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17. Love me like you do

After Lizzy had finished having fun parading around in Lucas's clothing, she and Tatia dragged Lucas and Jensen down to the basement so they could all play games on the Xbox, because yes, Lucas actually owned a games console.

Jensen was usually the best at games, but being in juvie meant he was out of practice and he was a little rusty.

So it was that Lizzy found herself winning every game with Tatia coming in at a close second. She was of course permitting the younger girl to win but still playing good enough so she could smirk in triumph over beating the two boys.

They played for a few hours before Jensen's stomach started to growl with hunger.

He then suggested to Lucas that they head out to dinner. Agreeing, Lucas turned everything off and made a quick outfit change. Tatia covered Lizzy's eyes so she couldn't see anything as Lucas stripped off and redressed.

Jensen put his hands over Tatia's eyes so she couldn't check out his sexy assed boyfriend. His own eyes remained fixed on Lucas, the countertenor deliberately wiggling his pert little ass just to entice him.

Lucas then of course sat at his vanity and restyled his hair before he deemed himself presentable.

Heading back upstairs, Lizzy continuously begged the boys to take her along to dinner with them.

"Hey, Tatia, have a sister." Jensen said lightly shoving Lizzy towards the Latina.

"I'm your sister Jensen. You can't just get rid of me." Lizzy pouted. "I want to go to Breadsticks too. Please, Jensen, pretty please."

"We'll take you next time." Jensen told her. "Tonight's for me and Lucas."

"But I'm sooo hungry." Lizzy whined. "Lulu, please say I can come."

"Don't look at her," Jensen whispered to Lucas. "If you don't look at her then you won't give in to that little puppy-dog thing she does."

"I want to go to Breadsticks." Lizzy complained stomping her foot.

"Well I'm not taking you." Jensen replied determinedly not looking down at her because he knew he'd give in to the expression on her face.

"Papa Jamey," Lizzy called speeding over to James who was seated in his armchair watching T.V.

"Jensen and Lulu won't take me to Breadsticks with them. It's not fair."

"Aww, come on boys. How can you not take the Little Lady with you?" James asked as he pulled Lizzy onto his lap. "Just look at her sad little face. Your sister's really missed you, Jensen. She hasn't been able to spend time with you for ages. Come on, be a good brother and take the little angel out."

"If you take Lizzy you have to take me too." Tatia told them.

"Ok fine," Jensen relented. "But we're sitting at different tables. On opposite sides of the restaurant."

"Whatever, Knight, you're still paying for us all." Tatia replied holding her hand out for Lizzy to take as she kissed James goodbye and happily joined them.

"You brought your car right?" Jensen asked Tatia on the way out and she nodded. "Ok, you can drive there with Lizzy, I'll take Lucas and we'll meet you there in a bit."

"Sexy times." Tatia smirked guessing that the big teen was planning for some backseat action before dinner.

"Shut up, just keep Lizzy occupied." Jensen replied bumping her shoulder and messing up Lizzy's hair, earning himself a sharp kick to the back of his leg.

Jensen held the door open for Lucas and he slipped into the passenger seat while Lizzy climbed into Tatia's car and they drove off.

"This isn't exactly what I had in mind for tonight." Jensen said to Lucas apologetically as they pulled out of the driveway. "I really just wanted it to be you and me. A little more romantic you know."

"It doesn't matter." Lucas told him. "You know that I love Lizzy."

"So do I," Jensen said. "But I was hoping to suck you off under the table or something. I can't do that kinda kinky stuff when I know my little sister's around. The thought of her being there is just a total boner-kill. And you know what Lizzy's like. She crawls around the floor looking for dropped money half the time."

"Ok, relax stud." Lucas laughed. "We're just getting dinner. Then Tatia can take Lizzy home and you can take me home. I do believe you made a promise to make love to me tonight."

"And I'm gonna baby." Jensen promised. "I'm not letting Lizzy cock-block me all night."

"Jensen, why are we stopping?" Lucas asked suspiciously when Jensen pulled up in a back alley car park that was rarely used.

