A Bounty's love

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Fight or flight

A bounty’s love

Chapter 17: Fight or Flight

Luke: Kylie please don’t do this. If you want to go, I’ll go with you. I’ll take you anywhere you want to go. But please don’t shut me out, don’t go at this alone.

Hearing Luke say my name was like having the weight of a deep dark secret lifted. It was nice and at the same time it was terrifying. I hold my hands to my mouth trying to mask the sound of my cry as my eyes swell with tears.

After several long minutes Luke goes quiet.

I wipe my eyes trying to see through the peep hole. When I don’t see him in the hall, I run to my room to get dressed and quickly pack a few things.

I reach for the picture on my night stand and drop to my bed. It was a picture Luke took of us the morning after we confessed our love to one another lying in his bed. My heart is pounding, eyes are blurry with tears. I don’t know how long I sit there for but I cannot stay.

I head for the living room and stop dead in my tracks dropping my bag to the floor when I catch sight of the Dolph Lundgren Russian mother fucker sitting on a chair facing me.

I make a run for the front door when two arms grab me from behind. The slightly smaller, scruffy brown-haired Russian lifts me off the floor.

I scream out as loud as I could. He attempts to cover my mouth so I bite down on his fingers as I come down on his foot with mine, followed by an elbow to the gut. I turn around throwing a combo to his face, then try for the door again when an arm fly’s into my view knocking me on my ass.

The big fucker grabs me by the hair and drags me towards the couch. I swing my legs around kicking him in the balls. It barely phases him but it’s enough that he lets go of my hair. As I try to stand the smaller fucker punches me in the face. He jumps on me holding me down with one hand on my throat, the other going for his belt.

He says something in Russian flicking his belt out. I dig my nails into his wrist trying to keep him from choking me. He looks down at me smugly letting go of my throat twisting his hand around one of my wrists in attempt to bind my hands with his belt.

His body weight on me makes me feel confined. I begin to panic but the more I struggle the less I can breathe. The big one says something back in Russian pushing the smaller one off of me and grabs me by my arms throwing me down on the couch. The other one protests and disappears down the hall.

Big Russian: You sit.

He pulls out a cell phone and starts speaking Russian. When he puts the phone away, he pulls out a knife flipping it and catching it as he speaks to me.

Big Russian: No more harm will come to you as long as you sit there like a good girl. Yes!

I grind my teeth looking at the fucker with a murderous stare. When the smaller guy comes from behind grabbing my hair yanking me back into the couch.

Big Russian: Like good girl or I let my comrade here do whatever he pleases with you. YES!

I grab my own hair and yank away nodding to the Dolph.

Suddenly the front door kicks in. Luke has a gun drawn, the big Russian grabs me and puts a knife to my throat.

Russian: Not very smart lover boy.

The smaller guy charges at Luke, but Luke quickly takes a shot at the big Russian. The knife falls but the hand gripping my hair tightens as I’m thrown backward crashing onto the coffee table.

Pain radiates through my head. I try to lift myself up when everything goes dark.

A familiar voice echoes in my ringing ears.

Voice: Kylie

My eyes fly open. What the fuck. I’m on my couch. I try to move but my hands are bound behind my back as well my feet. A hand touches my face brushing the hair away from my eyes. A terrified chill shoots through me as his face comes clear.

Kylie: Max!

He flashes his big charming sadistic smile. My breathing becomes erratic.

Max: SHhhh it’s ok baby. I’m here now.

He soothes down my hair as his lips crash onto mine in his usual obsessed way.

Max: I’ve missed you.

This has to be one of my nightmares. I struggle to move away when I hear a muffled voice and the thumping of a chair. I look past Max and gasp at the sight of Luke tide and gagged to a chair. Blood dripping from a cut above his left eye and lower lip.

Max’s face turns grimacing. His grip on my chin tightens, but his look changes as he turns my head inspecting what I can assume is bruising from the punch I took.

Max: They were not supposed to hurt you.

He says grinding his teeth as he runs a thumb across the painful spot over my cheek bone kissing it softly. At my wince he stands abruptly speaking in fluent Russian.

Max knows how to speak Russian? Not just speak it like an American that just learned Russian but like a fucking Russian.

The smaller guy starts arguing with him.

