A Bounty's love

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Too good to be true

A bounty’s love

Chapter 15: Too good to be true

Weeks pass by with Luke and I becoming almost inseparable. Every morning we jog to Cheeky’s. Hit the bags at the gym. Depending on his clients schedule he almost always walks or drives me to work and picks me up. Occasionally we sit and have drinks with uncle Mic. Mostly I sit listening to them talk of old days.

This Friday was like any other. Accept Luke and Uncle Mic needed to have a private meeting so I decided to work the bags a little more.

Joseph: Looking good as usual Page, show me what you got.

Kylie: Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Joseph smirks as he walks up putting on a pair of trainer mitts, and starts counting out combos.

Joseph: Shit you weren’t kidding. Guess Mr. personal trainers been working you good huh.

I wink at him in acknowledgment.

an unfamiliar voice with a heavy Russian accent lets out a cat call.

Voice: How about a little one on one in my private ring.

Joseph throws off the practice mitts stepping around me in a protective stance.

Russian: What the fuck are you going to do light weight.

I turn to see the behemoth Dolph Lundgren looking Russian mother fucker towering over Joseph. I put a hand on Joseph’s shoulder and step forward.

Kylie: Looks like you’re a little lost friend this is a gym not rocky four.

Russian: I like women with big mouth. Better to fit around my....

Joseph cuts him off jabbing a finger into his chest.

Joseph: You watch how you talk to her.

The guy stands a foot over Joseph and is not at all a light weight. He steps closer to Joseph looking down at him. By now a handful of other boxers have come to back up Joseph and get between me and the Russian.

The Russian looks me in the eyes and gives a bone chilling grin.

Russian: You won’t always have guard

dogs to protect you.

Luke: No, she has me.

Luke speaks glaring right at the Russian as he puts a protective arm in front of me.

The Russian puts his hands up and walks out with his smaller dark-haired quiet friend. But something doesn’t settle right.

Luke: You ok.

Kylie: I’m fine.

I watch as everyone that came to stand with Joseph follows the Russian out. Uncle Mic stands in front of me with a hand on my shoulder looking me dead in the eyes.

Uncle Mic: You sure you ok.

Kylie: Yes, I’m fine, I mean seriously look at where I am. The guy had no chance.

Uncle Mic: Yeah well let’s sneak you guys out the back just to be safe.

Luke places his hand on my lower back ushering me towards the back. I look over my shoulder and wave to Joseph in a silent thank you. He nods and we sneak out.

Uncle Mic: Why don’t I drive you home. Or better yet how about you join Martha and I for diner.

Luke: Actually, that sounds like a good idea. Babe why don’t you go with Mic now. I’ll run and get the truck and meet you guys there.

Kylie: What! Why wouldn’t I just go with you so I can get cleaned up.

Uncle Mic: Page it’s getting late already come with me and you can help Martha. No one cares if your hairs washed it’s not like we have a fancy five-star kitchen.

Luke kisses my forehead.

Luke: I’ll be there before you know it.

And like that the decision is made as Luke runs off. A tinge of anxiety starts creeping in and lingers til Luke finally arrives at the house.

I throw my arms around him like he’d been gone forever. I couldn’t help it. Something was still bothering me even though he was here holding me.

After a few drinks, a good meal and some nice small talk I begin to relax. While in the kitchen helping Martha clean the dishes the boys head out to the garage.

Martha: Dear that man has it bad, and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you do too.

My ear to ear grin and red cheeks give it away to easily. She nudges me.

Martha: He’s a good one.

Kylie: He is.

Martha: What’s Eaton at ya then.

Kylie: These past few weeks have been too good to be true, but I haven’t told him everything, I haven’t told him my real identity and how I left Max.

Martha: Luke is a good man dear; he’ll understand.

Kylie: Just the thought of saying it out loud though.... what if it jinx this? I’m already constantly afraid that what I’ve done is going to get all of you hurt, and this Russian thing tonight is too much of a coincidence Martha.... I can’t shake the feeling something bad is going to happen.

She puts her hand on my shoulder

Martha: Don’t you fret about us dear, and I think if anything, tonight showed how protected you are. Not one of those boys at the gym would let anything happen to you.

And Luke, he’s like your own personal body guard.

Kylie: It’s not the physicality of the fight I worry about. Max is devious and sadistic.

Martha: Aren’t all lawyers?

I can’t help but laugh at Martha’s attempt to change the mood and it works. A little.

Luke’s perspective:

I follow Mic into the garage to look over his classic red and white 57 Chevy bel air convertible he’s been restoring.

Luke: She’s a beaut Mic.

Uncle Mic: That she is. She’ll be even more so come summer time when I take her and the wife out for a ride down the coast.

Luke: Sounds like a good time.

He gives me a look of all seriousness and I know what’s about to be questioned.

Uncle Mic: You and my niece have gotten quite close.

I nod waiting for it.

Uncle Mic: When are you gonna tell her?

I run a hand down my face taking in a breath.

Luke: I’m afraid Mic. Things between us have been.... too good to be true. I don’t want to mess that up.

Uncle Mic: The sooner you tell her the sooner she can forgive you. She’ll understand.

