A Bounty's love

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Dinner with a side of surprise

A bounty’s love

Chapter 3: Dinner with a side of surprise.

Right on time! It’s 6pm and Max is outside waiting for me by the car with a single red rose. His big smile falters for a brief moment. I glance back over my shoulder to see Aron standing at the door giving Max the death glare.

At that Max swoops me into his strong arms kissing me with possession while squeezing my ass. I know he’s putting on show.

Aarons: Perspective:

Motherfucker. I stand at the door watching him grope her to agitate me and I’m letting him. I hate admitting we use to be a lot alike.

Best friends in high school. Both players always trying to one up the other.

Started with who would get to first base first and no I’m not talking about baseball though we both played that as well. Then there was who would lose his virginity first. By our senior year it was who would get the girl first.

While I went off to art school he’d gone off to law and we lost touch till the first gala Kylie and I held after my mom passed.

The instant I saw him looking at Kylie next to me my gut flipped, my heart almost stopped at the predatory look he had. I shook my head subtly hoping he would get that she was not a pawn for our old game but he was fixed on her like a pack of wolves singling out the weakest elk.

Like the god damn predator, he was he made his move the first chance he had. She was smart and she knew men like him, so what did I have to worry about she would see right through him. That was wishful thinking.

When I caught first glimpse of them together, she was relaxed and laughing touching his arm. No. Fuck no. She was falling into his trap. I had never seen that look in her eyes before I swore, I had just witnessed love at first sight but that would be impossible.

I pulled the boss card and snatched her away telling her there was a business matter and practically dragged her to my office. I hated being that kind of guy ratting out another guy but this was my Kylie, my sister. I explained to her that he was the Max from high school, she looked shocked and disappointed. Unfortunately, it didn’t keep her from him.

Over a few short weeks after the gala he had managed to work his way into her heart secretly without my knowing even though I had made it very clear to him that she was off limits. So, when I had come home one night and heard a scream, flash backs of the college party where her boyfriend Thomas was about to rape her struck me like a knife to the chest. I raced to her room and crashed through the door. He was above her naked.

Without hesitation I grabbed him by his neck throwing him off of her.

We were fairly close in size and strength so it was no surprise how quickly he was up on his feet. I threw a punch and he threw up his hands while ducking. I readied my fist when before I could take another swing Kylie was holding my arm down standing in front of me wrapped in a sheet. She moved closer to him as if her little 5’5 120 lb. frame could protect him from the rage boiling inside of me. But that’s exactly what she did. She protected him with her big doe eyes that always melted my heart.

Within a week she had moved in with him.

Now here we are two years later. I’ve never been able to prove that he’s done anything wrong like cheat on her or abuse her. But after today and the gut feeling I have that something bad is going to happen keeps me on edge.

Kylie was already in the car; Max was just opening the driver side door looking my way. He tipped his chin up as if to say see you fucker.

Max’s perspective:

The fucker should have known better. The more he protested against my seeing Kylie the more determined I was to make her mine. Not that it really mattered had he kept his mouth shut my mind was made up that first night I saw her, but the competitive side of me gets a kick out of annoying him. This was an automatic win for me and I wasn’t sure if his anger was more because it was me dating his sister or the fact that he couldn’t because she was his sister. Twisted fuck. No matter.

I get in the car and lose myself in her baby blues. That sweet smile of hers. How I love those lips wrapped around my cock. She was mine and I’d be damned if any man ever tries to fucking take her from me.

Kylies perspective:

My eyes caught the growing bulge below his waist and I knew looking into his lust filled golden eyes without him having to say anything he wanted my lips around his cock.

I waited till he pulled away before scooting as close as I could pulling down the zipper slowly.

His right hand tangled in my hair eagerly guiding my head to his tip. My tongue flicked his tip spreading the pre com around teasingly.

Catching me off guard I gagged as he forced my head down all the way.

Like being trapped under a multitude of waves. He pulled me up, but had me back down before I could completely catch my breath to relax.

Max: Fuck yeah baby. Suck it. Fucking suck it.

I sucked in each time he pulled on my hair. Tears seeped out the corners of my eyes. Something was off. He was being more forceful than usual. I tried to pull away but his grip on my hair only tightened. I couldn’t say the password with his cock buried deep in my throat.

Max: That’s right baby, you fucking take it like a good girl.

At his words and by some freakish unknown strength I slammed my palms onto his thighs and yanked my head back.

Kylie: What the fuck Max.

The lust in his eyes turned dark. His brows furrowed in anger. The car swerved to the right as he slammed on the breaks, pulling my hair back. My scalp burned like he was tearing out my hair by the roots. Bringing my face to his with jaws muscles clenched.

Max: What did you just say.

