For the Love of Sekhet

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Merneptah VI

Ra had just begun his decent into the underworld on the eve of the party and Merneptah was antsy. After he had retrieved Sekhet from the seamstress, riding high on his victory over Amunher, it had been decided that Merneptah would bring Sekhet home and that he would not visit her until the morning of the celebration. Once he’d brought her to the palace he was supposed to sneak her into Nefertari’s room so she could help Sekhet to get ready.

Nefertari had pointed out, not necessarily incorrectly, that their father was already upset and Merneptah did not want to anger him further by blatantly continuing to skip out on his lessons and shortening his training. He had wanted to refuse however Sekhet sided with Nefertari on the issue and reminded him that she had warned him not to get himself into trouble by skipping out on his responsibilities. Which was why after he’d brought her home and briefly kissed her good bye he had not seen her in the last four days.

A part of him knew that he was being ridiculous and that once he was away at war he would have to go much more than four measly days without seeing her. But right now he just wanted to see her. No, he needed to see her. To verify with his own eyes that she was alright. Over the last few days he’d heard rumors that his father had begun to entertainment marriage offers from different nobleman who wished to offer their daughters as brides to Merneptah. The fact that his father was already entertaining those offers told Merneptah that he already expected Sekhet to be found lacking. That or for her to simply disappear.

And that fear was why Merneptah could not go to sleep. So, he donned a simple cloak with a hood pulled up over his head and quietly made his way out of the palace as stealthily as he could. Once he had slipped through the small hole in the palace wall he began sprinting down the practically empty streets.

He bolted through a side alley and literally jumped over a crouched beggar before he skidded to a halt in front of Sekhet’s front door. He rose his hand and knocked firmly before waiting for Sekhet to answer. Sekhet did not keep him waiting for wrong before she pulled open the door, frowning.

“Meri, didn’t we talk about this already? You aren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow morning. You need to go back.” Sekhet scolded.

Merneptah frowned before he slipped into the house and pulled the door closed behind him. “I needed to see you.” Merneptah whispered.

Sekhet rolled her eyes, “And you would have seen me in the morning Meri.” Sekhet hissed.

Merneptah sighed however before he could say something more he heard something. It sounded like the quiet creak of Sekhet’s back door opening. He grabbed a tight hold of Sekhet, pulling her flush against his body and wrapping her up in his cloak and placed a hand over her mouth. “Shh! There is someone trying to come in through your back door.” Merneptah whispered, his heart racing.

Merneptah eased the front door open once more before pulling Sekhet out the door with him. He crept over to Sekhet’s window and glanced inside hoping to catch a glimpse of who had tried to break in. For several tense seconds no one appeared and he was just about to write off his concern as an overactive imagination when a man in a black cloak walked into Merneptah’s line of sight. However, the feature of the man that stood out the most to Merneptah was the pale white skin which certainly did not belong to a citizen of Khemet.

He pulled Sekhet’s body even closer against his own as he watched every move the man made while he stalked through Sekhet’s home. Merneptah’s gut told him that the man he was currently was watching was the one known as Ajax, an assassin who had traveled to Khemet from Hellas. Once Ajax had done a quick sweep of Sekhet’s home Merneptah watched as he headed into Sekhet’s room, no doubt to lie in wait for her return.

Merneptah finally moved away from the window and quickly began to make his way down the street heading back to the palace. Tonight Sekhet was staying with him and she would stay with him every night until he could find out who had hired an assassin to kill her.

The two made it back to the palace undetected before Merneptah and Sekhet slipped back into his room. Merneptah unfurled the cloak from his body and tossed it onto the ground before he collapsed atop his bed pulling Sekhet down with him as he buried his nose in the crook of her neck. He had come so close to losing her the thought made him sick. But, the protection talisman had done its job by ensuring that he was able to be there tonight.

“Meri?” Sekhet said.

“Hmm?” Merneptah replied as he finally moved his nose from her throat.

“Who was that man? What did he want?” Sekhet asked, frowning.

Merneptah sighed as he tried to think about what he should even tell Sekhet. On the one hand he wanted her to be aware of what was going on. On the other the last thing he wanted to do was to scare her. “That man was one who I believe was called Ajax. And I believe that someone sent him to you to do you harm. I don’t know who did or why. But I cannot thank the gods enough for driving me to your door tonight.” Merneptah whispered.

Sekhet’s brow furrowed as she contemplated the information before she nodded, resting her head down upon Merneptah’s chest. Merneptah wrapped his arms securely around her body before pressing a kiss to the top of her bare head and allowing himself to relax. “Good night beloved.” He whispered.

