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He’s a butler to a rich scientist. He’s a ladies’ man. He’s an undercover agent... His job: To monitor and protect Professor Nicalus Alberstein, the first man to find the cure for cancer. When a criminal society wants to get the antidote for themselves, sell it and become billionaires it is up to him to save Nicalus and protect his research... but with the arrival of Dyan, Nicalus’ fiancée he finds himself being knocked off track. ** I grabbed the zip with one hand and both sides of the zip in the other. I slowly pulled it up allowing my index finger to trail up her back and she shivered. My eyes held hers in the mirror, I casted a mischievous look, she looked surprised but there was a glint of pleasure in her eyes. “There you go,” I said huskily. Her eyes opened, her mochas staring at me, she smiled and nodded. “Thank you.” I turned to face her, her eyes held a longing look and her body language screamed ‘touch me’. She looked deprived and wanting but it wasn’t obvious, you had to look at her real good to see it. I place my hand on her cheek. “What’s the ma–” She tipped on her toes and kissed me. ** Will this player actually fall for a girl, worse his boss’ girl? Will the he find the cure before it is too late, or will the enemy close in?

Romance / Action
Nia Shan
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Chapter 1

Moaning was what caught my attention.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah. More!” I heard as I cleaned down the dusty bookshelf in the living room.

The living room was blandly painted in white with beige furniture at various parts of the room. It had a flat-screen Samsung TV mounted on the wall and a trap door behind this bookcase that could spin into a bar. There was a black leather three-piece sofa set; it had a chocolate carpet and a medium-size golden chandelier with diamonds at the edges.

Fancy, I know. It was owned by a rich snob what would you expect?

Master Nicalus was at it again, once again, he had taken home his secretary and they were on the couch in the entertaining room fucking.

Paying no attention to them – which was quite hard because she was a screamer – I continued to dust.

A butler’s job was not an easy one. If you slacked off you would lose your job and I needed this job… Well, not need more like I had to keep it. If I don’t it’ll be in a load of bull with my boss.

Plus, I enjoy hearing her scream but she was much louder and I mean much louder… especially when I drove this dick into her a few days ago. Yeah, been there done that.

When she got a ride off the Jovaughn Express, she was screaming inaudible things and when I was through, she was wobbling like a penguin. The price you pay for a good dick.

After a few more minutes of dusting, I finally finished cleaning the room. Now, I can go slack off. I was about to walk out of the room when the phone rang, I wanted to ignore it but I couldn’t.

I walked over to the white landline phone, cursing under my breath and answered.

“Hello, Alberstein residence?”

‘Oh hey Troy, where is Nicalus?’ a woman with a heavy British accent asked droopily.

It was Dyan, Nicalus’ so call fiancée.

I have never seen the chick but damn she must be quite oblivious for Nicalus to cheat on her like that.

I mean I’m no saint but, I wouldn’t cheat on a sexy, beautiful woman. As long as she served the cookies.

“He’s busy,” I replied not the least bit interested in keeping up this conversation. Yeah, he’s real busy. Screwing out his secretary’s brains.

Just then, another set of moans came from the room.

Can’t she hear that?

‘Tell him we need to speak right now. If you don’t mind Troy.’

Of course, I mind but she was the boss’ fiancée and if I went against her I’ll feel the wrath.

I rolled my eyes as she said my so-called name. Troy, can you think of a more cliché Playboy name to use as a cover. Yeah, cover as in a different identity.

I was known as Troy Perkins, your humble, playboy butler.

It was the best cover I could get without anyone getting suspicious. Plus, I needed to be on the inside for the job I had to do. It was tricky and required earning the trust of my target.

“Ms., I’m afraid he’s quite busy-”

’Tell him it is urgent! I need to speak with him bloody now!’ she demanded.

Damn, my ear was aching. Was she riding her red wave or something? Hell, women can be so demanding especially when they want some good dick.

“Right away, ma’am,” I replied nonchalantly.

I placed the phone on the table, walked over to door to the entertainment room and knocked it.

“What?!” yelled Nicalus.

God, I hated kissing up to these stuck up rich snobs. Especially, the ill-mannered ones like him.

“Sir, Ms. Dyan is on the phone.”

“Tell her I’m busy,” was his curt reply.

Why didn’t I think of it? Oh wait, I did.

“She said it’s urgent,” I replied sternly.

He sighed loudly from the other side of the door. The room went silent for a minute, then I heard rustling.

I stepped back as the door opened and Nicalus appeared.

Nicalus was an inch taller than I at 6’7” was but I was more muscular. He had blue eyes while I had light green ones.

He had a scar above his right eye, his face was hard and looked like the face of a murderer (not your average science geek–I mean scientist). I on the other hand was flawless, according to the ladies ’I have a face that had been carved by angels’.

Nicalus, even though he looked like a killer, couldn’t protect himself from a five year old child on a sugar high.

He ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair and glared at me. He was in sweatpants and no shirt, he was ripped but still, I looked better.