For the first time ever, I felt scared. My body began to tremble. My lips quivered as I tried to find my voice. Tears flooded my eyes.

Kylie: Mr. Bunny.

It was barely a whisper but it was enough. His grip released from my hair. His eyes went soft. He grabbed me gently by the face wiping the tears away with his thumbs before kissing me.

Max: You just get me so ramped up baby. I’m sorry if I hurt you.

I looked at him with confusion and hurt.

Kylie: It wasn’t... I mean yeah it was a little rough but it wasn’t so much what you were doing as it was what you said Max.

The confused look on his face convinced me he didn’t even know what he had said, and I’m not even sure I ever told him those were the words my step father used to say to me every time he’d rape me from behind. Anal was his way of dominating and degrading me.

Max: Baby I’m sorry I was caught up in the moment I didn’t mean say it. Please believe me.

He smothered my mouth with his lips desperately seeking forgiveness. He did know. I didn’t respond to his kisses. He pulled back searching my eyes. He was becoming annoyed I hadn’t forgiven him yet. Out of instinct I quickly grabbed him kissing him back to calm him before his temper could peek again.

Kylie: I’m sorry I yelled at you it’s just....

His finger pressed against my lips.

Max: No baby, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lost control like that, and I never would’ve said that intentionally. You know that right.

He tucked my hair behind my ears with a sincere smile. I nodded biting my lower lip before forcing a smile of my own. He zipped up his pants though his cock was still raging. He stepped on the gas while taking my hand in his and bringing my knuckles to his lips.

Max: I love you Kylie.

Kylie: I love you to Max.

For the first time I questioned my love. Of course, I love him but the words Aron said to me earlier are hounding me in the back of my mind. (“it’s only a matter of time before his switch goes off and he hurts you. Never in my life did I think you would give in to an asshole like that, someone like your stepfather” ...)

Hearing Max say what he did and getting so angry with me made me start to see something different. But the caring way he held my hand made me push it aside. One time. Maybe he had a bad day. I’ll give him this one.

When we get to De Vinci’s we are greeted by the owner Mrs. Marcelo. A beautiful Italian woman in her mid-50’s who use to be friends with Aron’s mom. Gwen use to bring Aron and I here at least once whenever we were home on break and every year for my birthday. Aron and I still hold that tradition which is why Max rarely brings me here so tonight was special.

Mrs.: Marcelo: Aa buona serta.

Kylie: Buona serta

We kissed cheeks as she took my hands and looked me over.

Mrs. Marcelo: As beautiful as always Kylie. But too skinny. Come let us fatten you up like a real Italian woman so you can give this handsome man many children.

Kylie: Mrs. Marcelo!

I blushed as she patted Max’s cheek. Max to my surprise just grinned and welcomed her comment.

Max didn’t get jealous of women showing me attention and despite his annoyance in this being mine and Aron’s place he was his charming self. Well until Mr. Marcelo came out to take me into a big welcoming Italian hug. It was subtle but I could feel the tension. If it wasn’t for Mr. Marcelo’s age of 61 Max would probably not have been able to withhold his jealous temper.

Mr. Marcelo: La Mia Bella ragazza.

Kylie: Ciao

Mr. Marcelo: What is the special occasion tonight?

He spoke as we took our seats. I looked to Max not knowing what to respond. Max looked me in the eye and replied without breaking away.

Max: We are here to fatten this one up so she can give me lots of children.

Mrs. Marcelo gave me a wink while handing us the menus. Mr. Marcelo bellowed out a laugh of delight and placed a hand on Max’s shoulder.

Mr. Marcelo: About time my boy. About time.

I peered into Max’s eyes as the Marcelo’s walked away greeting other guests.

Max: What!

He says with a smirk.

Kylie: Don’t encourage them. You know how they are.

He took my hands into his looking lovingly into my eyes. My heart thudded nervously.

Max: I know how they are and I know how much they love you and how much this place means to you. That’s why I chose here for this.

He got up reaching into his suit pocket pulling out a black box while kneeling down next to the table turning me to face him.

Max: Kylie you are the only woman I have ever truly loved. The only woman that has ever made me want to be a better man. With you I am a better man. You have changed me in a way I never thought possible. I have loved you since the first day I laid eyes on you at the gala. I love the idea of having lots of children with you.

He pulls out the massive princess cut diamond and for a second through my own teary vision I see a glimpse of gloss in his eyes.

Max: Kylie Robinson, will you marry me.

With a shaky breath and trembling hand, I nod managing to get a whisper of an answer past my lips.

Kylie: Yes.

Max slides the ring on and takes me into his arms as Mrs. and Mr. Marcelo suddenly appear with a bottle of champagne congratulating us.

Max: I love you.

Kylie: I love you

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