A Bounty's love

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Kylies reality

A bounty’s love

Chapter 21: Kylies reality

I came to, wrapped in familiar warm arms.

Kylie: Luke

Luke: Hey baby.

He’s holding me on the floor in our bedroom. It’s dark out.

Kylie: How did we get home.

Luke turns my face towards his.

Luke: Baby we’ve been here all night.

Kylie: No, I mean after I passed out in art class.

He turns me so I am facing him on his lap with concern and confusion.

Luke: Baby we’ve been home all day it’s Sunday.

Tears swell in my eyes as I take short shaky breaths.

Kylie: It felt so real.

Luke: What did.

I stay silent till he lifts my chin looking desperately into my eyes.

Luke: Kylie what’s wrong. Are the nightmares back.

I shake my head.

Kylie: This was different.

Luke: Ok. Talk to me about it.

I explained everything from showing up to class, the new nurse, the package and the engagement ring. My engagement ring that Max gave me when he proposed. A ring that I threw into the Hudson river the day I left Manhattan.

Luke reminds me it was just a dream and takes me back to bed. The next day I really do go back to my art class at The Blue bird accompanied by Luke who stays with me the entire day, as well the first couple days.

The first day back without Luke starts off well. Till I see the male nurse from my supposed dream walk pass the door. I follow him down the hall to the employee lounge to get a better look. Every part of his appearance is the same from my dream. When I hear a female voice call out his name I about panic.

Female: Enrique!

What the fuck.

Male voice: Page, right?

I snap out of my daze to see him standing in front of me.

Kylie: What?

Enrique: It’s Page, right? Your name.

Dumbfounded I answer.

Kylie: Yeah. I’m sorry how long have you worked here.

Enrique: A couple of months. We met actually when I was here on orientation.

The memory flashes before me a few months ago, Enrique with a handful of students on tour, following around staff members. I take in a breath of relief and humiliation.

Kylie: Right of course. Ok, well have a good rest of your day.

Enrique: Thanks, you too Miss Robinson.

Kylie: What did you just call me.

Enrique: Thanks, I have to go to Miss Bunions.

I smile faintly and head back to the craft room where I wait for the next group. Something catches the corner of my eye outside the window. I make my way over. My vision is blurred by the heavy rain but across the walk way between the window and the harbor near a boat rental shack stands a man in a black trench coat. There’s something familiar about his stance, his size. He looks up revealing a glimpse of his face beneath the hood and I fall back hitting the table behind me. “Max”!

Max: Kylie.

Max’s voice pierces through the fog in my head. I feel his arms around me sending me into a panic. I open my eyes desperately trying to get away from him. When I hear Luke’s voice boom through it all.

Luke: Kylie.... Kylie. I got you baby

His grip is firm around me, his familiar smell calms me. My vision clears and I can see his scared beautiful face looking down at me.

Luke: It’s ok Kylie. You’re ok.

Looking around I realize I am in the craft room,

Mike the male nurse is blocking the door from anyone else entering. I turn burying my head into Luke’s neck, embarrassed, and lost. He scoops me up and takes me home.

Luke: What happened.

He asked while we curl up on the bed together.

Kylie: I saw the nurse from the other dream. Only he was there. I think. I don’t know. He says he’s been there for a couple months but right after I spoke to him, I went back to the craft room and outside by the boat rentals I saw Max. He was just standing there. I don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore Luke.

Luke’s perspective.

Her beautiful blue eyes lost and afraid fill with tears. I know all too well with everything that has happened. Her PTSD has manifested.

She has yet to deal with or acknowledge her killing Max. Someone who even though wronged her was still someone she had once loved. But I know too well how hard it is to get someone help if they don’t want it. I hold her tighter into my chest making sure she knows I’m there, and I wasn’t going anywhere.

A moment later I feel her hand rubbing the outside of my pants causing an instant rise. I lifted her chin and tried to get a read on her placid look. Her eyes where dark and hungry with sexual desire.

Luke: Baby what are you...

She pulled away with a smirk sliding my gym shorts and boxer briefs down releasing my fully erect cock glistening with pre com.

She glanced back up at me through her lashes grinning from ear to ear as she wrapped one hand around the shaft and began twirling her tongue around the tip before taking it into her mouth.

Squeezing my balls with her other hand she worked her way down my cock further, sucking hard as she’d pull up to the tip like on a straw of a thick milk shake. God she was fucking amazing at it. I force myself to keep my hips down as the intense urge to buck wildly into her mouth grew.

I grabbed her hair with both hands guiding her to move slower.

Luke: Oh my god Kylie....I’m going to com baby.

I could feel her lips turn up into a smile before she gave a final hard long suck and with it the release of my com ejecting into the back of her throat.

She rises above me removing her top as she straddles me slowly. She unclasps her black bra covering my eyes with it while rubbing against my balls, and cock through her jeans.

