My boyfriend's back (boyxboy)

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19. Entertainment in Blake's office

For Lucas, the last period of the school day was Spanish. He had every intention of attending, even if Mr. Blake wasn't currently his favourite person, but when his boyfriend snuck up behind him and simply whispered 'Janitor's closet', Lucas found himself skipping Spanish.

He followed Jensen to the comfiest of the Janitor's closets, though really none of them were that cosy. The door was barely locked behind them before their mouths were crashing together and hands were touching each other in inappropriate places.

"Damn, I hate school." Jensen complained moving his hand round to the back of Lucas's pants so he could slip the material of his underpants aside. "All I want is to fuck your sweet ass so freaking hard."

"I'm not stopping you." Lucas replied pinching Jensen's nipples while his boyfriend fingered his asshole.

"I know. But you deserve something better than a Janitor's closet." Jensen said stretching his neck so that Lucas could suckle on the pulse point.

A small moan escaped Lucas's lips as Jensen slipped part of a single finger into Lucas's ass. The two boys then jumped and sprang apart when they heard a loud knock on the closet door.

"Hey, gay boys!" Sue's voice called out from the other side. "No indecent sexual behaviour on school grounds, especially in there, it's disgusting. Out of the closet."

Smoothing out their hair and clothing, Lucas and Jensen opened the door and stepped out. Lucas had his eyes down looking sheepish while Jensen met Sue's gaze with a proud smirk.

"Perhaps you two are in need of sexual education." Sue suggested looking between them.

"That's cool Coach; I've taught Lucas everything I know." Jensen replied still smirking.

"Is that so?" Sue asked rhetorically. "Well frankly I couldn't be any less interested in your sexual affairs. The need for physical intimacy is a sign of weakness. Oh Porcelain, I must say I'm disappointed in you. I had hoped you'd be the kind to tease the uncultured species that common people refer to as teenage boys rather than bend over for them."

"I'm a teenage boy too Coach." Lucas pointed out.

"Oh no you're not," Sue replied with a shake of her head. "You're a Cheerleader. Now tell me, does either one of you even have a condom on your person? How about lubricant? If you are going to be irresponsible and engage in sexual activity you should at least be safe about it. Of course, you shouldn't do it at all. Intercourse makes you wrinkle pre-maturely." She told them reaching her hands out and tilting Lucas's face in different directions so she could inspect his skin from all angles.

"Clearly you two are humping like mindless animals because lines and creases are already forming on your otherwise beautiful face."

"I do not have wrinkles." Lucas objected.

"Look, we're sorry for fooling around ok," Jensen apologised before Lucas lost his temper over Sue's ridiculous wrinkles accusation. "We'll just head to Spanish now."

"You will not." Sue responded. "There is no need for one of my Cheerleaders to befuddle his mind with the nonsense of that dying language. And you Mr. Knight are a Jew, the Spanish kill your kind, studying their language is an insult to your religion."

"Huh? I'm not a Jew Coach." Jensen said feeling certain the Cheerleading Coach was making everything up.

"My suggestion, go entertain yourselves in Mr. Blake's office." Sue said. "As a teacher I can't legally give you permission to bump uglies on a fellow member of staff's desk, so I'm sure the three of us have a mutual understanding that I suggested no such thing. In fact, I didn't even see you and this conversation not real." She whispered before taking a dark pair of shades from her tracksuit pocket, slipping them onto her face and striding away.

"The peculiarity of her spoken thought process must be a side-affect of all those protein-shakes." Lucas shrugged.

"Whatever," Jensen replied. "So, you wanna fuck in Blake's office on his desk?"

"Ok." Lucas grinned before the two jogged through the corridors, pleased to find the Spanish teacher's office unlocked.

"This is so badass." Lucas commented as Jensen locked the door and shut the blinds. "Are you sure we won't get caught?"

"No, but that's part of the fun." Jensen answered stepping up to Lucas and resting his hands on his waist. "You're gonna have to work hard to keep quiet for me, baby."

"Mmm, I'll try." Lucas groaned before allowing Jensen to maul his mouth before being pushed chest down over Blake's desk.

Standing behind the countertenor, Jensen pulled Lucas's pants and underwear down before freeing his own erection. Crouching down, he brought his mouth close to Lucas's rear.

He pressed a quick kiss to each cheek before taking a firm hold of each globe and spreading them apart. Jensen let his warm moist breath ghost over Lucas's perfect hole. Leaning forward, Jensen flicked his tongue out and gave a teasing lick, tasting the muskiness that was simply Lucas.

Jensen stabbed his wet tongue deep inside of Lucas, making him whimper and moan softly.

Massaging the porcelain-skinned boy's ass cheeks, Jensen pulled his mouth away and reminded him to keep quiet before probing him with his tongue again.

Standing, Jensen offered his fingers to Lucas's mouth so he could get them wet before penetrating the boy's entrance with the spit-slicked fingers.

He pumped his moistened digits in and out of Lucas's tight passage to ease him open before he lined his cock up and forced himself inside, taking Lucas from behind.

"Jensen." Lucas gasped once his boyfriend was fully sheathed inside of him.

