A Bounty's love

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Aron Murphy

A bounty’s love

Chapter 2: Aron Murphy

Kylie: Max!

I shouted from the bathroom as I place the last bit of foundation hiding the light bruise on my cheek.

Max: Yes, my love

His voice startling me from behind.

Kylie: Jesus Max.

We both laugh looking at each through the mirror as he slides his arms around my waist.

Kylie: What about the car?

Max: I’ll call for the shop to pick up the car later and I’ll pick you up after.

Kylie: Will you have time to drop me off at the gallery on your way in to town?

Max: Of course, baby I always have time for you.

I smile closing my eyes as his lips seduce my neck. His cock growing hard against my backside.

Kylie: Max we need to go I have an 8 O’clock meeting.

He leans into me more, pressing his erection into the crease between my ass cheeks. A nervous chill shoots goose bumps down my body as the tip rubs against the forbidden area. The material of my dress keeps me from going full panic, but I try to move away.

Max grabs my hair pulling back hard.

Max: You’re not going anywhere.

One hand wonder down lifting my skirt. Pulling my thong to the side to rub the moisture spreading at his touch.

I close my eyes submitting to him.

Max: Open your eyes baby.

My eyes tighten at his demand. I couldn’t. I may have come along way but this was still something I couldn’t bring myself to do. unable to look at myself or him when we had sex.

His cock slid slowly into my sex inch by inch.

His hand wrapped gently around my throat moving my face toward him.

Max: Open your eyes. Let me see them.

I don’t know why it was so difficult for me to do such an easy request. I lifted my head opening my eyes reluctantly at the ceiling. Max trailed kisses up my neck to my jaw. His hand turned my face back toward him and for a split second my eyes made contact with his before shutting them tight again.

Perhaps it was the darkness in his eyes that made me timid when we are intimate. Something felt off. The pull he had on my hair and the tension in his fingers gripping tighter around my throat was sending a wave of nervousness.

He continues his slow torturous movements out to the tip then all the way till his balls tap my clit.

Max: Kylie.

His hand tightens around my neck as he begins thrusting quicker. The feel of his balls slapping harder against my mound adds pleasure through the mix of fear.

Max: Oh, fuck yeah baby. Com for me.

Kylie: Max.

I scream out his name as my orgasm shoots through me like a title wave. Max pounds harder grinding my hips into the counter, with both hands now squeezing my tits through my top.

His head rests between my shoulder blades as he rides out his orgasm in slow twitching motions. The sound of my phone blasting “Why can’t we be friends” causes Max to pull out abruptly grumbling curses under his breath while disappearing into the closet to get dressed.

A while back as a joke to get under Max and Aron’s skin I set Aron’s ring tone to “why can’t we be friends”. They used to be good friends but they’ve been in a bit of a feud since Max and I got together. I quickly clean myself up and touch up my make up before checking for a message.

Kylie: SHIT!!!

It was already 8:00. I was late. Max got me to the gallery in under 10 minutes. Not too bad. I leaned over giving Max a quick kiss.

Max: I’ll be here to pick you up at 6.

I hoped out of the car rushing inside to the conference room where everyone was sitting patiently awaiting my arrival.

Aron: So nice of you to finally grace us with your presence Miss. Robinson.

He spoke with a teasingly smirk.

Manhattans number one billionaire bachelor and my half-brother. We met in college 7 years ago, had a few art classes together. Aron was known for being one of the biggest playboys but he wasn’t an ass like you would think. He was always up front with his potential dates. If you wanted to hook up with Aron Murphy you had to understand it would be a onetime thing. But underneath that sly Chico suave persona there was a man with a really big heart, at least when it came to me.

We had worked together on a few projects and got along very well. Almost like brother and sister. In an attempt to get me out of my wall flower stage he took me on a few double dates with him and whatever flavor of the week he was having. Aron was the first person I had ever confined in about my past. My abusive stepfather and alcoholic mother which is why he decided on the double dating so that he could be there for me if anything went wrong.

One night it did. I had been dating Thomas Bentley! A good-looking average height guy, with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. I wasn’t big on parties and drinking but he talked me into going with him to one of his frat parties. I didn’t think anything of it when he handed me the cup with what I thought was just lemonade. Something burned my throat. The after taste hit with a vision of my mother.

