My boyfriend's back (boyxboy)

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15. My boyfriend's a sex god

Tucked up snugly in his bed, Lucas was peacefully dreaming about meeting Lady Gaga.

After they had been shopping together and tried on numerous fabulous outfits, the two were working together on choreography. Impressed with Lucas's dance talents, Lady Gaga insisted that he join her on all of her future tours.

He squealed in delight as he hugged her in gratitude. The pop sensation then asked him to sing for her and he did so, blowing the musical icon away with his vocal range and ability. He was just signing a contract of some sort when the dream changed.

Shifting in his sleep, Lucas let out a breathy moan, beginning to stir.

Feeling urgent kisses being pressed to his neck, Lucas left dreamland and his eyelids fluttered open. Wiping the sleep out of his eyes, he looked up into the face of his boyfriend.

"Happy to see me?" Jensen asked with a smirk as he ground his hips down into Lucas's erection.

"Jensen." Lucas gasped taking in the fading bruise circling his boyfriend's eye.

"Forget it babe," Jensen told him feeling the slender male's stare. "It's just a bruise, baby. It'll heal. Now, how about a kiss?"

Without hesitation, Lucas looped his arms around Jensen's head and pulled him down for a much needed kiss, uncaring about his morning breath.

Keeping their lips connected, Jensen managed to pull the blanket away from Lucas's body so they could feel greater friction as they rocked their lower bodies together.

"Baby, please, I've gotta touch you." Jensen begged between kisses.

"I I won't last long." Lucas warned him and Jensen whispered that it was ok as he made quick work of stripping them both naked.

Once the two were fully nude, they picked up where they left off. They kissed furiously, hands roaming everywhere as they thrust themselves against one another.

A few gasps and hisses broke from Jensen's throat but Lucas was too lost in his haze of pleasure to notice that it was whimpers of pain sounding from his boyfriend.

"Need you need you so much," Lucas whispered. "Touch me."

Obediently Jensem snaked a hand between them and gripped both of their erections in his strong warm fingers.

Lucas's body jerked upwards into the touch and he moaned and whined desperately as the pleasure sparked through him.

"Mmm, I've got you baby," Jensen groaned into Lucas's ear as he tugged harshly at both their blood-filled cocks.

"That fucker isn't gonna mess with you anymore. Nobody's gonna hurt you, baby."

"Oh, oh Gaga, Jensen Jensem!" Lucas chanted as his fluids seeped out from the slit in his penis and gushed all over Jensen's hand as well as his own stomach.

"Lucas, baby, fuck!" Jensen swore around the same time, his own seed splashing upwards, thick white ropes hitting his chest.

As his muscular boyfriend slumped on top of him, Lucas let out a happy giggle, so pleased to have Jensen back.

He pulled Jensen's mouth to his and engaged him in a lazy kiss before Jensem rolled off him and onto his back.

Turning his head, Lucas reached to his nightstand for his cell phone and checked the time. He was surprised to find that he had slept in and it was already past noon.

"When did you get back to Lima?" Lucas asked turning onto his side, his eyes finally taking note of the discolouration that littered his boyfriend's beautiful tanned body.

"Jensen, you're they hurt you." Lucas acknowledged in a whisper as he sorrowfully looked over the bouquet of bruises, some purple and blue, others green and yellow, all looking painful.

"It's only bruises, babe." Jensen told him reaching for his hand and giving a light squeeze. "Don't worry about them, they'll fade baby."

"This is because of me isn't it?" Lucas asked sadly. "Because you kissed me when I came to visit. I knew I shouldn't have gone. Oh, I'm so sorry."

"Hey, come on, quit blaming yourself alright baby." Jensen replied sternly turning onto his stomach and placing a hand to Lucas's bare thigh. "I'm back now, that's what matters. I'm back to take care of you and remind Tristan just who you belong to."

"You've just got your cum all over my sheets." Lucas pointed out, not at all impressed.

"Oops, fuck. No blow-job tonight then." Jensen grumbled, knowing Lucas always refused oral if he messed up any of his possessions.

