A Bounty's love

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A bounty’s love

Chapter 20: Recovery

I wake up to Aaron hovering over me with red teary eyes. He lets out a breath of relief smiling as wide as he can wiping at his eyes.

Aron: Hey sis.

Kylie: Hey.

My body feels heavy, but my head is light and fuzzy. I feel a squeeze on my other hand and there still by my side my loving Luke.

Kylie: We gotta stop meeting like this.

Nurse Beth squeezes past Aron.

Nurse Beth: Welcome back Miss Murphy.

Kylie: Did I go somewhere?

She looks down at me with a raised brow that makes me want to laugh but I stop myself not wanting to feel that pain again.

Kylie: Why do I feel so doped up.

Nurse Beth: Because you are. These two Neanderthals caused you to pop a stitch and your heart rate to spike. We had to up your morphine and replace a couple external stitches. As long as everyone can remain gentlemen in your presence, we can stop the drip.

she looks to the men and they both nod in agreement. I couldn’t fight the effects and fall back asleep. When I wake up it’s evening.

Aron is sitting in the chair Luke had been for the past 24hours. He shoots up as soon as he sees me awake. Brushing the hair out of my face.

Kylie: Hi.

Aron: Hey.

I look around the room to see flowers and balloons. But no Luke. I look to Aron with concern. He knows my question before I ask.

Aron: He’ll be back. Uncle Mic and Martha took him home. It took all of us to convince him to go so he could at least get cleaned up and something eat. Speaking of eating they just brought in some pudding and apple sauce for you.

Even though Aron is here. My over protective big brother who has always been there for me, I feel lost without Luke.

Kylie: What is all this?

I ask looking around the room.

Aron: All the ladies at Blue bird sent them.

Kylie: How would they know?

Aron: Aunt Martha called the Blue bird to let them know you would be out for a while. Some of the ladies from your class made some calls and found out you were here and sent flowers.

But those?

He pointed to a basket full of baked goodies with a big colorful get-well balloon attached.

Aron: Those came from a pair of interesting guys that own Cheekys.

Kylie: Daniel and Greg.

Aron: Yeah that was their names and wow I haven’t been cross examined like that since Kerry Brink in the 9th grade when I had to meet her dad to ask if I could take her to winter formal.

Kylie: Well other than the old ladies at blue bird they are my only friends.

He stares off contemplating what he wants to talk to me about.

Kylie: Just spit it out Aron.

He takes a deep breath running his hand through his hair before placing a hand over mine.

Aron: As soon as the doctors clear you for travel, I’m taking you back home so I can take care of you.

Luke: The hell you are.

Luke storms in glaring at Aron as he walks to the opposite side of the bed and greets me with a loving kiss and gentle eyes.

Aron stands up red in the ears.

Aron: Who the hell do you think you are? Does she know who you worked for. The reason you’re even in Seattle?

Luke: Yeah, she does. And she’s going to stay right here with me.

I grab Aron’s hand giving him a pleading look. He sits back down refusing to take his eyes off Luke.

Kylie: Aron, I’m staying here in Seattle with Luke.

He turns his attention to me with shock, hurt, confusion. He opens his mouth to say something but I stop him.

Kylie: I love you, and I will forever be great full for everything you have ever done for me. But my life in Manhattan was never really mine. You being the wonderful big brother you are always did everything for me. And then Max.......and yeah when I came here, I had Uncle Mic and Aunt Martha welcome me with such loving arms. But it wasn’t until I came here that I finally felt like I was making a life for myself.

I give Aron’s hand a squeeze.

Kylie: No one but me is to blame for what happened. You want to be angry at someone be angry at me.

I turned to look at Luke and give his hand a squeeze. Meeting his eyes with mine.

Kylie: I have never felt more in love than I am with Luke. Never felt more at home than when I’m with him.

I turn back to Aron.

Kylie: Besides, Uncle Mic vouches for him so he can’t be that bad.

This earns a laugh from Aron and puts him a little at ease. I smile looking back at Luke out of the corner of my eye and see him shaking his head with a grin.

Kylie: Aron I’d like to properly introduce you to my boyfriend...Luke.

