For the Love of Sekhet

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Merneptah IV

The next few days Merneptah felt like he was just going through the motions. He showed up at every single one of his lessons but he could not remember a single thing that any of his tutors said. He went to the training field and instead of pushing himself as hard as he possibly could he just sort of went through the motions. Mainly did some archery practice instead of crossing blades.

Amunher came and found him on the archery field on the third day.

“What do you want Amunher?” Merneptah asked as he let another arrow fly. He missed the bullseye but he still hit the target, which he supposed was something. Although, usually he was a lot better at archery then his current performance suggested.

Amunher cleared his throat, “I was here for the rematch I promised you before the New Year.” Amunher said firmly.

Merneptah rolled his eyes, “I’m sure you have better things to do then to cross swords with me.” Merneptah said.

Amunher sighed, striding forward and pushing Merneptah’s bow down, “You can’t tell me that you are still hung up on that stupid girl!” Amunher growled.

Merneptah frowned, “She isn’t stupid Amunher!” Merneptah snapped back.

Amunher rose a brow, “Seriously Meri! Have you not looked at yourself. Your acting completely pathetic. And all over a stupid girl!” Amunher hissed.

Merneptah threw down his bow before he lunged at his brother, striking out with his fist. Amunher sidestepped Merneptah’s punch before throwing one of own at Merneptah’s stomach. Merneptah grunted as he doubled over slightly in pain before using his new position to charge at Amunher, tackling him around the middle and slamming him into the dirt.

Amunher grunted before he wrestled Merneptah onto his back, pinning his arms above his head. “I’m not kidding Merneptah. You need to move on. Life continues on even without her around. You need to remember that. Our dream didn’t just vanish because she broke your heart.” Amunher grunted.

“You have no idea what you’re even talking about Amunher! You’ve never been in love before. You had to settle for that Sumerian princess that came here. The two of you barely speak to one another. You have no idea what’s like to feel what I did for her and then to have it ripped away.” Merneptah snarled.

Amunher rolled his eyes before he climbed off Merneptah and reached back down to help his brother back onto his feet. Merneptah knocked Amunher’s hand away before getting up himself, still feeling the white hot anger coursing through him.

“You’re absolutely right Meri. I have no idea what you’re going through right now. But what I do know is that it needs to stop. The girl is gone and no matter how hard that is for you to accept it does remain a fact. And that means you need to find it within yourself to move forward.” Amunher said.

“Oh? And how pray tell would you have me do that Amunher?” Merneptah hissed.

Amunher snorted, “Its really quite simple Meri, tonight you and I are going to go and visit the Harem’s. We’ll pick you out a beautiful woman who will use her skills to make you forget all about the girl. And once you’ve realized that you can move on with your life maybe you can then turn your attention onto finding a girl that is actually worthy of your affections.” Amunher said.

Merneptah just glared at his brother for a moment before he turned and picked back up his bow.

Amunher sighed, “I’m serious Meri! I only want what is best for you.” Amunher said.

Merneptah snorted, “And right now what would be best for me would be if you would leave me alone. Leave me so I can focus on my training.” Merneptah snapped.

Amunher sighed but nodded. “Fine. I will see you back at the palace. And tonight after dinner you and I are going to see the Harems.” Amunher said.

Merneptah said nothing although Amunher no doubt took his brother’s silence as acceptance before he turned and strode away leaving Merneptah alone with his thoughts.

Merneptah rolled his eyes at his brother’s idiocy. There was no way he was going to forget about Sekhet. He hadn’t stopped thinking about her since she’d disappeared. And no Harem was going to make him think any differently. Sekhet was the girl that was meant for him.

Merneptah shot another two rounds of archery before he decided that he was just going to call it a day and headed back to the palace. He headed back to his room and decided to just lounge on his bed for awhile.

He had to find her. He had to find her and find out why she turned him down because not knowing what he’d done wrong was slowly beginning to drive him mad. He had to hear the truth. Had to hear her tell him exactly why she’d said no. He couldn’t fix it if he didn’t know what was wrong.

But the first thing he needed to do was to find her. The problem with that was he didn’t have the slightest idea where she even lived. In all of their conversations she had never given him an answer to that question. He’d even tried to look briefly through the records of new deeds in the hopes of seeing which property she owned, since she had said she wasn’t homeless.

But, despite searching for her name he hadn’t seen it anywhere and he’d gone back as far as a year, which was before she’d even come to Thebes. Which left him with...

Merneptah sat up abruptly, smiling for the first time in days since the thought hit him. If he couldn’t find where she lived, then all that left him was the option of finding her stall. She said she manned a stall in the market, although she didn’t tell him what it was a stall for. He could go through the market place going stall to stall if need be in order to find her.

And once he found her finally they’d be able to talk and work this whole mess out. She’s explain why she left and he’d forgive her for taking off. And then they’d be happy together again.

And with that thought in mind Merneptah headed to dinner with a skip in his step more upbeat then he’d been since he’d last scene Sekhet. Sobeki, ever the tactful, was the first to comment on Merneptah’s good mood. “You look a lot happier Meri.” Sobeki had said.

Merneptah chuckled, “That is because I am happier Sobeki. Much happier.” Merneptah said as he ate his meal with gusto.

