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10. Let's split up

On Tuesday, Lucas entered Beach High with Dean, Jake, Tatia and Laura flanking him.

During a tense moment when they had no choice but to walk past Josh and Zack, Lucas felt that he may have been crushing Laura's arm with his own but she didn't complain.

Once they were safely past the bullying jocks, Lucas collected what he needed from his locker.

Keeping close together, the others grabbed their things too before Dean and Tatia escorted Lucas to their shared lesson.

The morning remained uneventful for Lucas, a fact that he greatly appreciated, but at lunch things became more hectic. As he sat in the cafeteria, he couldn't help but notice the way the majority of the student body were looking at him and whispering things to their neighbours.

"What's going on?" Lucas asked quietly leaning closer to Dean as he asked his question. As he did, the volume of the whispers increased.

"Rumours about you and Dean just keep getting bigger." Elena explained. "I've already had half the girls in this school offer me their sympathy and the boys skirt away from me in the corridors for fear that I might turn them gay."

"I know the feeling." Lucas commented dryly.

"I vote we shave off Jewfro's hair then force his head down the toilet for creating this mess." Elena stated and there were nods of agreement.

"Photos of you on top of Dean and hugging Dean are all over the school website," she told Lucas.

"A long with a story about how you're unable to keep it in your pants with Jensen being in the slammer so you're preying on unsuspecting straight boys."

"Give it time there'll probably be fresh rumours how you're also cheating with Jake and Benny." Sakura said bitterly.

"I really am sorry for involving you all in this mess." Lucas apologised. "Especially Elena and Dean."

"Forget it, it doesn't matter." Dean assured him making the mistake of draping his arm across Lucas's shoulders.

More talk broke out amongst the nosy on-lookers and Asher Drayson appeared to snap a photo of them.

"Damn it, I am so gonna force that camera up that white boy's ass." Laura threatened.

"Wait, something isn't right." Tatia pointed out and they all looked to her. "I don't have a headache, why not?"

"Um" Sakura replied looking round the table uncertainly, the others looking just as clueless.

"Jane." Lucas finally realised. "She's not here."

"Neither are Zack or Josh," Benny pointed out. "Or most of the football and hockey teams."

"Or Brent." Molly said.

"Maybe Brent and Jane are practicing their duet." Jake suggested.

"Maybe," Tatia agreed. "But maybe not. I don't care about Bright or anything but just in case something is wrong"

"We should go find her." Lucas finished already moving away.

The choir members rushed out of the cafeteria and stood in a circle wondering what they should do.

"Let's split up," Jake said. "We'll find her faster."

"No, bad idea." Molly objected. "Characters split up in cartoons all the time and then bad things happen."

"That's just in cartoons, Molly." Elena told her. "I vote that we split."

"Right," Dean said taking control. "Jake, go with Benny and check the boys' locker rooms. If Josh and Zack are in there then Jane should be safe. Sakura and Laura, check all the girls' bathrooms. Tatia, Molly, Elena, check outside. Search the football field, under the bleachers, the dumpsters and the parking lot. Lucas and I will check the Auditorium then we'll all meet in the choir room."

"Shouldn't we check the choir room first?" Molly asked.

"If they are rehearsing that's where they'd be." Lucas pointed out.

"Ok," Dean agreed. "We'll all check their first. Come on."

Together, the group moved through the corridors towards the choir room. Darting inside, Lucas found that it was empty and he turned to tell the others so.

"Right, let's head out." Dean said. "We'll meet back here. Now go."

The group divided and made their way to check the places Dean had instructed them to.


Walking next to Benny, Jake raced them towards the boys' locker rooms. They hurled through the double doors, both boys yelling out a battle cry only to find Coach Skyler staring at them as if they'd gone insane.

"Do you boys wanna tell the panther what's going on?" She asked looking down at Benny and then up at Jake who was stood behind him.

"Well, we were just looking for" Benny started before turning to Jake for help but the dancer only shrugged.

"Are you choir kids taking Vitamin D again?" Coach Skyler asked. "I heard all about that and if there's anything dodgy going on here then you boys will be off the team."

"We don't have any Vitamin D." Benny answered hastily. "We promise."

"You sure?" She asked. "You boys better not be lying to me. If I smell a rat, I'll cut my cat's tail off."

"What?" Jake asked and Benny stood on the boy's foot, a warning for him to be quiet.

"I'm gonna have to ask you boys to empty the contents of your bags." Coach Skyler said.

