A Bounty's love

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Breaking away

A bounty’s love

Chapter 6: Breaking away

When Monday finally arrived, I carried on as we always did, making breakfast, getting ready for work kissing him goodbye.

I waited till his car was gone and made my move. Packed a few bags cleared out my safe, stopped to close my bank account and headed for the gallery.

The closer I got to Aaron’s office the more it was sinking in that I wasn’t just leaving Max. I was leaving my brother. My rock. I waved my hand at Shari signaling her not to say anything as I walked in closing the door behind me.

The second my eyes locked with Aron’s there was no holding back the tears. Aron flew up out of his seat wrapping me in his arms as I cried.

Aron’s perspective:

The second she walked into my office I knew. Before I saw the after math of the bruises from Friday night I knew. That mother fucking asshole. I wanted to go kill the fucker but right now she needed me to just be there for her.

When her breathing regulated and the cries subsided, she pulled away. She had the same ghostly look in her eyes as she did the day, she told me about Jack her stepfather and the things he did to her. The rage was boiling eternally but it was fighting with the sadness I felt and the shame that I failed to keep her safe.

Kylie: You were right.

She spoke as she walked over to the window.

I followed closely watching her reflection.

Kylie: He became everything you said he would. Just like Jack.

I placed a hand on her shoulder.

Aron: I didn’t want to be.

After a moment of silence, I spoke up

Aron: We’ll use the gallery truck and get a few of the guys to help get your stuff and move it back home with me.

I reached for the phone on my desk to give the order when Kyle raised her voice.

Kylie: No.

She turned facing me with such fear I felt my own face go pale. I grabbed her setting her down demanding she tell me what happened.

Unable to look me in the eye she looked down at her hands in her lap nervously fidgeting with her ring.

Kylie: I have to leave Manhattan. He has to think I’m gone.

Aron: I don’t understand Kylie. We can go to the cops; you’ll move back in with me. I can protect you.

She looked up at me briefly.

Kylie: No, you can’t.... he told me I was to quit here today that he couldn’t trust me and I needed to be home for now on. He made sure to remind me that he knows his way around the system and if I tried to leave, he would not only find me but he would also come after you.

I jumped up running a hand through my hair

Aron: So fucking let him.

Kylie: Aron! I have never been as afraid as I am right now. The things Jack did to me the fear he installed into me was nothing compared to what Max.....

She started crying again and immediately I sat back down taking her in my arms.

Aron: I got you Kylie.

Kylies perspective:

My phone started ringing. It was Max. Aron gritted his teeth and reaches for the phone. I pulled it back away from him and signaled to be quiet. Clearing my throat and putting on the biggest fake smile I could I answered.

Kylie: Hi baby.

Max: Hi baby. I just got to the hotel. Did you tell Aron the news yet?

Kylie: Yes, I just got done telling him.

Max: Good girl. Now I’ll be in negotiations most of the day but I’ll call you as soon as I can. I love you.

Kyle: K. Love you too.

The smile on my face turns to a grimace as my chest deflates. A confused Aron watches me questionably.

Aron: Was there more.

Kylie: He says we are to be married by next month so we can start a family.

Aron: What the fuck. Is he delusional?

I let out a breath and nodded my reply.

Kylie: Yes, he is delusional and that’s why I need to plan my death.

Aron flew out off the couch in a huff.

Aron: What the god damn mother fuck. Jesus Kyle. No fucking way. I should have never let you go with him Friday night. This is not how he fucking wins.

I place a hand on his forearm and smile faintly.

Kylie: A fake death Aron.

He settled back down in the couch waiting for me to elaborate.

Kylie: There’s supposed to be a storm today possibly snow. I get caught in it; car goes over the Toller bridge into the icy water just outside the city.

Aron: What about a body.

Kylie: How often do they find the bodies of all the accidents that have happened at that same location.

Aron: Ok but why where you there.

Kylie: Well it will be obvious that I was running away when he sees some of my belongs missing and the money from my safe as well my bank account, so we will let him think that. My only concern is that he will still come after you so you’ll have to pretend you didn’t know. That I came here to quit that I seemed excited to start a family so you had no idea I was leaving.

Aron: Ok.

The corner of Aron’s lip turned up into a grin.

Aron: You remember Uncle Mic.

Kylie: Of course. Dads brother he came to the funeral.