Just as I begin to feel aroused again she slides off of me and walks slowly toward the bathroom. I wait patiently for a moment then I hear the shower turn on. I lie there on the bed a minute longer contemplating joining her. My hard cock tells me yes, but when I enter the bathroom with the image of my beautiful Kylie against the shower wall ready to be fucked, I am struck with the image of a fallen angel.

The sobs are faint beneath the sound of the running water. Her balled up image in the corner of the tub is a blur through the steam. I step in and kneel down sliding her back into my chest where I remain silent.

When the sobs stop, I lift her slowly to her feet, grabbing her shampoo and wash her hair. I get her sponge and body wash and begin slowly massaging the suds over her shoulders, down her back and down one leg then up the other. I turn her around and proceed with her front, her eyes staring off blankly. My fear of losing her grows. But my love for her grows stronger.

With no words spoken I carry her back to the bed curling myself around her body beneath the heavy down comforter. Leaning my ear against her shoulder, I listen to the slowing of her heart beat match up with my own easing my mind slightly.

Kylies perspective:

I’ve never felt so lost and scared even though I have my Luke. I’ve always been strong enough to overcome the bad shit so why was this so different. Why can’t I separate my reality from the dreams? Was this what my mom went through after she killed Jack.

My heart stopped at the sudden realization. I’ve fallen into the same nightmare she did all those years ago and it scares the shit out of me. The only difference is that I have Luke. My mom had no one. Was this hereditary? Would I escape it? I sink further into the darkness of my depression losing my grip on reality.

When morning came, I woke early trying to get back into my old routine before Max, before Luke. I threw on my clothes and snuck out without waking Luke. I started off at a slow pace at the doctors’ orders but as U2 with or without you drowned out the outside noise I found myself running a little faster till I was standing outside Murphy’s Gym.

I walked in past everyone’s stares as I made my way to my bag while wrapping my hands.

The first few punches caused a sting to my side but I was angry. I wasn’t going to back down.

I pushed through the pain taking it out on the bag. Tears and sweat stung my eyes as I swung harder and harder attempting to be rid of my demons. With every hit the images of my stepfather, Thomas, and Max would flash before me.

When I felt a hand grip my arm, I turned swinging. Luckily for Tank he was still faster than me and blocked my hit. Or rather my combo. It took a moment and his grip on both my arms to realize it was Tank. Out of breath and upset with myself I pulled away from him.

Kylie: Sorry

I shrugged as i started to walk away but as I stepped down with my left foot the pain in my side struck with a vengeance. Tank caught me before I could hit the ground and gently sat me down.

Tank: Kylie!

I looked up at him and could see the fear and confusion in his eyes. I brushed it off.

Kylie: I’m fine.

I tried to get up but Tank stopped me.

Tank: No, you’re not. Your hurt. Please Kylie let me check your wound.

I looked down to where he was looking at my side. There was a blood-soaked spot where my stitches had been removed only a few days ago.

Kylie: Fuck.

Uncle Mic: Kylie, what’s wrong are you ok.

Uncle Mic rushes over in a panic. He looks at my side and then up at me with the same fearful look as Tank.

Kylie: I’m fine let me up.

I snapped. But when you’re faced with an older boxing Irishmen and a Hawaiian named Tank you don’t get away with that kind of shit. Family or not. Realizing my behavior, I looked away from them and did as they told.

Tank: Lay down so I can see.

I lied down and lifted my shirt just enough to uncover the re-opened wound. Tank gave a reassuring grin and I looked down at the sight.

Tank: Nothing a couple butterflies won’t fix.

Uncle Mic: I’ll grab the kit.

Luke: Kylie!

Luke’s out of breath voice echoed as he hit the mat next to me on the other side of Tank

Kylie: It’s fine.

Luke: The doctor didn’t clear you for this yet. What were you thinking?

Uncle Mic came back handing Tank the kit. He placed a towel under my side and rinsed the wound making sure it wasn’t still bleeding. Then patted it dry and placed a few butterfly strips to reseal the area. Tank cleaned up the mess and gathered everything. As he got up to leave, he turned back to me with a grin.

Tank: Nice combo their spitfire.

It brought a smile to my face but it quickly faded when I saw the look on Luke and Uncle Mics faces.

They both grabbed an arm and helped me up.

Uncle Mic: You don’t dare try that again until you are cleared by the doctor. Understood.

I nodded. As he patted my shoulder looking over at Luke with a bit of a pissed look as if Luke has something to do with it.

Luke: Come on let’s get you to the doctor.

Kylie: Why I’m fine.

He shook his head in disagreement. The look in his eyes was of desperation and love. I wasn’t angry at him I was angry at myself. At Max at Jack. Aron has always been the one to be there for me and now Luke. My poor Luke was trying so hard but I was becoming distant. Absorbed into my own self-pity, and fucked up self that I didn’t realize what all this was doing to him.

I needed Luke, and I wasn’t going to lose him over this shit. I needed help and it was time to face that fact. The tears swelled and I lowered my head as he put an arm around me carefully and walked us slowly out to his truck.

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