"This is a drug search boys, you could be in serious trouble. Come on," she clapped her hands together. "Empty your bags or I'll have to request that you both pee in a cup."

"I have a shy bladder." Jake bemoaned.

"Just empty your bag." Benny hissed to him as he offered his own to the Coach so she could search through.

"Clear." Coach Skyler announced handing Benny's bag back. "I'm confiscating this." She said taking an Asian Porno magazine from Jake's bag and throwing it in the trash. "Now get out of my locker room."

The two hastily made their escape before returning to the empty choir room, checking for Jane or Brent in the classrooms along the way.


After checking all the girls' bathroom and finding no sign of Jane, Laura and Sakura headed back towards the choir room, poking their heads through the doors of classrooms on the way.

Just as they were passing the downstairs boys' toilets, a group of boys came out laughing about something.

Confused, Laura and Sakura looked to one another. Being the nosy people they were, they linked arms and checked that nobody was looking before darting into the boys' toilets.

"Oh no." Sakura said as their eyes were met with the degrading words graffitied onto the bathroom wall.

"Three guesses as to who's responsible for this." Laura said shaking her head at the nasty things that had been written about her best friend.

"And they drew a picture." Sakura whispered pointing to the middle of the wall. "That's supposed to be Lucas, I can tell because of the scarf and the messenger bag."

The badly drawn picture featured Lucas on his hands and knees, taking it up the ass from a figure that was obviously supposed to be Josh.

There was also a speech bubble coming from Lucas's mouth, the words a request to be fucked harder.

"Maybe we should tell, Mr. Blake." Sakura suggested. "He can't ignore this."

"It won't do any good." Laura sighed. "There's no way to prove it was Josh."

"What about the AV club?" Sakura asked. "All the cameras?"

"They haven't been put up yet." Laura answered. "Lauren said they wouldn't be up and running until Wednesday, tomorrow."

"I think we should wash this off." Sakura said looking up at the crude words and diagrams.

"Sakura, we can't." Laura replied sadly. "It's permanent."

"Then let's go to the art room." Sakura decided. "If we can't wash it off then we'll paint over it."

"We need to tell a teacher first." Laura insisted. "If we just paint the wall black we'll get in trouble for vandalism. We can't prove who did the graffiti but if we tell a teacher we should be allowed to paint over it."

"Mr. Blake?" Sakura asked.

"I vote for Coach Kennester." Laura replied. "I know she's crazy but she cares about Lucas."

"Ok let's go." Sakura said and they headed for Sue's office, Sakura sending a text to Jake explaining why they wouldn't be meeting them in the choir room.

Soon enough, Sue was leading Sakura, Laura and several cheerleaders back to the boys' bathroom along with tins of black paint and a number of brushes.

The Cheerleading Coach also sent a number of paint-laden cheerleaders to the other boys' bathrooms on campus to paint over any graffiti that might be there.

However, before ordering the girls to start their work, Sue snapped a series of photographic evidence on her phone. Sakura and Laura didn't know what Sue would do with it, or if she could even do anything at all, but they didn't question it.

They simply got to work on painting over the offending graffiti, for once not worrying about their clothing.


Having no luck on the football field or by the bleachers, Tatia led Molly and Elena towards the dumpsters. As they got closer, they heard a series of muffled moans.

"Jane!" Molly asked rushing to the dumpster and lifting up the lid.

"Oh, sorry." She apologised as her eyes met with a bespectacled boy she didn't know as she hadn't made out with him before.

"I was looking for my friend. If you see her tell her Molly says hi." She then dropped the lid back down before turning to the other two. "Jane isn't in there."

Gently pushing Jane aside, Elena pulled the lid back up so the boy inside could get out.

"Eww, hey, scruffy boy, are you ok?" Tatia asked as she pinched her nose so she didn't have to smell him.

"I I'm fine." He panted out as he landed on his feet and brushed himself off. "Th-thank you."

"Yeah, whatever." Tatia retorted before dragging the other two girls towards the parking lot.

The trio looked around all the parked vehicles, even crouching to the ground to check under the cars as they called out Jane's name.

"Oh my god!" Elena cried out and the other two rushed to her.

"E?" Tatia asked hurrying over. "Is it Jane?" Molly asked.

"My car," Elena shrieked angrily. "Look what they've done to my car!"

"Assholes." Tatia swore as she looked over the damage.

As well as puncturing all of the tyres, they had thrown food all over the windshield and had smashed off one of the car side mirrors.

Molly reached a hand out to scoop up some of the macaroni cheese and eat it but Tatia slapped it out of her heads.