Luke: What if she doesn’t and I can’t protect her?

Uncle Mic: I may have only known my niece for a few years now but I can tell you without a doubt that girls a Murphy through in through. She might be stubborn, but she’s loyal. Most importantly she loves you. What you don’t want is for her to find out from someone else. Like one very protective older brother.

Fuck he was right. If Aron knew we were dating, the first thing he’ll ask her is if she knows why I’m here in Seattle. I need to be the one to explain.

Luke: You’re right Mic.

Uncle Mic: Of course, I am. Now let’s talk about this Russian. Did you find anything out?

Luke: I followed him back to a hotel and called in a favor to Nick at eagle eye to put a guy on him. He’ll let me know if the Russian and his friend make a move. It could be nothing. But...

Uncle Mic: But your gut says otherwise.

I nod in agreement.

Uncle Mic: All the more reason to tell her now. You’ll have Martha and I to vouch for ya.

Luke: Thanks Mic

I pat Mic on the back as the door creeks open.

Page stands there with a questioning look.

For a second my heart thumps against my chest. Did she hear any of that?

Kylie: What where two talking about in here.

Shit! I grumbled to myself. While Uncle Mic plays Mr. calm and cool and turns with a show of hands displaying the Chevy.

Kylie: Ah of course cars and women.

Uncle Mic slaps me on the back as I sigh out a breath of relief and take Page into my arms for a kiss.

Luke: Ready to go babe.

Kylie: Yup.

Kylies perspective:

We say our goodbyes and make the drive back over the bay. When we get back to the apartments. Luke starts acting a little strange. It’s subtle but I notice the familiar alertness. Constant glances around as if someone is watching. It’s more noticeable when he gets out of the truck taking his time observing the area before getting me out. In a very protective mode, he pulls me in as close as he can shielding me as we make our way to the elevators.

We go to his apartment where he ushers me in and double checks all the locks and windows before taking me into the bedroom.

Kylie: Do you do that often.

Luke: What?

Kylie: Get all Jason Bourne like?

He takes me in his arms.

Luke: I’m sorry I’m just a little on edge since the gym.

Kylie: I appreciate how protective you are, and how calm you handled things. That was really awesome, even though I kinda wish he would have gotten punched at least once.

Luke: What? Not my sweat little Page.

I give a little shove but he catches my arms and throws me down on the bed playfully. His torturous tickles turn into seductive touches as he slides his hands inside my pants.

Luke: How bout we get out of these and hit the shower.

He slides off my pants and panties and stands me up. I remove my sweatshirt as he slips off my tank top and bra. Kissing my collar bone and squeezing my ass while pulling me against his growing erection.

Luke: Shower!

I walk to the bathroom like a woman not naked but full of confidence. He quickly strips and joins me.

The water runs hot over us as we stand for a

Moment staring in each other’s eyes in silence.

He breaks first with a slow sensual kiss. His enlarged hard cock pressing against my lower abdomen eager for attention.

Luke’s perspective:

I find myself lost in her blue eyes. Seduced by the sexual desire they hold, memorized by the gentleness they show, saddened by the pain they hide, encouraged by the strength that shines. Never have I been so in love. I only hope she knows how much.

I kiss her with all the passion I have and my cock swells with eagerness to be inside her.

When I look in her eyes again there is only desire. She gives a mischievous grin and lowers herself to her knees. Oh fuck. Her soft hands grab my shaft gently stroking and twisting as her tongue flicks the tip in a tease.

Her mouth swallows my head slowly taking more in and sucking as she pulls back.

Luke: Oh god Page.

She continues slowly down further each time sucking with each pull.

Luke: Suck that cock.

She looks up at me through her lashes and I nearly com right then and there. I gather her hair in a fist and just hold tight as she keeps sucking my cock.

Luke: Fuck yeah baby. Oh shit......I’m

going to com.

She quickens her pace Squeezing my thighs tighter as if bracing for it. My body jerks and trembles as I release myself still with a hand fisted in her hair. She pulls off turning away from me.

I kiss her shoulder blade still feeling the aftershock of my intense orgasm.

Luke: I’ve never felt anything like that before.

I begin massaging shampoo in her hair and down her fair skin to her perfectly round plump ass. She is perfect in my eyes with her all-natural curves.

As the soap runs clear I run a hand between the crease of her ass. She tenses for a second.

Luke: Baby I won’t ever do anything you don’t want me to.

She relaxes sticking her ass out further inviting me to continue. I run my hand across every part of her center from her ass to her clit. The feel of her swollen lips and wetness brings my cock back to full attention.

I pull her hips back further pushing down on her back as I ease my cock into her soaked pussy. I rock slowly back and forth pushing further in with each pass. She reaches between both our legs grabbing my balls, gently messaging them.

I place her hands and hold them on the shower wall as I pump into her.

Her every little moan making me thrust harder, deeper inside. She tightens around my cock more as her muscle’s spasm from the pleasure of her orgasm. Another hard thrust and I join her in the pleasure.

I never imagined I could fall so hard for someone. But fuck me if I don’t love this woman more than I’ve ever loved anyone.

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