My boyfriend's back (boyxboy)

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16. Homework or something

During the time in which they waited for the others to arrive, Jensen threw Lucas down on the sofa and gave his ass another furious pounding.

The two came rather quickly and panted heavily in one another's arms as Jensen pressed kisses all over Lucas's torso.

"Jensen, the words 'I love you' are feeble when it comes to trying to express my feelings for you." Lucas told him. "Pretty speeches mean little. I just love you far more than words can ever hope to describe."

"That's cool, babe," Jensen replied flicking his tongue over Lucas's sensitive nipple. "The way your dirty little hole opens up and takes me in says it all."

"If I ignore the fact you're talking about my asshole then that statement is almost romantic." Lucas teased.

They continued to kiss lazily until a sharp knock sounded at the door.

Groaning, the two boys moved off the couch and pulled their pants back up. Jensen yanked his t-shirt on over his head and Lucas neatened his hair, still leaving his shirt unbuttoned at his boyfriend's request.

He opened the front door and Jane's eyes widened as she took in the sight of his erect nipples and bruised lips.

He flushed under his gaze, painfully aware of how obvious it was that he and Jensen had been having sex.

Stepping back, he indicated for her to step in. Brent followed behind her, looking a little uncomfortable at Lucas's state of debauchery.

"I'm so glad you're back, Jensen." Jane commented as Lucas shut the front door and headed back to the living room with Brent.

"We need your bad boy presence to be mildly alluring in the background as I perform a stunning solo to win us Sectionals."

"You know, I was about to say I missed you," Jensen replied. "But you've just reminded me why I didn't."

Jane was far too used to such comments from most of the people she knew to be truly offended. She merely eyed the sofa suspiciously before opting to sit in James's favoured armchair.

"Good to see you back, dude." Brent told Jensen clapping a hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks man." Jensen replied barely suppressing a hiss from Brent unknowingly putting pressure on a particularly nasty bruise.

Next to arrive were Sakura, Jake and Laura, the three of them welcoming Jensen back.

"Ok, white boy, I get that you crazy kids have been forced into celibacy for a while," Laura commented. "And it's obvious you've already been doing the nasty, but Lucas, do you really have to prance around with your shirt open, Sweetie?"

"Yes." Jensen smirked at the same time Lucas claimed, "I do not prance, I strut with in a refined and elegant manner."

The two diva best friends ended up quarrelling good naturedly until another knock on the door sounded. It was Sakura who moved to answer it, standing back to let Molly, Elena and Benny in.

"Dean won't be joining us," Elena informed them as Jensem found himself with an armful of Molly, her legs wound around his waist and her face tucked into his neck. "I stopped by to see him but his mum is insistent that he continues to rest for the remainder of the weekend. He says hey to everyone though."

"And Tatia's on her way." Molly smiled as Jensen set her back on her feet, trying to discreetly rub his sore ribs. "She said she had to get something first."

Being a good host, Lucas offered everybody drinks before dragging Brent to the kitchen to help him since he was one of the few who knew where everything was located.

Jensen and Laura of course knew their way around the house too, but Laura always preferred to be waited on and Lucas knew the others wanted to catch up with Jensen.

Moving back to the living-room with a tray of drinks, Brent carrying another tray behind him, Lucas handed the drinks out to his friends, noticing how Jane winced slightly as she watched Sakura, Jake, Laura and Elena shifting around on the sofa to get comfortable.

He felt a little guilty knowing that his friends were sitting on the sofa he and his boyfriend had recently had sex on, but he was sure it would be rude to point that fact out to them. It was better to leave them in blissful ignorance.

Just as he handed the tray back to Brent so the taller teen could put them away, there was another knock at the door.

Knowing it would be Tatia, Lucas briskly walked to answer it and invite her in. As he pulled the door back, he discovered that Tatia had stopped to pick up Lizzy. Holding the little girl's hand, Tatia guided her inside.

"Hey, that's my sister, get your own." Jensem complained stepping forwards to sweep Lizzy up into his arms and hold her close.