There were also a large number of meatballs all over the car seat that had been slipped in through the window Elena had foolishly left open.

"Don't worry, Lucas and his dad can fix your car up with no trouble." Molly said.

"This is ridiculous, I'm telling the Principal." Elena huffed heading back towards the school building.

"Great plan," Tatia remarked sarcastically. "The smelly little man can mumble and stutter before pretending to take a phone call. That'll solve everything. Why didn't we think of that sooner?"

"Those jock mutants can't get away with this." Elena retaliated. "I'm the Head Cheerleader and I'm smart and I'm pretty, they shouldn't be attacking me."

"Sweetie, they think you turned Sam gay," Molly reminded her sadly. "And you're in the choir. Of course they're gonna pick on you."

"Plus you got yourself knocked up by Jensen last year." Tatia sniggered. "And now he's gay."

Glaring daggers at the Latina, Elena swung her arm round and struck her across the face.

"You bitch." Tatia spat making to smack her back but Molly stood in the way telling her to calm down.

"I'm from Lima Heights Adjacent little girl, bad things happen down there, I'll destroy you!"

"This isn't helping." Molly pointed out. "Just stop."

"I'm gonna find Josh." Elena said. "I'm gonna find him and I'll deal with him myself."

"We don't even know if he had anything to do with your car." Molly said reasonably. "It could have been anyone at this school. This place is filled with jerks."

"This isn't fair." Elena complained. "I've done everything I can to repair the damage to my reputation. This shouldn't be happening to me. I was never even dating Jensen so I couldn't have turned him gay and Dean is straight. And how come nobody is giving Josh any hassle for joining the choir? And that revolting closet case is blatantly after Lucas. The football team can't all be total idiots, surely they must realise their precious leader is checking them out in the showers. I say we just out him."

"That wouldn't be right." Molly defended. "And Lucas wouldn't like it."

"But Josh is ruining my life." Elena huffed dramatically.

"Ok just calm down." Tatia groaned. "It's only a car, it can be fixed. None of this is even about you Clark, it's about Lucas. He's the one with Josh as his very own stalker. Let's just get to the choir room and meet the others."

Though she still looked unhappy, Elena agreed and followed the other two to the choir room where they met Jake and Benny.


Silently, Lucas and Dean headed to the auditorium. Although Lucas felt slightly more at ease in Dean's company than he would have done with any of the others, he couldn't fight away the feeling in his stomach that warned him something bad was about to happen.

He only hoped nothing would be happening to Jane. Despite how often they clashed, he did really care about her, right down to the hideous animal sweaters she insisted on wearing.

Pushing through the large double doors that led into the auditorium, Lucas was sure he heard a camera go off.

He rolled his eyes making a mental note to get Jensen to beat up Asher Drayson when he got out of juvie.

Stepping inside together, the two boys let the doors swing shut behind them before walking through the raised seating towards the stage.

"It looks like they've been here." Dean said pointing to the stage.

One of Jane's bright pink folders had been left on the stage as well as Brent's drumsticks and an empty chip packet.

Following Dean, Lucas kept his eyes peeled, still expecting something bad to happen. He suddenly wished they had followed Molly's advice and stuck together rather than split up.

"They're not here now." Lucas pointed out. "We should just go."

"Wait," Dean said when they both heard movement in the wings. "Jane? Brent?" He asked.

There was no verbal answer, only more unidentified noises.

"Dean, I think we should leave." Lucas told the blonde tugging on his sleeve, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end.

"It could be them." Lucas replied. "They could be hurt. Just wait here." Lucas ordered before he continued to the stage, jogged up the steps and disappeared behind the wings.

There was a loud thud and something clattered onto the floor. The noise made Lucas jump and he was unsure what to do.

"Lucas?" He asked nervously but received no answer.

Looking round behind him, Lucas scanned the seating area to see if anyone was hiding somewhere. He tensed a couple of times thinking he saw somebody but it was only suspicious looking shadows.

Gulping nervously, he made his way to the stage. Bending down, he picked up Brent's drumsticks and twirled them through his fingers before holding them before him like weapons.

He was aware that they'd do little damage, but it was the best he had, and they at least had the potential to take an attackers eye out.

Moving quietly and slowly so his footsteps would make as little as noise as possible, Lucas headed behind the wings just as Dean had done.

He came across Dean and saw that the boy had clearly been knocked out but he was slowly stirring back to consciousness.

Gripping tight to the drumsticks, Lucas darted his eyes all around in search of whom he strongly suspected was Josh.