He felt Sekhet press a light kiss to his left pectoral, “Good night Meri.” She whispered back before they both settled down to sleep.

Merneptah awoke early the next morning to feeling of someone poking him in the side. He slowly blinked an eye open to see Sekhet starring at him. He gave her a lazy grin. “Good morning.” Merneptah purred before he leaned forward and captured her lips in a nice languid kiss that promised so much more. Sekhet sighed into the kiss allowing Merenptah to slip his tongue into her mouth which he gladly did.

As the kiss began to intensify Merneptah rolled so that Sekhet was pinned beneath him, just like she had been weeks ago back at her home. Merneptah pulled away from her succulent lips before he began to kiss his way down her throat, his hands already stroking the sides of her breasts.

Sekhet moaned, “Meri!”

“Hmmm?” Merneptah replied as he worked on unfastening her dress so that he would be able to explore more of her beautiful body.

“Don’t I need to be going to see your sister?” Sekeht gasped out as Merneptah succeeded in unfastening her dress and swallowing her left nipple. Merneptah continued to suck on the sensitive nub not unlike their child would one day. And if that wasn’t an arousing thought Merneptah had no idea what was.

Merneptah continued to tease Sekhet’s nipple with his tongue, twirling around it as he suckled. He could feel Sekhet’s nails lightly digging into his back as he pleasured her. “Meri!” Sekhet moaned once more as his teeth lightly grazed over the sensitive nub, her body arching slightly up against his own.

Slowly Merneptah allowed her breast to fall from his lips before he lightly blew on the dampened skin making Sekhet shiver in pleasure beneath him. He was about to turn his attention to her right breast where Sekhet reached up and caught his face between both of her hands. “Meri! Remember, I need to be going to see your sister.” Sekhet reminded him once more.

Merneptah sighed before he leaned forward and kissed her lips once more. Their tongues dancing in perfect unison not unlike they themselves would tonight at the grand party. However, before things could get more heated Sekhet pushed Merneptah away.

“Meri! I’m serious, I need to be getting to your sister’s room.” Sekhet said.

Merenptah slowly nodded before he climbed off the bed allowing Sekhet to straighten her dress. Thankfully they’d both slept in their clothes the night before so it wouldn’t take them long to get to Nefertari’s room.

“Yes, yes. I know Sekhet. I’ll be right back. I just need to take care of something first and then I’ll escort you to see my sister.” Merneptah replied before he slipped into the bathing chambers and unfastened his Shendyt revealing his half hard member. Gods above that girl had no idea what she did to him.

Merneptah took his member in his hand and allowed his eyes to drift closed as he thought about the beautiful girl currently lying with kiss bruised lips in his bed. However, as he continued to jerk himself off the image slowly changed and soon it wasn’t just Sekhet lying naked in his bed. No, it was a naked Sekhet lying in his bed, her body heavy with his child.

His dick gave a jump at the thought and he felt his end nearing as he pictured her belly and her swollen breasts. Her eyes starring up at him with a mixture of desire and love as he just lightly pressed his hand against her stomach feeling the strong kick of their child.

“Sekhet!” He exclaimed as that thought alone was enough to bring him over the edge. Merneptah’s eyes snapped open and he quickly cleaned himself up before retying his shendyt and heading back out into his room. Sekhet had gotten redressed herself and was waiting somewhat impatiently for him by the door.

“Come on now, unless you don’t want me to look as amazing as your sister possibly can make me.” Sekhet said.

Merneptah chuckled, “You could show up to the ball dressed in nothing at all or in common rags and I would still think that you were the most beautiful woman there.”

Sekhet rolled her eyes, “Yes, no doubt that is true in your very unbiased opinion.” Sekhet said as she opened the door leading to the corridor. Merneptah slipped his hand in hers before he led her unerringly to Nefertari’s chambers.

The pair came to a stop outside before Merneptah knocked. They only had to wait a few moments before Nefertari opened the door.

“You’re early Meri!” Nefertari muttered in clear surprise.

Merneptah chuckled, “See, told you we had more time Sekhet.” Merneptah replied.

Sekhet chuckled, “Sorry about that Princess Nefertari, I woke him up. Are you not ready for me yet?” Sekhet asked.

Nefertari frowned, “Why would Sekhet be waking you up Merneptah? I thought that we agreed that you weren’t going to see her until you went and got her this morning.” Nefertari said.

Merneptah sighed before he glanced over as Sekhet, “Why don’t you head inside beloved? I want to talk about some things with my sister for a moment.” Merenptah said.

Sekhet just shook her head in exasperation before she headed inside. Nefertari stepped out into the hall and pulled the door closed behind her, “I’m waiting Meri!” Nefertari hissed.

