A Bounty's love

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Put the past behind

A bounty’s love

Chapter 4: Put the past behind.

With my car in the shop Max drove me to work again the next morning. Instead of dropping me off he decided to walk me in.

Kylie: Max what are you up to.

Max: What? I can’t walk my fiancé to her office.

I stopped him just before the entrance of the gallery.

Kylie: Max please. This thing between you and Aron has to stop. He’s my brother he will always be in my life and I need you two to try and get along. So please don’t go....

My words are cut off at the sound of a shocked and angry Aron.

Aron: What the fuck!

He sounded like a recording in slow motion. The morning sun reflected off my ring directly into his eyes. He stood there for a second looking at the ring then at me back at the ring and then to Max. He gritted his teeth and shoved passed us through the doors.

Max followed suit. To my surprise he didn’t seem angry.

Kylie: Max wait.

He looked back at me. Placed a hand around my waist pulling me in for a kiss.

Max: You want us to get along. I’m willing to do that. I’ve put the past behind me. Now it’s his turn. I’m going to go have a man to man with him and the rest will be up to him.

I watched Max disappear down the hall to Aron’s office while I slowly made my way into mine.

Max’s perspective:

I walked past Aron’s assistant ignoring whatever she was trying to say and marched into his office. He was facing out the tinted window with his back turned to me hands fisted to his sides.

Aron: Get the fuck out.

Max: No.

I walked in and took a seat at his desk.

Max: Kylie wants us to put aside whatever bullshit issues we have and try to get along for her sake. Who I was in high school is not who I am now? The things that happened in college most of which were speculations are in my past. Kylie is my future. I know you don’t believe me but I have loved her since the day we met and I have never once looked at another woman.

His back raises and falls as he takes deep breaths. It was obvious I wasn’t going to get through to him today. Normally I wouldn’t waist another breath on an arrogant prick like him but for Kylie I was willing to try.

As I got up heading for the door, with my hand on the knob I made one last attempt.

Max: Just because you haven’t changed your ways doesn’t mean I am incapable. I love your sister more than anything and I will be damned if anyone is going to come between us. Not even you.

I left without a glance back making my way to Kylies office to say goodbye.

Aron’s perspective:

I slammed my fist into the window frame before grabbing the stapler off my desk and throwing it against the door.

Aron: Asshole!

I slumped into my office chair with my head in my hands. I was now more pissed at myself because he had gotten to me. He was fucking right. The mother fucker was fucking right. I’ve never found a woman that made me want to change. So maybe I was reflecting myself on him. Maybe I’m the one that’s been the asshole all this time.

Kylie has always seemed happy with him. She came such a long way and because of him. Maybe I was jealous of the fucker because he had accomplished what I tried for years to do. Help Kylie. I stared at the picture of Kylie my mom and I the last time we had dinner together at De Vinci’s before she got sick. We were all so happy. The picture-perfect family. My mom treated Kylie as a daughter because that was the kind of women she was. You would think that her and Kylie were related. They were the only two women in my life that I have ever loved.

Kylies perspective:

Max walked in my office with a faint smile.

Kylie: It didn’t go so well?

I asked as I walked around my desk to meet him. He shrugged as he took me into his arms. I sighed while wrapping my arms around his waist.

Max: I tried.

He pulled back lifting my chin with a finger.

Max: For you I will always try. That’s all I can promise.

Kylie: Thank you.

Max: I made arrangements for the car to get dropped off here for you before noon. I’ll be late I have back to back court cases today.

He slid his hand down the front of my skirt and panties.

Max: I just realized we’ve never done it in your office before.

With the tingles comes the wetness as his fingers fondle my clit. I arch my back resting my hands on my desk behind me. I wanted him to take me right there.

Kylie: Max stop.

Max: You don’t want me to stop.

Kylie: Max please I’m serious not here not right....

He cuts me off.

Max: Your Pussy says otherwise.

He slips two fingers into me quickly and forcefully. I begin to ride them as I become increasingly a roused. His other hand pulls my hair and head back leaving my neck open for his lips and teeth.

He pulls his fingers out slowly and spins me around slamming my front down onto my desk and hikes up my skirt. He yanks down my thong panties before releasing his cock from his pants and presses his thumb into my soaked pussy. He slides his thumb up over my anus and I freeze.

Kylie: Max!

Max: Sshhh....

He slides his cock into my pussy slowly at first. With his one hand spread out over my tail bone his thumb still placed just pressing against my backside.

He moves his hand gripping both of my shoulders as he slams into me harder.

Max: One if these days baby I’m going to have all of you.

Fear stills my heart and stops my breath as tears sting my eyes. Max finishes quickly, kisses my cheek and leaves. I take a moment in my private bathroom to compose myself before making a beeline to Aron’s office.

Shari a cute petit blond his newest assistant and probably the next notch on his bed post attempted to stop me with her heavy Boston accent.

Shari: Oh Miss Robinson Mr. Murphy asked not to be disturbed.

Kylie: Yes, and please see to it that we are not.

