A Bounty's love

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Challenge accepted

A bounty’s love

Chapter 11: Challenge accepted

I puff out my chest while pulling down one strap over a shoulder. Luke pulls it down further just enough to expose one nipple, and licks his bottom lip.

Luke: Once this dress comes off there’s no stopping what I’m going to do to you.

As if he’s challenging me, I stand giving the dress a little tug letting it drop around my feet. His nostrils flare like a mad bull in heat as I stand there bare. Challenge accepted.

He tosses me over his shoulder like a caveman carrying me to the bedroom where he kicks the door closed and tosses me on the bed. He removes his clothes exposing his massive erect cock. I watch in admiration as it bounces off his lower sexy v glistening with pre com.

He crawls between my legs kissing his way up my thigh slowly making his way over to my clit circling it with his tongue, while inserting one long finger through my moist center. I let out a gasp of pleasure. I can feel his lips turning into a smile knowing his effect he has on my body.

Luke: You’re so wet and tight Page.

He slides another finger in stretching me, preparing me for his thick cock. He pushes in deeper twisting till he finds the spot that makes me scream out from an exploding orgasm.

Luke: There we are.

He licks my belly leaving a cold wet trail to my breasts before he takes one into his mouth.

Sucking and flicking my erect nipple while pinching the other between his fingers hard enough to make me squirm with pleasure beneath him. His cock runs along my thigh and across my entrance.

He stops abruptly reaching over the side of the bed for his pants retrieving a condom. He slides it down his long length and resumes his position teasing my clit with his tip. He stares in my eyes full of lust and something more, something soft and yet something dark and secretive. He grips my wrists holding them above my head as moisture pools between my legs. Ready for him, I buck my hips pushing myself against him.

His grip tightens on my wrists as he slowly pushes his massive tip through my wet entrance. He continues his slow descend

allowing me to stretch around his girth and accept his length.

Kylie: Oh fuck

I groan.

He hesitates for a second.

Luke: You ok.

I open my eyes finding concern in his. I smile seductively at him and nod. Our eyes remain locked as he Plummets all the way into me and holds for a few seconds before ever so slowly pulling back just to the tip and back in again. My body moves with his, taking everything, he gives.

Suddenly I realize I’ve been holding his stare. There’s no intimidation, no fear, but instead a deep sense of pleasure.

Kylie: Oh god Fuck me Luke.

He quickens his pace at my command. Faster, harder.

Luke: You like it like that baby. Hard and fast.

Kylie: Yes, oh god yes. Luke I’m going to com.

Luke: You come when I say.

The thrill of his dominance and size of his cock brings me to the edge.

Kylie: Luke I can’t hold it.

He begins to thrust faster. I squeeze my legs around his hips taking him in deeper.

Luke: Christ Page, Com for me.

My entire body trembles with waves of the best orgasm I have ever had. I tighten myself around his still erect cock as it pulses hot liquid inside the condom. His eyes are heavy with content. He kisses my lips softly wearing a boyish smile, which makes my heart flutter and I smile.

Luke remains on top of me but he bears most of his weight on his forearms.

Luke: I’ve been wanting to do that since the first time I saw you.

He rolls over discarding the condom before rolling back and sliding my back up against his warm strong body. He brushes hair away from my face kissing my cheek while draping an arm over my chest.

Kylie: I guess I should admit, I have too. But before I actually saw you.

Luke: What?

Kylie: At the coffee shop when you came up from behind me, I could feel you. Your presence alone was turning me on but it was your voice. Your deep rugged sexy voice. When you whispered in my ear the sound of it made me quiver with wetness for you.

He squeezes me into him tighter, his cock growing hard again.

Luke: So, you only like me for my voice?

I start giggling while he nips at my ear and

begins rubbing his hard length along the crease of my ass. The pressure of his hardness parts my cheeks allowing his tip to rub against my anus. That’s when for the first time my confidence falters. I turn quickly out of his hold disappearing into the bathroom. I don’t know how long I was in there for when I hear a light knock.

Luke: Page, you ok?

He knocks again.

Luke: Page

I step out of the bathroom in a robe making my way to the kitchen to put on some tea.

A minute later Luke walks in wearing only his jeans not even buttoned, exposing his dark soft happy trail. He hovers over me placing a hand on each side of me pinning me against the counter. As I wait for the water to boil in the pot.

Luke: Please talk to me, tell me what I did so I don’t do it again.

He kisses my neck just below my earlobe and my legs give out like jello. His arms wrap around my waist pulling me up and into his hardness. Making it impossible for me to think.

Kylie: It’s nothing.

I wave him off. He grabs my chin making me look in his eyes.

Luke: It’s not nothing, its obvious something happened. I need to know what it was? I need to know your limits Page because otherwise like I told you. Once that dress came off there was no stopping me. Now that you’re mine, I will have you in anyway, anywhere, at any time unless you tell me otherwise.

I look away from him trying to hide the tears. The all too familiar dominance and possessiveness Max had on me, but in my gut, I know Luke is not Max. The honesty in his eyes makes me feel safe. The tone in his voice, gentleness in his touch makes me desire to be dominated by him and only him. Luke wipes away the tear that escaped and just looks at me with concern.

Kylie: It’s stupid I just....

I let out a sigh before continuing.

Kylie: I don’t like anal and I know you weren’t trying anything it’s just, for some reason I freaked out when you started rubbing against my ass! I know It’s stupid and I’m sorry for ruining a great moment.

Luke: Don’t ever feel like you have to apologize and it’s not stupid. I appreciate you telling me, and so you know I would never attempt that without talking to you about it first. I want you to trust me and be 100% comfortable with me, without ever worrying about me doing something you don’t like.

I place a hand on his chest feeling his strong steady heartbeat.

Kylie: Thank you.

He bends down kissing the tip of my nose.

Kylie: Tea?

Luke: Sure.

We retreat back to the couch with our warm cups of tea. He leaves very little distance between us but enough to let me know he’s giving me a little more time and space while being able to face me better at his angle in the corner of the couch.

I know he wants more. But how much more can I tell him with exposing who I am. He already knows too much. Enough to put himself in danger or worse enough for him to put two and two together if he was working for Max.

I shake my head and sip my tea desperate to erase that possibility from my mind. He waits patiently drinking his tea. I can tell by the look on his face he’s not a tea drinker and I can’t help but laugh.

Luke: What?

Kylie: You’re not a tea drinker, are you?

The look of I’m busted splatters across his cute innocent face.

Kylie: I can get you something else.

Luke: No, it’s fine.

Kylie: Really you don’t have to drink it. I only drink this one when I’ve had one of my little panic attacks to help calm me.

He takes a big gulp finishing his tea and sets it down. He waits for me to finish my sip before taking the cup from my hands and setting it down. He stands up holding out a hand. I take it and before I know what’s happening, he sweeps me up into his arms bridal style.

Never taking his eyes off mine he walks back into the bedroom and lays me on the bed. I slip under the covers still in my robe. He pulls off his jeans but leaves his tight black boxer briefs on and joins me under the covers cradling me against his body.

The warmth of his body comforts me as the rhythm of his breathing soothes me into a tranquil like state.

Luke: Better?

He speaks softly as his long fingers draw circles gently over the back of my hand. It’s strange how well it seems he knows me. Strange how connected I feel to him, how safe I feel in this moment though we’ve just met.

Kylie: Yes, thank you.

He kisses the top of my head and brushes his knuckles along my cheek as I drift into a peaceful sleep.

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