Kylie: Vodka!

I blurted out in surprise that Thomas would give me this type of drink knowing I wasn’t much of a drinker but more so knowing that I despised Vodka. My mother’s favorite drink. As heavy an alcoholic she was, she still had her Russian morals and refused to drink anything but!

I gave Thomas an almost death glare shoving the drink towards him.

Thomas: I’m sorry I didn’t know. Here you can have my beer I’ll go grab another.

I should have listened to my gut. The anxiety that was creeping up pounding in my heart telling me to put it down and leave. But for some stupid reason I threw back the bottle of beer chugging it in record time. Thomas made his way back with two more and a big smile as he handed me another.

Thomas: That’s my girl. Let loose baby. Let’s have some fun.

I was about to lift the second beer to my lips when I suddenly felt light headed. I had only had one beer. I wasn’t that much of a light weight. Something was wrong. My ears began ringing. Voices became muffled like I was under water.

Kylie: Thomas?

I blinked several times as if it would clear my now blurred vision. I thought I saw Thomas smiling wide like the Cheshire Cat.

Kylie: Thomas somethings wrong.

He wrapped his arms around supporting me as he walked through the crowd of people. Down a long hall way into a dark room.

Kylie: Thomas I need to go home

I stuttered.

Thomas: I’ll take care of you Baby.

I felt his lips on mine as the sound of the door clicked shut. Through the haze I remember falling backward onto a bed and Thomas’s weight on top of me.

Kylie: Thomas NO

I shouted.

Thomas: You’re such a fucking tease Kylie but you’re my girl and it’s time you fucking obey me.

Horrific memories of my step father sent a cold chill through me causing my body to tremble. I tried to scream but no sound came out. Seconds before succumbing to darkness there was a loud crash.

Thomas: What the fuck Murphy

Aron: You piece of fucking shit.

It was the last thing I remembered till the next morning when I woke up in the hospital with Aron passed out on a chair next to the bed. A nurse walked in speaking softly not to disturb Aron.

Nurse: How are you feeling.

Kylie: A little headache but ok.

Nurse: Do you remember anything.

I told her everything that I could remember.

Nurse: Doctor found traces of roofie in your system.

Like an idiot I looked at her not understanding.

Kylie: But I don’t do drugs and I only had one beer.

She gave me a sweet smile.

Nurse: Honey it’s a date rape drug. Its tasteless when slipped into a drink.

I squeezed my eyed shut. How could I have been so stupid.

She patted my arm.

Nurse: unfortunately, it happens more often than not. You’re lucky you have a big brother who looks after you. According to his statement to the cops he got you before anything happened and rushed here.

We both looked over at Aron. A smile spread across my face mixed with tears of regret, and appreciation. Then I looked back at the nurse.

Kylie: What did you say?

Nurse: You’re lucky to have a big brother?

Kylie: He’s not my, I mean we’re just friends.

Nurse: Well according to the paper work and his police statement he claims he’s your brother.

It must have been for paperwork purposes or so that he could stay with me. I wasn’t sure but when he woke up, I questioned him on it and oh boy I was not expecting what he had told me.

Aron: Just before my dad died, he admitted that he had an affair shortly after I was born. He swore it was a onetime thing with a waitress at some bar he had gotten drunk at after a business meeting in Brooklyn. A few months later the waitress had tracked my dad down to tell him she was pregnant. He couldn’t remember if he had used protection so he demanded a paternity test. She refused and suggested he pay her to keep her quiet. So that’s what he did.

When he got sick, he confessed to my mom and I because deep in his subconscious he knew there was a possibility that I had a half-sister out there and wanted to give me a choice to find out. He gave me your moms name. Trish Robinson.

I was still in high school and I mean I didn’t really think much of it to be honest. It wasn’t till we met in college that something triggered. The strange connection we had. The similarity in your eyes.

When you confided in me about your past and told me your moms name, I knew it was you. But to be 100% I had the doctor do a DNA test last night.

So, it’s true it’s not just our beautiful blue eyes and love for art that connects us. You are my sister Kylie.

My mouth practically hit the floor.

Kylie: Oh, thank god we never....