I slipped inside to see Aron hunched over in his chair turned slightly to the side. When the door latched, he sniffed and cleared his throat turning away so that I couldn’t see him wiping away tears. As I walked around the desk, I saw the picture in his hands. The one of his mom and us at De Vinci’s the last time we went together before she got sick.

I knelt down in front of him placing a hand on his forearm.

Aron: I’m sorry Kylie!

Kylie: For what?

Aron: I’ve been such an asshole.

His glossy blue eyes stared into mine like a reflection of myself.

Aron: Max made me realize something today.

I haven’t been able to accept that he’s changed because I haven’t changed. You and my mom are the only two women I have ever loved. And if I’m being honest, I’m jealous of him. Jealous that he of all people was the one that was able to help you when I couldn’t. And I’m afraid.

Kylie: Of what.

Aron: I don’t know. Of being a disappointment. Of loss.

I reached up to bring his forehead to mine.

Kylie: Aron! You could never be a disappointment and to be afraid of loss well that’s just a part of being human.

As far as helping me. Aron you have done more for me than anyone ever has. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be a wall flower afraid of her own shadow or worse. Had you not been there when Thomas.......Without you and Gwen I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Now please don’t hate me for what I’m about to say, but yes if a guy like Max can find love and change then you definitely can. You just haven’t found her yet.

Aron: Yeah. Maybe.

He wrapped his arms around me in a tight brotherly hug.

Aron: I love you lil sis.

Kylie: I love you big brother.

Aron: alright so let’s see it.

I gladly show him the ring. He whistles out.

Aron: Well I’m glad to know that if things don’t work, you’d be well taken care with that thing.

With a giggle I slap his arm.

Aron: You have plans for lunch.

Kylie: Nope.

There was a knock on the door.

Aron: Yes?

Shari opens the door giving Aron an I want to fuck your brains out look.

Shari: Mr. Murphy there’s a Mr. Dalton on line 1, and Miss. Robinson there’s a delivery for you.

Aron and I both say thanks at the same time. Shari leaves.

Kylie: Mr. Dalton, as in Ryan Dalton?

Aron: Yup the one and only. He’s flying in from Europe tomorrow for a visit.

Kylie: Oh.

Aron: He still asks about you.

I smile shyly and head for the door.

Aron: Don’t forget I’m taking you to lunch.

Kylie: Ok.

I close the door and leaned back for a second remembering back in college the last guy that I dated. Ryan Dalton. He had amazing golden-brown eyes like the color of honey, jet black hair kept short with a slight fo hawk, he was super tall and athletic but didn’t play sports, he was just really into being fit and healthy.

He would drag me out at the crack of dawn to jog with him which I hated at first. But he was the sweetest guy I had dated. Always polite, always respectful. Funny and charming. I think I was starting to fall in love with him but then he took off to Europe for a once in a life time opportunity to teach art history at a college there.

Shari: Miss. Robinson?

Kylie: Yeah

Shari: The delivery guys still waiting in the lobby.

Kylie: Right. Sorry. I’m on my way.

God why was I thinking about Ryan like that I’m engaged to Max. I shake off the old feelings to greet the delivery guy who was dropping off my car.

The rest of the morning went by fast as I completed all my tasks for the gala. Aron took me to our favorite little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant.

Aron: He asked about you again.

Kylie: Who?

Aron: Ryan.

Kylie: Oh. Ok?

I looked at Aron with a questioning look.

Kylie: Aron why would I care if Ryan Dalton asked about me. I’m engaged in case you forgot.

He put his hands up in surrender.

Aron: I know I know. I should give Max the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t help it Kylie my gut still tells me there’s something off with him. All I’m saying is what if someone else came along and makes you question things you know?

I give him a pointed look.

Aron: Ok I’ll drop it. I’m sorry.

The rest of the day goes by slowly and I find myself day dreaming about Ryan. Thinking of all the what if scenarios. What if he had not gone to Europe, what if I had gone with him.

Ryan had asked me to go with him to Europe but there were two things holding me back. One they were a year ahead of me so I still had another year before graduating, and two I couldn’t leave Aron and Gwen they were my family and to be honest I was terrified to just take off half way around the world with a guy I had only been dating a couple of months. As great of a guy as he was.

That night I had trouble sleeping. Max had text that he was getting a drink with some of the other lawyers from his practice but it was getting late and paranoia started getting the best of me. so, I drank a couple of glasses of wine and curled up on the couch with a blanket and my phone to read from my adult story app.

I must have gotten up and went to bed because the next thing I knew I was naked in my bed and something wet was being rubbed into my back side. Something small and kind of hard was circling my anus. The object slowly began moving inward. In an instant I flung myself around swinging an elbow followed by wild fists.

Max: What the fuck Kylie?

Suddenly his weight was on me as he roared.

Max: God damn its Kylie calm the fuck down it’s me.

Still trying to struggle beneath him I started screaming. My screams turned to cries as his fingers dug into my upper arms.

Max: Kylie! Kylie!

Still unsure of what was happening I began feeling claustrophobic. Panic set in. Not sure if I was in the past or if Max was really here. I couldn’t breathe.

Kylie: I can’t breathe

I managed to whisper just before everything went black.

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