A Bounty's love

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Light to my darkness

A bounty’s love

Chapter23: Light to my darkness

Luke towers over me as he stands putting an arm around me.

Luke: How’d it go babe?

Kylie: It was interesting.

He kisses my temple sliding his hand to my lower back as we walk out. The thought of His hand moving lower between my cheeks makes me suddenly aroused. Then It dawns on me, perhaps it was not a fear of the act but a fear of pleasure. Always thinking it was the one thing he had over me.

I am not my mother. I am not a victim. I smile leaning into Luke as we make our way to the truck. We pick up some food from our favorite Chinese restaurant and enjoy a peaceful dinner before curling up with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.

I tell Luke everything the Dr. told me and even admit to him some of things I had been holding back about my fears of turning into my mother.

Luke: Are you going to see her again.

Kylie: Maybe. But in the meantime, I think I want to start on some of her recommendations.

I waggle my brows at him and suck in my bottom lip imagining his fingers roaming over my ass. A new wild sensation spreads through my core like fire. His nostrils flare as he senses my arousal. In seconds his lips are devouring mine as his tongue slides past my moist lips entangling with mine.

I press my breasts against his chest pushing him down to the floor.

Kylie: I want to give myself entirely to you Luke.

He pauses for a moment looking at me with question. I grab his hands sliding them down to my butt and smile wickedly. The corner of his mouth curls up.

Luke: Don’t we need to do some prep stuff. Go buy some toys and what not.

I bite my lip while grinding my pelvic on his growing erection.

Kylie: I like the way you think Mr. Parker. For now, I just want you to touch me. Do to my body what your hands desire.

He grips my cheeks tightly pressing me harder into him as he takes my mouth again. He runs his hand back up my back side bringing my top up and over my head. I sit up un clasping my bra and slowly slide it off my arms one strap at a time. I toss it gently over his face and jump to my feet running for the bedroom.

Not even a foot in the doorway and I find myself up in the air. I hit the overly soft thick comforter as he strips me bare. His cloths soon join mine on the floor. He grabs my ankles flipping me onto my stomach. I stay focused on his touch, his scent, his low vibrating voice as he growls like a predator.

Chills tickle my insides from my toes to my swelling wet pussy, up to my perky nipples. The touch of his lips up my calf to my thigh increase the sensational feeling. He bites one ass cheek and gives the other a smack as his lips continue along my spine to my shoulder blade halting at the sensitive part just below the ear.

Luke: Whatever my touch desires.

He gruffly whispers in my ear.

I turn slightly catching a glimpse of his dark hooded eyes from the corner of mine and manage a nod. He runs his hand down past my wet center. Teasing the tip of my clit with one finger while turning his hand on its side coating it with my wetness. Two fingers find their way inside. He slides them out running them up along my seem circling the forbidden area causing me to gasp in pleasure.

He repeats this motion re lubing his hand in my wetness rubbing it along my forbidden spot. His free hand cups the side of my face turning me to meet his gentle green eyes while circling the exterior of my ass. He slowly slides his fingers down and back up. Down and back up re wetting and circling the anus each time never looking away. My breaths quicken, as heat rises. I see only Luke, I feel only Luke, I hear only Luke.

He kisses me wildly before rolling over me placing himself between my legs. The tip of his penis pressing against my opening. He slowly guides it in till his balls are resting at my clit. As he holds his thumb over my anus applying the gentlest pressure. He begins pumping his rock-hard cock in and out. Faster and harder. His thumb pulsates but never penetrates.

Luke: You like that baby.

Barely able to speak through my moans I nod again

Kylie: Yeah.

I manage a whisper.

Luke: you want more.

Kylie: I want more.

He pulls out his long-wet manhood and runs it up along my crease. He holds my hips in place squeezing my cheeks together to hold his thickness.

Luke: I can’t hold out anymore baby.

He flips me over throwing my hands over my head and slams his cock deep inside my pussy. Grinding me like it’s the first time. Our eyes lock and the world falls silent. His smile lights up his face in the darkness. His body incasing mine like a cocoon with his heat. My heart flutters as every nerve with in me erupts with tiny electrical shocks coming undone beneath him. His swollen cock pulsates as he thrusts himself as deep inside of me as he can collapsing his head over my shoulder to find his breath.

We remain still panting like two athletes that just finished a marathon. He sucks in a final deep breath pulling out and resting along side of me facing me. He brushes the hair from my face and runs his arms along my waist Turing me to face him. We lay silent lost in one another eyes for a long while with love sick teenage looks on our faces.

After a while I couldn’t take it anymore.

Kylie: I have to pee.

When I return from the bathroom Luke is under the covers on his back. He holds them open for me to slide in against him resting my face to his chest as he covers us. He sinks lower cradling me in his arms with his chin on my head.

Luke: I know we never had a chance to talk about this before but....

His heart skips a beat as he pauses. I wait patiently listening to it as it begins to beat more rapidly like a nervous rabbit deciding whether to run or hide. I know that beat all too well.

Luke: When the Dr had told us about the internal damage and that there was a chance you might not be able have kids. It nearly destroyed me, not just because it would be my fault but because I realized that I wanted that with you. I made a promise that night that if you came out of this ok I was going to spend the rest of my life loving you each and every day like it was the last and if somehow we did manage to have a few kids along the way I would love them as much.

Luke takes my left hand in his and curls my fingers around something small and hard.

Luke: I know this isn’t exactly traditional but Kylie Lynn Robinson will you Mary me.

I immediately straddle him locking my lips on his, clenching my fist tighter around the ring. When I pull back for a second to catch my breath, he unfolds my fingers sliding the ring on my ring finger. I take a look for the first time at the unique heart cut diamond wrapped in an elate then silver band.

Kylie: Luke this is too much how can....

He cut me off with a kiss.

Luke: Babe you forget my clients form my previous position had deep pockets. I can take care of you and you wouldn’t have to work another day in your life if you didn’t want to.

Kylie: I like teaching art.

Luke: I know you do. So is that a yes.

Kylie: Yes of course I’ll marry you.

He flips me over on my back and pounds his enormously hardened cock inside me. The love and excitement of marrying this man builds with the intensity of both our aroused ecstasy pushing my every nerve into hyper drive.

Kylie: Harder Luke. Fuck me harder.

He grabs my thighs pulling them up to his shoulders as he meets my demand. Like a mad man blinded by pure desire he pounds harder. With each forward plunge his pelvic grinds into my clit as his cock deepens nailing that small area that explodes into a wave of orgasms.

We both lay spent. His arm across my chest as he lay beside me. Looking into my eyes with the most adorable smile. The smile of a man in the clouds. For the first time in a long time I too feel as if floating above on a cloud and in this moment as I look deep into his gorgeous green eyes, I know he is the light to my darkness. I would be truly lost without him.

I just hope I can hang on to this moment. To stay in this reality.

I visit Dr. Weisen two more times over the next couple of weeks which helped. Especially after dealing with lawyers and Max’s Will. Finding out that he was born in Russia but sent here to live with an Aunt and Uncle after his parents had been killed at the age of 5 made me realize how little I knew about him. The two men he had killed turned out to be cousins and his last known living relatives.

I didn’t need or want anything out it so with Arons help everything was donated to an abused women’s charity. Knowing that his possessions would help women who are going through or been through what I have allows me to feel a bit of justice. With that I gain a part of myself back and the nightmares finally stop.

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