A Bounty's love

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Bounty’s love

Chapter 25: Together

The whimpering sound of my little shadow tugs at my heart. Cisco our little 6 month old rescued shepherd mix Luke got me as our house warming gift to each other a couple months ago has been at my side all day.

Kylie: What’s the matter girl.

I reach down scratching the back of her ear.

Something was off. My body never got back to normal after the incident and the cramps I was feeling assuming premenstrual were almost unbearable. I let her out back where Luke and Nick were relaxing having a beer after a long day of reinvading the back porch preparing for a hot tub.

Kylie: Luke would you watch her I’m going to go lay down.

Luke: Everything alright babe?

Kylie: Yeah, I’m fine. You know how it is, the monthly pains of a woman.

Luke gets up kissing me on the cheek and leads Cisco down the stairs. I barely make it to the room when dizziness hits. A sharp pain rips through my insides much like the pain from when I was shot. Warm moisture soaks my panties as I feel something drip slowly down my thigh.

Thinking I just peed myself I stumble Into the bathroom. I flip the switch and lose my breath when I look down at the massive amount of blood, now pooling at my feet. My body’s goes cold and limp. A familiar ringing sound screams in my ear drum as the black sports invade my eyes until I am in darkness.

Luke’s perspective:

The second I get Cisco down the stairs and release her she dashes straight back up whimpering and pawing at the back door.

Luke: Cisco, come on.

For the first time her little puppy whimper turns into frantic barking. Fear sets in as my heart skips a beat. Kylie! I run up the stairs throwing open the doors. Cisco immediately runs to the bedroom. I make my way in the dark room following Cisco’s whimpers.

Time stood still as I looked down to see her ghostly beauty laying on the bathroom floor in a pool of her own blood.

Luke: Kylie!

I fly down scooping her in my arms trying to wake her.

Luke: Kylie!

Nick: Oh Jesus. I’ll call 911.

Luke: There’s no time we need to go now.

Nick grabs the blanket off the bed, and helps wrap her lifeless body before leading us to his truck.

Luke: Come on baby don’t do this to me.

When we arrive to the hospital, emergency staff were already waiting. I stood there at the curb like a statue as they took her from my arms.

Nurse: Sir, sir, can you tell us what happened.

I shook my head. I had no fucking idea. Thank god for Nick, he stepped and gave what info he could. We were soon lead down the long familiar halls into a waiting room. The very same fucking room they out me in the first time I thought I lost her nearly 6 months ago.

Nick: You want me to go call Mic.

I looked to my best friend with tear blurred eyes and nodded. He pats my shoulder and says something about being ok, as he walks out of the room.

Minutes pass like hours. Actual hours pass like days. Mic, Martha, Nick all sit patiently as I pace like a wild cat caged up.

Fed up I throw open the door stomping to the nearest nurses station.

Luke: Where is my wife. What the fuck is going on.

The poor nurse looked at me with such fear but I was beyond myself right now. I slammed my hands on the counter repeating my self.

Another nurse rushes over along with security. Nick pulls me back to defuse the situation. Mic and Martha join.

Nurse: What is your wife’s name.

Luke: Kylie Parker.

She picks up the phone to speak to someone when a familiar voice calls out from behind.

Dr. Pratt: Mr Parker.

I turn facing him out of breath. The look of I’m sorry strikes me like someone just ripped my life away from me. He gestures towards the private room we had just been in.

Luke: Where is she.

Dr.Pratt: Mr. Parker please let’s discuss this in private.

Luke: No.

I whimper like a soulless boy. Nick, and Mic try to coax me toward the room, but I shrug them off and charge at the Dr. he holds his hands up stopping me with the only words i needs to hear.

Dr.Pratt: She’s fine. Mrs. Parker is fine, now please can we talk in private.

I follow the Dr back into the room.

Dr.Pratt: Please have a seat.

Luke: You just said she was fine.

Anger starts to build again.

Aunt Martha: Luke dear please.

She places a hand on my chest pushing me gently toward a chair. Taking the one next to me.

Dr.Pratt: Kylie is stable.

He runs a hand along the back of his neck as if he was allowing emotions to get to him. He’s been Kylies personal dr since the incident and has been providing medical advice and possible treatments for our attempts to conceive a child. It dawned on me at that moment. Seeing the images of her body and the blood. I look him in the eyes and know the words he’s about to say.

Dr.Practice: I’m sorry Luke. Kylie has a miscarriage.

Luke: We didn’t even know she was.

The words fall short as I collapse my head in my hands succumbing to the grief.

Like watching a rerun of a tragic movie, I am lead down another hall into her recovery room.

Her face still pale but alive. It’s not until I see her chest rise and fall that I feel a small amount relief. Thanking god that I still had her.

I take the seat, with her hand in one of mine and burry my head in my arm resting on the bed and wait.

The thought of having to tell her when she wakes up causes me to breakdown once more. Til I feel a hand run through my hair. Looking up I see her pale blue eyes red and watery looking down at me as she manages a slight smile.

Kylie: Luke

Luke: Hey baby.

I sit up kissing her poor dehydrated lips.

Kylies perspective:

I knew the moment I saw the deviation in his eyes what must have happened. I was feeling off for a few days, even the puppy knew. But I ignored her and my self. How could I have been pregnant. The last couple tests were negative. So how? Needing to confirm I ask the difficult questions.

Kylie: Did I lose our baby?

Luke’s flooded eyes said it all as he nodded.

Kylie: I’m so sorry.

I bursted out as tears fell from my eyes. He took my face in his hands placing his forehead on mine.

Luke: Don’t you dare do that. This is no ones fault. How can it be. We didn’t even know.

Kylie: Cisco did. I’ve been feeling off for a few days and she was being really weird and clingy. I should have.

Luke: SHHHH. BABY NO. right now the only thing that matters is that you are still with me here and now. We have been through way too much for me to lose you now. We are in this together so you hear me. TOGETHER!

I nod faintly as he captures my lips.

It’s morning when Dr. Pratt comes in with a genuine bit forced smile.

Dr.Pratt: How are you feeling Kylie.

Kylie: Luke I’ve been punched in the gut by a heavy weight with out gloves.

My smart mouth earns a chuckle him and Luke.

Dr.Pratt: An odd analyses but an accurate one considering. Do you know why your here.

I nodded.

Dr. Pratt: Kylie, Luke. I am very sorry. The only explanation is that it was a fallopian pregnancy, which does not always show a positive result on regular urine tests. The good news is there was no internal damage. So after some time with some extra measure you could try again.

Kylie: How far was I?

Luke squeezes my hand looking at me with worry. I know the look. Worried I’ll fall back into a depression.

Dr.Pratt: About three weeks.

There’s a long pause of silence, before he begins asking some routine questions. How was I feeling since the last visit two weeks ago, to which I answered fine up to just a few days ago when the cramps started and the puppy was acting weird.

Dr. Pratt: Sounds like a smart Pup.

Luke and I both answered in sync. “She is”

Dr.Pratt: We’ll keep you over night for observation, but I’ll check back in before I head out later today.

Kylie: Thank you.

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