My boyfriend's back (boyxboy)

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18. My boyfriend's back

Back at school on Monday morning, Jensen swaggered in with Lucas at his side, the pair glaring at all who dared to look upon them.

Out of fear of Jensen, the students pressed themselves against the walls and lockers or cowered behind their friends and avoided eye-contact. At first, nobody seemed brave enough to dare whisper anything about Lucas being a cheater or a whore as they had been while Jensen was in juvie.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before someone was foolish enough to say something. In a heartbeat, Jensen was in the boy's face, growling insults at him but not actually laying a finger upon his person.

Despite the fact there was no physical aggressive contact, the shaggy-haired kid soon found himself with a wet stain seeping through his pants which of course encouraged others to point and laugh at him.

With some of the attention transferred from Jensen and Lucas to unnamed boy who wet his pants, the couple managed to proceed through the corridors with minimal trouble.

Reaching Lucas's locker, they found a note taped to the metal door with a message typed in a chiller red font. The white sheet of paper bore the message: 'Nobody gets to touch or spoil what's mine.'

"Jensen." Lucas said fearfully as his boyfriend tore the note down from the locker. "Jensen he was there, he was watching us. That's what you said to me when we were making love."

"I know." Jensen said stiffly as he glared down at the page. "That sick fucking cunt." He swore as he looked around the area for a sign of Josh. "This is so fucked up. He's fucked up."

"Jensen, I'm scared." Lucas admitted in a whisper.

"Hey, don't worry baby. I'll take care of it." Jensen replied pulling the slender boy close and pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth. "It's all gonna be ok, you got that baby?"

"Got it." Lucas nodded though he didn't sound too convinced.

"Lucas, girls meeting in the auditorium right now." Jane informed him taking hold of his arm but Jensen had a tight hold on the other one, reluctant to let him go. "Girls plus Lucas only Jensen." She said to the muscled teen.

"I have no idea where that psycho freak is," Jensen said in reference to Josh. "I'm not letting Lucas out of my sight and no offence Jane, but I don't think you can protect him if anything happens."

"Probably not, but I'll make sure his sweet ass remains untouched." Tatia announced appearing from behind them along with Molly. "Come on, Benson. Coach Kennester organised this emergency meeting and she doesn't like to be kept waiting."

"I'll be ok." Lucas assured Jensen pressing his lips to his again before walking away with Jane, Tatia and Molly prowling along with him.

They reached the auditorium and as well as the other choir girls being seated there with Sue, Miss Blake and Skyler, all the girls from the cheer-squad were present.

Taking a seat, Lucas felt a little weird being the only male in the room but he chose not to ask why the choir guys hadn't been invited along.

"Update me, Porcelain, any further assault from that bullying stalker whose name I can't remember right now?" Sue asked as she paced up and down before them all in her red tracksuit, hands clasped behind her back, Becky imitating her moments a few steps behind her.

"There was a note attached to my locker." Lucas explained. "The message upon it bore a copy of some of the words Jensen said to me when we were alone in my basement this weekend. It was word for word, Coach. Josh must have been outside my house listening and watching. Or maybe he managed to break in again. Or maybe he has somebody filming me. I don't know. It's too creepy to even consider all the possibilities. But it couldn't possibly be a coincidence. He echoed Jensen's words onto that piece of paper."

"Alright, I get the point. That's enough now. I said update me, not bore me." Sue complained. "Now, I hate the choir. I think every loser within this room knows that particular fact, but in case some of you are as slow-minded as you look I will repeat that statement again. I hate the choir." She waved Miss Blake off when the guidance counsellor made to interrupt her, probably to defend the choir, and Sue paid no mind to the insulted look she was receiving from Jane.

"However, on this monumental Monday, I would like to bring my cheerleaders and Jane Bright's band of misfits together."

"Excuse me Sue, technically Joe is still the director of the choir. Jane's just a member and co-captain." Miss Blake pointed out.

"Erma, for the last week, the stupidly named Vocal Expressions have been hosting their rehearsals at one Jane Bright's house." Sue replied. "While the stupidly haired Joe Blake has no doubt gone home to his lonely apartment every day and tried to drink away his endless misery. Oh if only he'd shave off those buttery curls, he'd be so much happier with a series weight off his mind."