"So, are you gonna help us sort out this Tristan business then, Little Lady?" He asked pressing a loud kiss to her cheek.

"Uh-huh," Lizzy nodded proudly. "You don't have to worry about a thing. I can totally kick Chubby-Boy's ass. We all know I'm the real badass of the family."

"I've just got outta juvie, that's how bad I am." Jensen replied.

"That's true," Lizzy conceded. "But I'm so good at being bad that I can pull off the innocent act so I don't get the blame for anything."

"Yeah, I know you do." Jensen grumbled balancing her more comfortably on his hip. "Ma still believes it was me who decided to shave the fur off the neighbour's cat. In her eyes you can do no wrong."

"That's because I'm adorable." Lizzy grinned rubbing the side of her face against his affectionately.

"Ok, enough with the puke-worthy brother-sister interaction," Tatia interrupted. "Let's get down to business. How do we murder Josh without any of us getting caught and thrown in jail?"

"Whoa, there will be no murdering," Laura replied. "I vote we just beat the hell out of him. Let's kick him ten shades of blue, shove him down a set of stairs and say the jerk fell. Coach Kennester gets away with that kind of thing all the time."

"No, that won't solve our problems at all." Elena pointed out. "Josh will just spend some time in hospital, and then have a bit of time off school before he's back and terrorizing Lucas again."

"No way, that punk ain't laying a finger on my boy now that I'm back." Jensen stated from his position on the floor with Lizzy in his lap and Lucas by his side.

"Damn right." Lizzy agreed taking hold of Lucas's hand. "Nobody hurts my Lulu."

"What we need is to find a way to get Josh expelled." Sakura said.

"But how?" Jake asked and nobody seemed to have an answer.

"Everything we've tried previously has failed." Benny said. "Things that should have worked just didn't. We tried to film him being a brute so he started acting like a teddy-bear."

"Then he got that Asher guy who drools over Jane to turn off the cameras so he could attack Dean without getting caught on film." Molly added. "And somehow freaked Zack into confessing to being the attacker."

"Which the police foolishly believed." Jane remarked bitterly. "They wouldn't even listen to Dean's version of events; just because he happened to be knocked out for most of it shouldn't make his account any less believable."

"Wait, back up, what did you say?" Tatia asked.

"The police wouldn't listen to Dean's version of events." Jane repeated.

"Not you, Bright," Tatia replied. "Molly, you said that asher drools over Jane."

"Yeah, like all the time." Molly nodded. "And he always tries taking pictures of her."

"What does that disgusting creature's crush on Jane have to do with anything?" Elena asked.

"I think it's time for you to get your flirt on, Bright." Tatia smirked.

"What? No way." Brent objected. "I'm not having my girlfriend flirt with another dude."

"Just shut up, Brentessa, nobody asked your opinion." Lizzy told him. "I agree with Auntie Tat." She smiled as though her word settled the matter.

"Um could someone explain to me because I don't get it?" Jake asked.

"Asher's been helping out Tristan, right?" Jensen asked and a few of them nodded in response. "Well, if Jane uses her hot little American princess charms, maybe she can convince Asher to help us."

"Would that even work?" Elena asked sceptically.

"I realise I may not look the way you do, Elena," Jane replied. "But even I am capable of capturing the romantic interests of teenage boys."

"For once Jane, I wasn't insulting you," Elena explained. "I'm just not sure if we can trust the little weasel. Hello, he's helped Josh."

"That was probably out of fear." Benny defended. "Josh's a bully, always has been."

"And Asher's always been a loser so he's always been picked on." Molly said. "Most people would do what Josh told them to if he threatened them."

"Or Josh could have used blackmail or bribery to get what he wants." Jake suggested.

"Either way, how can we be sure that Asher will do what we want just because Jane asks him to?" Elena asked. "If Josh is threatening him, then Asher's fear is probably going to be higher than his infatuation with Jane."

"But teenage boys will do pretty much anything for some action." Jake pointed out.

