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12. Playing it straight

On Thursday, Josh continued with his good-boy act. It was highly frustrating. The AV club had the cameras and microphones all set up in different places of the school, but they just weren't of any use.

Tatia had tried provoking Josh into lashing out. If he was caught on camera hitting a girl then Gilligen would have no choice but to expel him.

Unfortunately, Josh ignored everything the Latina girl said and Tatia found herself in Mr. Blake's office with the Spanish teacher warning her to be less hostile.

The choir came about and while Molly and Benny performed their duet together, Lizzy flicked elastic bands at the back of Josh's head.

Normally, Lucas would step in to tell her off about such behaviour, but he opted to pretend he didn't notice.

The little girl also aimed a few of the bands at Brent's head. Rubbing the back of his head, Brent turned round and Lizzy adopted an innocent expression and pointed to Jane saying that she was the one to do it.

"Nice song guys." Mr. Blake said when Molly and Benny finished their duet. "Ok, last but not least we have Lucas and Josh."

"I'm watching you, Tristan." Lizzy warned as he moved to the performance area with a reluctant Lucas.

"Lizzy, if you're going to sit in on our rehearsals then you need to behave." Mr. Blake told her.

"Nice vest, Mr. Blake." Lizzy replied with a sweet smile. "My Grandpa has one just like it that Nana lets me and Jensen wipe our bogies on."

"Thank you for sharing such a lovely piece of information Liz." Lucas said sarcastically. "Think you can be quiet for a few minutes, sweetie?"

Nodding, "Only for you Lulu." Lizzy made a motion of zipping her mouth closed before she looked to her left where Tatia was sitting and shifted so that she was sitting similarly to the older girl.

Indicating to Brad and the band that he was ready, Lucas kept his distance from Josh as they performed their rendition of Better than Ezra's 'Porcelain' together.

Although Josh maintained a creepy intense stare upon Lucas throughout, the performance went by without a hitch. They received their applause, though it was mostly for Lucas rather than Josh and they retook their seats as Mr. Blake congratulated them.

The group were then all given a slip of paper on which to write down the name of the pair they believed should win. As planned, Lucas, Sakura and Jane all voted for Dean and Elena.

The two blondes voted for themselves, as did the other choir members. But with the extra votes from Lucas, Sakura and Jane, it was assured that Dean and Elena won the competition and the free meal at Breadsticks.

They had previously decided to make sure Dean and Elena won so that Lucas and Josh didn't. There was no way Lucas could handle having to share a meal with his stalker.

After announcing Dean and Elena as the winners, Mr. Blake presented them all with lyrics for a Journey song they hadn't covered yet and got them to work on performing it with Benny and Sakura taking the lead vocals.


Friday also went by smoothly with no hassle from Josh. The choir kids grouped up together, trading theories as to why Josh was so inactive all of a sudden.

"He must be biding his time." Benny said. "He's waiting for us all to let our guard down and then he'll strike."

"Is there any possible way that he could know about the cameras?" Elena asked.

"We should interrogate the AV club." Jane suggested. "One of them could have informed him of our plans."

"The batteries in those cameras won't last forever." Sakura pointed out.

"If Josh keeps up this good guy routine for long enough the cameras will die and he can go back to hassling Lucas again without us being able to catch any evidence."

"Somebody must have told." Laura insisted. "There's no other explanation."

"IF that's true, then the question is who?" Dean commented.

"Asher." Tatia stated. "It has to be."

"We can't know for sure." Molly said reasonably.

"Then we have to find out." Jake shrugged.

"Jane?" Lucas asked turning to her. "Do you think you could weasel the truth out of Asher?"

"You mean I have to willingly converse with him?" Jane asked in disgust.

"Oh come on, Bright," Tatia encouraged. "The little freak is obsessed with you. He'll tell you anything you wanna know."

"But what if he demands a pair of her underwear again?" Brent asked.

"Sacrifices have to be made." Tatia said uncaringly.

"Jane, will you please just ask him?" Lucas asked her.

"I'll see what I can do." Jane answered.

"Well now's your chance." Tatia told her pointing over to Asher. "Head over there, try to be flirty and alluring and get the information we need."

"You can do it, you're so hot." Molly encouraged.

Squaring her shoulders, Jane left their table and made her way over to Asher Drayson. The boy was soon drooling over her and Jane was obviously fighting the urge to be sick as she conversed with him.

As it turned out, Asher had indeed informed Josh about the cameras. In retaliation, Tatia saw to it that Asher's head was forced down a toilet every hour on the hour for the remainder of the school day.