Seeing movement up a head as well as hearing something get knocked over, Lucas moved closer to investigate.

Creeping to the backstage area, he saw the large figure of Zack. Holding his drumsticks defensively, Lucas prepared to attack the dark-skinned boy only to feel a hand clamp over his mouth and an arm wind around his waist.

His first instinct was to scream, but he sound was of course blocked. Then he flailed his legs about before making an attempt to hit his attacker in the face with a drumstick.

He succeeded and managed to half scramble out of the other person's hold before he was slammed up against the wall. His guess had been correct, and he found himself face to face with Josh.

"Get off me you Neanderthal!" Lucas yelled out.

"Hey ssh, no need to make a fuss." Josh replied. "If you do what I ask then I won't have to hurt you."

"Get away from him, Tristan." Dean demanded as he moved towards them, a nasty looking cut on his forehead from where he'd been hit.

"How sweet, your new boyfriend's trying to be a hero." Josh mocked. "Hit the bitch again." He ordered.

Zack was carrying a baseball bat and he made to swing at Dean again. This time, Dean ducked before latching hold of the bat and grappling with the larger boy for it.

Ignoring the struggle behind them, Josh stroked Lucas's cheek tenderly and the pale boy shuddered at the touch.

He made to shove him away but Josh barely staggered before pinning him against the wall with an even tighter grip.

"You can't fight me." Josh pointed out. "So don't try."

"Go on man, beat the faggot boy up." Zack encouraged.

"Don't call him that!" Josh snapped twisting his neck round to glare at his friend.

Dean took advantage of Zack's stunned reaction to snatch the bat off of him and whack him round the back of the knees, causing him to fall to the floor.

Before he could aim a swing at Josh, the larger teen lunged at him, tackling him to the floor. Without thinking, Lucas joined the fray and latched himself around Josh's neck, choking him.

A few hits were exchanged between Dean and Josh before Zack plucked Lucas off of the heap.

He then yanked the other two apart and stood between them, staring at Josh in total confusion.

"What the hell is going on dude?" Zack demanded to know. "First you join Homo Explosion, and now you won't even beat up fairy boy over there?" He asked pointing to Lucas. "What's wrong with you, man?"

"Lucas is mine. That Blonde doesn't get to touch him and you don't get to talk about him that way." Josh retorted.

"What the fuck?" Zack asked. "Are you a cock-boy too now?" He asked in disgust.

"So what if I like cock?" Josh replied with a shrug. "I'm still me."

Despite everything, Lucas found himself agreeing with Josh's latest statement.

Sexuality didn't change who a person was. It didn't matter that Josh was gay. What mattered was that he was a complete and total psycho.

"Fucking fags." Zack said under his breath looking between the other three.

"Actually Dean's straight." Lucas spoke up as he edged closer to the blonde. "So why don't you leave him alone."

He aimed the words at Josh. "Now, what have you done to Jane?"

"Who cares about her, Luke this is about you and me." Josh said making to step towards Lucas but Zack shoved him in the opposite direction.

"What the fuck man?" He spat shoving Zack back.

"I don't know." Zack admitted. "I don't know what the fuck is going on right now but all you white son of a bitches are acting crazy. Maybe if you stay away from Benson and quit the choir you'll go back to your old self."

"No way, I'm not staying away from Lucas." Josh responded harshly.

"Where are Jane and Brent?" Lucas asked again.

"We haven't seen those losers alright." Zack answered. "Seriously dude," he said to Josh still blocking his way towards Lucas. "Do I have to beat the gay outta you?"

"Don't mess with me Z; if I have to I'll give you a full taste of the fury." He threatened holding up his fist.

"Josh, this is for your own good." Zack said before punching his friend in the face.

As the two continued to fight one another, Dean grabbed Lucas and they ran out, collecting Jane's pink folder off the stage before leaving the auditorium. Unfortunately, Brent's drumsticks were left behind.

By the time they made it back to the choir room, the others were already there including Sue Kennester, Miss Blake, the AV club as well as Brent and Jane.

"Dean, your head." Elena gasped seeing the drying wound on his forehead.

"It's just a bump." Dean assured her before letting her fuss over him.

"Where in the name of Prada have you two been?" Lucas demanded to know looking between Brent and Jane.

"We were really worried about you," he said looking only at Jane. "We thought something bad had happened and we looked all over."

"Sorry." Brent mumbled shifting his feet awkwardly.

"What happened?" Lucas asked as he handed Jane her folder back.