"No way," Lucas interrupted. "Jane isn't going to grant Asher any form of action."

"What's so wrong with action?" Lizzy asked.

"I'll have Tatia tell you when you're older, Liz." Jensen replied. "And Lucas's right. We're not asking Jane to disrespect herself like that."

"I'm not saying the prude has to give up her vir-vitamins," Tatia said, substituting the word 'virginity' with 'vitamins' at the last moment for Lizzy's benefit. "If she just sweet talks him a little, flips her hair, gives a smile, a kiss on the cheek at most, then maybe she can get Asher to do what we want, or at the very least she might be able to worm some info out of him."

"Drop it, Tatia; I am not cool with this." Brent objected.

"It isn't your decision, Frankenteen." Tatia retorted.

"I'll do it." Jane spoke up meekly and Brent's mouth fell open while Tatia simply looked pleased with herself, sharing a high-five with Lizzy in celebration.

"Jane, are you sure about this?" Lucas asked. "I don't want you to do anything you're not comfortable with. Any of you." He added looking round at them all.

"It's ok." Jane replied. "I'll simply view it as an acting lesson. I've auditioned for community theatre roles many times, I can totally handle this."

"Don't I get any say in this?" Brent asked in annoyance. "I just said I wasn't cool with this."

"I won't allow things to get too far out of hand." Jane promised him. "If I can find something out that might help us get Josh out of Beach High and out of my choir then it'll be worth it I mean, our choir." She added when she received a set of frosty stares.

"I don't want you to do it." Brent replied stubbornly starting to sulk.

"Brent, man up, dude." Benny told him. "We're doing this for Lucas."

"And you didn't seem to have any objections to Jane giving Asher a pair of her underwear to keep him quiet about my pregnancy last year," Elena pointed out. "So you really shouldn't have such an issue with this."

"It's different, Jane's my girlfriend now." Brent said. "I'm not gonna let you flirt with another guy."

"Well I don't hear any alternative suggestions from you." Jane replied. "At the moment, this is the only idea we have."

"If you do this then I'm breaking up with you." Brent told her.

"Don't bother." Jane retorted jumping to her feet and striking Brent across the face, Lizzy giggled openly while Tatia, Jensen and Laura giggled behind their hands.

"Consider this me breaking up with you first." She told him before turning on her heel and making her most impressive storm-out to date.

In her absence, a heavy awkwardness was left hanging in the air. Avoiding everybody's gaze, Brent shuffled on his feet looking like he wanted to kick something but was managing to control himself. He then took his leave, slamming the door harder than necessary.

"I think that went well." Molly joked to break the tension.

"So, any other ideas that have a better chance of working without pissing somebody off?" Laura asked of the group.

"We could buy Brent a bra for his man boobs." Lizzy replied making them all snigger.

"That's not really what we're aiming for, Liz." Jensen told her hugging around her middle. "We need to get Tristan kicked out of school. Come on; see if you can think of something in that evil little brain of yours."

"I don't know. I still vote that me, you and Auntie Tat just beat him up." Lizzy shrugged. "Or that we tell Papa Jamey."

"Lizzy, I've already explained this to you, sweetie." Lucas said patiently. "He's still recovering from his heart attack; I don't want him worrying over this. The stress would be bad for him."

"You're just making excuses," Lizzy said. "Papa Jamey's tough. I know he is because he told me that Benson men are strong and brave and can take anything life throws at them. And if you're really worried then we don't have to tell him everything. We can just say that Josh's a mean boy who needs a shotgun shoved in his face to make him wet his pants. Then he'll be so scared he'll beg his parents to leave the planet."

"She's got a point," Jensem admitted stroking his sister's hair and looking to Lucas. "Your old man can scare the hell out of anyone. Maybe we should tell him."

"Tell me what?" James asked as he appeared in the doorway.

"Nothing, dad." Lucas answered hurriedly as the others avoided eye-contact with the older Benson.

