His One And Only Girl

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Shawn Romano was created just for the role he is supposed to play in the shifter world,when the moon goddess decided to create a king she wanted the greatest and who could be more greater that a child of a goddess and a devil? King is no simple job,alphas rise up every day to challenge the young king and he defeats them the only way he chooses to,by making them submit on their knees. When the king chooses a young alpha Samuel Lastra,a gay shifter wolf,to be his mate the young man does not fight the pull but when he does find his other half he is shocked that it is not a man like himself but a young human girl too kind and innocent for the world she lives in and is constantly being bullied and used by the people she trusted but too young for him to take away from the family who understands him the least. When reunited again after two long years apart the young alpha finds himself not wanting to share her with his king and and mate. But not even she can deny the pull towards the king as togather with Samuel they were a hole for only him.

Romance / Action
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"I don't want you to go Ame,"he said sadly,"choose to stay with me and you will never want or need for anything,I can give you everything."
"I can't stay,"her rejection was like a blade to the heart and had the young alpha falling to his knees. He would beg,if that was what it took,even without the mark of union the pain in his heart was still mercyless,"I will come back,I promise,my parents won't let me stay,but in two years I will be an adult and I will come back."
"Two years is too long,"he sobbed pulling her to him,"I don't think I will survive that long without you."
"Your boyfriend will be there,"she said softly,"I will be back I promise,you're my bestfriend."
She didn't understand,he knew she must feel something but it would not be as strong as his until she came of age,he wanted to tell her everything,for her to understand his need for her to not leave him but it was no use,she still wouldn't understand,she just won't believe and she would still choose the family that only judged her over him.
She was perfect,but they couldn't see that,to them she was too fat,too short,too nieve,too kind and silly,everything was a problem when it came to her but if it was not for ways Samuel knew he would have rejected her the very first day they met, three years ago,he had just turned seventeen and was chosen by the king,the man whom he had loved all his life chose him to be his for eternity,then two weeks later he saw her from across the street,she had gone to the supermarket and got lost,he had wanted to run in the other direction but she was scared and soaked from head to toe from the heavy rain,no one spoke to her no matter how she asked for help,all she wanted was directions and then,blinded by the heavy rain and her unruly hair,she darted across the street,she didn't see the bus coming,he had been watching her for hours in hopes that someone would help her but no one ever did,his wolf took over before he could stop it and he knew the moment he looked into her large brown teary eyes that he was lost forever.
She needed him,she was young and helpless and all he wanted was to hold and protect her from the dangers of this world. It didn't take him long to be-friend her,she was drawn to him even if it was not a pull as strong as his and she was also very lonely,thirteen,too young for him to hold or use like his wolf demanded,he didn't tell Shawn about her,he wanted her all to himself and so she became his little secret and he became her bestfriend,he couldn't leave her side but he had to be with Shawn too which left him very little time for himself but he didn't care,once away from her his heart would ache too much for him to even breathe and he knew Shawn felt his discomfort,he had asked but Samuel refused to give him an answer,Shawn could have fourced it from him but he never did,Shawn's touch comforted him at nights when his heart ached for her, his touch alone could take away the pain and he did it without prying for answers he was not willing to give.
"I will be back,"she promised,"I will be back."
He held onto her,she had grown up alot over the pass three years,she was still chubby but was growing into her body now,something told him she wasn't done growing though,he knew she would only become more beautiful.
"You must call me everyday,"he said firmly,"promise me."
"I promise,"she said her arms wrapped around his waist.
"You cannot be with anyone,"he growled startling her,his arms tightened around her as she tried to pull away,"promise me."
"I promise," she sighed into him,"I promise."
He nuzzled her neck inhaling her lovely rose scent,his arms caressed her back.
"I love you Ame,"he said softly,his voice hoarse with emotion.
"I love you too,"she sobbed into his chest.
"When we next meet I will make you mine,"he promised,"would you allow me?"
"What about your boyfriend?"she tried to look up at him,"won't he be angry?"
"Shawn and I will be togather forever,"he said simply,"so will you and I. Now answer me."
"If you still think the same way when we meet again..."his arms tightened around her painfully.
"Nothing will change,"he said firmly,his voice possessive,"even if you come back with two heads I will still want you like I need breath."
"Ok Samuel,"she seemed to be relaxed by his answer,"I will be yours forever,if Shawn is ok...."
"No one can stop it,"he growled,"you will be mine then,like you are now, is that understood Ame."
She simply nodded combing her fingers through his thick brown hair.
She would never fully understand why she felt oblighed to please him,she was surprised when he told her he was gay years ago,at the time she didn't fully understand and was more than a little disappointed when he explained he was only into me,but when they were togather,even if they did nothing but hold each other,there wasn't anything feminine about him,his arms were strong,his body hard and muscled,his face beautiful and always smiling always there for her,the only time he seem to change was when he spoke of his lover,but his face only seem to become more beautiful with his love for the faceless man. He didn't go off to collage because of her and that was kind of terrifying but Shawn didn't go because of him he'd explained like that made her feel any less guilty.

Samuel watched the plane take off from tve run way,taking with it his heart,the further it got the more he ached until the pain was unbearable,his vision blurred as a wave of dizzyness overwelmed him,his knees gave out but before he could fall he was lifted into arms he knew all too well.
"Shawn,"he choked clinging to him.
"Shh,"he said softly,"I am here."
Like always he did not pry,he simply held onto him until he fell asleep.
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