My boyfriend's back (boyxboy)

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THIS IS A BOYXBOY, GAY STORY SO IF YOU'RE NOT INTO THAT THEN DON'T READ IT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Based off of Glee! Enjoy readers! While Jensen (the school badboy) is in juvie, Josh, the school bully, tries his luck with Lucas, Jensen's boyfriend, spreading vicious rumours and bullying the choir kids worse than ever when Lucas refuses his advances. But with Jensen getting released early, Josh better start running cause Lucas's boyfriend is back.

Romance / Drama
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1. My boyfriend's gone

It was nearing eleven pm when Lucas received the telephone call from his boyfriend's mother, Ruth Knight.

She sounded somewhat hysterical on the phone and unless Lucas was mistaken, she was yelling in Hebrew so he couldn't understand her.

Worrying about what could be wrong, he gently tried to calm her down, but his soft words only seemed to increase the volume of her frantic babbling.

Holding the house phone away from his ear as Ruth's babbles turned to angry screeches, Lucas peered nervously at his dad.

It was James who had first answered the phone, daring to interrupt Lucas's moisturizing routine when he realised how serious it was. Meeting his son's panicked stare, all James could do was pry the phone from his fingers and ask Ruth to calm down before enquiring as to what was going on.

Her voice disappeared before a younger and calmer voice spoke into the phone.

"Is that Lulu?" The little girl, Jensen's nine year old sister Lizzy asked.

"No sweetie, this is James." He replied.

"Papa Jamey." Lizzy replied with a smile in her voice though she sounded a little tired; it was past her bed time after all.

"Ma's angry and upset right now." Lizzy explained. "Jensen really messed up this time."

"Is your brother ok?" James asked her. "What's going on? Do you need me and Lucas to come over?"

"That isn't necessary but thank-you." Lizzy told him sounding very much like she was reciting what her mum was saying. "Jensen was really badass. He crashed ma's car and tried to steal an ATM cash machine. Isn't that cool Papa Jamey?" She asked sounding distinctly proud.

"He crashed your mother's car?" James asked and Lucas's eyes widened as he snatched the phone from his dad.

"Hello, Lizzy?" Lucas asked earning a cheerful hello, partially stifled by a little yawn.

"What happened? Is Jensen ok, is he hurt?" Images of his boyfriend in a hospital bed passed through his mind and Lucas felt his blood run cold.

He didn't know how he'd cope if he had to see Jensen wearing a hideous hospital gown. And seeing him injured would be terrible too.

"He bumped his head when the car crashed but that's it." Lizzy replied sounding a little disappointed at the lack of drama.

"He got arrested though. It was so cool. The cops even handcuffed him up." She sounded more excited as she spoke of her older brother's arrest. "So now Jensen's in juvie."

"Juvie?" Lucas repeated. "Lizzy, are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure." She huffed in response.

"Ma's been yelling and crying about it for aaagggeeesss. I should get to bed now. I'm tired."

"Wait, Lizzy, sweetie, when's Jensen getting out?" Lucas asked. "Hello? Lizzy are you there? Ruth? Hello?"

There was no reply so Lucas hung up and turned to his dad with a heavy sigh.

"So, Jensen's in juvie?" James asked with a cluck of his tongue.

"If you dare say I told you so" Lucas warned.

Since he and Jensen started dating James had always insisted that the 'badboy punk' would end up in juvie. "Dad, what happens now?"

"Jensen serves his time, and then he'll come home." James said calmly.

"But what if he comes out different?" Lucas asked.

"What if he gets out and doesn't want to be with me anymore? What was he even thinking trying to steal an ATM? Janes going to throw a fit when she finds out. Without Jensen we don't have enough members to compete for Sectional's. The choir will be over and without Jensen to yell out Jane's going to take it out on me. Conversing with her is annoying at the best of times but when she really gets focused on a rant it very near drives me suicidal."

"Lucas, just calm down." James told his son placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Look, I know Jensen isn't an Einstein or whatever, but he has street smarts. He'll get by in that place. He's a tough kid, he can handle it and he'll be back home before you know it and he'll still be looking to do inappropriate things with my only child."

"Dad." Lucas complained with a faint blush.

"He's your first boyfriend," James continued. "He's taking my baby boy and tainting your innocence."

"Please stop talking." Lucas groaned covering his ears but James forced his hands away.

"I don't like the punk; it's a father's obligation to hate their kid's first boyfriend." James said. "I don't know why he behaved so irresponsibly tonight, but hopefully he'll learn his lesson. He's a teenager; teenagers do crazy and stupid things sometimes. I'm just glad you weren't involved with this one. But as much as I don't like him, I know Jensen's near enough a good-guy at heart. He'll serve his time in juvie and then he'll be back to make it all up to you."

"I really don't like the thought of him being in there." Lucas sighed feeling his chest tighten and his throat ache as he felt the burning need to cry.

"At this point I honestly don't know if I want to strangle him for being so infuriatingly idiot and insane or if I just want to hold him and tell him it will all be ok. Yet I can't do either."

