A Bounty's love

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The new neighbor

A bounty’s love

Chapter 9: The new neighbor

Standing in line at Cheeky’ s waiting for my pre work out coffee I felt the strange sense of someone staring at me. It wasn’t the usual creepy feeling of someone watching. It was the presence of the large figure standing behind me. I felt his eyes lingering on my backside. I could feel them drifting to my shoulder wear my loose sweatshirt was hanging just off my shoulder exposing the wing tips of my Phoenix tattoo that stretches across my shoulder blades.

For the first time in a long time I felt turned on. His Spicy musk smell was welcoming. I turned my head slightly to steal a glance. I couldn’t see his face but I could tell he was taller than Aron maybe 6’3. His left forearm was exposed under his pulled up black long sleeve under armor shirt. Covered in ink with strong defined muscles. The thought of his long thick fingers touching my skin nearly set me on fire.

Daniel: Page.

Daniels voice pulled me out my fantasy. God, I needed to get laid. It had been way to long. A deep rugged voice whispered from behind.

Stranger: Beautiful name for a beautiful woman.

His voice sent a chill through to my toes. Without looking at him I nodded with a thanks and greeted Daniel.

Daniel: Page your late. Tell me did you have an exciting night?

Kylie: I wish

I laughed out loud walking to the far side of the counter to pick up my usual Carmel macchiato.

Kylie: Just daydreaming.

Daniels eyes shift to the stranger now at the register being ogled by Stephanie Daniels cute little blond barista college student, and whispers.

Daniel: You and me both.

Kylie: Oh my god Daniel.

I slapped his arms.

Kylie: Where’s Greg?

Daniel: He’s....

Greg: Right here darling.

The younger little shorter but more flamboyant version of Daniel with light brown hair slicked to the side and hazel eyes comes out with a tray of fresh healthy muffins. He plucks one from the trey and hands it to me.

Gregg: It’s a new recipe, banana with cranberries and walnuts.

I take a bite savoring the sweet and tangy flavors. Rolling my eyes back with a slight moan.

Kylie: You are a master of flavor Greg.

Greg: Don’t I know it.

He gives a dramatic Air kiss towards me before leaving to put the trey in the counter.

Daniel: So, truth. Are you ok?

Kylie: Yeah I’m fine. Just didn’t get a lot of sleep last night

Daniel: Maybe you need to get laid.

Kylie: Don’t I know it.

I let out a sigh before noticing the tall stranger walking out the door turn his head back towards me with a megawatt smile. Bright green eyes staring right through me as he nods and walks away.

Daniel: I’m pretty sure he’d be able to put you to sleep. Eventually!!

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding followed by a snort of laughter. I finish my coffee and muffin and head for the gym.

Kylie: See you guys tomorrow.

After the gym, and a quick stop at the art store for some supplies I make my way blindly down the hall with arms full while fumbling for my keys and smack into what felt like a brick wall.

I felt my self-bouncing backward while everything slipped out of my arms and crashed to the floor, but before my own ass hit the floor a pair of long masculine arms wrapped around my waist pulling me up right and face to face with the stranger from Cheeky’ s.

Stranger: You alright.

His voice made me shiver with desire. I nod as I am frozen by the close up of his handsome face. His green eyes looking into mine with concern. His 5 o’clock shadow makes his already defined jaw line more so. There is a scar vertically through his left eye brow. He has a clean military cut yet it blends into a rebellious messy fo hawk in the front.

I catch my self-biting my lip gawking at him while an old familiar tingling sensation creates a layer of moisture at my core.

The corner of his lip turns up into a seductive grin as if knowing full well the effect he just had on me from that little few second hold. I gasp slightly pulling away from him to grab my things from the floor.

He bends down holding out a paint brush. I take it and make my way to my apartment

Kylie: Thanks

I mumbled as I bolt inside quickly closing and locking the door behind me. There’s a moment of silence at first. Then foot steps to my door. Another pause of silence then the steps retreat. I let out a huge breath and go about my day.

My mind can’t stop thinking about the Adonis from the coffee shop who happens to be my new neighbor. All through my class at Blue bird I pictured him holding that paint brush and what it would feel like if he ran it all over my body. What his lips would taste like.

Betty: Page

Kylie: Yes Betty

Betty: You’re drooling dear!

Little 80year old white-haired Betty calls me out. One of the things I love most about these ladies is there no hold back dirty minds. Some days it’s as if I was in a class with a bunch teenage boy.

Rose: Page are you cheating on my Daniel.

Betty: Rose Daniel is GAY!

Betty shouts across the table at Rose. Then turns back to me.

Betty: So, who’s the hunk.

I felt my cheeks heat and can only imagine the redness showing.

