Virginia is for Lovers, Volume 1

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Lillian has been in love with her boss, her very married boss, for two years and she's managed to keep it a secret. That is until Clay, a big gruff Texan, rolls into her quiet little hometown and sticks his nose into her business and maybe even her bed.

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I walk down the long hallway, nodding to my coworkers as they head out for the day. Some smile and speak while others rush with their heads down hurrying to the elevator. I stop when I get to the door, HIS door, and watch him for a few minutes. His brow is creased from concentrating too hard on something that would seem insignificant to others. His work ethic is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and I’ve been working in this building for a while. He is so genuine, honest, a little out of place in this expansive office with his deep southern accent. It’s easy to see why I fell in love with him. Not one of those insta loves you read about where our eyes meet and we just know, this love snuck up on me. Spending every day with him, showing him around, and training him on all of the software we use and the way things work in the company, it was impossible not to fall for his boyish charm and good looks. He notices me standing there watching him and raises his eyebrows in question.

“Boss,” I say stepping into his office and closing the door behind me. He pushes away from the desk, raising his arms and locking his fingers behind his head as he leans back showcasing his farmers tan and the muscles in his arms.

“What can I do for you Lillian?” the look in his eyes sets my blood to pumping and every nerve ending feels like it is on fire. I love this game, it’s my favorite.

“Well Boss, everyone is heading home for the weekend and I just wanted to make sure you didn’t NEED anything else before I go.”

“I have a ton of work here, I’m sure there is something you could help me with. But IF you have plans you don’t have to stay.” I know what that means, it’s an invitation for me to choose him over anything and anyone else. I could go to Joanna’s or the range or put on my worn plaid pajamas and cuddle with my fur babies on the couch, but no, that’s not what I want. I slowly walk to the bookshelf in the corner, staring intently at the perfect family in the picture. His wife is a Barbie with her longish blonde hair, petite frame and tiny waist; freezer-sized is what Joanna and I jokingly call her. She is prim and proper and everything I’m not but I bet she has never put his cock in her mouth. I laugh to myself as I think about her on her knees looking up at him and asking ‘you want me to do what?!’

A giggle escapes my lips before I can stop it. I turn my back to his perfect wife, their perfect house, and focus on him. I walk slowly around his desk, leaning on the edge once I’m in his space.

“If you had to pick one task, which would help you the most?” He looks like he is actually thinking about it, thinking about which report needs another set of eyes or which presentation needs some sprucing up. In reality that is part of my job, not only do I run my own team within the department, I’m also here to support him. I’ve been supporting him for two years now, slowly falling deeper and deeper in love.

“I’m just so stressed out Lillian, I’m tense and feel like I’m going to blow.”

“Now that is something I can help with,” I push myself from the edge of his desk and stand in front of him taking his hand and pulling him up from the chair. Since he isn’t much taller than me I don’t have to look up very far to see his eyes turn dark and smoky. The room is silent except for our mingled heavy breathing and the gentle hum of the computer. I reach down to his belt, never taking my eyes off of his, and gently tug it open. He wants to touch me, his whole body is tense with the need to reach out and feel me but my eyes keep him frozen in place. I refuse to break eye contact as I slowly drop to my knees. I want him to watch me, I want him to see how much I enjoy taking him into my mouth, how much I love when he can’t take it anymore and grabs my hair so he can be in control. He is already hard, just like I knew he would be. He watches me lick around his tip, smearing the bead of pre cum before I grab his hips and guide him into my mouth. He hisses and grips the edge of his desk. I love this! I love how he tastes, how he feels, how I can feel him fighting to stay in control and losing. That’s all I want, for him to let go. His hand moves to the top of my head, resting there. I know it won’t be long now, I’m bobbing my head and twirling my tongue the way I know tortures him. Finally he can’t stand it, both hands fist into my hair and he starts fucking my mouth, hard. I can hear the sharp intake of breath and the mumbled, “Fuck baby, just like that.” I know he’s close and it’s killing me. My panties are dripping wet from seeing him come apart under my hands and mouth. He starts pounding my throat damn near making me gag but I won’t, I won’t give in until he’s spent. I can feel it, he’s tensing up, about to blow….

I feel a sharp pain in my leg, like a kick. What the hell? I look down quickly, trying to figure out what it was. There is no way he could’ve kicked me from our position. I slowly look up again and there are ten sets of eyes looking at me expectantly.

Fuck! Did I just zone out in a damn team meeting and start fantasizing about giving my boss a blow job?! Why yes….yes I did.

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