A Bounty's love

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Broken Promise

A bounty’s love

Chapter 5: Broken Promise

When I awoke to an empty bed, I thought maybe it had all been a bad dream, but little flashes of what happened was becoming all too real. Max tried to cross a line he had promised to never cross. When I allowed myself to become his submissive, I made him promise no anal. He knew it was because that was how my stepfather raped me repeatedly before I was finally able to break free of that hell. He understood and had given his word.

It was all still foggy though. Did he really try?

After a long hot shower, I stood in front of the mirror and saw the marks on my arms. Luckily it was a chilly November morning so I threw on a sweater dress that covered me completely.

I was startled to find Max passed out on the couch with an open bottle of Jack. I needed to know what he did last night but it was obvious that he had been drinking and by the looks of it he probably wouldn’t remember, and since I know nothing actually happened, I was going to let this one go.

I put on the coffee and started roasting some English muffins. A pair of strong hands slipped around my waist. The smell of whiskey still potent on his breath.

Max: Morning baby.

He kissed my cheek before disappearing into the bathroom. I don’t know how he did it but on the occasion that he drank too much he could bounce back to life after a shower and a clean suit.

Max: I have to go into New York today to meet a client and pending on how it goes I might be there for the most part tomorrow too.

Kylie: What about the gala tomorrow?

Max: I’ll try to be back in time baby.

I wasn’t sure what I was angrier about him either pretending nothing happened or not remembering his sudden overnight trip into New York.

After a long day and into a sleepless night it was finally Friday and the gala were in full swing. Everyone had shown even Miss June who Aron couldn’t get enough of. She was 10 years his senior but he was infatuated with the tall Silky black-haired Asian beauty.

Lost in my own observance of the evening I hadn’t noticed the tall man standing beside me till I heard a familiar voice.

Tall man: Hey my marathon girl.

I wiped my head up and gasped at the sight of the older, yet sexier Ryan Dolton. I threw my arms up around his neck. His long strong arms circled my back in a comfortable hug. Perhaps too comfortable. I quickly and awkwardly pulled away.

Kylie: Yeah still not do keen on marathons.

I laughed at his nick name he had for me when I had started jogging with him. I was totally out of shape and he kept teasing me that I was his marathon girl because he was going to get me to run one with him.

Ryan: Well whatever you’re doing it’s working.

He says with a big flirty smile as he looks me over following my every curve. Oh god that made me feel a little excited and scared at the same time.

Kylie: You are looking as handsome as ever.

I tried to sound professional but I felt like a stupid school girl talking to a crush. What the fuck was wrong with me. I’m engaged. He looked down to see me fidgeting with the ring on my finger and smiled. Was he happy for me?

Ryan: Congratulations. He’s a lucky guy.

I smiled faintly at him.

Kylie: How about you.

Ryan: I am actually going through a divorce.

Kylie: I’m sorry to hear that.

Ryan and I talked for a while about our lives since college. It was nice and comfortable and thankfully after a while my dirty mind had shifted back to Max. Ryan was a part of a past and would stay there. Max was my future.

Max! Right at that moment a very angry Max was heading straight for Ryan who’s hand I hadn’t noticed was touching my arm.

Kylie: Max!

I spoke his name with a raised voice.

Max: Get your god damn hands off my fiancé.

Ryan turned just as Max’s fist came crashing into his face.

Kylie: No!

I screamed at Max while grabbing for his arm. He pulled his arm free from my grip and back handed me before turning his attention back on Ryan who was still on the ground stunned from the sucker punch. Max didn’t wait. He threw another punch to Ryan’s face. Max wasn’t as big as Ryan and maybe had Max not sucker punched him Ryan would have had a chance.

Kylie: Max stop!

I screamed trying again to stop Max only to get thrown back. I braced myself for impact but was greeted with gentle arms. Aron caught me and quickly turned on Max pulling him off of Ryan. Max was in a rage I had never seen before. He took a swing at Aron but Aron was faster and clocked Max on the side of the head.

