 (👀😒🙄Meeting Him Officially🙄😒👀)

A/N: This is my revised version of Nia and Tristan. Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

Sophomore Year

"Okay. Where did I put my schedule?" I asked myself. Searching through my brand new pink binder I found it in the inside pocket. I sighed in relief.

“Oh, here it is.” Reading it trying to memorize the room number and my teacher's name.

*Room 213. Room 213. Mrs. Eutsey (Yoot-See)...

I made my way to the annex building where my math and science classes would be held just like last year. Freshman year was no different. I had Geometry and Biology 102. It was cool at first because my classes were on the first floor but this damn building had three floors. And we couldn't use the elevator. It was only for handicapped students, students with injuries and teachers. Lucky muthafuckas.

I hated this two separate buildings bullshit. All my other classes were in the main building that had more than one restroom per sex. Ugh. Cheap ass school. I hated that I had to come here everyday. Algebra II on A days and Chemistry on B days. So I had to make another familiar routine for the restroom situation.

Walking through the courtyard I slipped and slightly pushed passed people with a slight smile and annoyance written on my face. I greeted others, and hugged a few that I missed over the summer.

Making my way into the building and up the stairs to the second floor I was nearly out of breath but I recovered quickly. Damn stairs are hard enough on a big girl then you got to deal with people pushing and shit. I made it to the hallway barely getting knocked over by these two tall ass niggas blocking the doorway.

*Damn. They fine...

"Gotta pay the toll lil' fat mama." One said. These hood niggas, I swear.

*Ugh. He just had to speak. And what the fuck he mean toll?...

“Excuse me?” I said.

"I said you gotta pay the toll. Lil'. Fat. Mama." He leaned down so I could hear him more clearly.

*First off, fuck you and yo whole family nigga…

I blew out my breath, trying not to curse out loud.

*Let me calm myself. It's too early, Nia…

“Okay. First off, that's not my name. You want me to call you green-eyed hood boogah?” I said tilting my head and pushing my hair off my shoulder.

*What the hell am I doing? Am I flirting? On the first day? The first bell hasn't even rung yet. Shit…

He stood there for a couple of seconds looking down at me and smiled talking about, "Aight, chill we just fucking with the freshmen." I looked at him like he was lame. Cause who does that lame ass shit first of all. Then I noticed his damn smile. Damn. He had such pretty white teeth. And lips were pink and juicy. Not to big and not smaller than mine. I was staring. Hard. Too hard.

I think the other guy noticed because he started coughing and beating his chest like he was waiting to be acknowledged. I turned to my right, looked up at him up and down then smiled. When he was about to return the smile I rolled my eyes, gave them both the middle finger and pushed passed them.

*Niggas already starting. It ain't even 9:00 yet…

I know that may seem rude or bitchy but you can't show weakness here. If you do, Lord help you. Everybody and they mama is gonna try and test you. And plus I was not about to be late. I didn't even know where my class was.

*Oh yeah. Room 213. 213...

Walking away I looked down at my schedule and then back up at the numbers over the doors as I was passing the classrooms looking for mine. After passing one more row of lockers I was met with my doom, Algebra II. Room 213. Ugh! I fucking hate math. With a passion. Whoever started adding letters and equations go eat a bag of baby dicks.

I walked in and looked around for a good seat. The teacher wasn't there yet so, you know, first come first served. I found a seat in the back on the last aisle near the window. Perfect. I can sneak my headphones under my hoody and gaze out the window. I plan on doing that a lot. I already know how this year is going to go. Well, at least this class anyway.

As I was about to select my playlist and sneak the wires behind my neck and under my hair the teacher came in and made eye contact with me. I just know she gone be checking to see if I'm paying attention. I froze for a second before I just smiled and wrapped them up and put them in my purse.

Shit. Just my fucking luck. Now I gotta actually listen to her ass. Don't call her bitch, Nia. She might not be one.

I took out a notebook and pencil getting ready to take down her supply list for this class she was writing on the board. What type of calculator we will need for the year, what color she wanted our folders and spirals to be. All the essential bullshit, we'll probably never use. Same shit new school year.

I don't want to spend all my money on this shit. I started thinking.

Then I got fucking both choirs I gotta get shit for. Okay, you got this. You got this. Shit. I hope my other classes don't call for a lot of bullshit. This calculator alone is about $100. FUCK! I'm trying to keep my hair and nails done this year. Calm down, Nia.

Thank goodness my mother made a deal with me before freshman year ended. She told me that If I saved every one of my payments from that point on, she would buy my clothes and shoes and get my hair and nails done twice. The rest I would have to take care of on my end. That includes the shit I need for school, accessories like purses, jewelry, and toiletries (perfume, body wash, make up, hygiene stuff, etc).

