A Bounty's love

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Finding love again

A bounty’s love

Chapter 14: Finding love again

Despite still hiding my true identity there was a weight lifted in my confiding in Luke. Being in the comfort of his arms allowed me to breathe a little easier, as his heart beat danced in rhythm with mine. Everything else faded while I absorbed the moment, I realized I was falling in love with him.

As if sensing my thoughts, he kissed my cheek softly. No words needed. Just the warmth of his lips on my moist cheek was enough to know. I turned around facing him and captured his lips with mine taking his tongue hostage.

He lifted me and lied down in my bed cocooning my body with his. Allowing sleep to come easily. We stayed in bed nearly the entire day only getting up once to make brunch, take a shower which we did together and to answer the door for the pizza delivery.

We talked a lot. Luke told me more war stories and shared some of the stories of others Veterans who he had helped after.

He wasn’t big on art but loved my paintings, we enjoyed much of the same variety of music. Liked a lot of the same shows and movies and both were huge Marvel fans. Most importantly he had a lot of love and respect for my Uncle.

When Monday came around Luke joined me on my weekly routine. Up early ran to Cheeky’ s for coffee, jogged to the gym and hit the bags.

He jogged with me back to the apartments and then I headed for my class at blue bird.

Half way through class Mike one of the male nurses brought by a bouquet of flowers. Squeals and was and some hoots filled the room as the ladies all came to admire the large arrangement of stargazer lilies, mixed with lavender and baby’s breath.

Rose: Who are they from dear.

I pull out the small card but I already know who they were from.

“This bouquet reflects what I want to do with you tonight. The best spot is above where we sleep. Meet me there at 7pm. Text me when you know”

Betty: What is that supposed to mean.

Betty blurts out over my shoulder from reading the card.

Dorothy: What does it say?

Dorothy the eldest at 82 but still full of life demands in her Audrey Hepburn voice. Yeah she has that 50’s vibe.

I read out loud the card and let the ladies take their guesses to what it means though I’ve already figured it out and text Luke.

Kylie: I want to relax and star gaze with my baby! See you on the roof at 7! I send a heart emote after.

He immediately responds with the kissy face heart emote.

Betty: We give up what does it mean and who’s it from.

My cheeks heat up like a teenage girl getting asked out for the first time.

Dorothy: Darling I know that look anywhere. You’re in love. So, tell us who the lucky gent is.

Kylie: His name is Luke, and he wants to relax under the stars with me tonight.

Rose: Is that the new neighbor boy you were telling us about.

Shocked and happy that Rose remembered that conversation form last week almost brings me to tears.

Kylie: Yes Rose.

The ladies look at the flowers.

Betty: Of course, those are stargazer Lilly’s. But how do you get the relax and with you part.

I giggle and begin to explain when Rose jumps in.

Rose: Lavender has been used for centuries as a relaxing agent and there’s baby’s breath in there, meaning she’s his baby.

Kylie: That’s right Rose.

The others all go back to their seats and I take Roses hand.

Kylie: Rose is the new medication working well.

She pats my hand and smiles.

Rose: No dear, I’m just having a good day. Daniel came by yesterday with his boyfriend Greg, they shared some new wonderful tea with me and ever since I drank it I’ve been feeling less foggy.

Kylie: That’s great news Rose have you spoke to the Dr about it yet.

Rose: No, I want to give it a few more tries first. You know to see if it really is working.

Kylie: Makes sense. I hope it does.

She smiles and takes her seat.

Later that evening after a shower and change of clothes I make my way up to the roof of the apartment building. It’s equipped like a back-yard garden only on a roof, with furniture, heat lamps, umbrellas, a grill, and lights strung up everywhere. It’s usually reserved for parties which I never came to but once in a while I’d sneak up here for the view. To escape.

Standing facing me holding one stargazer lily in an expensive black Armani suit with the most devastatingly handsome smile is Luke. He hands me the flower and wraps me in his arms while ravishing my lips.

Luke: How was your day.

Kylie: It was good, but now it’s even better.

Thank you for the flowers.

He smiled and gave me another kiss before taking me to the small table set up with plates and silverware by one of the heaters.

A small hot plate in the center with a pot on it, two glasses of sparkling wine and a vase for the flower.

He pulls out a chair for me then lifts the lid and dishes out a good amount of spaghetti in a meat marinara sauce. After plating his dish, he takes a seat and holds up a wine glass.

I follow with mine.

Luke: To the most beautiful women inside and out that I have ever met.

Kylie: To the most handsome, gentle giant I’ve ever known and romantic.