Nefertari snorted, “That’s great to hear Meri, but what I don’t understand is why you were so upset to begin with.” Nefertari said.

“Leave it Nefer.” Amunher hissed, his eyes briefly flicking over to Merneptah’s before returning to look at Nefer. “It doesn’t matter why he was upset. All that matters is that he’s found a way to put it behind him. I won’t have you undoing it by dragging everything back up again.”

Nefertari rolled her eyes before she gazed back down at her food, “Sorry I asked.” She muttered darkly.

Once dinner had been concluded Amunher was the first to get to his feet, “Sorry to eat and rush off father, but Meri and I have some plans for tonight. So, I’ll see you for prayers tomorrow morning.” Amunher said.

Amenhotep sighed but nodded, “Very well. Go.”

Amunher nodded once more before he turned to head out of the room, “Are you coming Meri?” Amunher called out.

Merneptah sighed, his smile finally falling from his face. Oh. Right. He’d actually almost forgotten all about Amunher’s proposed solution. “Yes, I’m coming.” Merneptah called out as he followed Amunher out of the banquet all.

If anything all Amunher’s solution would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Merneptah was right. That Sekhet was the girl for him.

Amunher led him directly to the Harem’s chamber. A large practically open room littered with oversized pillows, chaise lounges and even two large baths. As well as about forty women who only wore the barest amount of clothing possible, thin silks that did nothing to hide their bodies from those that came to call.

The woman smelled strongly of sandalwood and sage, both oils that were associated with sex. Amunher plopped himself down on one of the chaise lounges. “Well, what are you waiting for Meri? Make yourself comfortable. They don’t bite...” He trailed off with a chuckle, “Well, not unless you want them to that is.”

Merneptah rolled his eyes before he sank down on a large overstuffed cushion. Immediately three harem girls sprang forward, eager to provide whatever service he so desired.

“My brother needs some help getting something off his mind. I suggested that your talents would be most useful in this endeavor.” Amunher called out as he tugged a different girl onto his own lap, his hand lightly tracing along the girls exposed breast.

Merneptah snorted before he turned his attention away from his brother and onto the girls that were clambering up onto the chaise with him. “We’d be more than happy to help you with your problems my prince.” The harem girl whispered, her voice husky no doubt the tone she had learned best helped to work a man up. She lightly traced her finger down along his bare chest, following the line between his two pectorals before turning to trace along the top of his ribs.

Merneptah twitched at the seductive touch however the only thing he could think about was that the girls eyes were the wrong color blue. Sekhet’s were so much brighter than this girls. When compared to Sekhet’s bright blue eyes this girls might as well have been a dull gray.

He felt how the girls other hand began to unfasten his shendyt and Merneptah allowed his back to relax against the backrest of the lounge as his eyes drifted shut. If he was going to do this then he couldn’t be looking at the harem. She smelled wrong and she looked wrong. She wasn’t his Sekhet.

Merneptah could clearly picture Sekhet’s face in his mind. Her beautiful blue starring straight into his. Her hand was lightly tracing along his chest and she had an impish smile on her face that he knew meant trouble. Her eyes still twinkling playfully she leaned forward and pressed a feather light kiss to his right pectoral.

She kept her kisses light and playful as she plastered his chest with kisses before she swallowed his right nipple, her tongue twirling around the sensitive nub, lightly grazing it with her teeth. Merneptah groaned at the pleasurable sensation. Gods above she was something else.

Sekhet gave him another wicked grin as she allowed his nipple to slip from her lips with a seductive pop before she left a trail of wet open mouthed kisses before engulfing his left nipple. Her left hand was lightly dancing along his sensitive sides. Merneptah wondered if she had figured out that his sides were ticklish yet as he couldn’t help but squirm every time her fingers brushed against his hot skin.

Her right hand however, it seemed had gotten his shendyt completely unfastened and pulled the fabric open so that there was no longer a barrier between him and her. She allowed his nipple to slip from his lips as her hand lightly stroked his member.

He wanted to kiss her. But he resisted because as tantalizing as this fantasy was he knew it wasn’t really Sekhet who was touching him. Merneptah’s eyes snapped open just as the harem had finished disrobing herself, no doubt having deemed him sufficiently worked up to move on. Merneptah frown before he shoved the harem away from him and rewrapping his Shendyt around his waist.

The harem let out a squawk of surprise at the unexpected push before she scrambled back to her feet, “My prince, I’m sorry if I’ve displeased you but...” She spluttered.

Merneptah finished securing his waist wrap around himself, although to his shame he was still aroused, something he would have to deal with later once he was back in his room. “I’m afraid that I am not in the mood for this. Just be quiet, I don’t want my brother being distracted from his own fun. And if he asks, tell him you finished me quickly enough and I headed back to bed.” Merneptah growled.

Her hand twitched like she wanted to reach out for him but managed to stop herself at the last second. “I could take care of...” She began softly.

Merneptah turned away from her, making his way towards the door, “And I said that your services are no longer required. I would suggest that you take the hint I am giving you before you make me angry.” Merneptah said coldly before he strolled from the room. Amunher was far too wrapped up in his own entertainment to even notice Merneptah’s departure.

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