Kylie: No one just a really hot stranger I ran into at the coffee shop who also happens to be my new neighbor.

The whole class fills with aawws. Followed by many questions. Needless to say, the rest of class is spent drinking wine and talking about love interests.

That night I find myself tossing and turning with every thought consumed by the stranger. My mind slipping into a fantasy imagining him lifting me with ease against a wall and fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. My fingers slip into my panties spreading the moisture around my clit and down through my center sliding inside as far as it can go and back out circling my little hardened clit.

I pinch my nipples one at a time with my free hand imagining it’s his fingers squeezing them. Pulling them tight. I quicken the strokes and apply more pressure against my pussy brining my self-pleasure followed by much needed sleep.

Morning comes quick. I’m hitting the bag at the gym when I feel a presence. His presence. The familiar musk and spice sends a chill. I try to ignore it but my hits falter.

Kylie: Are you following me.

I ask him without looking away from the bag in front of me. His chuckle is low and I quiver at the tone.

Stranger: No, I’m here to see Mic.

I mess up my punch and tweak my wrist. I try to shake it off and resume when his strong hand grabs my mine and turns it to him.

He unwinds my wrap while messaging my wrist before re wrapping it differently.

Stranger: I’m Luke.

Uncle Mic: This guy bothering you Page.

Uncle Mics voice booms as he makes his way over.

Luke slowly let’s go of my hand as Uncle Mic stands protectively close to me. Luke smiles at Uncle Mic and suddenly Uncle Mics demeanor changes.

Uncle Mic: Luke Parker is that you?

Luke: How’s it going Mic.

They pat each other in a manly hug like they’ve known each other for years.

Uncle Mic: So, they finally get tired of you over there.

Luke: You could say that.

Uncle Mic: Do you have a place to stay.

Luke looks at me with a mischievous grin. Then back at Uncle Mic.

Luke: Yes sir, just moved into the Salmon bay waterfront apartments.

Uncle Mic looks at me and back at Luke.

Uncle Mic: So, the two of you are....

Kylie: Neighbors

I quickly stated.

Uncle Mic: How long you here for.

Luke looks at me with darkened lust filled eyes.

Luke: Not sure yet, but that’s what I needed to see you about. I was hoping to use the gym for personal training.

Uncle Mic: Of course, let’s talk in my office.

Luke holds out a hand to me and I take it.

Luke: It was a pleasure to meet you Page.

I swallow hard when his lips touch my knuckles and find myself doing involuntary keegles in attempt to stop the wetness building up.

Kylie: Nice to meet you too.

Uncle Mic clears his throat.

Uncle Mic: Alright Mr. Casanova come with me.

For a split second I thought I saw a tinge of redness appear on Luke’s cheeks. Uncle Mic leans over giving me a kiss on my head.

Uncle Mic: See you tomorrow kiddo.

Kylie: By uncle.

Luke’s face turns to confusion looking between us as if searching for any resemblance. Other than the Murphy blue eyes I look nothing like my uncle. I wait for them to disappear into the back office before making my escape. Same ol routine hoodie, baseball hat, observation of my surroundings. U2 blasting on the head phones and a good jog to my apartment.

It’s Friday and I don’t have class on Friday’s so after a long hot shower I decide to play some imagine dragons, open a bottle of Jameson and work on my newest painting, a view from my apartment window overlooking the bay.

Before realizing it night falls and I’m a little buzzed with a need for food. On cue there’s a knock on my door. I turn down the music and peek through the peep hole.

The sight of his rugged, gorgeous face takes my breath. I try to catch it while composing myself before cracking open the door.

Luke: Hey beautiful.

Kylie: Hi

Luke: I was on my way out to get a bite and was hoping you would join me.

Taken back by his words I can only imagine the puzzled look on my face by his reaction.

Kylie: Are you sure you’re not some sort of spy?

His deep vibrating laugh causes me to giggle but then again maybe it was the Jameson.

Luke: Look it’s a Friday, it’s dinner time, I’m hungry I just assumed you might be too. I’ve heard you playing imagine dragons for the last three hours and yet it doesn’t seem like you’re having a party. What do you say?

Kylie: I’m not sure that’s a good idea I’ve had a...

A hiccup escapes my throat. Luke smiles like a man with a new agenda.

Luke: What if I where to go get some Chinese and bring it back and you could share some of whatever your having.

I bite my lip quivering as he noticed and licks his bottom lip.

Kylie: Ok

I manage to squeak. His smile widens more revealing some amazing dimples.

Luke: What do you like?

Kylie: Well if you go to Lu’s just a block up from us, he has the best kung Po calamari.

Luke: As you wish.

He leans in closer taking in my sent. Before whispering in my ear.

Luke: Promise to save me some of that Jameson.

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