A Bounty's love

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A bounty’s love

Chapter 26: Blessed

Thanks to the endless love of a very smart pup, the undying love and devotion of the most adored husband, and of course with a visit from the overprotective big brother, I didn’t have time to fall.

Over the next few months as I healed, Luke and Nick finished the renovations on the porch and hot tub as well the entire back yard. Nicks petit blond hair, blue eyed very pregnant wife Bailey and I had become good friends.

The squeal of a small child echoes through the back yard followed by roaring laughter and a puppy’s bark. I look out the window as Luke chases after little three-year-old Owen. A perfect duplicate of his father with his dirty blond long wavy hair and almond eyes. I feel a ping of guilt knowing what I lost. Knowing I might never be able to give him that.

Bailey: She is such a good dog.

Baileys voice snaps me out of the funk I was heading into as she waddles into the kitchen with dishes from lunch. Cisco is chasing Luke trying to protect Owen.

Kylie: She is.

I take the dishes form her and pile them

Into the dish washer. She places a gentle hand on my arm.

Bailey: You know you can talk to me, right?

I give her hand a pat and smile as I finish loading the dish washer.

Kylie: I know.

Bailey: Sometimes the best things in life come to us at the most unexpected time. Don’t focus so much on the end result, enjoy how you get there.

Kylie: Oh, we always do.

We both burst out laughing before rejoining the boys outside.

That night I decided to recreate a night from our honeymoon. While Luke was in the shower, I quickly threw rose pedals everywhere and lit a few candles. While I lay sprawled out on the bed in nothing but a black lace thong and nipple clamps next to a pair of black fur cuffs.

He steps out of the bathroom toweling his hair as water dripped down his godly toned pecks, and along his ripped abs to his now fully erect penis.

Luke: Hello there.

He raises his brows with a dimple baring grin, wasting no time closing the gap between us. His tongue dancing with mine as his hands slyly slip the cuffs around my wrists and head board.

Luke: You been a bad girl.

I smile wickedly and nod as his hands slowly slide down my arms in a torturous light as a feather kind of way.

Luke: What shall your punishment be.

I bite my lip sucking in a breath. He pulls the ring on one nipple clamp causing the slightest bit of pain followed my much-anticipated arousal. He pulls the other and I gasp as I try to close my legs needing contact on my wet core.

He shakes his head and spreads my legs apart with his. Giving the rings another tug before disappearing between my thighs. The teasing flick of his tongue to my clit sends an overload of little electrical sparks making me want to com.

He lifts his head.

Luke: Not yet.

He pulls the clamps until they slip off inflicting more pain. He places them in the drawer in the night stand beside the bed, exchanging them for the small beginner penis shaped anal plug and lube.

Luke: How bad have you been.

Kylie: Very bad

He lifts one leg up kissing down my thigh as he reaches for a pillow placing it just beneath my tail bone and begins dripping the lube along my anus. He lifts the other leg kissing down my thigh before sliding the lubed jelly penis plug along my wet center and down circling the forbidden area.

I buck my hips toward him with a moan signaling I was ready. With unbelievable patience he continued to torture me. Guiding just the tip of the plug inward at a snail’s pace and back out. Each time going in a little further. The intensity of an orgasm starts it’s descended as I slip one hand out of the cuffs reaching for my clit to pleasure myself further.

Luke snatches my hand away bringing my fingers to his lips. He nips the tips and smiles.

Luke: Such an impatient girl.

He submerged the plug the rest of the way. He grabs hold of my thighs and thrusts himself quickly and deeply inside of me. I let out a scream pure of ecstasy as the first orgasm rolls through my body.

Luke: You came without me.

The attempted look of seriousness causes me a fit of laughter. He covers my mouth with his and slows his movements as punishment. Though it is short lived as his own need to get off triumphs his need to torture me. We fuck like two rabbits in spring till we fall asleep entangled as one.

As another month passes and Christmas nears, I begin to lose hope that I will ever carry a child. It wasn’t till Cisco started acting strange like she did before my miscarriage. This time I would not ignore her. Luke was slammed with appointments all day so I rushed to see Dr. Pratts alone.

Dr. Pratt: Are you feeling any of the same symptoms as before.

Kylie: No. actually I feel good for the most part. Other than feeling a little hung over every morning for the past week. Really the only reason I came in was because the dog. She was acting clingy like last time.

Dr. Pratt shakes his head with a chuckle.

Dr. Pratt: The world we live in where animals are smarter than is sometimes.

Dr. Pratt: The feeling of being hungover. Is it only in the mornings? Have you been drinking a lot lately?

Kylie: It is mostly in the morning but some said it’s all day and no I actually haven’t been drinking. I think the last glass of wine o had was a month ago. I barely had finished one glass. For some reason it just didn’t agree with me. So, I haven’t had any since.

Dr. Pratt gives a big knowing smile and calls for his nurse to run some blood and urine tests.

I was at a loss when I left his office. Not sure how to feel or how to break the news to Luke. I tried to focus on Christmas and the need for last minute presents and arrangements for my brother and his fiancé who was flying in tonight. It was the kind of distraction I needed.

Our first Christmas Eve party was going swimmingly. Surrounded by family and friends.

I stood back watching from a distance at all those whom I have come to love as family and those who have shared that love for me. Who could ask for more?

A warm gentle hand slides around my waist. Familiar heated breath caressing my neck.

Luke: You did amazing tonight babe.

I turn my head planting a loving kiss on his jaw. When I am suddenly startled by my phone going off in my back pocket. The screen lights up Dr. Pratt. I answer quickly.

I’m not sure how long I had been standing there after the Dr had hung up. It wasn’t til Luke pulled the phone out of my hand turning me toward him with concern. The entire room fell silent.

Luke: Babe What is it. What’s the matter?

I took in a deep breath. It realizing I had been holding mine. I look up into Luke’s emerald eyes and smile what felt like the biggest ear to ear smile ever. Giving everything away.

Luke: Babe are you... Are we???

I nod as tears fill both our eyes, and Luke lifts me into his arms swinging me around before holding me tightly to his chest locking his lips with mine.

Everyone has gathered closely staring at us like the kids at the store window in the movie Christmas story.

Luke stops slowly looking over me at everyone. I wipe my eyes and turn slightly with a little embarrassment.

Aron steps close reaching for my hand trying to get a read from my watery eyes.

Aron: Kylie What is it.

I look up at look who can no longer contain his excitement and I nod giving him the ok.

Luke: We’re pregnant.

Aron pulls me into a too tight of a hug which gets Cisco into protective mode as she barks in protest squeezing her way between us.

After many congratulations, everyone begins to disperse. Kaitlyn, Arons fiancé helps me with cleaning up.

When the boys return Luke scoops me up.

Luke: That can wait.

Kylie: No, I don’t want to leave it.

Aron: Kylie, we got this.

Without another word Luke carries me off to the bedroom, placing me gently on the bed and cradles my back against his chest. Nothing is ever a certainty. The back of my mind knows there’s still a risk caring to full term. But right now, in this moment, with Cisco curled up at the foot of the bed, a little one growing inside of me and Luke holding me, I am blessed and truly happier than I could have ever imagined.

Kylie: I love you Luke Parker.

Luke: I love you Kylie Parker.

Shelly Gray 5-18-20

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