A Bounty's love

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Kylie Robinson lived a life full of happiness and love. With a job she loved working for a half brother who adored her and having a wealthy boyfriend who loved her, she had it all. That is till the the one person she thought she would spend the rest of her life with became the very type of monster she spent years to suppress. Kylie would have to take desperate measures to escape, but will she succeed, or will her monster find her and destroy her new life and love. Warning: This story contains strong sexual violence. It is not for everyone. Viewers discretion is advised)

Romance / Mystery
Shelly Gray
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Kylie and Max

A bounty’s Love

Chapter 1: Kylie and Max

I took in a deep breath as the car pulled in to the drive way next to Max’s Tesla. He was home, but why hadn’t he answered my call about my car not starting.

The car parks. Aron my half-brother jumps out of the driver’s side, opening the passenger door for me.

Aron: You look worried Kylie. You going to be ok.

His bright blue eyes stare into mine with concern.

Kylie: I’ll be fine. Thank you for the ride Aron.

I reply with confidence.

He runs his hand through his wavy blond hair letting out a sigh as he looks over to the house and back at me with a tight smile.

Kylie: Aron everything will fine. I’ll see you in the morning.

He leans down kissing the top of my head quickly before getting back into his corvette.

He watches, waiting for me to enter my home before leaving.

The house is dark. I toss my purse to the side table by the door, stepping out of my heals I call out for Max.

Kylie: Max?

It’s eerily quiet.

Kylie: Max?

I find myself suddenly spun and thrown against the door. One hand pressing against the back of my neck another yanking my dress strap down off my shoulder exposing my right breast. A hand roams roughly down my side pulling my dress up over my hips. The overwhelming smell of whiskey fills my nose as his hot breath whispers into my ear.

Max: Why did he give you a ride home?

The free hand grips my lace thong panties.

Kylie: I called you and left messages. The car wouldn’t start so Aron offered me a ride.

The hand on my neck presses harder into the door.

Max: Is that all he offered?

Kylie: God damn it Max.

The hand gripping my thong rips them from my flesh leaving a sting on my inner thigh. He slides two fingers through my moist sex, while kissing and nipping my ear.

Max: Who are you wet for baby.

Kylie: You Max.

He pulls his fingers out and releases his long hard cock with a slow zip. He wraps a hand around my front pinching my aroused clit between his thumb and pointer finger and slams into me from behind.

Max: Who pleasures you?

Kylie: You do Max

Max: Who loves you?

Kylie: You do Max.

He pulls out spinning me to face him and lifts me while squeezing my thighs and pinning my back up against the door. I wrap my legs around his muscular back, my hands bracing his shoulders as he thrusts himself back into my sex. His lips take mine into a devouring obsessive kiss.

Max: Oh, fuck Kylie

He whispers slamming harder and harder submerging his cock deeper.

Kyle: Max!

I scream his name as I climax. He thrusts a few more times bringing himself over the edge of ecstasy. I lay my head on his shoulder as he covers my neck with soft kisses.

Max: I love you.

He whispers as he carries me to the bedroom.

Pulling back the comforter before lying me down removing the rest of my cloths. He removes his suit and crawls in behind me pulling me tightly into his chest. I wrap my hands around his forearms kissing his bicep.

He looks down at me kissing my cheek ever so gently.

Max: I’m sorry baby.

I turn to look into his eyes with brows drawn tight with confusion.

Kylie: For what?

He gently brushed a finger across my left cheek. I winced at the sensitivity. Remorse filled his eyes. Kissing the spot where my face had smacked the door harder than I thought. In all honestly the excitement of my Max taking me the way he did was too pleasurefull for me to care about little minor bumps and bruises.

I smiled seductively reaching up to grab his face bringing his lips close to mine.

Kylie: It’s fine.

Our lips locked with desire. His hand slid down over my hard-rosy nipple and down to my clit. My lips parted in response.

His tongue slides across mine in a slow dance. His cock hardening to full length presses against my ass. His fingers slide further down from my clit to my center and down along my inner thigh lifting my leg up and back against his shoulder as he thrusts his cock deep inside my core without hesitation. Peppering my cheek with light kisses between thrusts.