I shivered at the thought. While he looked away somewhat embarrassed.

After that Aron and I became even closer. He actually did become an over protective big brother. Even took me home with him on the holidays to meet his Mom Gwen in Manhattan.

Despite who I was she had no ill will towards me. Quite the opposite. Gwen was like a mother to me. More of a mom than my birth mother.

When she passed away almost three years ago it hit Aron hard but we were there for each other and always will be.

Aron: Miss. Robinson!

His voice cuts deep through my memories of our past bringing me back to our present.

With a smile I look up at Aron.

Kylie: Yes?

His patient grin and the multiple eyes in the room staring blankly causes me to fill with embarrassment.

He shakes his head and chuckles.

Aron: The Gala? Is everything ready.

Kylie: Yes. Sorry. Simply Devine catering and decor will be here at 5 on Friday to set up, we just have to finalize the appetizer list.

I pull out the list and slide it across the desk to Aron.

Kylie: Lars will be here Friday with his newest work of art. Along with Dante.

Miss. June is flying a piece in tomorrow and promises she will be here.

His eyes open wide.

Aron: You got Miss. June to promise to be here. How on earth did you manage that.

Kylie: Well let’s just say Miss June has a soft spot for this particular fundraiser.

Aron: Well done Robinson. And for entertainment?

Kylie: You remember the kid that was performing in the park a few months back. The one you called the next Mozart. His name is Pier and he will be playing the piano for the evening.

Aron: Good. Alright unless there’s anything else you may all go.

I gathered my things to rush out with everyone else when his now concerned voice stopped me in my tracks.

Aron’s perspective:

It took everything I had not call her out the moment she walked in that door. To anyone else you wouldn’t see it through the skillful make up application she did. But to a trained eye like mine I could see the discoloration on her cheek. That mother fucking piece of shit has crossed the line hitting my Kylie. I’ll be damned if I will allow this.

I have been protecting her since we met in college. Since before I found out she was my half-sister. I held my tongue till the meeting was done then called her to my office.

Aron: Not you!

Kylies perspective:

He didn’t have to say my name I knew in his frustrated tone he was talking to me.

I turned to see a look of anger and confusion conflicted with sadness.

Aron: My office.

I follow him through the side door of the conference room down the hall to his office. He opens the door ushering me in. The force he uses to shut the door causes me to jump. Before I knew what was happening Aron was in front of me with his fingers along my chin and jaw line angling my head up and to the side to inspect my cheek.

I furrowed my brows trying to get a read on the mixed emotions in his now darkened blue eyes. His jaw muscles twitch. It hits me. My bruise. Of course, and he thinks Max. I begin to speak but he held his hand up to stop me.

Aron: Don’t you dare make an excuse for him. He fucking hit you I can see it as clear as fucking day.

Kylie: Aron he didn’t.

He steps back looking into my eyes trying to find truth.

Aron: Bull shit Kylie. I told you it was only a matter of time before his switch goes off and he hurts you. Never in my life did I think you would give in to an asshole like that, someone like your stepfather.

The words instantly struck through my chest lighting an inferno inside of me. A glimpse of remorse flashed in his face. Through my clenched teeth I spoke with a furry that took him by surprise as I stepped towards him with a finger to his chest.

Kylie: That’s enough!

I shook my head trying to catch my breath. Never have I raised my voice like that to anyone let alone Aron.

Aron: I’m sorry I...

I held my hand now stopping him. Looking deep into his eyes I take a final deep breath and spoke calmly.

Kylie: Max has never hit or hurt me in anyway. You know what kind of sexual relationship we have. He is the only person that has ever gotten me to enjoy that part of myself without being haunted by my past. He knows the boundaries and respects them.

He did not hit me. This was just something that happened last night from rough orgasmic door sex.

I can’t hide the grin spreading or the blush heating in my cheeks. Aron rolls his eyes and looks away letting out a sigh.

I place a hand on his cheek bringing his eyes back to mine.

Kylie: You know me better than anyone. I have never lied to you.

Aron: You promise me. If he ever crosses that line you will come to me.

Kylie: You know I would.

His glare lingers for a moment still searching my eyes for a glimpse of a lie before he finally retreats from the issue, and we go on about our business finalizing things for the gala.

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