We drink and eat then retire to one of the love seats and get comfy under the giant comforter Luke brought up. I curl up next to him placing my arm over chest, leaning my head back on his shoulder and stare up at the night sky covered in so many stars it almost seems unreal.

Kylie: This has been an amazing day. Thank you, Luke.

Luke: No Thank you.

Kylie: For what? You did it all.

Luke: If you would have never accepted my dinner offer last Friday, we might not be here in this moment right now and I might not have gotten the chance to tell you I’m in love with you.

I lift my head up to see him staring down at me.

Kylie: Luke, do you really mean that?

Luke: Since the day I laid eyes on you I knew I was going to fall in love with you.

I straddle his lap kissing his lips hard and long.

Kylie: I don’t give my heart to just anyone.

Luke: I know, and I understand if you you’re not...

I cut him off quickly with my finger to his mouth.

Kylie: Yesterday without even realizing it I had given you mine. I’m in love with you Luke Parker but there’s still things you don’t know about. Secrets I can’t....

This time he cuts me off with a kiss. As he whispers against my mouth.

Luke: It doesn’t matter. I love you so fucking much Page.

His enormous bulge raises against my thin thong beneath my dress.

Luke: Take it off baby.

I slip my dress up over my head rubbing against his member.

Luke: Bra off.

I slowly unclasp the bra letting it drop to the side with my dress.

He sucks on one hardened nipple, with his hands gripped on my hips grinding me hard against him. He releases his grip only long enough to release his fully erect cock. Sliding my thong to the side he slips his moist head into me returning his grip to my hips controlling our movements slowly at first.

Each stroke intensifying the tingling sensation from my clit to my g spot and through my lower abdomen creating the kind of butterflies you get when you go into a steep drop on a rollercoaster. I grab the back of the love seat slamming my body into his attempting to quicken the pace.

Luke: Oh, fuck yeah. Ride my cock baby. Make me fucking com inside your tight pussy.

I ride his cock harder gasping at every inner thrust from pure pleasure.

Kylie: Oh fuck.

Pressing against his body I collapsed my head on his shoulder quivering with aftershocks from the intense orgasm. Luke shutters beneath me releasing himself and embracing our deep connection going beyond just sexual desire as we have both claimed our love for one another.

I kiss and nip the soft flesh below his ear causing a deep growling chuckle vibrating through his whole body.

Luke: I’m going to take you to my bed and make love to you.

I gather my dress and comforter while Luke grabs the dishes and we make our way down to his apartment. I hadn’t been in his apartment yet. It’s very modern. Light grey walls, white trim, black couches. No pictures. No books.

Kylie: Wow it’s like a model home. So clean and modern.

Luke: Yeah, I’m not fully moved in yet I guess.

Kylie: It’s nice.

After tossing the dishes in the sink Luke joins me by his patio window.

Luke: It just needs a little feminine touch. Maybe from a certain artist I know.

Kylie: Is she any good?

Luke: She’s amazing.

He kisses my bare shoulder sliding the comforter down further. I let it drop along with my clothes and turn into his kiss. He begins walking backward without breaking the kiss.

Before I knew it, we were in his room lying on the big king size bed. He strips out of his dress shirt and slacks exposing his already eager erect cock.

He slides himself between my legs kissing my stomach, my ribs, stopping to take turns with each breast, before claiming my mouth and tongue. He slowly eases his hard cock inside me and slowly pulls back just to the tip. Slowly easing back in slowly pulling back out to the tip.

I start to buck my hips as the pleasure builds into a desire to be fucked hard into tomorrow.

He sits up slightly sliding his hands under my thighs lifting them so my feet are stretched above his shoulders. He leans forward thrusting hard and deep. Still griping my thighs just above my knees, he pounds into me. His balls slap against my asshole giving a pleasurable feeling, his pelvic slams against mine rubbing against my clit making me moan for more.

He pounds harder and faster like a jack hammer, causing the headboard to hit the wall and make me scream out obscenities like it’s another language. The first orgasm hits and a second follows immediately at the intensity of our bodies connecting, fucking like rabbits.

Luke collapses on me tucking this arms in along my shoulders. Bowing his head away from mine trying to catch his breath. We lay there spent in silence till the sound of rain taps heavily on the window.

Luke rolls to his side pulling me with him with one leg over his hip as he remains inside me. He holds me tight like he’ll never let me go.

Luke: Say it again. That you love me.

Kylie: I love you.

I give him a kiss on his chin before resting my head on his chest allowing the soothing sound of his heart to put me to sleep as he whispers.

Luke: I love you.

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