A Bounty's love

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Luke Parker

A bounty’s love

Chapter 10: Luke Parker

Luke’s perspective:

She looked so beautiful with her red hair pulled back in a ponytail with some loose strands falling in her face and paint smudges on her jawline. The scent of Jameson of all things was not what I expected but it was a turn on, though not nearly as much as those ice blue eyes that have been haunting me since the first day, I saw her.

She’s scared, and cautious but tonight maybe thanks to a bit of Jameson she was letting her guard down. There was no denying the intense sexual chemistry dripping off our bodies each time we’ve come in contact. The day of the coffee shop I had to restrain myself being so close to her, my cock was aching, my balls left blue till I could get back to the apartment and relieved myself, while imagining her naked against a wall with her slender jogger legs wrapped around my waist and tight little pussy stretched around my cock.

Fuck I try to adjust myself as my cock rises. Luckily, I have the Chinese food to hide behind. Or so I thought.

She opens the door and I swear her eyes immediately go straight for my man hood saluting her. Her cute pouty lips turn up in a crooked grin as she opens the door letting me in. Her hairs up in a messy bun, the paints been washed off, she’s barefoot with painted black toe nails. She’s changed into a slinky little black dress revealing every curve and no panty line.

I follow behind watching her playfully sway her hips as she leads me to the kitchen bar where there’s a bottle of Jameson and two glasses along with a couple of plates. I growl internally pushing back the desire of wanting to push her against that bar and fuck her like she’s never been fucked before.

Kylies perspective:

I couldn’t help but notice the massive bulge under the bags of Chinese food when I opened the door. The size was taunting, it made me wet just the thought of how big it must be when not caged up behind somewhat tight jeans. They weren’t sissy boy skinny jeans either he was just that thick all over. His black tight shirt left nothing to the imagination.

It was clear he had washboard abs and brick like pecs.

My buzz from my afternoon drinking alone was fading but all this pent-up sexual tension was making me feel sexy. There was no denying he felt it too or at-least there was no denying his cock felt it given his current erection. So, I playfully swayed my hips as I lead him to the kitchen bar. I could feel his eyes undressing me. I could feel the desire dripping off of him and imagine him pushing me down onto the bar and fucking me.

I turn to him waving a hand at the chairs. He sets the food down and pulls my chair out for me.

Kylie: And a gentleman.

He smirks and takes out all the different containers of food dishing out my calamari onto the plate in front of me before filling his own plate. He takes a seat and picks up the glass of Jameson and holds it up. I do the same and wait.

Luke: To neighbors.

Kylie: To neighbors.

We clink and drink sharing an appreciative smile before digging in to the delicious food.

Engaging in small talk like, music, movies. After dinner we moved to the living room couch facing the bay window. He stands at the easel for a few minutes looking over the painting.

Luke: This is beautiful. It’s so real almost like I’m looking at a photo sitting next to the live subject.

Kylie: I’ve always loved sun sets; this window gives the best view of the most beautiful ones. That is when it’s not overcast. Which it always is so.

I giggle feeling the new buzz coming but it’s not just from the alcohol. He sits purposely close to me setting his empty drink on the coffee table. His thigh brushing against mine that I have curled up under me.

Kylie: So, what made you decide to be a personal trainer?

Luke: I use to be special ops, but I was injured during my last mission. Got sent home on honorable discharge. I didn’t take it too well and fell into a pathetic wo is me depression. The military had been my life and all because of some shrapnel that tore through my left arm and my side. Wiped out half a kidney, and caused severe nerve damage to the arm. It was going to take several surgeries to repair but there was no guarantee that I would ever have full function of the arm again.

He lets out a sigh, and continues.

Luke: They set me up in a VA in Maryland where I met my personal trainer Garret. He was a lot like me. He had served 15years in the Marine corps till an ID took his right arm and eye but that son of a bitch could take me down like I was nothing, and he did. He broke me down mentally and physically till I was able to accept my fate. He inspired me so much I wanted to do the same so once I was recovered, I became a personal trainer and thought I’d come home.

Kylie: Can I see the scars.

He lifts up his shirt confirming the godly washboard, turning to his side showing the three-inch scar. I instinctively reach out to run my fingers along it.

Kylie: Do you have others?

He took off his shirt completely showing me every scar and telling every story that came with each. I couldn’t help myself I had to touch each one as he spoke. The last one was a long one on his forearm covered by multiple tattoos, one was of military dog tags wrapped around and AR 15 with spent casings scattered at the bottom, Boxing gloves with a Rosary hanging over the back side, logos of different military branches aligned down the inside of his wrist with a number beneath each one.

Kylie: And the tattoos?

I pointed at the logos first. While tracing my finger along them as he spoke.

Luke: My team consisted of men from the Army, navy, and marines it was about mutual respect regardless what branch we hailed we were all brothers.

Kylie: Did you lose anyone close to you?

Luke: A few.

Kylie: That’s their dog tags on the AR?

He nodded.

Kylie: And the boxing gloves?

Luke: My dad was a boxer. He and Mic use to train together.

Luke’s eyes fall to his hands in his lap.

I place my hand over his.

Kylie: Your dad was Roy Parker?

He looked in surprise at first but knowing I was Mics niece it dawned on him how much I probably know.

Luke: The one and only.

Kylie: Wow, Mic told me so much about him. He was an amazing fighter. So, you’re the son Mic said was next in line to take over for your old man in the light weight’s Jr division.

Luke: Yeah. The night I won my first championship fight my parents wanted to take me out after to celebrate, but you know 18-year old’s, I wanted to go party with the guys.

He takes a big breath closing his eyes for a moment to hold back the pain. His voice is low and sad as he continues.

Luke: Later that night Mic tracked me down to take me to the hospital. My parents had been hit head on by a drunk driver. My mom died on impact, my dad later in the hospital.

I squeezed his hand leaning into him for comfort.

Kylie: How come you didn’t keep boxing?

Luke: I just couldn’t, I know it’s what my dad would have wanted, it’s what Mic plead with me to do but I... it hurt too much. After the funeral I joined the marines and left Seattle.

He reaches up tucking loose hair behind my ear slowly dragging his fingers along my jawline.

Luke: What about you. What’s your story before being an art teacher for the rich elderly ladies of the blue bird yacht club?

I should be scared, but I’m not. I should be second guessing everything but I don’t. I’ve been hurt, I’ve been abused but I have no warning bells going off, no feelings of anxiety. His green eyes bore through mine like he’s looking into my soul like he knows all of my dark secrets and I melt into his gaze, his touch.

Kylie: Not much to tell. Neither of my parents were around so I forced myself to focus on school, got an art scholarship. Waisted a couple years in a bad relationship and moved here to become a teacher.

His raises a brow at me wanting more.

I shrug my shoulders looking away while fidgeting with the hem of my dress exposing my bare knee.

His eyes darkened as they fell to the distraction, while slowly making their way back up to meet mine now full of desire.

He grabs the glass from my hand setting it on the table before turning his gaze back on me. He runs his thumb down my lip and I take it in between my teeth before curling my tongue around it letting him know I’m all in.

He grabs my chin pulling me slightly toward him as he captures my lips with his. He moves his hand to the side of my neck locking his fingers in my hair as his tongue finds its way to mine. His hand slides up releasing my bun before twisting it in his grip and pulling back exposing my neck. He peppers it with kisses making his way down my shoulder. My nipples are so hard they stand out through the thin material. He rubs over them with his other thumb.

Luke: I see what you did. Don’t think we won’t be coming back to this conversation. My sweet Page.

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