"Could we get to the point of why we're all here?" Coach Skyler asked impatiently. "These girls need to get to their lessons soon."

"There will be no morning lessons for anybody seated in this auditorium at this present time." Sue declared. "Today, we will be working together to rehearse and perform a little number."

"Um, Coach Kennester?" Jane asked raising her hand high in the air.

"Oh Barbara, turn around and face the back wall," Sue demanded. "I can't stomach looking at you directly while you talk, I'm afraid that nose your face is attached to might take out an eye. Turn, now." She ordered and Jane looked a little embarrassed but did as the Cheerleading Coach demanded. "Speak Pinocchio."

"As much as I love any opportunity to sing," Jane said. "I don't understand how performing a song will help the situation between Lucas and Josh."

"I don't like the dwarf, Coach, but she has a point." Tatia commented.

"Don't speak unless spoken to, Sand Bags." Sue retorted. "I have arranged with Gilligen for an assembly to take place this afternoon. Now, the song I have selected will welcome back Porcelain's over-muscled boyfriend back into our midst as well as warning Josh to keep well away. More importantly, the performance will be directed by me and therefore it will be nothing less than outstanding, thereby proving I can run a choir far better than the likes of Joe Blake. Now, everybody up on stage, it's singing time."


Over the course of the morning, Lucas and the choir girls and Cheerleaders remained in the auditorium rehearsing hard under the critical eye of Sue Kennester.

Miss Blake stayed to help and try to rein in Sue when she got too severe on some of the girls for being half a centimetre out of place.

Coach Skyler left them all to it so she could keep an eye on things, namely Josh, around the rest of the school.

As for Jensen, he sat with the choir guys in his lessons. Benny and Jake did their best to help him catch up with the work he had missed. Poor Dean constantly looked ready to fall asleep as Brent sat beside him complaining about Jane and their recent break-up.

It was Dean's first day back at school since the attack and having to listen to Brent all morning made him wish he was still in hospital or at home on strict bed rest with his mum feeding him soup while he watched Avatar.

The guys had banded together at morning break, planning to treat Josh to a little verbal intimidation. As it happened, they found the boy was in the company of Mr. Blake meaning they could do little more than glare.

"This whole situation sucks." Jensen scoffed.

"I know man," Brent said. "Jane only let me touch her boobs once and now she's broke up with me just because I don't want her throwing herself at another guy. It isn't fair. I'm her boyfriend; I should be able to tell her what to do sometimes."

"Man up, Tracy." Jensen sneered. "I don't give a single smelly shit about your girl problems. This is about Brent. Being terrorised by a psycho is a little more important than you getting your lanky ass dumped on account of you being a douche."

"Damn it, why does nobody ever take my side?" Brent pouted.

"There, there, big guy." Benny said patting him on the shoulder.

"What do you think Sue has Lucas and the girls doing?" Dean asked.

"Not a clue." Jake shrugged. "I've tried texting Sakura but she isn't replying."

"Sue must have them all working really hard." Benny said.

"She probably has them building bombs or something." Dean said.

"That'd actually be pretty cool." Brent commented.

"Yeah, especially with the whole explosion killing us part." Jensen deadpanned. "Maybe we should just bust into the auditorium and check out what they're doing."

"It's a strictly all choir girls and cheerleaders plus Lucas meeting." Benny pointed out. "If we so much as take a step inside the doors Coach Kennester will have us strung up on a flag pole by our underpants."

"That's cool, I'm not wearing any." Jensen smirked.

"Then she'll hang you by your genitals." Jake laughed and Jensen shuddered at the thought.

"We're not any closer to getting rid of Josh are we?" Dean finally asked as he watched the bully across the way where he was talking with Mr. Blake about Spanish or something.

"Nope." Jensen admitted with a sigh. "But I've only been back at school a few hours. I'll get this shit sorted no matter what it takes. I've gotta really bad plan figured out in my head."

"A bad plan?" Benny asked adjusting his glasses. "Do you mean bad as in good, like its badass? Or do you mean its bad as in it's a terrible idea that might blow up in your face?"

"Terrible. Blow. Face." Jensen answered. "But I've got it planned with James. I need you dorks to help. And I should probably let Lucas in on the plan."

"So" Dean prompted. "What's the plan?"

"Well, I figured we'd just" Jensen began but he was cut off by Gilligen voice projecting through the loudspeaker and summoning everybody in their year group to the assembly hall.