“Where is the –”

“On the table,” I interrupted.

“Get Ms. Peterson out of my home for me, won’t you? I’m done with her.”

Throwing out the trash I guess.

He patted my back and walked to the phone while I walked into the room.

The entertainment room had another TV mounted on the wall, below that was a stereo set, next to that was a minibar and to the right was a pool table.

In the centre, there was a black leather couch and in front of it was Sharona Peterson.

She was slowly pulling up her grey pencil skirt over her black thong. I watched as she put on her black bra, her red locks falling down her back. Sharona then grabbed a couple of wipes from her bag and cleaned her neck and between her thighs before discarding it in the bin next to her.

Always one for cleanliness. I mused watching her.

She wiggles while pulling down her skirt to get rid of the rolls in it, her sexy ass shaking as my eyes roamed to her long legs (I was imagining them on my shoulders already) and I could feel myself getting hard.

I cleared my throat and she spun around her curls falling into her face.

“Mr. Nicalus said I must escort you out, ma’am.”

My eyes travelled to her milky white breasts. They were full, plump, stiff and had freckles on them.

She smiled at me as she picked up her black handbag, her matching heels and her white top. I listened for a while as Nicalus went up the stairs then his office door shut. Sharona slowly walked over to me, swinging her hips seductively. I licked my lips my eyes taking her in. She advanced until she was inches away from me.

“Do you really want me to go?” she whispered in my ear as she approaches me.

I didn’t answer.

“Fuck,” I groaned as her hand ran over my boner, gripping it. “You’re playing with fire, darling.”

“Then by all means burn me,” she whispered as she brought her lips to my neck sucking on the sensitive area and I grabbed her pulling her closer.

Sharona jumped onto me, her legs around my waist and I grabbed her ass, squeezing it. She moaned and played in my black hair, pulling and raking her hand through it.

I played with the skin at the nape of her neck, nibbling, sucking and biting. I squeezed her ass, knowing how she loved it and she moaned as expected. My tongue traced her shoulder and I sucked on her skin, leaving a mark.

She pulled away, panting and her blue orbs staring at me. She hopped off me with a smirk and straightened her skirt.

“See you tonight. I’ll be waiting,” she whispered and with that, she left.

A few minutes later Nicalus called me to his office through the intercom.

I straightened my suit, ran my hand through my messy hair and made my way up the wooden stairs. I walked into the brown hallway and knocked on the first wooden door to my left.

“Come in.”

I walked into the office.

There were stacks of paper all over the place, he had a cabinet to his left, a bookshelf to the right, a couch beside the bookshelf, a window above the cabinet and in the centre he sat at his mahogany desk. He was seated in a black leather chair behind the desk, in front of him an HP laptop and papers.

“Yes sir, you called?” I asked.

“I need you to do something for me,” he began. “My fiancée is coming to the island tomorrow. I need you to pick her up.”

Fuck no! He is not doing this to me. Tomorrow was my day-off. I’ve been working three weeks without any days off and now I can’t get this one for myself because I had to pick up his little bitch!

Why can’t he do it by himself?

“Sir-” I started.

“Is there a problem?” he asked glaring at me. That was his ‘defy me and I fire you’ stare.

“No, sir,” Fuck you, I wanted to say.

“Good, she will land at two p.m. at St. George’s airport,” he said getting up from around his desk. “Now, pick these papers up. I’m not paying you to slack off.”

…and he left.


I opened the door to my house, which was on the estate. This was because Nicalus wanted his help in close proximity for any emergencies.

It was a wooden cabin with a dark blue roof at the far back of the estate, past the pool and the golf course.

I walked in, threw down my bag and made my way to my room. As I stepped in the lamp beside my bed lit up, I was now looking at Sharona.

She was on my red satin sheets in a red mesh bra and thong. Her hair was in a braid, lying over her shoulder.

I smirked at her; she pushed off the pillow and crawled towards me seductively. Like a predator stalking her prey.

She held onto my shoulder and came face to face with me.

“Welcome home,” she said as she kissed me. Her mouth tasted minty.

Her hands quickly went to unbuttoning my jacket and in a few seconds, it was on the floor. Next was my shirt, which was off in less than thirty seconds. Her hand then went to my pants, she stroke my hard-on and I groaned in arousal.

I grabbed her waist and her feet wrapped around my waist. I placed her on her back, I broke free from her lips and nibbled her neck. Planting heated kisses as I went lower and lower. Finally, I was at her breast, I popped her breasts out of the bra and nibbled at them. She moaned and squirmed beneath me. I bit her pink nipple and tugged hard, she cried out. I did the same to the other until they were swollen and red.

I reached over to the nightstand, took out a condom, ripped it out of the foil and released my length, putting it on. I positioned my dick at her wet tunnel and drove into it in a swift motion.

What followed next were her screams, as I pounded in her on and off. Repeatedly for the next four hours.

Ending this shitty day on a high.


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