A Bounty's love

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A bounty’s love

Chapter 16: Secrets

I wake up to Luke’s hard cock pressed against my lower back side and I get instantly wet and ready to have him inside of me again. I reach my hand back and stroke his large member. He reached around my front circling my clit with the tip of his finger.

Kylie: Good morning

I moan biting my lip.

Luke: Indeed.

His arm slides under my thigh raising it up as he not so gently thrusts his cock inside of me. He slams himself into me harder and harder.

Kylie: Oh Page.

I pant as he takes my breath away with each powerful thrust. He stops for a moment just long enough to push me flat on my stomach, He straddled my legs with his he guides his cock back into my throbbing pussy, tucks his arms around mine into my chest and presses his entire body against mine grinding his pelvic into my ass, his cock deep inside.

Our bodies vibrate in waves of electrical ecstasy, as we come undone together. His body soothing mine like a warm heavy blanket. Soft and heated. He peppers my neck with kisses while still pulsating inside me.

Luke: Still up for our morning run.

Kylie: Of course.

I throw on my cloths to run across to my apartment when Luke stops me.

Luke: Wait for me babe.

Kylie: We both need to get dressed and I don’t know about you but I need to brush my teeth. It would be faster if I go now and we get ready at the same time.

Luke: I know it would but at least let me check to make sure it’s clear.

In his attempt to be protective I begin to feel anxious. Last night has him spooked too. This can’t be a coincidence.

Kylie: What’s going on Luke.

He throws his shoes on and walks in front of me to the door. Stopping to look out the peep hole first, then cracks the door open slowly before going across the hall to my apartment. He remains quiet till we get inside.

Luke: I have a buddy that works for a private security company and I had him follow the Russians last night. This morning he text me that they left the hotel and headed for the airport but I’m just being extra cautious.

Kylie: I can’t get that mad at you for hiding things from me when I still have my own secrets but please don’t keep me in the dark about shit like this.

He walks to me with a glare of guilt as he brushes his knuckles down my cheek, and kisses my forehead. Just as he’s about to say something my phone goes off. At the sound of “Hey Brother” I know it’s Aron whom I haven’t spoken to in over a week and haven’t told him about Luke. I put a hand to Luke’s chest like an apology and rush to grab my phone from the counter and disappear into the bathroom.

Aron: Hey sis.

Kylie: Hello big brother. How’s business.

Aron: Good. How are things with you.

I take a deep breath contemplating what to tell him.

Kylie: Things are good. The Ladies at the Blue bird want me to paint a mural of a sun set on a beach out in their garden area. So, how’d the business deal go at the Phoenix?

Aron: Painting a mural outside where it rains constantly?

Kylie: Obviously it will be a summer project.

Aron: Yeah. Business at the Phoenix went well. Mrs. Davers agreed to let me put a few of her paintings up at our gallery.

Kylie: That’s so awesome. She’s such an amazing woman.

Aron: Almost as amazing as my little sis.

Aron: I need to ask you something.

Luke: Babe you ready.

Luke’s voice boomed through the door. Shit.

Aron: Who was that?

I wince like a teenager that just got caught sneaking out at night.

Kylie: My boyfriend.

I mumbled shyly biting my lip.

Aron: Excuse me?

Kylie: Aron I have to go we’re late for the gym already. We’ll talk about it later k. Bye I love you.

Aron: Kylie!

Click! I hung up threw my tooth brush in my mouth and opened the door.

Kylie: Sorry I’m almost done.

My phones starts ringing again. It’s Aron. But I couldn’t do this right now. I put the phone on silence and headed out with Luke for our morning jog to Cheekys.

The entire day everywhere I went I had that feeling again like someone was watching me.

Luke even stayed at the blue birds with me so I would feel safer. Of course, no one got any painting done as they were all too busy drooling over him.

After dinner that evening at my place, Luke needed to run to his apartment to make some calls. I decided to shower and then head over to his place in some new sexy lingerie I bought. Wrapped in just a coat I walked into his apartment. I could hear him talking from the bedroom so I snuck over to the door so I could surprise him. Only it was I who got the surprise.

As I reached for the door his words to the person, he was talking too stopped me.

Luke: I told you it’s not her. DNA didn’t match. I’m sorry but she’s a ghost man.

Suddenly he turns sensing I was there. His eyes plead with mine not to speak. What the fuck was going on.

Luke: I don’t know what to tell you other than she’s gone. It’s time to accept that and move on.

He hung up the phone and walked towards me but as I stepped back, he stopped holding up his hands.

Luke: Let me explain.

Kylie: Please do.

Luke: Will you come sit.

I shook my head crossing my arms and stayed against the wall near the door.

