Dear Love, Burn it

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(Extract from story) "Let me the hell go, Eric." I cursed. My voice was harsh. It didn't matter. His hand still held onto mine. "No," he snapped. "What, your selling your body to other guys now?" My stomach fell. I swear, I didn't know when I slapped him. My palm stung. My breath shortened angrily. How dare him say that to me? How dare him? He wasn't even my boyfriend. I expected him to hit me. Like Ty-lon would've. But instead tingles massaged my stomach. His lips pressed into mine. He kissed me. Without thinking, I lifted up my hand to slap him again. He swiftly grabbed it. He pinned both my wrists beside my head. My eyes fell closed. I saw colours. His lips massaged mine. Hard and impatiently. I had never been kissed so angry and heated in my life.  Jesus.  I gasped when he bit my lip roughly. My lip burned. I moaned slightly.  Dammit, Eric… He shoved his tongue in my mouth. My breath quickened. Tingles hit my stomach. A damp tongue collided with mine. Pleasure. I kissed him back. I swear, I was gonna fall. His tongue felt so hot. His lips felt like magic. Hot air surrounded me. I saw colours through my closed eyes. He pulled back roughly. He stopped. We breathe against each other lips.  "Don't fu*king let another man touch you like that again."

Romance / Drama
Loyal lover22
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Author's note

I just have a few things to say:

- All rights reserved. No part of this book should be reused or redistributed in any other form or language without personal consent from I, the author.

- This is merely a work of art and all scenes, names and places are used figuratively and not in anyway related to real life or real occurrings. Anything identical to real events, names, places or scenes are highly unlikely and coincidental.

- Also, to make your experience better while reading this book, please use the selected audio clips provided in each chapter while reading. (You'll know why.)

-And one more thing, thanks for choosing to read this book. You are one person in millions, but you're the person who makes it one hundred instead of ninety nine.

And now read, laugh and enjoy!

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