My boyfriend's back (boyxboy)

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9. Josh's solo and Lucas's disgust

After a lot of talk with his dad and Ruth, Lucas finally decided that he would visit his boyfriend.

He wanted to go as soon as possible, that weekend preferably, but Jensen would not be allowed visitors until the following weekend.

Although Jensen had said in his letter that he didn't care what people thought and just seeing Lucas was worth a beating, Lucas didn't think he was worth such a risk.

Though Lucas often flaunted and boasted who he was, he had decided to make the effort to at least seem straight when he visited.

He had already spoken to Tatia and she had agreed to join him and act as his 'girlfriend'. For just one day, Lucas was willing to dress like a farmer, deepen his voice and even kiss Tatia if it was necessary.

In the mean time, Lucas allowed himself to enjoy a Josh-weekend. His dad did question him as to whether he had talked to the boy who had been showing an interest in him but Lucas had only given vague answers.

He knew it wasn't right to keep such things from his dad, but he still refused to risk his dad's health by telling him the truth about Josh.

However, when his dad was spending the day at Stacy's on the Saturday, Lucas had someone over to change the locks as well as add locks to the windows.

It was Jane who had recommended the company that came out to change the locks. Apparently, the boss man was an old friend of one of her dads and had agreed to do the job free of charge.

The workers got the job done in less than an hour and handed Lucas a new set of keys. He thanked them, shaking their hands before they left.

"Do you think your dad will notice?" Jane asked from where she sat on the sofa.

"The new keys do look a little shiny." Lucas replied. "But if you manage to do what we discussed it should be ok."

"Don't worry; I am well practised in such acts of stealth and secrecy." Jane assured him. "I used to play Spies all the time as a child. My dads often complimented that I would make a wonderful Miss Marple had a musical adaptation ever been made."

"You mean you used to sing when you were spying on people?" Lucas asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Of course," Jane nodded. "Isn't that how you played it?"

"I never did engage in such games." Lucas told her. "Now, you need to get yourself over to the Tracy's and put your alleged skills to use. Jane, for the love of Broadway, don't screw this up."

"Trust me, Lucas, I can totally do this." Jane replied confidently.

She accepted one of the brand new keys from Lucas and left the house, heading to the Tracy home under the pretence of visiting Brent.

In actual fact, Jane had one simple mission to carry out. Presumably, James and Stacy would be in the living-room. As pre-planned, Brent would be upstairs with Tatia and Elena, the two girls uniting together to try and make him see sense about the Josh issue.

It was up to Jane to find James keys and swap the old house key for the new one so that he'd be able to get into his house when he returned home.

If she could pull it off, hopefully James would never realise that the locks on the front and back door had been changed.

After completing her task, Jane would then join Tatia and Elena in Brent's room with the hope of being able to help them convince Brent he was being a total douche bag.


On Monday morning, Lucas managed to evade Josh for most of the day but the bully was still very prominent on his mind.

He had helped Jane and Sakura wash slushie out of their hair after Josh had thrown the syrupy substance at them. Josh had also deflated the tyres on Benny's car. Fortunately, Jake happened upon a spair pair of tyres and had Brent help him switch the wheels over.

For a few minutes, Elena, Jane and Tatia had all beamed at Brent in satisfaction believing that they'd worked their magic on convincing Brent that Josh was no good.

However, as Brent witnessed Dean be thrown in the dumpster by the football team, the taller teen felt he'd be safer to hang around with Josh rather than the other choir members.

Although word had travelled around the school that Josh was now a member of the choir, the likes of Zack weren't shunning him for it.

Clearly Josh's popularity was keeping him free of ridicule and it was obvious that Brent yearned for similar treatment.

The girls had banded together and voiced their complaints about Josh to Mr. Blake but they were only wasting their breath.

During lunch, Laura and the other girls ranted to him about Mr. Blake's response to their arguments.

"He said I needed to drop the attitude." Laura spat. "My fiery and fierce diva-ness is who I am. All Mr. Blake ever does is try and convince us to be ourselves no matter what, and I have always been myself. I'm a strong woman and I'm proud. Who the hell does he think he is to tell me to drop such a huge part of my personality? I'd like to drop him. Out a window. On his head."

