A Bounty's love

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A good morning

A bounty’s love

Chapter 12: A good morning

To my surprise I wake in the same position comforted in Luke’s arms. I roll over to face him taking in his beautiful rugged face. I reach out to run my fingers along the scar over his eye brow when his dimple bearing grin widens.

Luke: Good morning beautiful.

I run my finger down the scar to his dimple and along the bristly hair of his jaw line.

Kylie: Morning.

I smile unable to hold back the overly satisfied look of a woman who just had the best sex of her life. He reaches a hand behind my neck drawing me closer to him, kissing my lips with strong desire. His cock swells against my belly.

I reach down touching the tip with a finger circling the pre com over the head and alongside the shaft before wrapping all my fingers around his hardness and stroke slowly.

He lets out a small moan in my mouth before deepening the kiss teasing my tongue with his.

Rolling me on my back he pulls my hand away raising it above my head. My body tingles with the softness of his lips on my chin, down my neck, across my shoulder blade stopping at one nipple. He flicks it with the tip of his tongue, grazes it with his teeth, sucks on it while reaching between my thighs.

The sensation of his touch barely brushing against my clit sends my hips into a jolt. He continues his descend down my abs disappearing between my legs. He stretches my opening with two fingers flickering his tongue from my aroused clit to my wet center before plummeting it as deep as it can reach.

He slides his tongue up to my clit before sucking it with his mouth.

Kylie: Oh fuck.

He slips two fingers in to my wet pussy knuckles up twisting and pumping while still sucking and licking my clit. I begin to buck wildly but he holds me down with one hand to my pelvic creating even more build up.

The tingles escalate like little waves of electrical shocks causing my body to tremble involuntarily.

Kylie: Oh god Luke.

Luke: Com for me Kylie.

I scream out from the pleasure of the orgasm as my body tenses up unable to handle any more before completely relaxing while Luke kisses my hip before resting his head on my stomach.

After a few minutes he lifts his head, kisses me and jumps off the bed heading for the shower.

He turns looking at me with a smoldering sexy glare.

Luke: Come shower with me.

He disappears into the bathroom and the water turns on. I jump with wild excitement and slither into the shower behind him. I kiss his back between his shoulders as water dances off his tatted scared skin. Another big piece on his back of an eagle with wings stretched from shoulder to shoulder, feathers turning into bullets with the American flag in the back ground.

He turns facing me claiming my lips. His massive erection rubbing against my pelvic. I reach a hand down sliding up and down his hardness. I pull away to see a look in his eyes of want. I slide down his body to my knees slowly flicking the tip of his moist head.

One hand twisting around the shaft the other massages his balls as I take him further in my mouth licking down and sucking as I come up.

His fingers twist in my hair taking control of the rhythm he wants me at. He begins moaning and swearing under breath.

Luke: Oh, fuck yeah. I’m going to com baby.

He gives my hair a tug pulling me off of him and twirls me around. He places my hands on the shower wall, then grips my hips. A split second of fear shoots through me but is gone before it has a chance to really begin as his hard cock shoots through my wetness and deep into my core and stops abruptly.

Luke: Shit! Page are you on the pill.

I reach back one hand squeezing his ass pulling him further into me.

Kylie: Yes! Now fuck me!

He pulls my hair bringing my face closer to his.

Luke: As you wish.

His lips crash onto my lips, as his hips slam against my back side. He slides one hand down my back bending me over and pumps hard and fast. Every blood-filled vein, and texture of his member fills me with an over whelming sensation bringing me weak to my knees.

Luke: God you feel so good around my cock Page.

Another orgasm screams through my body as I tighten around him more. Luke quickens his thrusts till his own orgasm rocks him. His cock pulsates inside of me as he wraps an arm around my chest bringing me into his. We walk backward till we are under the water, where we take turns washing each other.

I throw on a cami and some pajama bottoms to make breakfast while Luke runs across to his apartment to get dressed. By the time

He returns I have already plated a big helping of bacon and eggs with some English muffins.

Luke: So how about a proper date today.

I look up from my bite of bacon with question.

Kylie: Proper? Haven’t we already done dinner and sex.

His cheeks heat up as he flashes his sexy dimples my way. Placing a hand on my thigh.

Luke: I want to take my girl out on the town. It’s been a while since I’ve been back here and there are some places, I’d like to take you.