Merneptah sighed, “Look, I couldn’t sleep last night. I was really worried about her. So, I sneaked out to check on her and I could not be more thankful that I did. Shortly after I got there I saw what looked like Ajax the assassin coming in through the back. He thankfully didn’t see us but after I saw him I brought Sekhet back to the palace and if I have it my way until I find out who sent him I am not sending her back.” Merneptah explained.

Nefertari frowned, “An assassin but why?” Nefertari asked.

Merneptah shrugged, “My guess? Father is trying to find me a suitable bride and he either he just wants her to disappear or one of the girls father’s wants to get rid of the competition for my attention.” Merneptah said.

Nefertari groaned, “Well, I know father wouldn’t do something like that. If he said he was giving you a chance to present her tonight he wouldn’t try and kill her behind your back. But you are right about possibly the other girl’s fathers. How would they have found out about her?” Nefertari asked.

Merneptah shrugged, “We weren’t exactly subtle during the New Years celebrations. Anyone could have seen us together and if they’d recognized me then that could be our answer.”

Nefertari shook her head, “Lovely. Just lovely.”

Merneptah sighed, “Look, just try and keep a close eye on her for me will you? I don’t want anything happening to her.” Merneptah said.

Nefertari gave her brother a smile, “You really do love her, don’t you?” Nefertari asked.

“More than anything.” Merneptah declared without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Nefertari chuckled, “Okay then, now all I have to do is help you show father that despite where she came from we can still make her outshine a princess. Once he sees that and how truly happy she makes you he’ll allow you to pursue her.” Nefertari said.

Merneptah chuckled, “And even if he doesn’t I will anyway.” Merneptah declared.

Nefertari frowned before she took two steps forward and punched her brother harshly in the arm, “You never said that and you will never say it again! Gods above Meri, you talking like that is exactly the sort of thing that is going to put her in danger. So, keep your mouth closed. Go find Amunher or Sobeki and spend the day with them while I get your lover ready for her royal debut.” Nefertari said.

Merneptah took his sister’s advice and sought out his brothers, although he was looking for Sobeki specifically. Ever since he and Amunher had last crossed blades things between them had been very tense.

Much to Merneptah’s disappointment he found Sobeki alright. On the archery field. With Amunher. He thought about turning to head back inside however Sobeki spotted him and was waving frantically at him.

Merneptah slowly made his way up to the pair. “Good morning Sobeki.” He greeted brightly before he turned to his elder brother, “Amunher.” He added coldly.

Sobeki rolled his eyes, “Will you two quit fighting.” Sobeki whined.

Merneptah snorted and Amunher rolled his eyes before they replied in perfect unison, “We aren’t fighting.”

Sobeki snorted, “Sure you aren’t.” He muttered.

“We might just not exactly be speaking at the moment.” Amunher added.

Sobeki shot them each a pointed look, “And why not?” Sobeki asked.

Amunher snorted as he crossed his arms lazily over his chest, “Because Meri is being an idiot and I won’t just stand by silently while he does.” Amunher said.

“And Amunher said something that I refuse to forgive him for and I am still waiting to hear his apology.” Merneptah added sharply.

Amunher snorted once more, “And I will not apologize for telling you what you needed to hear.” Amunher declared.

Sobeki stomped his foot before pushing his way between the the two older brothers just as Merneptah had taken a threatening step towards Amunher. “What in the name of the gods are you arguing about?” Sobeki growled.

Amunher smirked, “Meri here took offense when I called his little harlot what she was.” Amunher said.

Merneptah lunged at Amunher although Sobeki did attempt to hold him back. He managed it just enough to allow Amunher to move out of the path of Merneptah’s punch. “Was it you Amunher?” Merneptah growled his eyes flashing as a horrible though crossed his mind.

Amunher paused frowning, “Was what me Meri?” Amunher asked in genuine confusion.

“Were you the one who sent Ajax to pay her a visit last night?” Merneptah snarled.

Sobeki gasped as he glanced cautiously between the two, “Amunher would never do something like that Meri! You know that.” Sobeki said.

Amunher snorted as he rolled his eyes, “Seriously Meri? I didn’t ever intend or wish any harm to come to your little lover. All I want is for you to wake up and see what is going on in front of you. That girl broke your heart for no reason and instead of doing the smart thing and forgetting about her you obsessively pursued her until she ended up taking you back. And now you are continuing to toss your responsibilities. OUR dreams to the wayside! And for what? All for a girl that more than likely just using you. Or better yet has bewitched you!” Amunher

Merneptah rolled his eyes, “Sekhet hasn’t bewitched me. And forgive me for being in love with someone and wanting to spend time with them. I’m courting her and part of that is making the time to go and pay them affections. So, that is why I cut some of my training short.” Merneptah paused before adding, “Just because your wife makes you miserable doesn’t mean that meeting Sekhet wasn’t the best thing that ever happened to me.” Merneptah declared.