Max points at my face. The guy points at his own face where I hit him and shrugs his shoulders lifting his hands towards me.

Max pulls a gun from the back of his jacket and shoots him. I have never been more afraid as I watch the man’s limp body hit the floor. Max speaks to the big guy. He attempts to put his hands up but can’t lift one arm covered in blood. It must be where Luke shot him. Max shoots the big Russian in almost the same spot Luke did.

The big Russian continues speaking in Russian but his tone of voice sounds like a pleading man begging for his life.

Max starts laughing and without warning he shoots the big Russian between the eyes.

Kneeling back down to me he strokes my face wiping the tears from the corner of my eyes with the back of his knuckles.

Max: You see how much I love you Kylie. I will kill any man who ever touches you.

He points the gun in Luke’s direction...

Kylie: Max please.

He turns his head slowly back to me. He is beyond angry. He has the look that he did the night of the gala. He got up and walked over to Luke pointing the gun in his face.

With a sobbing plea I beg him.

Kylie: Max please don’t do this.

Max: He was supposed to find you for me. Not fuck you!

My fear was there but it was turning into anger.

Kylie: You broke your promise.

I screamed at him.

Max: You were supposed to always be faithful and submit to me.

Kylie: I was always faithful to you and you damn well know it, but you allowed your jealousy and temper to blind you from the truth. And I had my boundary’s! Boundary’s that you swore you would never cross.

He let out a sigh of defeat as he lowered the gun and stood at the balcony door for several minutes.

Luke held my gaze with a look of passion and confidence in an attempt to comfort me. But he was just as afraid as me. Not for himself for me, and I for him.

Max: I know I fucked up, and you have to know I never meant to hurt you Kylie. If only you knew what I went through when I thought you were dead. I prayed that they would find you alive. I vowed that if you were and I found you... I would make everything right. Do whatever I had to for you to forgive me and come home.

He walks to me putting the gun away in his back holster, and pulls the knife from the dead Russians body. He cuts the ropes from my feet and my hands, helping me to a sitting position, then kneels again looking in my eyes with a sliver of the old Max I had fallen in love with once.

But I know all too well how this plays out. Men like him, like my stepfather will never be able to stop. I have no love left for him and I will never forgive him. But I would do anything to keep Luke alive. To keep everyone, I care about alive and safe.

Max: Are you in love with him?

Instinctively I fell into my submissive roll to do whatever I had to in order to save Luke.

I slightly bowed my head looking up at him through my lashes and shook my head.

Max squints his eyes considering my response.

He wraps a hand around the back of my neck pulling me forward. So, his lips were to me ear.

Max: Tell me you love me.

Kylie: I love you Max.

Max: Louder so he can hear you.

Kylie: I love you Max.

He kisses me forcefully. His hand tightens on my neck causing my lips to part. His tongue slips between them ravishing my mouth, he slips my shirt down over my shoulder as he kisses down my neck. His hand slides into my pants and starts fingering my pussy. Making sure I’m in full display for Luke to see. I can’t stop the tears from leaking.

I open my eyes to see Luke’s gloss over. His arms red from pulling on the ropes binding him. Max pulls his fingers out of me, tightening the grip on my neck he spins me around bending me over the back of the couch.

Max: You lying whore. You’re in love with him!!

He grabs for the waist band of my pants.

Kylie: Max no... he has people. They’ll be here any minute. We need to leave now. Look my bags are already packed, I was leaving him.

He releases me and I turn back kneeling before him.

Max: You will leave with me now on your own accord.

I nod eagerly.

Luke shakes his head with fear and hate in his eyes. Making every attempt to break free of his restraints.

Max looks at Luke and back at me.

Kylie: Please Max. He did as you asked. He found me for you.

He takes my hands in his kissing my knuckles.

Max: You promise to Mary me as soon as we get back to Manhattan.

Kylie: I promise.

I pull my hands from his placing one on his face. I throw Luke an apologetic look before kissing Max deeply, distracting him from the unattended knife next to me. He deepens the kiss lifting me into his arms exposing himself.

I grab the knife and plunge it into his side.

The world goes silent. His eyes widen in disbelief as he stumbles back. It all happens so slowly as if time was coming to a stop. He reaches for his gun but there’s no sound. Just a flash and again I find myself in complete darkness.

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