"Just head to bed, buddy." James advised. "Get some sleep."

"I'm not sure if the land of dreams will welcome me tonight." Lucas replied.

"I fear all the thoughts racing through my brain will prevent sleep, which of course will result in me having bags under my eyes tomorrow." He said despairingly. "I have to call Laura immediately."

"Can't it wait till morning? She might be asleep." James said.

"I suppose I'll have to deliver the gossip tomorrow." Lucas relented seeing that it was now nearing half past eleven and Laura was usually in bed by half ten on school nights.

"Is there any chance I'll be able to visit Jensen?" Lucas asked his dad hopefully and James looked a little uncomfortable. "What?"

"Look, I'm not sure how the system works." James admitted. "I don't know if family and friends can visit or not but I think it would be best for Jensen if you don't visit."

"What do you mean?" Lucas asked. "If I don't see him he might think I don't care."

"Lucas, son, I love you, you know that." James replied and Lucas crossed his arms over his chest as he suddenly felt defensive. "But in this town, with these small-minded people, being yourself isn't all that easy."

"Being myself?" Lucas asked. "You mean being gay."

"Yeah," James nodded sounding deeply apologetic and looking incredibly uncomfortable with what he was saying.

"I get homophobic phone calls at work, you get your share of bullying at school, and people throw you dirty looks and talk about you in the streets. I hate that you have to go through all that, I do. If I could, I'd kick the crap out of anybody who so much as looked at you funny. But I can't protect you from everything."

"I'm sorry my sexuality is such a burden." Lucas commented bitterly.

"Hey, don't talk like that." James snapped at him. "You know that's not what I'm saying."

"Sorry." Lucas responded quietly lowering his gaze to the floor, still hugging himself.

"Come here." James said and Lucas obediently stepped into his dad's arms for a hug.

"I love you ok. I love everything about you. And I'm so proud for how brave you are to step outside that front door and face the world with your head held high every day. But you can always come back home. In these walls, you're safe and nobody's going to judge you."

"Apart from Brent." Lucas mumbled as his mind returned him briefly to the basement incident.

"My point is Lucas, you're safe here." James said. "Jensen's in juvie right now. If the guys in there knew he had a boyfriend, he wouldn't be safe. They'd rip him apart. That's why it's not a good idea for you to visit Jensen. He he can blend in; they'll assume he's straight. If you went to visit him" He trailed off awkwardly.

"I get it." Lucas sighed so his dad didn't have to finish. "One look at me and they'd know I was gay. Then they'd realise that Jensen is gay and they'd attack him for it."

"I'm sorry, Lucas." James told him. "But it's safer for Jensen if you don't visit."

"I understand." Lucas replied.

"Try and get some sleep." James instructed patting Lucas's shoulder lightly.

"Goodnight." Lucas said quietly before retreating to his basement. Looking to his desk, he caught sight of Jensen's letterman jacket.

The jock had left it there earlier that day. Picking it up, Lucas cuddled it to his chest, breathing in the badboy's lingering scent.

"Goodnight Jensom." He whispered to the empty room, hoping with all his heart and soul that Jensen would be ok.


The next day at school, Lucas met Laura at his locker and she instantly asked him where his boy was.

Letting out a sigh, Lucas leaned in and quietly whispered to her about Jensen being in juvie.

Her face formed an expression of sympathy, but she didn't seem too surprised. Lucas wanted to be angry with her. He hated how people had always expected the worst from his boyfriend.

Of course, he never could be angry with Laura.

Linking arms with his best friend, he sullenly talked about how he was feeling and how worried he was for Jensen.

They walked to the choir room together, joining the rest of their choir mates. Lucas couldn't help but feel a pang in his heart knowing that Jensen wouldn't be singing with them today.

Sitting before them all, Mr. Blake delivered the news of Jensen being in juvie.

Minus Laura, everybody fired questions at Lucas, eager to know what happened. Jane of course was loudly expressing her concerns about them being unable to compete with a member down but Mr. Blake stood up asking them to quieten down.

He then introduced them to their new member, a blonde boy named Dean Evans.

As the new boy stood in front of them all, saying a little bit about himself, Lucas took on a frosty demeanour and opted to glare at Mr. Blake.

He found it rude and disrespectful how easily Mr. Blake just replaced Jensen and how quickly the others transferred their interest onto Dean, seemingly forgetting all about Jensen.

Of course, Beach High could always be counted on to spread rumours and news throughout the school at a rapid pace.

Before second period, everybody seemed to know that Jensen was in juvie. People had been questioning Lucas about it all day and it was irritating him beyond belief.

He'd genuinely have preferred to have a Jane Bright headache rather than deal with nosy students.

At lunch time, Lucas passed up on joining his friends in the cafeteria and headed outside instead, hoping the fresh air would relax him somewhat.

It might have worked if he'd turned left instead of right. However, he had turned right and turning right had led him straight to Josh Tristan, the school bully.

"Hey Lucas." Josh said stepping up close to him.