Luke: Please know that everything I have told you has been true. I have never lied. I kept things from you but I never lied. I was special ops, I was injured, I did become a personal trainer for other fallen vets.

One day a Sergeant I knew came to me for help. His daughter had been kidnapped. My team and I were what you called finders. We found anyone no one else could. Whether it be soldiers, or terrorists. My team was the best. So, I took this job found the Sergeants daughter fast and safe. He offered my team a proposition to start up a black ops business here to find good people.

At first it started as favors. It grew into those with deep pockets. Most of the time there was no questions asked. We received orders we carried them out. Till one job went wrong. A fellow soldier came to us as a favor. Claimed his wife cleared out he accounts and left while he was stationed overseas.

I found her and two days later they were both dead. He killed her and then himself. I made a promise to myself and to the wife I got killed that I would never let something like that happen again. Every single case after that my team and I investigated thoroughly leaving no t’s Un crossed. I make it a mission to get both sides before either turning them in or helping them.

Most of the time the clients were good guys. Once in a while they were the bad guy.

I knew the day I walked into Max’s office what kind of guy he was. I knew the very moment he opened his mouth and showed me your picture I was going to find you to insure he never did.

Luke’s perspective:

I stepped closer to her searching her eyes for a glimpse of understanding. I found loss, and sadness. I took another step. She put a hand up and walked around me sitting on the edge of the bed staring down at her hands in her lap fidgeting with her finger.

I stepped between her legs kneeling before her.

Luke: Page please understand. I had to take this job. I had to know you were truly safe from that guy. The harder it was for me to find you the surer I was he wouldn’t.

Kylie: And, how did you?

She mumbled under her deep breath without looking at me.

Luke: Some of the guys at Eagle Eye Security are my guys as well. We help each other out from time to time. After talking with Aron who confirmed the kind of guy Max was. I informed him who I was and what I did but he still kept to his story about your death. So, I went to my guys at Eagle Eye.

I found out that one of my buddies I knew from my home town was related to Aron Murphy.

Page looked up at me like she’s been betrayed.

Luke: No Anthony didn’t give you up. In fact, he too stuck with Aron’s story, but I knew who his uncle was which meant he was your uncle too, and as far as anyone knew Max didn’t know anything about this extent of the family so I had an idea of where you were.

I had to try and throw Max off the idea that you were alive by pretending to chase a ghost.

I wasn’t sure when I first saw you. The tattoo on your back made me doubt it was you. But I watched you. Followed you. I had to give Max something to hope for so I could then crush it and throw him off for good.

I let him think there was a chance I had found you. I ran a false DNA test using another women’s hair who resembled you a little. I told him after the DNA test I was at a dead end, that I believed you were lost to that river, and I was closing the case.

Kylie: How long ago did you close the case.

She looked at me with uncertainty.

Luke: A month.

Kylie: Right before you moved in here?

Luke: Yes.

Kylie: Why stay in Seattle? Why did you move in to this apartment?

Luke: Because I was already in love with you.

Her eyes glossed over and I reached up brushing my thumb over her cheek. She turned her head away from me. Her hands began to tremble as she ran one through her hair and down her face.

Luke: I never thought I would come back here. Let alone feel the want or need to stay. But ever since you became a part of me. All I’ve thought about is wanting to stay and make a home here with you.

I took a chance wrapping my arms around her waist and laying my head in her lap completely vulnerable. After minutes of complete silence, I felt her fingers brush through my hair. There was still hope I hadn’t totally fucked everything up.

I lifted my head to meet her eyes. They were red, and glossy, but there was still love and forgiveness.

Kylies perspective:

Holy Fuck! What was I supposed to think? How was I supposed to process this overload of information? I thought I was keeping the secrets. But he knew all along who I was.

Kylie: Does my uncle know.

Luke: Yes.

I looked him dead in the eyes.

Kylie: and what about the Russians? Do you think last night was a coincidence?

With a worried look he let out a breath shaking his head.

I stood up abruptly nearly knocking Luke off of his feet.

Kylie: I need to go.

As I make my way to the front door Luke chases after me. Calling me.

Luke: Page wait...... Page....

I reach for the door.

Luke: Kylie!

He shouted my real name. A name I hadn’t heard in 6 months.

Luke: Don’t go.

I turn to look at him.

Kylie: You don’t understand Luke. If the Russians are working for Max then it’s already too late. I need to leave this place.

Luke: We don’t know that for sure.

Kylie: Then you’ve underestimated Max. If he sought you out it’s because he knows how you operate which means he was counting on you to do what you did.... Find me!

I slipped out and ran into my apartment slamming and locking the door behind me.

He followed right behind knocking on the door. Pleading with me to let him in.

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