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Fangs, Claws, and... Turkeys?

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^^A collection of short stories with a Thanksgiving setting.^^ Thanksgiving is a day a lot of families come together and be thankful for what they have. These short stories are about men and women of the supernatural persuasion finding love in a holiday setting. They might be a vampire, a werewolf, or something else, but they are all grateful that fate blessed them with their soulmate. Join them in finding out that having fangs and claws won't keep you from finding love.

Romance / Fantasy
Presley's Angel
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Her Alpha Hero

So, I was thinking that for the Thanksgiving Banquet we could…” Laurie began.

Troy turned with a slight snarl from where he stood in front of the closet buttoning his shirt. “Enough about the Banquet already! Thanksgiving is still a month and a half away, and it’s all you ever talk about!”

Laurie froze. She knew Troy was under a lot of stress lately, but he looked as if he were about to come unglued on her. She gave a slight cry but muffled it quickly with a hand to her mouth as Troy glared at her.

“If I don’t find out what the rogues are planning, and put a stop to it, there won’t be a pack to celebrate Thanksgiving with,” he continued with another snarl, his eyes now glowing the bright gold of his inner wolf. “Don’t wait up for me tonight, I’ll be late.”

With another growl her way, he walked out of the bedroom.

Laurie heard the front door slam as he left. Slowly she sank onto the bed, letting the tears she’d been holding back roll down her cheeks. Things hadn’t been good between her and Troy for a couple of years now. He was pulling away from her, and she was scared he was going to leave her.

The pack hadn’t wanted them to complete the mating process in the first place because she wasn’t a wolf. She was an Egyptian Mau cat, yes, she was nothing but a worthless house cat.

She snorted, wiping at the tears. “How many times have I heard how worthless I am? Too many times to count.”

Her pack had kicked her out when she’d shifted at the age of nineteen because “what self-respecting wolf pack wants a house cat shifter in it?”. Those were her father’s exact words to her, given with a snarl of disgust, him being the Alpha of her pack.

Growing up, she’d always been told that wolves and cats don’t mix, when she asked why she wasn’t to associate with the pride of cats in the next town. Someone hadn’t heard that though because she was proof that somewhere in her genealogy they had, indeed, mixed.

Staring out the window, she thought back to when she’d met Troy’s pack. They hadn’t thought much of her, saying things to him like “she’s a cat Alpha, she’ll never be able to give you an heir”. Of course, the fact that both her parent’s werewolves hadn’t fazed most of them. So far though, sadly, the pack had been right. She and Troy would be mated ten years the day after Thanksgiving, and she hadn’t been able to conceive yet.

A slight smile slipped over her face. They had loved each other though the moment they’d laid eyes on each other that day so long ago.

Troy had lost his mate when rogues had attacked the pack fifteen years ago now. He’d been away serving their country in the US Army at the time. Apparently, he’d been a bit wild, and his father thought he needed a bit of discipline. He had been only months away from finishing up his eight years when rogues had attacked and almost destroyed the pack.

His parents, and his oldest brother, who was next in line to be alpha, had been killed.

Troy had been called home to take over what was left of the pack. He had come home to find out his mate had also been killed, and he’d been devastated that he hadn’t been there for her.

Five years after that, Laurie had been on her way through town and met Troy when she locked herself out of her car. She’d just gotten out of the US Navy after serving her four years. Having no real home to go to, she’d decided to travel a bit and see the countryside. She’d stopped to get gas and had dropped her keys in her floorboard somehow as she got out of the car.

Not realizing they weren’t in her pocket; she’d locked the car and gone into the convenience store for snacks. When she’d come back outside, she’d reached into her pocket and realized it was empty.

Troy pulled up to the other side to pump his gas and saw her there, standing next to her car, trying to decide what to do. He’d smelled shifter on her, knew she wasn’t part of his pack and had decided to question her. Instead of questioning her though, he’d ended up helping her get her keys and taking her to lunch.

She’d been so drawn to him, felt he was her mate, but scared of what he would think of her being a house cat.

He’d just laughed, saying, “Well, if I call you kitty, at least it will be accurate”, and that was all that had been said on the subject. He’d gone on to tell her he’d lost his first mate and how lonely he’d become. His wolf seemed just as drawn to her as his human side was though.

They’d decided right then to see how things went. She had helped him plan the first-ever pack Thanksgiving Banquet, and they’d fallen in love while doing it. They’d announced their plans to mate at the Banquet, and a lot of the pack had not been happy. It hadn’t stopped them though, and that night he’d claimed her as his.

The negativity had continued, and she sometimes wondered if the stress of never being accepted was what kept her from conceiving.

Giving a sad sigh now, she got off the bed and dressed. She had a part-time job in town working at the bakery, and today was her day to work. She didn’t need the money, Troy ran a big, and very successful, company and made plenty. Sometimes though, she just needed something to get her away from the eyes of the pack.

Maybe things will be better tomorrow, she thought as she headed for the front door to leave thirty minutes later.

It was after seven when Laurie tiredly unlocked her front door and stepped inside. She’d stayed at the bakery until they closed at six, then gone to a small restaurant to eat. Since Troy wouldn’t be home for dinner, she’d gotten in no hurry, not wanting to come home to an empty house.

Exhausted though from working, and the stress of not knowing what was going to happen to her and Troy, she stripped, showered, and was in bed by seven-thirty.

Sometime during the night, Laurie felt the bed dip down with the weight of her mate. She turned over, feeling needy. It had been almost six months since Troy had done more than kiss her hello and goodbye, and she needed him, ached for his touch.

Moving close she placed her hands on his bare back, moving them slowly over him as she placed soft kisses across his shoulders and his neck.

“What are you doing Laurie?” Troy asked in a gruff voice.

She didn’t answer, just tugged him over onto his back after pulling off her nightgown. Now on her knees, she hovered over him, placing one hand on his small, male nipple she tugged at it as she nibbled on the other.

Troy groaned, but he made no move to touch her.

Moving closer, she straddled him, her knees now at his hips. She ran her hand down his body, following his v-line down his flat stomach before moving it to his outer thigh. She then trailed kisses down over his abs, licking and nipping the soft area under his belly button and causing him to groan again.

Mm… she knew his sweet spots well and planned to use them to her advantage.

His hips jerked, his semi aroused shaft now bobbing in front of her, tempting her to be oh, so, naughty!

“Ah, does Troy want his kitten to be naughty,” she whispered blowing warm air on his shaft. With one hand, she reached down, curled her hand gently around his balls, and kneaded.

“Maybe,” he grunted.

She smiled and licked the tip of his shaft before moving her body up and over him. Staring him straight in the eyes, she aligned her body with his and quickly sheathed his, now fully hardened, shaft with her wet heat.

With a growl, his eyes glowing gold, he flipped them and began thrusting hard.

She mewed out her delight in his roughness. Her hips moved, encouraging him to move faster, thrust harder. Her nails scraped his back as she hung on, her breath coming in pants as he brought her to the very edge. She let out a loud growl as her hips jerked up, her body clamping down on his.

He continued to thrust, harder if that was possible until he came with a growl of his own.

Laurie fell asleep with a smile on her face for the first time in six months, her mate still on top of her.

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