"Brent and I were rehearsing for our duet in the auditorium." Jane explained. "We're totally gonna win," she added earning a glare from most of the others. "Then I tried to talk to Brent about the dreadful situation Lucas is being forced to suffer through because of Josh. Our discussion rapidly led to an argument so I suggested we seek guidance and advice from Miss Blake in order to work through this difficult time in our relationship. Furthermore" She began.

"That's enough Man Hands." Sue interrupted.

"Porcelain, why am I only now finding out about what's going on? If my Cheerleaders are being terrorised by someone other than myself then I need to know about it. I propose we dig a hole in the football field, fill it with a variety of insects that like to bite and sting at human flesh, push this Josh boy in then watch and laugh as we stone him to death."

"I totally have stones we can use in my locker." Molly smiled.

"Outstanding, Molly." Sue praised.

"Excuse me, Sue," Miss Blake piped up nervously from where she stood, probably unwilling to sit on one of the chairs due to her OCD.

"I don't think digging holes, which would be a very messy exercise, and using disgusting insects and unwashed stones is the best way to deal with a high school bully. We need a less outrageous approach."

"Ok Ella, and what do you suggest?" Sue asked.

"Well I think we ought to wait until Joe gets here before we officially begin such a discussion." Miss Blake replied.

"Miss B, Mr. Blake isn't coming." Laura told her. "We've tried talking to him about Josh and he hasn't listened."

"Perhaps you didn't explain the situation clearly enough." Miss Blake suggested.

"Forget it Edna, your precious gel-haired not-quite-lover is a fool." Sue said. "I've been saying it all along and today I am proved correct. Move on from your sickening feelings for Joe Blake and work on your new relationship with that Dentist."

"So Joe isn't helping?" Miss Blake asked sadly, her big doe eyes looking round at all of them.

"Sorry Miss B." Benny apologised.

"Maybe I could talk to him." Miss Blake offered.

"You'll only be wasting your time Elma, but I suppose it's worth a try." Sue sighed. "Now, you people, ugly kids who I can't bring myself to make direct eye-contact with," Sue said speaking to the AV club.

Miss Blake made to object to the way the Cheerleading Coach addressed them but Sue easily silenced her. "How are these cameras coming along?"

"There'll be set up by tomorrow." Lauren replied.

"Next time Josh causes any trouble it will be recorded and we'll instantly present you with the audio and visual evidence."

"See that you do." Sue said. "Here, have a candy bar." She tossed a Snickers bar into Lauren's awaiting hands.

"Now isn't this lovely." Sue commented. "Two separate groups of misfits uniting together to help my precious Porcelain. Yes, you choir kids will probably humiliate yourselves at Regionals again, and you AV nerds will undoubtedly spend the remainder of your lives as virgins, but seeing you work together almost warms the cold veins and arteries of my heart."

"Sue, you can't speak to children that way." Miss Blake told her.

"Don't be silly Ella, I'm a winner, I can do whatever I want." Sue replied. "Besides, high school students ought to remain celibate. Normally, it is a difficult thing for teenagers to do, but these AV kids are lucky enough to be so repulsive that even the horniest of teens wouldn't want to touch them. And that means they won't risk unwanted teenage pregnancy. Q, show these girls your stretch marks. Hopefully they'll be so repulsed that they'll never want to be intimate with the opposite sex."

"Thank you, Sue, I think that's enough for today." Miss Blake said pointedly. "Move along to your next lessons children. Go and learn things, learning is fun, yay."

"I hate this." Lucas commented as he walked along with Tatia, Laura and Jane to his next lesson.

"At least Brent isn't acting like a total idiot anymore." Laura pointed out. "Right Jane, that white boy is gonna help us deal with Josh right?"

"I do believe Miss Blake and I were able to talk some sense into him." Jane replied proudly. "Of course I also had to explain to both of them what Josh's song choice for his solo was actually about. Can you believe they actually thought it was about being touched by someone spiritually and emotionally?"

"Miss Blake's l a total prude." Tatia shrugged.

"Even more than you are. And Brent believed Elena got preggers in the hot tub so it's not that surprising."

"Well, from now on things can only improve right?" Jane asked with a smile.

"Jane!" Laura and Lucas complained. "Why'd you have to say that? Now everything's gonna get worse. You just totally jinxed us."

"Great, well done, Bright." Tatia sniped. "Come on, Benson, keep your head up."

She encouraged wrapping her arm around his waist. "You get to see Jensen this weekend; at least that's one good thing."
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