I let go of both their hands signaling for them to shake. Their grip on each other is white knuckle intense. A caveman display of strength with neither wanting to back down. I place my hand over both of theirs with my eyes closed until they both simultaneously let go.

Aron: I better go before they kick me out. I still need to check into my hotel. I’ll be back in the morning.

Aron turns and kisses my forehead.

Aron: Love you sis.

Luke walks around but instead of sitting in the chair he carefully lays next to me on the bed entangling his hand in mine against his chest kissing my knuckles.

Luke: Did you mean what you said?

I lean my temple to his chin.

Kylie: About what?

Luke: About feeling at home with me.

Kylie: Yes.

Luke: Does that mean you forgive me?

Kylie: What is there to forgive.

I pull back looking up at his guilt-ridden face.

Kylie: If you hadn’t taken that job and made the decision to be my personal protector, we would have never met. And to be honest ever since the first day at Cheekys from the moment you whispered in my ear, I haven’t been able to imagine a life where you’re not in it.

I have never felt the kind of pain I did when I closed the door on you and had my bag in hand. I wasn’t angry with you. I was scared of what might happen to you.

With nothing but love and tears in his eyes his lips crashed down on mine.

Another 24 hours past and I was finally being released. Aron and Luke both there to escort me out of the hospital and back to Luke’s apartment. Soon after getting settled onto the couch Uncle Mic and Aunt Martha came with a buffet of meals to last a week. Daniel and Gregg stopped by to bring more baked goods and much needed coffee.

At the end of the day Aron sat beside me as Luke walked the last of the guests out.

Aron: I got to admit Luke’s a pretty good guy.

My mouth gaped open in an exaggerated mock. Followed by a soft smile as he shakes his head chuckling.

With a little sadness he put his hand on mine like he was about to give a farewell speech.

Aron: I guess you don’t really need me around.

Kylie: I’ll always need you Aron, and besides just because we live on opposite ends doesn’t mean we won’t see each other. As I recall I have a wealthy brother who owns a private jet and can come see his little sister anytime he wants.

He pats my hand with a big grin.

Aron: That’s right.

Luke: And you’d be welcomed anytime.

Luke scoots in behind me on the couch and nods at Aron. I take a painful deep breath and let it out slowly as I absorb this warm feeling of contentment. Looking to my brother the man who gave me family, I lean against Luke to the man who gave me true love and I am complete.

During the next few weeks of recovery, I officially moved into Luke’s apartment or rather he moved all my stuff into his apartment. He actually did take a personal trainer job at my uncles’ gym and I was finally going back to my art classes at Blue Bird.

All the ladies rejoiced in high pitch squeals as I walked through the doors. It was a welcoming sight to see them all. Though I think most of the squeals were for my Adonis escort who soaks it all up as he leaned against the door frame.

Luke: I’ll see you at 4pm baby.

I give him a he’s mine bitches kiss earning some claps before starting the days lesson.

Which didn’t happen right away of course since the ladies all needed to know what had happened. I told them everything and the first question any of them asked was weather not they were to call me Kylie or Page.

As I was about to respond someone calls my name from the door.

Voice: Miss: Robinson.

Kylie: Yeah

I respond questioning the unfamiliar male nurse. A young clean-cut guy on the shorter side but well built, with dark brown eyes and hair. He hands me the package.

Male nurse: This was delivered for you.

I take the package looking for a name tag.

Kylie: Who are you?

He looks taken back by what I can assume is my bitch face. He stutters to reply.

Kylie: Where’s your name tag.

Betty: That’s Enrique dear. He just started a week ago.

Enrique: I’m sorry I was running late this morning.

He pulls his name tag out of his pocket and puts it on. In a display of see I work here.

Kylie: Sorry I’m a bit paranoid. You didn’t have a name tag and no one here knows me by that name. So where did this come from.

I ask as I inspect the unlabeled package.

Enrique: Someone walked in and handed it to the reception said it was for the art teacher Miss. Robinson.

Kylie: Well who was he. UPS, post office?

Enrique: I don’t know.

Seeing his scared confused face, I wave him off and go to my desk carefully opening the package. A ring slides out and I immediately recognize it as it slowly drops. The sound of it hitting the wooden desk top echoes in my ears sending me shooting back in my chair unable to breath. I stand up to quickly to look around and find myself dropping to the floor.

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