"Ordinarily I would hold out on you for such a thing," Lucas admitted. "But it's been far too long. The sheets can go in the wash. I really need to taste you again tonight and have you inside me and everything. I just need you."

"Tell you what, you get yourself cleaned up, brush your teeth, do your fancy skin-care stuff," Jensen told him. "I'll get the damn sheets in the wash and I'll make us some lunch. Sound good?"

"My dad?" Lucas asked.

"He headed out to work pretty much as soon as he let me in." Jensen answered. "He gave me a tight hug first though. It was kinda weird but nice. I don't think my old man ever hugged me like that."

"My dad cares about you too, you know." Lucas replied. "You really need to start believing that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make myself smell as fabulous as I look."

"I'll meet you upstairs, babe." Jensen said landing a gentle swat to Lucas's ass as the countertenor sashayed towards his adjoining bathroom.

Pulling his clothes back on, Jensen stripped the bed sheets as he promised and took them up to load them into the washing machine.

He then got to work on fixing a light lunch for the two of them. Knowing how long Lucas could take going about his morning routines, Jensen decided he may as well return to the basement and remake the bed with fresh sheets.

It would save time for when they fucked one another's brains out shortly after eating.

Bed ready, Jensen jogged back upstairs and set up the table as he waited for Lucas's entry.

The male diva joined him, a smile on his face and looking absolutely radiant. He stepped right up to Jensen and pulled him into a hard kiss that he was only too eager to return.

"Come on, I'm starving." Jensen told him breaking the kiss so they could sit and eat the sandwiches he had prepared.

They could barely keep their hands off of one another. Although they had always had a heavy physical relationship, they were touching, kissing and groping a lot more than was probably considered normal.

Of course, they'd been denied the privilege of touching one another for so long that they were simply making up for lost time.

It did become a little awkward for Jensen. Eating his sandwiches one handed while his other hand slipped under Lucas's pants and probed his opening wasn't the easiest thing to do.

The fact that Lucas's fingers were down his jeans and wrapped around his cock certainly didn't help matters. He had to work extremely hard not to choke on his food as they pleasured one another.

"Hurry up, Jensen." Lucas ordered. "It's not fair to keep me waiting longer than necessary."

"I'm nearly finished babe." Jensen responded scoffing down what remained of his sandwich. "Tell me what you want me to do to you, princess. Do you want to make love or do you wanna be fucked."

"Both," Lucas answered, his voice sounding so needy. "Oh fuck, babe, I want both."

"I can do that." Jensen nodded prepared to accept the challenge. "Which way do you want it first baby?"

"Just fuck me now." Lucas demanded snatching the last part of Jensen's sandwich and throwing it into the sink. "Make love to me later, but be a man and fuck me right now."

"Mmm, needy little bitch." Jensen groaned pulling Lucas to him by hooking his finger into the waistband of his skinny jeans and smashing their lips together hungrily.

He took great pleasure in roaming his hands up Lucas's clothed body and then messing up the slender boy's previously neat hair.

A glare was sent his way in response to the action, but the view of one Lucas Benson with shaggy hair was more than worth it.

With nimble fingers, Jensen unbuttoned Lucas's shirt. Moving his hands down to grope Lucas's jean covered ass, Jensen picked him up then placed him on the table, carelessly shoving everything else off of it and onto the floor.

It always looked good when people did it in movies and Jensen believed it was something every couple should try at least once.

"You're cleaning that up, Knight." Lucas told him sternly.

"Later baby." Jensen grunted pushing Lucas down and stepping up to the table so he was standing between Lucas's legs.

Bending his head, Jensen pressed his lips just below Lucas's belly-button. He then circled his tongue around the navel before licking his way up Lucas's torso, up his throat, over his chin and then slipping his tongue into Lucas's mouth.

One hand was gripping Lucas's leg while he travelled his other up the exposed skin, pinching Lucas's left nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"Ow." Lucas gasped.

"Sorry baby." Jensen apologised releasing the sensitive nub.

Covering Lucas's mouth with his own again, Jensen blindly roamed his hands down to Lucas's belt buckle. His fingers easily unclasped the accessory before he popped open the button and worked the zipper down.