Amunher sighed, “Is she alright?” Amunher asked and the look on his face told Merneptah everything he needed to know. Amunher had most certainly not been the one to send Ajax to Sekhet.

Merneptah sighed but nodded, “I gave her a protection amulet weeks ago. And last night I just couldn’t sleep. I was restless and all I could think about was going to see her. So, I did. I got there before Ajax did and I heard him sneaking in through the back. So, I brought her back to the palace and she stayed in my room last night.” Merneptah said.

Amunher frowned, “That is strange though that someone would go after her. I mean, other than myself and Sobeki not too many people know about you and Sekhet.” Amunher said.

Merneptah sighed, “And that is what I’m worried about. Trying to figure out from the people who do know that would do this.”

Amunher nodded, “I’ll tell you what Meri, I’ll keep my ears open and if I hear anything I’ll be sure to let you know.” Amunher said.

Merneptah nodded giving Amunher a small grin. Things may not have been fully fixed between the two but they were certainly on their way to repairing the bond they shared.

Sobeki grinned before he finally let go of Merneptah and stepped back to his spot in front of the target, “Amunehr said he wanted to go hunting lions today. I wanted to go with him but Amunher said I couldn’t unless I could hit the bullseye of the target.” Sobeki declared.

Merneptah grinned, “Hunting lions sounds like fun to me, but seriously Amunher the bullseye? Can’t you cut the kid some slack?” Merneptah said.

Amunher rolled his eyes, “Fine, fine. You win. Let’s go get some chariots. We have a good solid few hours that we can hunt before we need to be back for the party tonight.” Amunher said.

The brothers were gone hunting until around mid afternoon when Amunher had declared they had hunted enough and that it was time for them to be heading back, although judging by his tone Amunher would have preferred to have spent the entire day out hunting and not have returned for the party at all.

Once they had returned to the palace Merneptah headed into his room for a quick bath before he changed into one of his nicer tunics and Shendyts, this one was white with a red and gold belt. Merneptah completed the look with a matching red cape. However, once he was ready he made his way, somewhat anxiously, to Nefertari’s room. It was time to bring Sekhet to the banquet hall.

Merneptah knocked on Nefertari’s door, “Nefer, its me! Open up.” Merneptah called out.

Nefertari came and pushed open the door before tugging Merneptah inside. “Have a seat on the bed Meri. I want to see the look on your face when she comes in.” Nefertari said with a giggle.

Merneptah chuckled as he made himself comfortable on the bed while he waited. And as the door to the bathing chambers opened all breath left Merneptah as he gazed upon the woman he loved. He’d always thought she was beautiful but the clothing Nefertari had dressed her in just seemed to amplify that beauty tenfold.

Sekhet’s shoulders were bare leaving quite the tantalizing view of her flawless olive skin. Nefertari had chosen to dress Sekhet in black and the dress plunged down from the golden and lapis lazuli encrusted wesekh collar leaving the top of Sekhet’s breasts visible. In the center of Sekhet breasts was a large sapphire gemstone fashioned into the shape of a scarab beetle. And around her waist was a blue and golden belt. Nefertari had lent Sekhet one of her beaded wigs and done her makeup flawlessly.

“So, what do you think Meri?” Sekhet asked as Merneptah continued to just stare at Sekhet, completely transfixed.

Merneptah snapped out of his daze at Sekhet’s question and gave her a flirtatious grin, “What I think Sekhet is that I am going to have to keep quite a close watch on you tonight because every man at that party is going to be wishing they were me. You look absolutely gorgeous.” Merneptah declared. His gaze drifted over to his sister and added, “And you don’t look too bad yourself.”

Nefertari rolled her eyes before she made shooing motions towards the door, “Come on you two lovebirds. We don’t want to be late to the party. I want to see the look on Inanna’s face when Sekhet walks in.” Nefertari gleefully said.

Merneptah nodded before he offered his arm to Sekhet which she took and together they followed Nefertari though the halls. Their parents, Amunher and Inanna would already be in the hall. And everyone who arrived to the party would enter and bow to both couples in respect before being able to mingle.

“Here we go.” Merneptah whispered as he gave Sekhet’s hand a reassuring squeeze as they reached the banquet hall.

It was time for Sekhet to meet the rest of his family.

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