As if suddenly springing to life with a new found serge of energy he quickens his thrusts jackhammering into my center. His nails dig into the flesh of my thigh. I run my hand through the short mess of dark black hair behind his head and pull.

He moans out my name.

Max: Fuck Kylie.

The harder he pumps the tighter I pull till we are both screaming obscenities. He bites into my shoulder while twitching inside of me filling me with his fluid.

Kylie: Mr. Bunny

I yell out our safe word allowing him to understand he was biting down to hard.

Immediately he released my shoulder with his teeth and blanketed me with kisses.

When I met Max two years ago at the age of 25, I was still a bit on the shy side with a major lack of sexual relations due to a fucked-up past, but Max my beautiful tall, dark haired golden eyed lover pulled me from my own shadow.

I am head strong when it comes to work and men in day to day but at home, I am addicted to the ways Max dominates me sexually. I love being his sub. He has never hurt me nor over stepped my boundary. He shows nothing but love and respect and is one of very few people who understand why I draw the line where I do.

When I had finally given him my full trust to become his sub, he had told me to give a safe word incase anything ever became too much. I immediately blurted out Mr. Bunny. I remember the boyish look on his face as we both looked over to the little blue bunny with a black bow tie sitting in the corner chair of our room. The bunny Max had won me at a carnival on our first date.

Max: Baby?

His gentle voice drew me back in from the memory.

Max: You ok?

I glance back over my shoulder assuring him with a kiss before rolling over to rest my head on his chest.

Max’s perspective:

God, I didn’t deserve her. The way she looked up at me through those forgiving sky-blue eyes, made my heart sting with guilt for my roughness. My need and want for this woman was beyond any one word description.

When I first saw her two years ago standing beside Aron Murphy at his annual gala, my cock immediately swelled, my heart pounded against my chest. Her black hair pulled tight into a high ponytail with a long thick piece flowing down the side of her milky white skin. She was laughing touching Aaron’s arm. A tinge of jealousy hit me. Aron and I had been friends since high school but the idea of this beautiful innocent creature tainted by the play boy he was caused my fingers to curl in and jaw to clench.

Suddenly the room fell silent as if in a movie. my jaw relaxed; my fingers uncurled as our eyes met. Her mouth turned up into a shy smile as she looked down in attempt to hide her blush.

She was shy and by my hardened cock she was going to be mine.

I looked down at my sleeping beauty resting on my chest now here in the present knowing she is mine forces a smile upon my face. I love this woman more than anything. I would make it up to her, and I knew the best way.

Max: I’ll make it up to you. How about dinner at De Vinci’s.

Kylies perspective:

I wasn’t much for expensive things but when it came to food well that was a whole other ball game and of course Max knew me to well.

I placed a soft kiss to his chest with a smile nodding my head while squeezing his hand. It was my favorite Italian restaurant in all of Manhattan. We fell asleep in each other’s arms as we did every night since living together. Till I was suddenly jolted awake.

My eyes shot open but it was pitch black. Max was gone the bed was cold and empty. The smell of cigarettes and beer caused me to gag. I tried to get up but my body was pinned to the bed. Someone was holding be down. I tried to struggle free. His voice echoed in my ears like nails on a chalk board

making my skin crawl. “Take it like a good girl” ...

I pull my arms free swinging blindly at the air with such force I find myself on the floor in a daze.

I hear Max’s voice.

Max: Baby!

I look up to see Max kneeling before me.

Max: Baby it’s me!

Tears flood my eyes at the realization it was just a god damn nightmare. He cautiously scoops me up placing me back in the bed cradling me in his arms.

Normally this would comfort me. But tonight, his body wrapped around mine feels suffocating. I wait for him to fall back asleep before sliding quietly out of bed. I pull on a robe and walk to the kitchen for a glass of wine. It’s 3am and I’m not much of a drinker but right now it’s what I need. I debate texting Aron. My rock. He has been there during my nightmares more times than not, since back in college when they’d hit frequently.

I finish the first glass of wine and poor another. Knocking it back like a shot. I’m a light weight so it doesn’t take much to make me feel that slight tingle of a buzz. I head back to bed and slip into Max’s arms where sleep finally hits.

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