"When I tried to speak up he just talked to me like I was a child." Molly sighed. "He told me I didn't understand what was going on and I shouldn't get involved. He was just being so patriotic."

"Forget Blake, he's a gel-headed asshole." Tatia told her squeezing the girl's hand comfortingly, nobody having the heart to correct Molly and say the appropriate word would in fact be 'patronizing'.

"He accused me of being selfish and just wanting to hold on to my place in the spotlight." Jane chipped in.

"I won't deny that I love to be centre-stage, I'd happily take every single solo every single week and have you all sway in the background all the time, but on this particular occasion I wasn't making the situation all about me. This is about protecting Lucas as best as we can, something we can't do with Josh in the club."

"And when we told him about Josh's slushie attack," Sakura spoke up. "He just said that no real harm was done. He even went so far to say that Jensen used to slushie us all the time and that it's wrong for us to discriminate against Josh when we accepted Jensen so easily."

"Then he suggested that Molly, Tatia and I were spying for Coach Kennester again and that targeting Josh was our attempt to bring about the club's downfall." Elena said and Lucas scoffed before shaking his head.

"Don't get me wrong," Sakura said. "I appreciate how much Mr. Blake has helped me grown in confidence and I love being in the choir but I really wish I were an Asian vampire so I could cause him and Josh some serious damage."

"Mr. Blake has been helpful to us all at some point." Jane commented fairly. "He has real passion for music and he does want us to win."

"He's never been helpful to me." Lucas pointed out. "More often than not I feel like the invisible child in the choir."

"Don't pity yourself, Benson. We all notice you." Tatia told him. "You're probably the only one who will definitely get out of this town and make something of himself. No offence, Bright, but either Brent will hold you back or your personality and wardrobe will put people off."

"I'll make it to the Broadway stage, Tatia. I promise you that." Jane replied confidently. "And Lucas, Mr. Blake did give you the opportunity to fight for the 'Defying Gravity' solo in last year's diva-off. It's just a shame you weren't able to hit the High F note because you're not quite as talented as me."

"Oh, I can hit the note." Lucas assured her. "I deliberately threw the competition."

"Wait, what? Why would you do that?" Laura asked.

"Yes, why?" Jane demanded to know. "I'm arrogant enough to realise I'm super talented already, but the only way I can further improve is to compete against and learn from those as good as or more talented than myself. How will I ever manage to do that if you are holding back your true capabilities?"

"My dad got a call." Lucas told them all quietly. "The anonymous kind. Somebody pointing out that I was a"

"Don't say it." Tatia interjected before the three-letter word could escape his lips.

"My dad was really hurt." Lucas continued. "I didn't want to give whoever it was more ammo by publicly singing a girl's song."

"Did you ever find out who made the call?" Molly asked sadly.

"No." Lucas shrugged. "But for all I know it could have been Mr. Blake."

"Come on, Lucas, I know you don't really believe that." Elena said. "Mr. Blake might be an idiot but he isn't a homophobe."

"Whatever, clearly Blake isn't going to be helpful with this bullshit and neither is Brent." Tatia stated bluntly. "So we should just accept that and try and solve this without them."

"Maybe Benny could get the AV club to help out." Molly suggested and they all looked to her for an elaboration. "They could set up some of their cameras and things around the school, catch footage of Josh harassing Lucas."

"That's not a bad idea." Jane told her.

"Yeah, alright Molly." Laura grinned.

"But to get the AV guys on board we're going to need a lot of candy." Jane said. "Zizes won't do it without payment in the form of chocolaty goods and we need her because she's the best."

"Ok, so all we need to do is break into Brent's locker." Elena replied. "He'll have enough candy bars in there, trust me."

"But we don't know his locker number." Sakura pointed out.

"Not a problem." Elena smiled evilly. "I've always been pretty handy with a nail file."