"I can't hold out till tonight." Jensen answered as he awkwardly climbed into the backseat. "I gotta have you now, baby."

"Always such a romantic." Lucas commented sarcastically as Jensen helped haul him over. "Careful."

"Sorry, but I gotta fuck you fast." Jensen said going for Lucas's belt, his own cock was already out. "We've never had sex inside the car before." Jensen realised aloud.

"Well tonight's a one-off." Lucas replied as Jensen yanked his pants down to the back of his knees, already working on opening him up for entry. "This isn't the most comfortable of settings."

"Just shut up and enjoy it babe." Jensen told him with a light slap to his ass.

It was awkward, hurried, messy and clumsy.

Without a doubt, it was the worst sex the two had ever had. But it still gave them both a satisfactory orgasm. After a series of half-hearted moans and grunts, they cleaned themselves up, made themselves look respectable then climbed back into the front seats.

"You'd better perform better than that tonight." Lucas said seriously as Jensen continued the drive to Breadsticks.

"Alright, alright, no need to bruise my ego babe." Jensen grumbled.


They arrived at Breadsticks only fifteen minutes after Tatia and Lizzy did. The two girls were already seated and digging in to their meals before Tatia was calling for the attentions of a waitress.

She insisted that the food was not satisfactory and demanded that more was brought out to them.

"You know, I'm really surprised Tatia hasn't gotten a life-time ban from this place." Lucas said to Jensen as they found themselves a table far away from the two girls.

"She's one of their most regular customers." Jensen pointed out. "They'd lose a fair bit of money if they banned her."

"True." Lucas nodded taking up a breadstick to nibble on as they waited to get served. "So, how long do you think until Jane and Brent are an item again?"

"I dunno." Jensen shrugged. "Probably until another dude shows an interest in Jane. I think that's when Brent likes her the most, when he can't have her. Like when she got with that Jesse jerk, suddenly he wanted her."

"Has Brent always been so childish?" Lucas asked.

"He's a good guy underneath it all." Jensen replied fairly. "He's just a bit of a dope. But it's not his fault. He just can't understand things as good other people because he's so tall."

"Height does not affect intelligence, Jensen." Lucas said with an amused grin.

"Maybe his premature ejaculation makes him so dumb then." Jensen suggested. "Every time he spunks he shoots out another part of his brain."

"Don't be so vile." Lucas chided and Jensen just smirked before snatching Lucas's breadstick off of him and crunching down on it.

"Hey, welcome to Breadsticks," a waitress greeted looking and sounding incredibly bored. "What can I get you?"

"He'll have a double cheese burger, a slice of pizza and fries with a large coke." Lucas said on Jensen's behalf.

"And my boy will have the spaghetti and meatball dish with one of those freaky ice-tea drink things." Jensen told her.

"Yeah, great choice." The waitress replied in a voice void of any enthusiasm as she moved away.

Reaching across the table, Jensen took Lucas's hands in his own. He lifted Lucas's hand to his mouth and pressed a kiss to his knuckles.

Lucas smiled at the attention before rolling his eyes at Jensen's immaturity when he began sucking on Lucas's finger, letting out vulgar moans as if he was giving a blow-job.

"Jensen, will you stop?" Lucas asked starting to get embarrassed from the affronted looks a group of old ladies were throwing their way. "People are staring."

"Let them stare." Jensen responded dropping Lucas's finger for a moment. "If we give those old chicks a show maybe the excitement will blow some of the cobwebs out of the way and make their wrinkly vaginas useable again." He said not bothering to keep his voice down.

"Do try to be less disgusting when we're out in public." Lucas told him as Jensen brought his finger to his mouth again, sucking it harder and moaning louder than before. "This isn't funny. Seriously, cut it out, that's enough."

"Mmm." Jensem moaned before releasing Lucas's digit which Lucas immediately dried off on a napkin.

"Ladies." Jensen smirked as he winked at the group.

"Teenagers, they show no respect." One of the ladies huffed.

"See you tight they've got their legs clamped together now?" Jensen asked Lucas. "I bet those old pussy's are dripping with grandma juice."