"I guess we're about to find out what my boy and the girls were up to." Jensen said before leading the way to the hall.


With everybody gathered in the hall, Principal Gilligen stood before them all and spoke into the microphone in his boring monotone.

He made some notices about an out of bounds toilet and recommended more students bring their own lunch to school as there were an increased number of student illnesses in relation to cafeteria food.

The man was about to say more about other things but Sue stomped over and shoved him out of the way, taking over control of the microphone.

"Everybody bite down on your tongues until they bleed and become so numb you lack the ability to speak for at least an hour." Sue demanded. "Now, be quiet, sit still and listen. And you, ugly kid number seventeen," she called pointing to a boy sat on the second row. "Stop staring down that reasonably attractive female's indecently low top before I squirt lemon juice into your eyes." She glared at the boy threateningly for a few seconds before returning her attention to the assembled students at large.

"Popular kids, losers, future McDonalds workers I present to you, the Cheer-Choir Club. That's choir combined with cheerleaders." She added just to make sure before she left the floor and lights flared up as the curtain was pulled back to reveal Lucas in the middle of a large group of girls.

"He went away," Lucas spoke standing with his hip cocked to the side and his hand resting there, Tatia and Molly arranged either side of him with the others scattered about the stage in larger groups. "And you hung around, And bothered me every night, And when I wouldn't go out with you, You said things that weren't very nice."

He found Josh's face amongst the crowd and shot him a dark glare.

"My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble." Lucas sang.

"Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend's back." Tatia and Molly sang together while the other girls danced and threw one another about in a series of complicated lifts.

"You see him coming better cut out on the double." Lucas continued joining in with the dance moves.

"Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend's back." Tatia and Molly sang.

As the song progressed, the audience got really enthusiastic about the performance as they always did when the choir did a number despite them being a group of social misfits.

Jensen was smirking at the lyrics as he admired his boyfriend's form as he strutted his stuff about the performance area. Josh was simply sulking, obviously aware that the song was directed at him.

"You're gonna be sorry you were other born." Lucas sang pointing to Josh out in the audience.

"Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend's back." Elena and Sakura sang together, taking over from Tatia and Molly.

"'Cause he's kinda big," the look Lucas and Jensen shared on that particular lyric showed that the two were interrupting the meaning in a slightly more cock-size-like way. "And he's awful strong."

In the first row, Miss Blake was doing a little dance as she watched the performance and Coach Skyler was singing along to the words. Mr. Blake was shaking his head and sending glares in Sue's direction.

Next to where the Cheerleading Coach sat, Becky met Mr. Blake's glare with one of her own and poked her tongue out at the Spanish teacher.

"My boyfriend's back he's gonna save my reputation." Lucas sang.

"Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend's back." Jane and Laura sang taking over from Elena and Sakura as they danced either side of Lucas.

"If I were you I'd take a permanent vacation." Lucas continued.

"Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend's back." The two female divas sang.

"Yeah, my boyfriend's back" Lucas carried on the rest of the song with all six of the choir girls backing him up with their la-day-la's. "Look out now, yeah, my boyfriend's back. I can see him coming so you better get a running, alright now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, my boyfriend's back." He finished the song up in the air, his feet balancing on Tatia's hands; the Latina girl obviously stronger than she looked as she easily supported his weight above her head.

For the most part, the crowd burst into applause. After being returned to his feet and sharing some hugs with his fellow performers, Lucas made his way over to his boyfriend and met him in a passionate kiss for all to witness.

"Damn, that was smoking hot, babe." Jensen told him.

"Glad you approve." Lucas replied.

"I more than approve." Jensen said squeezing a generous helping of Lucas's ass.

"Celibacy boys!" Miss Blake announced to them as she deliberately parted them a little so they weren't pressed up right against one another.

"Celibacy is cool. You should you should take a vow of celibacy. No more inappropriate touching. That isn't respectful behaviour for young teenagers or old adults. Physical intimacy is just so frightfully messy, so we should all just not we should not. Celibacy, yay!" She cheered enthusiastically.

"If you join the Celibacy Club I will break up with you." Lucas threatened.

"Well if you join the Celibacy Club I'll just seduce you." Jensen replied with a laugh before leading Lucas out of the hall along with their choir friends.
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