A Bounty's love

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A bounty’s love

Chapter 24: Forever

Two months later I find myself letting go of Arons arm as he hands me off to Luke. Who stands in his perfectly tailored black suit beside the priest under the large oak tree in the garden at blue bird. His hair combed back, moisture building in his most loving eyes, that smile that says I have been waiting for this my entire life.

Unable to contain himself he pulls me in for a pre matrimony kiss causing an erupt of laughter and cat calls amongst the guests, a few uncensored words from my favorite ladies, including Aunt Martha, before a blushing Priest clears his throat.

I would have never thought any of this possible nearly a year ago. To allow myself to love and be loved so deeply you would walk the ends of the earth to be with them seemed beyond any fairy-tail. Yet here I was saying I do to the most amazing man.

Luke’s perspective:

I was at a loss for words as Aron placed her hand in mine. The off the shoulder white dress hugged her every beautiful curve as it flowed loosely from her hips to her feet.

The Phoenix necklace with the blue sapphire fell seductively towards her breast making me hungry for her. The new earrings I had specially made to match brought out the stunning blue of her eyes. Eyes that spoke to me from her heart, full of compassion and a love I have never known before.

I was unable to contain myself when her sweet soft pouty lips turned up into a heart stopping smile. Fuck tradition. I pulled her in devouring her lips, oblivious to the world around us. It was just her and me. That is till the Priest cleared his throat. Still lost in her eyes I incoherently fumbled through the vows anxiously awaiting those final words.

Priest: You May now kiss the bride. Again.

I cradled her face in my hands as hers wrapped around the nape of my neck and again we found ourselves lost to the world. Sharing a moment in time that can only ever belong to us. A moment in time that will last forever.

Kylies perspective:

When we arrived back from our two-week honeymoon in the newlywed capital of the world Hawaii, I was immediately confused. Luke’s truck was in the airport parking structure even though we had taken a shuttle to the airport the night of our wedding. Someone had written all over the back window. “Welcome back newlyweds.”

Luke tried to hide the mischievous smile as he lifted me into the truck. After a long kiss he pulled back.

Luke: Do you trust me.

I giggle as the heat rises in my cheeks. Thinking of the things we did on our honeymoon. Heat pulls between my legs at the thought of finally giving myself to Luke completely.

Kylie: After the things we did in Hawaii of course I trust you.

He placed a blind fold over my eyes and kissed my cheek before climbing in and driving off. We hadn’t driven more than 40 minutes when the truck stopped. Luke helps me out of the truck and the sound of gravel crushed beneath me. The smell of the forest at the tail end of summer before early fall created a warmth in my belly. I could hear the faint sound of the ocean in the distance.

Luke takes my hand and walks me a few steps. Then removes the blind fold. I took a step back with a gasp. It was like something out of my dreams. I look at Luke with question.

He grins and dangles a set of keys from his hand.

Kylie: Are you for real.

Luke: It’s ours baby.

The big modern light grey home I had come across in a magazine a while back was before me.

Kylie: Ours!

Luke opens the white modern fence and raised his hand.

Luke: After you me lady.

Like a child I run to the large wooden doors with frosted glass trying to get a peek inside. Luke unlocks the door and swoops me into his arms.

Luke: Welcome home wife.

Once inside I am lost in awe. A huge fire place near a large bay window at the front leading into a huge step-down living room. A wide-open kitchen with an island. A large dining area with sliding glass doors to the back yard.

After walking me over the thresh hold and holding my lips captive for a gentle kiss he sets me down. I skip through the dining area sliding open the back doors, and step out onto the back patio. Just beyond the wall of the huge back yard through a clearing of forest trees a perfect view of the ocean.

I glance at Luke who is watching me with laughter. He takes my hand leading me down a hall. A full bathroom sits between two small rooms past the dining area. The other side is another small room and further down the large master bedroom facing the front. A walk-in closet. A Jacuzzi tub and double walk in shower. I throw my arms around Luke leaping up and wrapping my legs around his strong muscular waist, claiming his lips as mine.

Luke: I take it you approve.

Kylie: I love it. I love you.

Luke: What do you say to breaking in the place. Little pre practice on the baby making.

My heart flutters at his words as my stomach fills with butterflies. Luke pins me up against the nearest wall lifting my dress up over my head sliding down one strap of my black lace bra releasing one aroused nipple. He takes it between his teeth gently biting down while teasing it with the tip of his tongue. My little thong cannot hold up to the amount of wetness between my thighs as he grinds his hips into my bare flesh.

I slide my hands down his front unhooking his belt, and button, dropping his jeans to his feet followed by his boxer briefs. He pressed me harder against the wall letting go long enough to pull his shirt off and the remainder of my bra. With one hand he slides the thin soaked material away from my opening and guides his thick erect penis inside me slowly. His hands return to my hips as he thrusts himself in short quick bursts.

Even though I am not standing, I feel literally weak in the knees from the intense orgasmic sensation of our bodies connecting in a way we hadn’t before. I wrap my arms tighter around his shoulders dropping my head to the side of his neck taking a bit of His flesh between my lips.

Luke hisses as he squeezes my hips tighter slamming his hardness faster, in a loss of control releasing himself with an explosive orgasm. He uses the wall to hold us in place as we find our breath.

He slips my loose bangs behind my ear cradling my head in his hand locking his eyes on mine with a loving smile.

Luke: I love you Kylie.

Kylie: I love you.

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