Pulling a face of disgust, Lucas smacked Jensen upside the head, glaring daggers at him.

"I thought this evening was supposed to be romantic, not nauseating." Lucas hissed at him.

"Sorry, I'll be good babe, I swear." Jensen promised, amusement still dancing in his eyes as their food was brought out to them.

Across the restaurant, Tatia and Lizzy were already on their fourth plates of food.

Jensen ate his meal using his fingers and ignoring the knife and fork.

Back when they were first dating, Lucas had always tried to get Jensen to eat with more sophistication but he'd long given up on the attempts. He simply rolled his eyes while eating his spaghetti in a much more dignified manner.

The group of old ladies on the table nearby frequently looked at Jensen with frowns on their aged faces.

Sensing their scrutiny, Jensen deliberately opened his mouth every chew to expose the mashed up food in his mouth. The sight was repulsive, but even Lucas had to admit the ladies' reactions were amusing.

By the time the two boys finished their food, the group of ladies had left and Tatia and Lizzy had moved on to dessert.

"Did you want dessert?" Jensen asked.

"I want you for dessert." Lucas replied and Jensen smirked before gaining the attention of their waitress so he could pay.

He left the money then moved over to Tatia and Lizzy, insisting that they finish their pudding and leave. He paid for their meal too and the four left together, the two girls carrying a load of breadsticks in their arms.

"Be good for Tatia, Lizzy." Jensen ordered as his sister clambered into the seat of the Latina's car.

"I'm always good." Lizzy smiled sweetly batting her eyelashes.

"Sure you are," Jensen replied. "Night, Little Lady. Love you." He told her pressing a kiss to her cheek.

"Love you more, Jensen." Lizzy mumbled quickly before crunching on a breadstick.

The four said their goodbyes before dividing.

Tatia drove Lizzy home and Jensen drove Lucas to his place. They hurried up to the house together and Lucas searched for his keys to let them in. The task proved more difficult as Jensen insisted on sucking on his neck and feeling him up as he stood behind him.

They stumbled through the front door together and Jensen pressed Lucas up against the wall, kicking the door shut with his foot.

He angled Lucas's head to the side so he could get at his neck. Nipping at the flesh, Jensen rocked his lower body against Lucas's, chuckling softly when Lucas released a small moan.

"I'm gonna make you feel so good, princess." Jensen breathed in his ear.

The sound of James clearing his throat caused the two boys to spring apart, Jensen fighting off a smirk and Lucas blushing furiously.

"Dad," Lucas squeaked as he pushed his hair out of his eyes. "You managed to fix yourself something healthy for dinner right?"

"I'm good, Lucas. I can take care of myself." James replied. "You kids enjoy dinner?" He asked.

"Yes, it was very pleasant." Lucas answered.

"Right, well" James said avoiding both their gazes before faking a yawn. "I'm tired. I think I'm just gonna go to bed."

"Of course, you need your rest." Lucas replied.

"Yeah, well, night." James nodded to them as he moved to the stairs. "Don't stay up too late."

"Don't worry; I'll have him in bed by ten." Jensen smirked and lucas shot an outraged glare at him while James rubbed his eyelids, probably repressing the sentence from his mind.

"Goodnight, dad." Lucas said as James made his way up the stairs. "I love you."

"I love you too, buddy." James replied.

Each stair creaked as James climbed higher and Lucas knew that walking up the stairs was a very difficult thing for his dad to do.

For the most part, they did ok with their game of pretence. They acted like the sexual aspect of Lucas and Jensen's relationship didn't happen.

James fooled himself into believing that they only kissed and hold hands and Lucas encouraged the illusion even though they both knew that Lucas was far from innocent.

Still, the fact that James would often leave them together, knowing what they would do when alone, meant everything to Lucas.

He knew it was never easy for his dad to leave him alone with his boyfriend so Jensen could defile him just a little bit more, but his dad silently allowed it anyway.

"Come on," Jensen whispered into Lucas's ear. "Let me show you how much I love you."

