Honey Girl

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Chapter 26


Where the fuck was I? Fuck, it was hot. I was drenched in my own sweat.

I crawled into the shade.

Saw the whiskey bottle, lying nearby, glinting in the sun. Alarmingly close to being empty. But not quite. I drank what was left of it, the insides of me as fiery and scalded as the outsides.

Ahh, it was good.

Numbing. Dulling some searing pain in my soul that I couldn’t quite remember what the fuck was all about. This was better. I needed that wash of oblivion to keep me sane.

Was I sane? I couldn’t be sure. I looked up at the sky and some big-ass clouds.

Fuck, I must be fucked up. The sky was swaying back and forth. The clouds were mocking me, laughing down with their faces. Bastards.

I remembered then, when I focused (with a shitload of effort) on my surroundings.

I was in a fucking boat.

Yeah. I remembered: I was in fucking Florida. I had a house here. I had lots of houses for some reason.

I tried to sit up.


Tried again.

Saw a bottle of blessed water somewhere out of reach.

Fuck, how I wanted that water.

The effort seemed gargantuan. It was all the way over there.

But I did it: I crawled over to it.

Reached it. Grabbed it.

Chugged it.

Mother of God, that shit was good.

I felt a tiny sliver of my humanity returning to me. Which was a bad thing. Her face. I could picture her face. Her hair. Green eyes.

I managed to lug myself half over the side of the boat before puking my guts out.

Damn it, the whiskey. Gone to sea. Giving some fish my buzz.

I just lay there for a while, enjoying the pain of the railing cutting into me.

I liked pain, I decided. Pure, physical pain that could gouge into some of that other type of pain that was cutting me down. Killing me.

Survival instincts are a bitch. Something in me gnawed at me to move, to sort my shit out.

Contemplated the basics. Now had no water and no whiskey. If I was gonna live, I needed both.

If I was gonna live, I had to figure out where the fuck I was and where the fuck I needed to go.

My brain argued against it. Wanted to shut down. Sleep. Not think.

I crawled back into the shade and let the darkness close in.

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