"Then it's decided," Jane said. "We enlist the help of the AV club and bribe them with stolen candy. I believe a Jane Bright solo is in order to truly mark the moment."

"And we have to go to cheerleading practice." Lucas announced before hurrying away with Tatia, Molly and Elena.


After a challenging cheer rehearsal, Lucas attended his final lesson of the day before collecting Lizzy and then making his way to the choir room for practice.

He tensed as soon as he entered the room, the safety it had once provided no longer calming him. Josh was already there sitting beside Brent, the two boys talking as if they were the best of friends.

Looking up, Brent offered Lucas a friendly smile but Lucas only glowered back at him as he selected a seat as far away from them as possible.

"Hey Lizzy the Slayer," Brent grinned turning in his seat to grin at the girl. "High-five?" He asked raising his hand.

"Bite me, Brentessa." Lizzy retorted. "And hey you," she said to Lizzy. "Andrew Lloyd Webber called; he said he wants you to play the role of Quasimodo in a musical version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame because it'll save money on make-up."

Lucas couldn't help but snigger and he was certain he'd heard a snort of laughter from Brad over by the piano.

Before anymore could be said, the others started to make their way inside, all of them sitting around Lucas and Lizzy leaving Josh and Brent somewhat isolated.

"Ok everybody, our first duet of the week will be Laura and Tatia." Mr. Blake said. "Show us what you got girls."

Together, Laura and Tatia sang and danced their way through a powerful and attitude-filled rendition of 'River Deep, Mountain High'.

"Great job, guys. Wow, I'm really impressed." Mr. Blake told them as he applauded.

The two girls barely paid attention to his praise as they returned to their seats, Tatia boasting that she and Laura would be winning the free meal at Breadsticks.

Sakura and Jake then took to the floor and it was soon revealed that Jake could not sing. It was still an enjoyable performance though.

"Now that is a duet," Mr. Blake said. "Well done guys. Next rehearsal we'll have Jane and Brent perform as well as Dean and Elena and the other two couples will perform on Thursday. Now, if I'm not mistaken, Josh has a song he'd like to perform."

"Yeah," Josh replied. "Since I'm part of Vocal Expression now I think it's only right that I perform a solo."

"Now that's exactly the type of spirit we want in this room, right guys?" Mr. Blake asked looking round at the others who simply stared back at him, clearly unimpressed.

"Ok, come on up Josh."

Josh strode to the performance area, Brent taking his place at the drums to help him out. Meeting Lucas's eye, Josh made it clear that the song was for him.

"I love myself, I want you to love me, When I feel down, I want you above me, I search myself, I want you to find me, I forget myself, I want you to remind me." Lucas sung, Mr. Blake nodding his head to the beat as he watched the performance.

"I don't want anybody else, When I think about you I touch myself, Ooh I don't want anybody else, Oh no, oh no, oh no."

The members of the Jazz Band were looking between one another awkwardly as they played the music. At the piano, Brad had his eyes closed, probably out of awkwardness rather than him being lost in the music.

Elena and Jane both looked scandalized upon hearing the lyrics that alluded to masturbation.

Their scandalized expressions soon morphed into disgust as Josh's hand lightly grazed his bulge in time with the inappropriate lyric.

"You're the one who makes me come running, You're the sun who makes me shine, When you're around I'm always laughing, I want to make you mine. I close my eyes and see you before me, Think I would die if you were to ignore me, A fool could see just how much I adore you, I get down on my knees," Josh winked at the innuendo. "I'd do anything for you."

Laura, Sakura and Tatia all had their arms crossed over their chests as they scowled darkly at Josh.

Jake looked sickened, Molly was tracing the patterns on the chair infront of her and Dean and Benny both looked like they wanted to punch Josh's lights out.

Arms folded and eyes closed, Lucas was blushing intensely as he fought off tears, being sick or yelling out in anger and throwing a chair or two.

Lizzy simply had a look of confusion on her face, not understanding the meaning of the lyrics.

"I don't want anybody else, when I think about you I touch myself." Josh finished, Mr. Blake and Disgust the only ones to offer him any applause.
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