Max was unfazed. He was like a raging bull as he charged at Aron. They both flew through a sculpture. Pieces scattered everywhere. I ran over to check on Ryan. His eye was swelling shut, his lip was bloody but he was conscious.

It took two other men and Aron to escort Max out of the building. His voice boomed through the gallery as he called for me.

Max: Kylie.

Others came to attend to Ryan and I submitted to Max’s call slowly making way through the crowd. When I approached the door, Aron put an arm out blocking me.

I looked up at him shaking my head.

Kylie: Let me through Aron.

Aron: Are you fucking kidding me right now.

Max: Kylie!

Kylie: It will be worse if I don’t go now.

Aron: Not a fucking chance in hell.

Max was ready to charge Aron again but I ducked under Aron’s arm facing him as I backed away towards Max.

Aron: Kylie!

I turned around and followed Max to his car. I know Aaron could handle himself against Max but I needed to get him to leave before anyone else got hurt.

I’m not sure when but at some point, Max’s heavy breathing had calmed. We drove the rest of the way in an eerie silence. My own pounding heart was the only thing I could hear. Once home Max walked straight to the bedroom without a word and I followed.

He turned facing me with an icy glare that sent shivers through me.

Kylie: Max.

I spoke softly. He took a step forward grabbing a fist full of my hair throwing me face down on the bed. Before I could move, he was sitting on me. One hand still controlling my head the other reaching for something. I couldn’t see but I felt the cold leather strap synch tightly around my wrist. He let go of my hair to grab the other strap synching it too tight around the other wrist.

Kylie: Max please talk to me.

He refused to speak as yet another strap was placed around my right ankle and then my left.

It was nothing new. Being tied up was a part of our kink. But this was different. He was different. He leaned over to the night stand on his side of the bed and pulled something out.

The snap of a lid made me jump. A cold liquid dripped down the center of my ass cheeks. He rubbed a finger through the lube and jammed it into my anus.

Kylie: Max no....

I begged and pleaded. He pulled out his finger and poured more lube on my ass. This time with his thumb he slid it through the lube and roughly into my ass.

Kylie: Max please. You promised you would never do this.

Still not a word. He pulled out his thumb and unzipped his pants. My body began to tremble uncontrollably as he rubbed his head through the lube.

Kylie: Mr. Bunny, Mr. bunny

I screamed and cried in one final attempt.

Max: Take it like a good girl.

He growled as he penetrated my ass with force, driving his cock as far as it could go.

As I’ve done many times before with my stepfather, I shut everything out. The pain, the feelings, and sound. Locking myself away in a place hidden deep in my own mind.

After he had finished himself inside me, he got up and walked into the bathroom. I heard the water of the shower turn on and after a minute he returned releasing my hands and feet from the straps. He scooped me up into his arms carrying me into the shower.

I just stood there still trembling while he washed me as if to scrub away everything he had just done.

Neither of us speaking, he dried us off wrapped me in my towel and laid me in the bed. Where he pulled my back tightly into him.

Max: You’re mine Kylie

It was the first and last thing he said before somehow exhaustion managed to take over. I welcomed the sleep wishing it would consume me.

To my displeasure morning came and with it an overly happy Max. Still cradling me in his arms he spread kisses along my shoulder. Pressing and rubbing his body against mine.

Max: God I love you Baby.

He kissed my temple and got up throwing on a pair of sweat pants before heading down the hall to the kitchen. I was beginning to wonder if Max had a split personality but no, I knew better. This was the classic act of an abuser.

Tears flooded my eyes as once again the words Aron had said filled me with a flood of emotions.

“I told you it was only a matter of time before his switch goes off and he hurts you.”

He had broken his promise. Betrayed me in the most unforgivable way. There would be no second chances. There was no coming back from this. Max Black was dead to me. Any ounce of love I had was crushed the instant he fucked me in the ass last night.

I was going to have to play along with Max pretending everything was fine. Continue being the good submissive fiancé while planning my escape. Luckily for me, Max was going back to New York first thing Monday morning.

Aron’s texts were nonstop but I assured him everything was fine and I would see him Monday.

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