A Bounty's love

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In darkness

A bounty’s love

Chapter 18: In darkness

Luke ’s perspective:

No, no no no no...… Kylie! I try screaming through the gag in my mouth but it’s useless.

Blood pools around her side as she lays there lifeless. I can’t see if she’s breathing. Come on Kylie. God damn it where the fuck is Nick.

I called Nick as back up just before I busted down the door after hearing her scream. Panic begins to set in with every second that passes. There’s blood everywhere. I don’t know who’s is who’s anymore. Desperately I try with everything I have to break free and end up flipping the chair on its side.

Within seconds feet come running through the door. It’s Nick and Tom. I’m trying to scream for them to get to Kyle but they can’t understand. Nick immediately calls for a paramedic as he checks each body. Still I’m trying to break free. I need to get to her. I cannot lose her. Fucking Nick get me out of this.

Finally, he cuts me free. Like a fucking lightning bolt, I’m at her side applying pressure to the wound in her lower left side.

Luke: Kylie! Kylie, come on baby.

Nick: The bullet went all the way through.

Nick has a first aid kid out, helping to bandage her wound and stop the bleeding.

Luke: I can’t feel a fucking pulse.

Nick checks again. He nods.

Nick: It’s there, it’s faint but it’s there.

Luke: Come on baby... Don’t you fucking leave me.

I’m losing my fucking shit. I’m trained for this. I’ve been in fucking war zones but I can’t fucking stay calm.

I don’t hear when the paramedics come in so when someone grabs me, I take a swing at them. All the voices around me are muffled. I feel like I did the first time I was in combat.

Nick is in front of me yelling. But I can’t hear him. He stands up grabbing me by the collar and drags me out of the way.

I try to fight him to get back to Kylie as I watch the paramedics start CPR.

Nick: Get it together Soldier.

The sound is loud and clear. Like a trigger word immediately bringing me back into it. With my eyes locked on Nick a fellow brother in special ops.

Nick: They got this. So right now, I need you to focus and brief me.

I nod as he pats my shoulder. I brief him quickly on the ordeal that took place as the cops walk in. By now paramedics are wheeling Kylie out on a stretcher with an oxygen bag over her face. I run after them insisting they let me go with her.

Nick deals with the cops and I follow Kylie down to the ambulance. They finally get her hooked up to a monitor. The sound of the low heart beat allows me to breath just a little easier. It’s faint but it’s there. I take her hand in mine.

Luke: Please keep fighting baby. I need you.... I love you.

The second we get into the emergency nurses take over for the paramedics. Questions are being thrown around and briefly answered. Big double doors open as a hand lands on my chest. Kylies hand slips from my grip.

Nurse: Sir you’ll have to wait here.

The double doors close. Another older female nurse places a hand on my shoulder leading me to a private waiting room.

Nurse: Is there anyone I can call for you sir.

I shake my head.

Nurse: What is your relation.

Luke: She’s my girlfriend.

Nurse: Does she have any family that can authorize treatment.

I give her a death stare. I know she’s asking protocol questions. But Jesus.

Luke: You will do whatever you have to, to save her!

Nurse: We will sir but if there is family, we have to notify them.

Luke: She has an uncle.

I give her Mic and Martha’s info and she leaves to call them.

I pace the room kicking a chair into a wall.

Why the fuck did I leave her out of my sights. Why didn’t I stay at the door? Protect her like I promised I would.

Luke: FUCK.

I scream aloud not caring if there’s anyone outside to hear me. But when the door opens and Uncle Mic walks in, I freeze. The grief in his and Martha’s eyes. I can feel my face drain of all its color. I am lost for words.

Consumed with guilt I drop to a chair and let the tears go with my head in my hands. The feeling of hands on my back only makes it worse as I break down. Unable to look at either of them I keep my head down.

Uncle Mic: I know what you’re thinking boy, and I’m gonna tell you here and now, none of this is your fault.

I shake my head in disagreement. And finally muster a few words.

Luke: I was there and I failed her.

Uncle Mic: No. you didn’t. If it weren’t for you Kylie wouldn’t be here with us now.

Luke: He hired me to find her, and I did. I did it to protect her from him, but instead I lead him right to her.... I fucked up Mic.