"Lucas, don't lie to me, buddy. Tell me what's going on." James replied sternly sitting down in his armchair and fixing Lucas with his fatherly 'tell me what I need to know' gaze.

Lucas looked around himself helplessly but none of his friends came to his aid. The expressions on all of their faces clearly indicated that they believed he should confide in his dad.

"I'm glad to see you're doing better, Mr. Bensom." Elena spoke up thereby breaking the silence. "But I think it's time that most of us headed home." She said before leading the way out, Jake, Sakura, Benny and Molly following behind her.

"Lizzy, let's go play dress-up with Lucas's fancy clothes." Tatia said getting up off the floor and holding her hand out to the younger girl.

"Can I Lulu?" She asked with a wide grin and Lucas nodded.

She kissed him on the cheek to show her appreciation before skipping down to Lucas's basement joyously, hand-in-hand with Tatia.

Jensem and Lucas then moved off of the floor and sat upon the couch with Laura, James still watching his son in expectations of an answer.

Feeling a little awkward, Lucas buttoned up his shirt. He knew his dad was incredibly skilled at pretending to be ignorant of his and Jensen's sex life, but Lucas ought to help his dad continue with his fantasies of having a still virginal son by hiding the evidence as best as he could.

"Just tell him, baby." Jensen encouraged gently draping an arm across Lucas's shoulders while Laura held his hand comfortingly.

"Dad I just try and keep calm, don't overreact." Lucas warned him.

"Well I know you haven't knocked someone up," James said. "It isn't drugs is it?"

"Dad, please, you know me better than that." Lucas replied.

"Ok, so speak to me kid. What's going on?" James asked. "Do you need money?"

"I think I just need a hug." Lucas answered.

"Then what are you waiting for, get over here." James told him holding out his arms.

Silently, Lucas crossed the room and gently rested on his dad's lap, just letting the older man rock him in his strong and loving arms for a while.

Arms around his dad's neck as if he was a much younger child, Lucas, with the help of Jensen and Laura, explained to his dad the problems he was having at school with Josh.

They skimmed over some of the nastier details, but they made it clear how serious the situation was.

"How much trouble will you get in if you kick this kid's ass?" James asked Jensen.

"I've gotta do six weeks community service," Jensen answered. "No-one said anything about me not being allowed to get in a fight."

"It still isn't recommended when you're fresh out of juvie, dude." Laura said.

"Whatever, if the authorities don't find out about it who gives a fu-dge." Jensen replied covering himself and saying 'fudge' instead of 'fuck' at the last moment.

"Um, we all do." Laura answered. "We don't want you risking it and getting thrown back in the slammer again."

"Hey, I'll say it was self-defence or whatever." Jensen shrugged. "Anyway, who says I'll get caught?"

"Josh would turn you in." Lucas pointed out.

"He can't turn you in if you don't actually hit him." James mused. "If you just scare the kid they can't do a damn thing."

"Scare him, I can do that." Jensen nodded.

"So can I." James said. "And I can threaten that idiot principal and I can talk with this kids parents. Don't worry, Lucas. We'll get something done about this."

"Well, I should get home." Laura declared standing up. Lucas stood to meet her and they shared a hug before she bent down to hug James lightly as well.

She called out a goodbye to the two girls down in Lucas's basement and ruffled Jensen's hair as she passed him on her way out.

"You staying for dinner, Jensen?" James asked.

"Actually I was planning on taking Lucas out tonight." Jemsen answered as Lucas rejoined him on the sofa, thighs touching as they sat close together. "If that's alright with you."

"Sure," James replied taking his baseball cap off and rubbing his head. "But er, if you're coming back here to um, do homework or something," he let out a fake awkward cough. "Then er, just keep the noise down."

"Of course." Lucas responded shifting awkwardly in his seat. "I'll just go and see what Tatia and Lizzy are up to." He laughed nervously before heading away.

Back in the living-room, Jensen was sitting on the sofa, trying not to squirm under James's 'I know you're sleeping with my son and I want to kill you for it but he loves you too much' gaze.
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