Towards the end of the day, the school gathered in the hall for an assembly. Gillegen spoke slowly into the microphone, mentioning a few things the students didn't bother to listen to before he introduced the Cheerleaders.

They performed their routine expertly and Lucas blew the audience away as he sang Defying Gravity. As he hit the High C with such ease and confidence, it was clear that every person in the room was impressed.

A bubble of pride expanded in Lucas's chest and he grinned broadly as he sucked up the most enthusiastic applause he had ever heard.

"Lucas and I totally have to make babies together," Jane gushed. "They would be so epically talented."

"Lucas, wow that was really remarkable." Mr. Blake told Lucas.

"I know." Lucas said arrogantly.

"Seriously, I had no idea you could sing like that." Mr. Blake continued.

"Well Joe, if you didn't favour Frankenteen and Man Hands so much," Sue interrupted. "Then maybe you'd have taken the time to see just how talented the rest of your kids are. I of course always saw Porcelain's true potential," she added looking Lucas over with an expression that was almost fond.

"He's a winner, just like I am. If you'd featured him more in your numbers at Regionals last year, maybe you wouldn't have lost. He won Nationals for me last year, that alone should have clued you in to just how special and talented he is. I have no doubt that Porcelain here is gonna help me take Nationals again this year. Don't worry Joe, I'll send you a bragging postcard when we do prove victorious. And just because your birthday is coming up, I took the liberty of getting a little gift for you." She searched her tracksuit pocket before handing him a free voucher to get his hair cut.

"You should consider shaving your head so you can spare me from having to look at that tumbleweed on top of your skull."

Sensing that a petty argument was about to break out between the two competitive teachers, Lucas made his escape.

Still elated over his stunning performance, he found Elena and shared a hug with her before he turned to hug Dean.

As soon as he did, talk broke out and people were more convinced than before that the two were fooling around with one another.

"This is ridiculous." Lucas scoffed. "I can't even hug a member of the same sex without people spreading rumours."

"Just ignore it. They'll get bored eventually." Dean told him. "You were really awesome today, Lucas."

"Thanks." Lucas smiled trying to hold on to his happy mood.

After being hugged by Sakura, Lucas hugged Jake and soon there was talk about him and the dancer cheating behind Sakura's back.

"Not a bad performance," Josh whispered into Lucas's ear as he came up behind him. "I wonder if you'd scream that high when I fuck you."

Lucas froze, the fact that Josh used the word 'when' causing him deep concern. "See you around, slut."

He squeezed Lucas's bum as he walked away before disappearing amongst the crowd.

Lucas jumped slightly as Tatia and Molly appeared on either side of him. Realising that something had just happened, Tatia steered Lucas and Molly out of the hall. They found Lauren and together they looked over the recent footage.

After telling them what had happened with Josh, Lucas hoped that they might have visual or audio evidence that they could use to get him expelled.

As luck would have it, nothing that Josh had said to Lucas was picked up as the hall had been so full of students at the time, all of them loud. It had been so crowded in the hall that they couldn't even clearly see Josh groping Lucas as he walked away.

It merely looked as though Josh had stepped up behind him and then moved on.

"Sorry Benson," Lauren apologised. "But there's nothing good enough."

"Don't worry, we'll get him." Tatia assured Lucas.

Trying to stay positive, Lucas reminded himself that he would be seeing his boyfriend the next day. He smiled softly at the thought, wishing that Jensen had been able to see his performance of 'Defying Gravity'.


At long last, Saturday arrived, the day that Lucas would be visiting his boyfriend in juvie.

Waking up at an earlier than usual time, he showered and prepared himself for the day.

Standing before his wardrobe, he bypassed all his beloved designer items, many of which had been purchased online, and opted for a baggy pair of jeans, a plain white tee-shirt with a checked shirt thrown on over the top.

Although it physically pained him to do so, Lucas placed a baseball cap atop of his un-styled hair.

"Morning, dad." Lucas greeted in a deeper voice than normal. "Think I can pass off as a regular guy?" He asked.

"C'mere kid." James told him holding out his arms.

Lucas stepped into his dad's hold, taking comfort from the strong hands rubbing his back. His dad's unshaven chin scratched at his neck a little but he didn't comment on it, not ready for the hug to be over just yet.

"You need to get some breakfast down your throat before you go. What do you want?" James asked.

"Coffee and toast will do fine," Lucas answered. "You sit down, I can do it."

"No," James replied guiding Lucas into a seat at the table. "I'm the parent here. Let me take care of you for once. I'm doing a lot better; you don't have to worry about me so much. Making breakfast isn't going to kill me." He joked.