Uncle Mic: Everything happens for a reason son. Beating yourself up over something that probably would have happened with or without your direct involvement is not going to change anything. What’s important now is that he’s gone and you and our Kylie are still here.

He pats my back and gets up to get coffees while we wait.

It feels like hours before finally the door opens and a nurse walks in.

Nurse: I can take you to the ICU waiting room now. We follow her down the long maze of halls to a smaller room outside the ICU unit.

Nurse: The doctor will be with you shortly.

A few minutes later a doctor enters the room.

Doctor: Are you the family of Miss. Murphy?

Uncle Mic and Aunt Martha both say yes in sync as they stand. I remain seated with my head down.

Doctor: The bullet went all the way through bi passing any main arteries how ever there was internal bleeding from a rupture of the left Fallopian tube. We were able to stop the bleeding by sealing the tube.

Martha: She won’t be able to children?

Doctor: It may be difficult to conceive or Cary a child to full term. Only time will tell.

I drop back to my seat angry at myself for not preventing all this. Angry at that son of a bitch for putting her through this.

Martha: When can we see her.

Doctor: We’re setting her up in a room now. A nurse will be in shortly.

Martha: Thank you Dr.

Martha sat beside me rubbing my shoulder.

Martha: I know it’s hard in a time like this to think of the positives but you have to try.

Luke: We didn’t talk much about the future. Given the circumstances but, just yesterday when I was watching her interact with the ladies in her art class, I pictured her teaching our child to paint.

Martha pats my arm.

Martha: The good lord works in mysterious and wondrous ways. All that matters now is that you’re both here and love each other.

Just then a nurse opens the door.

Nurse: She’s awake and asking for a Luke.

Mic nudges me forward.

Uncle: Go on son.

I follow the nurse through a long hall passing several doors with nothing but the sounds of machines beeping, and voices over intercoms.

The closer we get to her room the louder the sound of my own heart beats, drowning out the sounds of all else.

The Dr walks out as we enter. I swallow hard trying to hold it together as her big beautiful blue eyes land on me. She manages a big welcoming smile that nearly has me collapsing. I try not to crush her under my weight as I lean over her, taking her head in my hands and smother her lips with mine.

I break the kiss to rest my head on hers and lose myself in her eyes.

Luke: I love you.

Kylie: I love you.

Kylies Perspective:

I could hear muffled voices through the darkness. Suddenly a jolt to my chest sends a shock through my body forcing my eyes to flutter open. For a short moment I could see a light with faces in the shadows looking down on me. My lids begin to close again followed by the sound of a flatline.

Women’s voice: Miss Murphy.

I slowly open my eyes to see a woman maybe a little older than me leaning very close. A name tag that says Beth.

Nurse Beth: Welcome back.

I look around to see I’m in a hospital room. I try to speak but cannot. I try to reach the crap all over my face. The nurse stops me and calmly explains the procedure for removing the tube from my throat.

Nurse Beth: Blink if you understand Miss Murphy.

I blink and wait relaxing as much as I can as she pulls the tube. Oh, fuck it hurts to breath.

Nurse Beth: Try to take small steady breaths. You have some pretty bruised ribs.

Kylie: LUKE!

It’s barely a whisper but she hears me.

Nurse Beth: Tall hansom Adonis of a man with green eyes.

I nod. She smiles big. He’s waiting with your uncle and aunt. I muster a slight smile of relief.

A tall slender man with clean cut peppered hair, glasses and a white coat over blue scrubs walks in.

Nurse Beth: This is Doctor Pratt; he’s going to explain a few things while I go get your Adonis.

Dr. Pratt: Page, do you know what happened to you tonight.

Kylie: I think I got shot.

Dr. Pratt: Yes. You also took quit a beating but there’s no broken bones. The bullet passed clean through, however there was damage to one of your Fallopian tubes in which we had to seal to stop the bleeding.

I hadn’t thought about having kids until recently. When Luke and I were taking a walk along the beach and I imagined him holding our child’s hand running from the waves. With tears in my eyes I look to the Dr. for more.

Kylie: Will I be able to have children.

Dr. Pratt: It may be difficult to conceive or carry to full term with only one tube, but not entirely impossible. Only time will tell.

He goes into the details of the surgery and other injuries when my heart begins to flutter with anticipation knowing the presence behind the nurse entering the room.

Luke... my face beams with happiness, relief, love.

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