Slipping his hands into the denim fabric, Jensen tugged the pants down to Lucas's knee caps, yanking his underwear down with it.

"So fucking gorgeous baby." Jensen commented in a whisper.

He gripped Lucas's ankles and lifted them over his head. He poked his head through Lucas's legs, the pale boy locked around him due to the pants tangled around his feet.

Cupping Lucas's balls lightly and giving a few quick tugs to his cock, Jensen whispered to him about how hard he was going to fuck him.

Continuing to squeeze and toy with Lucas's balls, Jensen lifted his other hand to Lucas's mouth, ordering him to take in his fingers and suck the digits.

Once Jensen deemed the amount of saliva adequate, he dropped his hand back down and carefully forced his way into Lucas's hole, stretching him open in preparation for something bigger.

"Condom." Lucas panted as his hole sucked Jensen's fingers in beautifully.

"Screw it," Jensen retorted refusing to prolong their time together by heading down to Lucas's basement to get one. "We're both clean right. Just let me fuck your sweet ass already baby, I'm dying here."

"Drama-queen." Lucas muttered.

"I learned it all from you babe." Jensen told him pressing a tender kiss to the corner of his mouth as he withdrew his fingers from Lucas's tight entrance before guiding his throbbing member into Lucas's body.

"Oh yeah, fuck that's it baby." He moaned blissfully dropping his head to Lucas's chest so he could mouth at his boyfriend's nipples.

"Come on, Jensen," Lucas whined. "I know you can fuck me harder than that."

"Damn right I can." Jensen agreed pulling out only to roughly slam himself back in. It took a few strokes for him to find Lucas's prostate, but when he did, the cry Lucas released was breathtaking.

"Shit, baby." He growled out thinking the sound of Lucas's moans alone could make him cum.

"Oh yes, yes, yes oh fuck yes!" Lucas mewled as Jensen pounded him with an almost brutal fashion.

"Mmm, Jensen, missed you. Gah, nrgh, mmm, fuck me harder."

Slamming against Lucas's prostate and tearing a moan from the countertenor's lips, Jensen smirked evilly before pulling entirely out of his boyfriend's needy little hole. He watched in fascination as the pink ring gaped at him.

"No, don't stop you asshole." Lucas complained squirming around as he tried to get his boyfriend's dick back inside of him but Jensen held him still.

"Beg, baby," Jensen commanded, his breath tickling Lucas's face. "Beg for it. Beg for my cock."

"Dream on you Neanderthal, I am not begging." Lucas objected stubbornly, his pride currently cock-clocking their sex-life.

"Just just oh Jensen for fuck sake." Lucas snapped angrily, his anger turning Jensen on either more.

"Just tell me what you want, princess." Jensen cooed lightly flicking Lucas's nipple, causing him to whimper.

"Tell me what you want and you know I'll give it to you baby." He nuzzled the slender male's neck before lightly nibbling his earlobe, determined to be the winner in their little game and make Lucas lose total control.

"Damn it, Jensen," Lucas growled sounding so strikingly similar to James that Jensen tensed a little and had to look behind him to check that the man hadn't returned home unexpectedly.

"Just get on with it."

"Get on with what?" Jensen asked teasing his cock along Lucas's ass crack, making sure not to slip back inside.

"The physical intimacy you stupid jerk." Lucas snarled.

Jensen responded by shaking his head dismissively. "Now, Lucas-love-of-my-life-but-stubborn-little-bitch-Benson tell me what you want."

"Just fuck me already you bastard." Lucas hollered, nearly in tears from such desperation.

"Ask me nicely." Jensen replied lining the head of his cock up to Lucas's entrance but refusing to enter him until he heard the begging he was after.

"I hate you." Lucas mumbled and Jensen smirked in victory as he recognised Lucas's resignation.

"Please. Please fuck me, Jensen."

"Hmm, I'm not so sure if I'm still in the mood." Jensen lied torturing his boyfriend a little bit more.