I saved all summer long but I didn't work though. My mama and daddy told me they didn't want me working while I was in school. "People work for money" and I was already "getting some every week" to have for all my needs taken care of and then some. "So why tire yourself out when you have both gospel and concert choir practices three times a week?" He said.

He had a point. I mean I don't spend my money at all superficial shit at all. Except for makeup. My puffy cheeks gots to be highlighted.

Other than that I really don't like most labels, except online stuff. Labels are too expensive and can't fit my thighs and ass. So with that being the case, it's easy for me to save. I'm a simple bitch. I saved my money from doing the simple household shit my mama assigned me and helping my granny out when she needed it not spending it right away. And I saved the payments I received for child support from my father and that shit added up after four months.

Don't get him wrong about the child support. He not a deadbeat he just..... He could just do better. He made money though as a amateur boxer and then owner. He a money man not a quality time man. So my checks were nice and they came every FUCKING week.

As I was thinking of how much I actually had saved, my thoughts were interrupted by the same tall niggas from earlier. Coming in the classroom all loud and shit. I looked right at him. I hope he didn't see me see him. Like that's possible.

*Oh shit. Is he in this class? I thought this was all sophomores. LORD. This is gonna be hard. I get a feeling these niggas some clowns. Last thing I need in this class. I can barely focus on math as is…

*But damn, he cute…

I turned my head away from the door and bit my lip.

*Okay. Okay. I'm gonna fail this class. All these distractions. All these 6 foot and over distractions…

I watched each boy as they came in. Four of them.

*Damn it they all fine…

As I tried to turn around and face the window hoping they wouldn’t pick any seats by me. Luck, again, was not on my side because unfortunately there were a lot of desks in this particular classroom and there were plenty of empty ones around me.

I just had to choose the back. I should have known this area was claimed. The back of the classroom is always unofficially reserved for the jocks and clown ass niggas.

*Please help me outta this Lord. I prayed silently…

I wanted to move. I wanted to just gather my shit and move but that would have drawn attention. Then I thought about it.

*Fuck them and their attention…

I sucked it up, turned around and began gathering my notes and putting them in my folder. As I was just finishing and about to stand up to move desks I heard his voice… Again.

“Heeyyyy. It’s Lil’ Fat Mama. You in this class, huh? And here I thought you was a freshman. Why you ain’t say nothing?” He said stepping up to me as I was just about to escape.

The other three followed. I recognized them. They were all basketball players. I wasn’t trying to pay attention to them. I was just trying to get away. I grabbed my purse and backpack and stood up straight. Like it mattered. He towered over me.

I said, “I swore I told you that’s not my name. Hood Boogah.” Squinting my eyes at him.

“Hey you ain’t gotta be like that. I’m chill. And I ain’t no fucking hood boogah.” He said the last part clenching his jaw a bit.

*Hmmm….. did I hit a nerve?...

“Whatever nigga, excuse me. I want to switch seats.” I said with a slight attitude. It’s the first day and it’s too early for this shit.

“So you do have manners?” He asked sarcastically sitting on top of the desk and putting his leg up to block me in.

*No the fuck he didn’t...

“Really? That’s a good one coming from you. What about that nickname you gave me?” I said putting a hand on my hip. The fucking nerve. He was pissing me off.

“I just called you like I saw you. You short, so you Lil. You big so you Fat. And you a girl so you Mama.”

*Did this nigga really just break it down like I don’t speak English? Am I fucking illiterate?...

That’s when I decided it was best if I just forced myself through his leg and take a quick seat.

“Okay. You know what? Once again, Excuse me.” I pushed past him using my shoulder basically just bumping his arm. I made my way to the other side of the classroom. I found a seat near the back but not just near the window. It was the aisle by the door when you first walk in.

“Damn Nia. Why you so hostile this early in the a.m?” I knew that voice. That was Robert.

“Robert? You’re in this class?” I smiled asking but already knowing the answer.

“Yeah.” He said. Rubbing the back of his head.

“I failed this class last year so I gotta take it to graduate this year.” He said dejectedly.

I knew how he felt. We both hated math. That was something we bonded over. Robert is the older brother of a classmate and friend named Joseph. We stayed on the same street for a few years. He was smart, but just lacked focus. Like me. At least when it came to math.

“Aye, my nigga. What’s going on over here witcha?” He dapped and hugged Robert. “You know Lil’ Fat Mama?” He said tauntingly.

*This fucking--- you know what. Calm yourself, Nia. We not gone show our ass. Not yet at least.

“Dude?! Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? That’s not my fucking name.”

“Well, shit then. What is yo fucking name then, whitcha mean ass?!" Staring down at me.

*Did he just attempt to yell at me? The fuck?...

Just as I was about to tell him who the fuck I am, the teacher decided she wanted to finally start. Right on cue with the bell.

“Hello Class, I’m Mrs. Eutsey (Yoot-See) and welcome to Algebra II.”

*This bitch…
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