Dropping his house key somewhere, Lucas accepted the intrusion of Jensen's tongue then let out a startled squeak when Jensen lifted him bridal style into his arms.

He usually complained when Jensen picked him up like that, pointing out that he wasn't a girl, but the way Jensen looked at him as he held him that night silenced any protests Lucas's brain may otherwise have formed.

Jensen carried him down to the basement and placed him on the stool at his vanity table. The mohawked teen then moved back to the bedroom door so he could lock it.

He turned the light out and allowed his eyes to adjust to the darkness before walking towards Lucas's bedside lamp and flicking it on.

The shade of the lamp meant that the room was bathed in a misty blue colour, a tint that always looked beautiful on Lucas's nude flesh.

Returning to where he had placed Lucas, Jensen dropped to his knees and got to work on unlacing the boy's boots. Slipping them off, he placed them carefully to the side before gently pulling Lucas's socks off too.

Taking hold of Lucas's ankle, Jensen brought his right foot up and licked from the heel upwards before pressing a kiss to each toe. Feet weren't really something he found arousing, but they were Lucas's feet and every inch of him was beautiful. That included the blisters he was prone to because of the crazy shoes he insisted upon wearing.

After paying the same treatment to Lucas's left foot, Jensen stood and kicked his own sneakers off. He pulled his feet up one at a time and pulled his socks off, almost overbalancing but Lucas reached his hands out to steady him.

Bending down, Jensen pressed a kiss to the corner of Lucas's mouth before leaving him temporarily to put on some appropriate music.

On his way back to Lucas, he shrugged off his jacket and t-shirt, abandoning them somewhere on the floor.

He kneeled before Lucas again and stripped his upper body, exposing the porcelain wonder of his torso. Taking hold of Lucas's left wrist, Jensen dropped a kiss to the pulse point.

He kissed his way up the length of Lucas's arm, stopping at his shoulder. He then kissed from Lucas's right shoulder down to the wrist of his right hand. Moving his hands to rest at Lucas's slim waist, Jensen gently lowered Lucas backwards so he was leaning against the vanity table, his body at a slanted angle.

He then dropped kisses along Lucas's lower stomach, just above the waistband of his pants, flicking his tongue around the boy's belly-button.

Jensen trailed his kisses upwards, paying generous attention to the countertenor's nipples before pulling away.

Standing, Jensen offered one hand to Lucas and he took it without hesitation. Holding his hand, Jensen guided him to his feet then led him to the middle of the carpet area.

Keeping their hands conjoined, he linked their fingers together and positioned Lucas's free hand on his shoulder and placed his free hand at Lucas's waist. Pulling Lucas closer so their bare chests were touching, Jensen began to sway them from side to side, slow-dancing to the music.

He dropped a kiss to the top of Lucas's head, inhaling the lime scent of his hair. In response to that one simple kiss, Lucas's entire body relaxed and he returned a kiss to Jensen's neck.

They danced a while, hearts beating in time with one another as the music surrounded them. For once, Jensen's hand was not creeping downwards to cop a feel of Lucas's ass. He respectfully kept it placed just a little below the middle of Lucas's back.

Perhaps the scene wasn't perfect. Half of Jensen's clothes were thrown unceremoniously on the floor and a few of Lucas's possessions had been left in random places after whatever Tatia and Lizzy had done with them without putting them back.

They were semi-naked rather than in fancy suits. There was no glitter ball overhead or atmospheric smoke, just the blue glow from Lucas's bedside lamp. In all honesty, Jensen's breath smelled of burger and pepperoni which wasn't the most alluring of scents.

But as Jensen started to sing along with the music into Lucas's ear, the imperfections did not matter to either teen. On the contrary, the imperfections were what made the situation so romantic for them.

"Would you dance, if I asked you to dance?" Jensen sang softly and Lucas moved impossibly closer to him. "Would you run, and never look back? Would you cry, if you saw me crying? And would you save my soul tonight?" He moved the hand that was still holding Lucas's close to the slender teen's jaw, caressing him with the back of his knuckles. "Would you tremble, if I touched your lips?" Jensen asked through song, finding that Lucas indeed shudder a little as he ghosted his thumb across Lucas's mouth. "Would you laugh? Oh please tell me this. Now would you die, for the one you love? Hold me in your arms tonight."