Aron: Yeah well, he owns a boxing gym in Seattle. He’ll be able to help get you settled there.

Kylie: I can’t put anyone else in danger. What if this plan fails? What if Max finds me?

Aron: Then it’s the perfect place. Uncle Mic still has his Irish connections and since your family there is no one that is going to mess with you......Max doesn’t know about Uncle Mic does he.

Kylie: No!

Aron: Good. Now let’s take care of the rest of the plan. I’ll call in a few favors.

Kylie: We can’t involve anyone else there will be too much of a trail.

Aron: You don’t worry about anything I’ll take care of it from here. Leave me your phone and purse, and sneak out through the back, walk at least a block before getting a taxi. Take it to the nearest hotel just on the other side of Toller’s and call me from the room.

I pull Aron into a big hug and follow his instructions. Taking only one of the envelopes of money with me.

Aron’s perspective:

It would be so much easier and more justifiable to have someone whack Max while he’s in New York but as much as hated the fucker I don’t know that I could go through with it. Hopefully this plan of Kylies will be enough. He’ll eventually move on and someday Kylie can come back home.

I call my cousin Anthony one of Mics nephews who works for Eagle eye security a private security firm out of New York. He meets me with his friend Paul who also works for Eagle eye. He’s small about Kylies build so he was perfect for the plan. He dressed in Kylies cloths puts on a wig and sneaks down to the garage to get her car.

Anthony and I follow. It was like watching a live filming of a movie as I watched Paul roll out of the car just before it flew over the rail. He jumps in the truck before anyone can see and we drive to the hotel Kylie was at.

Kylies perspective:

The knock on the door made my heart leap nearly out of my chest. I knew I was expecting Aron, but the idea of Max showing up was always going be a possibility unless he believes I’m dead.

The sound of Aron’s voice quickly relaxes me and I throw open the door hurrying him inside.

I’ve only met Anthony a few times but we got along very well so it was a pleasant surprise to see him walk in with Aaron. Anthony is shorter than Aron with short dark brown wavy hair and the seemingly inherited Murphy blue eyes. His nose is slightly bent from multiple breaks due to years in the ring before becoming security. His accent is subtle unlike Uncle Mics.

Kylie: Anthony how’ve you been?

I take him into a hug.

Anthony: Good. How you holding up doll.

Kylie: I’m ok.

Aron slings off a small black back pack from his shoulder handing it to me. I look inside to see its full of money. My money. And in the front zipper a new phone. He then tosses a duffle bag on the bed with some clothes, glasses and hats along with some hair dye.

Aron: We left your bags and purse in the car along with a few bills to make it more believable. I grabbed some of your old college clothes from our place and thought the dye was a good idea. The phone is a prepaid. Uncle Mic already knows everything and is expecting you. Anthony is here to escort you.

Kylie: I appreciate all this but that’s not necessary.

Anthony: Kylie, you are family. I would do anything for family. Besides I haven’t seen uncle Mic in a while.

Aron: Kylie. It’s for me to know you’ll be protected when I can’t be there with you also if Max gets suspicious about the accident when they don’t find a body, he might hire someone to look for a woman matching your description traveling solo. They won’t be looking for a couple.

I take a deep breath trying to hold back the tears. Anthony excuses himself giving us a moment.

Aron: You can change your mind. You can come back home with me right now and we’ll go to the cops’ figure this out.

I place a hand on his face and with a shaky breath whisper.

Kylie: I love you big brother.

Aron sniffles with watery eyes sealing me into a big brother bear hug.

Aron: I love you sis.

He pulls back giving me one last look over.

Aron: You be safe ok.

I nod as I watch him walk out the door patting Anthony on the shoulder as he passes him and exchange a few words. Anthony tosses his own bag on the other bed.

Anthony: In the morning we’ll meet with a man about your papers and I.D so we’ll stay here for the night.

Kylie: Ok. Guess I’ll see to my hair then.

Anthony: How about some food, I can run right here to the cafe.

Kylie: I am pretty hungry. I’ll take a burger no onion and some fries.

I reach into the bag to pull out a bill but Anthony waves it off and asks for the room


I stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom, a bottle of vibrant red hair dye in one hand a wad of black hair in the other as I blend the liquid in. After a shower and blow-dried hair, I glance at the reflection. I’ve never colored my hair in all my 27 years. It was a new look a new me.

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