"Oh shit, Jensen just please fuck me." Lucas begged as he writhed his hips, his hole trying to swallow up Lucas's cock but the big teen wouldn't allow the penetration to happen.

"Jensen, please. I want it, I want you. Just put your cock in my hole and fuck me. Please, I need you inside of me. I need you Jensen, please, oh, please."

"You only had to ask, baby." Jensen smirked as he forced his way back inside, groaning with appreciation as Lucas's anal walls clamped around his cock like a vice and the countertenor released a delicious sounding whine of pleasure.

"You're so hot when you're a quivering mess." He told his boyfriend, leaning close to lick away the tears that had leaked from his eyes. "So beautiful when you fall apart for me. Fuck, I've missed seeing you like this baby."

"Jensen," Lucas whimpered. "K-kiss me."

Without hesitation, Jensen obeyed the request and gently explored Lucas's mouth with his own as he roughly pounded into him.

As Lucas crept a hand towards his penis, Jensen intercepted it and pinned Lucas's hands to the table above his head.

"None of that," Jensen chided. "You're gonna cum from the feel of my cock alone."

"Mmm, then you'd better fuck me harder." Lucas challenged.

Letting out a grunt of arousal, Jensen sped up his pace, snapping his hips back and forth vigorously as he as he nailed his boyfriend.

The sound of his balls slapping against Lucas's ass filled the room along with Lucas's sobs of pleasure as the table creaked dangerously beneath them from their zealous activities.

"Oh, oh Jensen, I'm so close Babe I can't I won't Jensen, fuck." Lucas moaned.

"That's it, Lucas." Jensen encouraged. "Let go, baby." He pressed a kiss to Lucas's neck. "Mmm, open your eyes, babe. I want you to look at me when you cum."

"J-Jenson!" Lucas cried out as his hips bucked wildly, his thighs trembled and his anus clenched tightly around the hard organ pumping in and out of him.

It was a struggle to keep his eyes open as the pleasure rocked through him but he just about managed it before he felt Jensen release inside of him.

"I love you baby." Jensen sighed kissing Lucas's lips sweetly.

Lucas just let out a breathless groan in response, the ability of speech not yet returned to him.

Chuckling fondly, Jensen kissed Lucas's neck again before carefully withdrawing from Lucas's well used body.

"Jensen." Lucas mouthed though no sound came out as Jensen's cum dribbled out of his pretty stretched hole.

Catching a glob of the substance on his finger, Jensen lifted it up to Lucas's mouth and offered to him, surprised when Lucas opened his lips to accept it.

"Fuck that's hot baby." Jensen commented in awe and Lucas blushed at the praise as he licked the cum off of his boyfriend's finger before letting the digit fall from his mouth with an obscene pop.

As Lucas's chest rapidly rose and fell as he fought to get his breathing under control, Jensen tucked himself away before gently turning Lucas over so he was propped up on all fours over the table.

Softly massaging the globes of Lucas's ass in his strong hands, Jensen spread his cheeks apart then stabbed his tongue into Lucas's shining pucker and lapped up his own essence.

The sounds of Lucas's appreciative whines met his ears as he used his wet muscle to clean him up.

Chore done, Jensen moved his face away then tugged the slender boy's underwear and pants back up.

"Leave it open babe." Jensen instructed when Lucas made to re-button his shirt and the fashionista blushed a pretty shade of pink before dropping his arms to his sides, leaving his chest on display.

"I love you, baby." Jensen said pulling Lucas against him and kissing him tenderly, sweet and slow.

"I'm so glad you're back." Lucas replied clutching tightly to his boyfriend. "Everything at school is such a mess."

"Hey, don't worry baby. I'm gonna take care of everything." Jensen told him. "Let's call the others. We'll all meet up here. You can update me on all the shit that's gone down and we can work something out together. Then later on I'm gonna take you out for dinner at Breadsticks and then bring you back home so I can make love to you."

"Very well, I suppose I don't have anything better to do today." Lucas smiled as Jensen squeezed his ass then gave it a gentle pat before Lucas hunted for his cell phone so he could call everybody up and invite them over.
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