It was the first time he'd ever addressed Lucas by his first name. The countertenor hadn't even realised the hockey turned football player knew his name. He'd always been referred to as 'Benson', 'Fairy', 'Lady' or worse.

Hearing his given name fall from Josh's lips somehow seemed more offensive and threatening than anything else Lucas had been called by the larger teen.

"I heard about your boyfriend." Josh commented with mock sympathy before he attempted a smirk but it didn't look right on his face.

But then in Lucas's opinion, few people could pull off a smirk as well as Jensen and Josh certainly wasn't one of them. "People say he's gonna be in the slammer for quite a while."

"I don't have time for you." Lucas scoffed turning to walk away but Josh moved speedier than he seemed able and blocked his way.

"Well, now that Knight's gone maybe you and I could hang out." Josh suggested looking like he was trying to imitate Jensen but failing abysmally.

"You know, get to know each other better. Somebody's gotta keep you company while Jensen's away."

"You're hitting on me." Lucas accused as he took a step back.

"Come on, you've gotta admit that there's something between us." Josh said.

"Indeed," Lucas responded. "That something is what intelligent people like myself refer to as revulsion and intense hatred. Just keep away from me you Neanderthal."

"Jensen isn't good enough for you." Josh spoke up taking hold of Lucas's arm and pulling him close.

"Get. Off. Me." Lucas said. "This shirt is Armani, its worth more than your entire existence so get your grubby paws off."

Josh released Lucas's arm and placed his hands on Lucas's hips instead. Lucas instantly batted the hands away before attempting to storm off.

He was sure it would have been a great storm off putting even Jane-Queen-of-Storm-Offs-Bright to shame but he never got a chance to complete it.

Josh moved in front of him, blocking his path again.

"That manwhore doesn't care about you." Josh insisted, referring to Jensen. "He's probably got his dick up some other dudes ass right now. I can be so much better for you."

"Is that so?" Lucas asked rhetorically. "You ruined my Gaga outfit last year, I spent an hour fixing it, and then you and Zack were fully prepared to beat me up. You would have done if Jensen and the others hadn't showed up."

"I'm different now. I'm better; I can be good for you." Josh insisted. "Just give me a chance."

Looking around the area, Lucas wondered if perhaps someone was lying in wait to take pictures or film them as some elaborate prank.

Not seeing anybody, he faced Josh again, the look on his face confirming Lucas's fear that the other teen was being serious.

He had always assumed Josh was straight since he was such a huge homophobe. Though really, Lucas supposed his homophobia should have been the first clue.

His mind wrapped around was happening with a fair amount of ease. It had been similar with Jensen after all. Lucas had always assumed that Jensen was straight and that his bullying was a result of him being a jerk.

As it turned out, Jensen was somewhat of a Lucas-sexual and he continuously insisted that his bullying of Lucas had been his way of flirting.

The two situations weren't that different. Jensen and Josh were both jocks, both had bullied Lucas and both had been assumed straight by the rest of the student population.

Knowing how glad he was that he had finally succumbed to Jensen's advances and given him a chance, mostly due to the pestering of the girls, Lucas thought perhaps there was a decent person underneath Josh's Neanderthal ways.

If things were different, maybe Lucas would consider giving the boy a chance, provided he sorted out his wardrobe. But as it was, Lucas had a boyfriend and there was no way he'd ever cheat on him.

"I'm with Jensen, I love him." Lucas told Josh.

"He doesn't love you." Josh sneered. "Not like I could. You just need to let me."

He reached a hand out to cup Lucas's cheek and he pulled away.

"The most you can hope for is my friendship." Lucas said. "And at the moment I'd only be your friend out of pity and a feeling of obligation for us gay teens to stick together. But you're not even out yet so you're not alone. You don't need me to be your friend."

"Fine, then I'll come out." Josh replied. "Let's go to the cafeteria and do it now."

"Don't be ridiculous." Lucas said with a shake of his head. "You're not ready to come out. Besides, you shouldn't do it for me. You should do it for yourself. And I'm with Jensen and that's not going to change. You and I will never happen, you need to accept that."

"No way." Josh retorted. "I've seen the shitty movies. The guy doesn't get the one he loves by giving up. The dude always has to fight for the one he wants."

"This isn't a movie." Lucas pointed out. "And I will not cheat on my boyfriend, not for anyone, least of all you. It doesn't matter if you bully me or befriend me, I will never have those feelings for you."

"You will." Josh replied determinedly. "I'll make you feel it."

He leaned in taking hold of Lucas's face and forcibly pressing their mouths together. A small awareness of Josh's lips tasting like tots entered Lucas's mind through the fog of shock before he shoved the larger male away from him.

Staring wide-eyed at Josh, Lucas covered his mouth, unsure what to make of the multiple emotions crossing Josh's face.

"Damn it, Lucas." Josh whined taking hold of him and making for another kiss.

Their lips collided together again before Lucas shoved him away again and punched his jaw.

"Try anything like that again," Lucas warned in an icy tone. "And you will seriously regret it when my boyfriend get's back."
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