He dropped Lucas's hand and moved both of his own to Lucas's hips then travelled them up his body, over his neck before holding his face reverently in his guitar player hands.

"I can be your hero, baby" Jensen continued to sing and Lucas gazed loving into his boyfriend's eyes as he cradled Jensen's face in his own slender fingers, touching him delicately. "I can kiss away the pain. I will stand by you forever. You can take my breath away."

"Jensen." Lucas breathed before bringing their mouths together urgently. "I love you so much."

"I know, I love you too baby." Jensen told him.

Once again, Jensen scooped Lucas into his arms bridal style. He carried the lighter teen to the bed and carefully lowered him on top of the quilt. With Lucas's gaze fixed upon him, Jensen stepped out of his jeans, revealing his fully naked form. He then moved between Jensen's legs and slowly undid his pants before slipping them down and off.

He took the time to fold them before placing them on the floor then removing Lucas's underwear. Jensen ran his hands up along Lucas's calves, over his kneecaps, across his thighs then under to cup at his ass.

He pressed a kiss to Lucas's right knee then licked a trail up his inner thigh before kissing the crease where thigh met hip. Ignoring Lucas's cock, Jensen crawled up his body and leaned over him in such a way that their groins weren't touching before kissing him slow and sweet.

"You're so beautiful." Jensen gushed running his hand up and down Lucas's bare stomach.

"Feel that?" Lucas asked quietly, his voice barely audible above the music as he placed Jensen's palm over his heart. "You're the reason its beating so hard. And" He continued as he guided his boyfriend's hand downwards before wrapping Jensen's fingers around his cock.

"You're the reason why I'm so hard. It's all for you, Jensen. It's only ever been you. I belong to you and I always will."

"Sure you can put up with me forever?" Jensen teased as he lightly stroked Lucas's penis.

"Only if your heart never stops loving me." Lucas replied.

"Never." Jensen told him and they kissed again before Jensen reached over to the bedside drawer for lube and a condom. He warmed some of the sticky substance between his fingers before playing around Lucas's entrance.

"As long as the stars burn in the sky and the seas caress the sandy beaches and blood pumps life through my veins" he slipped the first digit into Lucas's opening. "I will love you." He added a second finger and Lucas gasped, spreading his legs wider apart. "Even when the stars burn no more" he flexed his fingers inside of Lucas to stretch him. "And every sandy beach dries up without the water of the sea to quench its thirst, I'll still love you."

"And I'll love you." Lucas declared winding his arms about Jensen's neck and stroking his hair. "I don't believe in God. And I don't know what happens when we die, but wherever our souls go once life has left our lungs mmm, Jensen," he moaned as a third finger joined the first two inside of him. "I'll meet you there. We'll always be together."

"You promise?" Jensen asked working three digits in and out of Lucas's quivering hole, making the slender boy pant and writhe.

"I promise." Lucas managed to get out as Jensen grazed his prostate.

"Even if I end up in Hell?" Jensen smirked causing Lucas to whimper when he withdrew his fingers.

"If Satan wants you then he has to take me too." Lucas stated even though he believed in neither hell nor the devil.

"Is that right?" Jensen asked as he rolled a condom onto his circumcised member.

"Mmhm." Lucas responded before moaning beautifully as Jensen slowly pushed into him. "I'll always be with you," Lucas told him pressing kisses to Jensen's neck, his jaw, his mouth. "Even if I have to burn."

"I'd never let that Satan pussy hurt you." Jensen proclaimed. "Nobody gets to touch or spoil what's mine." He said huskily and Lucas threw his head back in ecstasy as Jensen pleasured him.

"Jensen, mmm, love you." Lucas whispered before they swallowed one another's moans as they kissed.

The two were so deeply immersed in their love making that they didn't notice the jealous eyes of Josh Tristan watching them through the basement window.
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