The thought of being his girl excites me. Though we haven’t known each other very long I feel a connection I’ve never felt with anyone before.

Kylie: Ok!

Luke helps with the dishes after breakfast then tells me to dress for a hike while he goes back to his apartment to grab something. I meet him in the hall where he takes my hand and leads me down to the garage to his truck.

The alarm beeps on the new sleek black ford raptor. He opens the passenger door for me.

Kylie: Nice, the new Raptor.

I say taking a step up, admiring the truck. He grins while taking advantage of my position and smacks my ass.

Luke: Does my truck impress you.

I shrug my shoulders looking down at his midsection.

Kylie: Almost as impressive as your stick shift.

He grabs the back of my head pulling me forward into a deep passionate kiss. He pulls back with just the simplest grin making my heart thump. His dark green eyes full of pride. Without saying a word, he gets in on the driver side and drives us up the coast.

Sometime later he pulls onto a small road cutting through some woods before stopping at a clearing overlooking the ocean. Hoping out of the truck he grabs his pack and helps me out taking my hand. We stand at the edge for a moment admiring the view. There’s a break between the clouds allowing the sun’s rays to peer through.

Kylie: This is so beautiful.

Luke: Yup

I glance out of the corner of my eye to see Luke looking at me. I smile shyly as he leads me through a path to a small edge right at the water. There’s a huge bolder with a flat spot and a few trees behind it making it look almost like a throne. About a mile out are a few small islands covered in seals.

Luke pulls a thick blanket out of his pack that I help him lay out. When he sits down with his back against the bolder, he holds out his hand for me. I gladly join him but just as I am about to sit next to him, he pulls me in between his legs circling his arms around me resting his chin on my shoulder as I relax and melt into his chest.

Luke: This was always one of my favorite places to come when I was younger. My parents use to bring me. If you watch towards the middle between here and that first bigger island you can see a pod of Killer Whales that have used this cove for generations.

I follow where he points a finger and as if on que a giant black fin breaks the surface. Left and right more surface, spraying water, splashing their tales. I leap to my feet to get closer to the edge and pull out my phone.

They look so close, I can even see a few babies. I look back at Luke who’s observing me more than the Orcas. With tears in my eyes I am almost speechless. After a few more pictures I turn back to Luke getting down on my hands and knees once I come to the edge of the blanket and crawl over him settling on his lap, I reach my hands around the back of his neck.

Kylie: Thank you

I speak softly before locking my lips on his.

His big rough and yet gentle hands find their way under my sweatshirt and shirt. He rolls me on my back pressing his growing erection into my pelvic while taking control of the kiss. His tongue dominating mine.

One hand moves to my front pulling down my bra stroking my hardened nipple kneading my breast. The other hand roams down through my pants rubbing my clit through my silk panties.

I squeeze his nipples under his shirt as pleasure over whelms me. He sits back for a moment staring at me with such lust I clench my center as moistness spreads. He smiles wickedly at me as he removes my boots. Makes his way up to unzip my pants and slides them off along with my panties.

He slips out of his boots, throws off his shirt and removes his pants. His cock stands at full attention as he gives a little shiver.

Luke: Fuck it’s cold.

He grabs another blanket out of his pack tenting us with it as he lays back down over me. His lips return to mine as he slides his lubed hard cock through my wetness.

Luke: Oh, fuck Page. I can’t get enough of this tight wet pussy.

He grinds his hips into mine thrusting his cock in deeper.

Luke: I can’t get enough of you.

I get lost in the emerald sea of his lust filled eyes. My heart echoes in my ears and the only thought bracing its presence is love. How can I be falling in love with this man? How fair is it to him me dragging him into my fucked-up life.

I quickly brush off my thought and take in his every glorious inch of hardness pumping me into an abyss of Orgasmic pleasure.

I let out an exhausted moan shaking beneath him. His hold on me tightens as his body joins mine in the moment of ecstasy. He brushed down my hair from my face and kisses my nose. He rolls to his side pulling my back into his keeping us wrapped tightly in the blanket.

I feel his heart beat against my back mocking my own and I wonder if he feels it too. I slow myself to embrace this moment and stare out at the sea. The whales have gone and now occasionally you can make out little heads of seals popping up like little submarine scopes.

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