"That's not funny." Lucas told him with a slight glare as his dad fixed him a cup of coffee and buttered his toast.

"I'm sorry." James replied. "But you need to relax. You've been so stressed lately Lucas that I'm worried you're gonna have a heart attack. I know you miss Jensen right now and it's a difficult time but he'll be out before you know it."

"All I want is to be able to kiss him." Lucas admitted and James pulled a face before tentatively biting into his own toast. "But if I do other people might hurt him for it. I know that's the type of prejudice we face every day, but he isn't safe in that environment. It hurts so much that I'll have to pretend I'm just a friend visiting."

"It'll be ok." James said. "You just gotta be strong like I know you can, you're a Benson. We can get through anything life throws at us. And you've got that friend of yours going with you, Tatia."

"Yes well, Tatia isn't really known for sensitivity." Lucas pointed out. "She'll probably be telling me to man up on the drive down there and insulting me for the rest of it."

"Hey, you still get to see Jensen." James reminded him. "That's the important thing. I know the situation isn't ideal but it's better than nothing. You should enjoy today."

Nodding in agreement, Lucas munched down his toast and drained his coffee before getting up.

"I'll see you later." Lucas said. "Make sure you take your medicine."

"Tell Jensen I said hi." James called after him as he exited the front door.

Just as Lucas pulled out of the driveway in his car, he spied Stacy driving towards the house in her car.

He honked the horn and they shared a little wave before he headed to Tatia's. He felt a little better now that he knew Stacy was already with his dad.

Brent and Jane would be heading round a little later too. They would pretend they just wanted to use Jane's T.V but it was really to make sure James wouldn't be alone in case Josh tried anything.

Even though the teen hadn't broken in to Lucas's house since he'd had the locks changed, he still didn't like the thought of his dad being alone.

As he parked up outside Tatia's house, he sent her a quick text telling her he was waiting. A few minutes later she emerged from the house. From the way she moved, Lucas could tell she wasn't in a happy mood.

An older woman who could only be Tatia's mother appeared in the doorway, shouting after her in Spanish.

Tatia yelled a few Spanish insults back at her before getting into Lucas's car and shutting the door with a harder than necessary slam.

"Tatia, are you?" Lucas began only for her to glare and hiss for him to just drive.

They drove in silence for half an hour, Tatia looking out the passenger window with her arms crossed over her chest before she finally made a quick apology.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Lucas dared to ask.

"It's nothing, just my mum being a whore." Tatia answered. "Are we there yet?"

"We'll be there in about an hour." Lucas told her and she let out a loud groan before rolling the window down and letting some air into the car.

Just under an hour later, they arrived at their destination. There was a ten minute process where they had to give their details and say who they were here to visit. They a couple of guards searched them to see if they were trying to smuggle anything in.

"Hey, you'd better watch where you put your hands." Tatia warned one of the guards when he got too close to her privates. "My dad's a doctor so my family totally has enough money to sue you for sexual harassment."

"I'm sorry miss, but the body search is necessary." The guard told her.

"You just wanna cop a feel you old perve." Tatia retorted.

"Tatia, just calm down, babe." Lucas told her trying to act straight.

A few minutes later, Lucas and Tatia were cleared and presented with their visitor badges.

They were led to a large hall with a number of desks and chairs set up. Seeing Jensen seated at a table waiting for them, Lucas had to grip Tatia's hand tightly in his own to prevent himself from rushing over to his boyfriend and riding his cock for everybody to see.

"Relax, play it cool." Tatia whispered to Lucas as they calmly made their way over to Jensen.

"Hey Knight, you look like hell." Tatia told him by way of greeting as she threw her arms round him and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks." Jensen replied with an amused chuckle staring at Lucas over his shoulder.

The two boyfriends gazed into one another's eyes, quietly communicating all the things they couldn't address out in the open.

As Tatia took a seat, Lucas stepped forward and offered his fist out so Jensen could bump it with his own.

The action left Lucas feeling a little cold but he didn't trust himself to even share a manly one-armed hug with Jensen.

If he was that close to his boyfriend, Lucas doubted he'd be able to control himself and making-out with Jensen would be a dead giveaway to their sexuality.

Dropping down into the seat next to Tatia just as Jensen sat back down in the chair on the opposite side of the desk, Lucas found his mind go blank.

There were so many things he had wanted to say and now he couldn't think of anything.

As Jensen started the conversation off, complaining about the abysmal quality of the food, Lucas discreetly looked around.

He wondered what some of the other guys were doing time in juvie for but he didn't want to ask.

Some of them looked particularly vicious but there was no noticeable bad behaviour.

Everybody just seemed grateful for the time to visit with friends and family members. Since nobody was throwing him dirty looks, Lucas guessed that he was pulling off the straight act fairly well so he relaxed a little.

"Any idea when you're getting out?" Lucas asked placing an arm over Tatia's shoulders, wishing he could be wrapped up with Jensen instead. "The guys back home are all missing ya. My old man says hi by the way."

"I could be getting out next week." Jensen told them and Lucas had to bite down on his lip to contain the squeal that threatened to break out.

"As long as I don't get into any shit in the mean time and agree to do community service I'll be back in Lima before you know it."

"Make sure you stay out of trouble then." Tatia said seriously.

"Yeah man, we need you back." Lucas added hoping Jensen understood the things he really wanted to say.

"Don't worry; I'll be on my best behaviour." Jensen promised them as he placed his hand on top of Tatia's.

The way he looked to Lucas made it clear that it was his hand he wanted to be holding. "Tell me what's happening with Tristan." Jensen requested.

Talking in whispers, Tatia and Lucas worked together to fill Jensen in on all that had been going on.

It was clear that Jensen was not pleased and Lucas worried he might lose his temper at that moment which would jeopardise his chances of getting released the next week.

"I'm gonna destroy that asshole when I get out of here." Jensen hissed.

"You have to be careful." Tatia told him. "I wanna kick Josh's ass too, but if you get into any trouble once you're out of here then you'll be thrown right back in."

"Only if they know I had anything to do with it." Jensen replied. "And trust me; I'll fuck Tristan up so bad he'll be too scared to even speak my name. He can't touch what's mine and think he can get away with it. Fuck that."

Lucas gulped slightly, thankful that he was wearing baggy jeans as opposed to his favoured skinny jeans.

Hearing Jensen talk like that had gotten him hard. As Jensen's eyes moved to meet his own, a dark smirk crawled onto his lips and Lucas knew his boyfriend could tell how turned-on he was.

Tatia looked between them with a roll of her eyes, obviously noticing the sexual tension between them.

"Well, if we're lucky maybe you won't have to beat up Josh at all." Tatia said. "If we can just catch him on video doing something stalker-like then we'll have the evidence we need to get him kicked out of school."

"Screw that," Jensen sneered leaning closer to them across the desk. "I don't care if he's expelled or not, I'm still gonna teach him a lesson for messing with my girl." He forced himself to say 'girl' rather than 'boy' at the last second just in case one of the other guys overheard.

"There are also a lot of rumours going around Beach High." Lucas informed his boyfriend who raised an eyebrow in question. "People are saying that Jennifer is cheating on you."

"Yeah, with basically everybody." Tatia said. "Dean, that's the kid. Large mouth, huge dork but still kinda cute. And now there are rumours about Jennifer doing the nasty with Jake. I've even heard a few suggestions about Jennifer and Brent."

"That's disgusting." Jensen commented as Lucas's features morphed into an expression of disgust, he hadn't heard that particular rumour.

Lucas changed the topic to Lizzy and Jensen smiled and laughed as he listened to the things his little sister was getting up to.

He enquired after his mum and Lucas assured him that she was coping so much better now.

Then before they knew it, their time was up and they had to leave. Together, the three of them stood and Lucas forced himself to keep strong.

The visitation time just wasn't long enough. He didn't want to walk away from his boyfriend so soon.

"Sorry guys, but we gotta break this love fest up." Tatia told them and she gave Jensen a tight hug, warning him to stay out of trouble.

"Later dude," Lucas said grasping Jensen's hand and shaking it firmly. "It was good seeing ya."

"Yeah, you too." Jensen replied.

"Knight." One of the guards called trying to hurry him.

"We'd better be seeing you in a week." Tatia said before taking Lucas's hand and leading him out of the hall, walking in the opposite direction from Jensen.

"Wait." Jensen called and he jogged over to meet them, a guard following Jensen to drag him back the other way.

"I love you." He said to Lucas before pulling him into his arms and kissing him deeply, pushing the silly baseball cap off his head as he did so.

"Mmm, Jensen." Lucas moaned clutching tight to the muscular boy as he kissed back just as fiercely before the guards separated them and led Jensen away.

"I love you, baby." Jensen mouthed to Lucas.

"I love you too." Lucas replied as Tatia led him away. He just hoped the insults and beatings Jensen would no doubt receive from the other inmates wouldn't be too severe.

"Don't worry, he's tough." Santana assured him. "He can take whatever they throw at him."

Kurt just held her hand on the way back to the car hoping she was right. His lips were still tingling with the kiss and he hoped the taste of his own mouth on Puck's would help him to get through the next week.
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