"Ssh, you gotta keep quiet, babe." Jensen admonished with a light slap to Lucas's buttocks.

Dropping his head onto his arms that were folded atop the desk, Lucas closed his eyes and worked hard to stifle his moans as Jensen thrust inside of him, the threat of possibly getting caught adding to the excitement and pleasure.

A few pants and groans sounded within his throat but for the most part, Lucas did a good job of keeping quiet. Other than his and Jensen's heavy breathing, the only sound was that of Jensen's balls slapping against Lucas's skin and the gentle thud of Lucas's hips bashing against the desk.

He knew he was sure to be left with bruises but he didn't care, the little pain mixed on amongst the pleasure only heightened his arousal.

"You're a very naughty boy, aren't you, baby?" Jensen asked in a low voice, his speech similar to the script of a porn movie they'd watched with Molly and Tatia once.

"Perhaps you need some discipline?" He asked landing a sharp spank to Lucas's unsuspecting bottom, the ivory flesh blossoming a shade of pink from the hit.

"Just just keep fucking me." Lucas panted as quietly as he could, stretching his arms out to grip his hands on the opposite side of Blake's desk.

"Nice to know what an eager student you are." Jensen commented and Lucas would have rolled his eyes if he hadn't closed them in ecstasy at the feel of Jensen's cock smashing into his prostate.

"Maybe if you continue with such good behaviour you could become Head-Boy."

"Teacher-student role-play" Lucas breathed out. "Not really a turn-on for me, Jensen."

"Then how 'bout you call me 'daddy'?" Jensen asked with an amused chuckle.

"You are so messed up." Lucas retorted.

"Bet your ass I am." Jensen replied smacking Lucas's arse before snaking a hand round to his front so he could grip Lucas's long neglected cock. "You like that?" He asked with a hint of a growl.

"Y-yes." Lucas stuttered out pushing his hips back to get more of Jensen's huge dick in him before arching forward to get more friction on his own cock.

"Jensen, babe, so close. Please let me cum." He begged.

"I'm right with you baby." Jensen grunted fucking him harder and faster, working his hand up and down Lucas's member at a frantic pace.

"On his desk, cum on his desk." He ordered and Lucas's body easily obeyed the command.

"Jensen." Lucas breathed, placing his hands on the desk to keep himself up so that he didn't lean on his spilled cum.

"You're such a good fuck." Jensen praised kissing the side of Lucas's neck once he'd released inside of him.

"I'm the best right?" Lucas asked.

"Of course baby." Jensen answered pulling out of him and tucking himself away before crouching down.

"My jizz looks so fucking hot inside your beautiful little hole." He commented as he spread Lucas's cheeks apart, the white substance dribbling out a little.

Leaning his face in, Jensen darted his tongue out to lap it up. If he'd had a butt-plug at hand, then he would have inserted the plastic toy into Lucas's gaping opening, keeping his cum there.

But as he didn't, Jensen opted to lick his seed out of Lucas's ass and swallow it down. Lucas let out a series of moans as Jensen worked before signing in disappointment when Jensen finished and helped him pull his pants back up.

"I can't wait to brag to the guys that I fucked you over Blake's desk." Jensen said before sneaking a hot kiss, allowing Lucas to taste the mixture of Jensen's cum and his own ass.

"Just don't tell my dad." Lucas told him before neatening his hair.

After checking the coast was clear, he unlocked the office door and the two teens stepped out before wandering through the corridors and to the nearest girls' bathroom.

Standing by the sink, Lucas checked his reflection before turning on the tap and splashing water onto his sweaty face.

"Lucas babe, do we really have to do this in here?" Jensen asked. "The boys' toilets are just down the hall."

"The girls' restroom smells more fragrant and is almost certainly more hygienic." Lucas stated.

"But chicks like pee in here," Jensen said. "And this is where they come to sort themselves out when they're on their periods." He whispered the last word with a shudder.

"It's only a bathroom." Lucas replied with a roll of his eyes. "It's nothing to fear. Neither are periods. I admit that the thought of vaginal blood is somewhat nauseating, but that's the way women are. Women like your mother, and one day in the future, your sister."

"Nah-uh." Jensen objected shaking his head.

"Lizzy is never gonna start that whole bleeding business. She's gonna be my kid sister forever thinking that dudes are diseased and not wanting anything to do with them. She'll stay cute but evil and won't ever get boobs or have a boyfriend or sex or anything grown-up. And my ma never had periods or did the nasty either."

"Is that so?" Lucas asked in amusement. "Then how is it you came into the world?"

"I'm the son of God, baby." Jensen answered. "My ma's a virgin who got knocked up spiritually by the dude upstairs. Then I came along. Since things didn't work out with the man J.C back in the day, God thought he'd take a second attempt with me. Now Jesus fucked up, got himself nailed to some wood or something. But me, I got myself into your tight designer pants so I could share my religion with your fine ass."

"Share your religion?" Lucas asked with a quirked brow. And what, pray tell, does your penis have to do with religion?"

"You've seen JenZilla," Jensen responded referring to his dick. "I got the whole circumcised thing going on down there. That's religion, baby. Accept it Lucas, you are dating the son of God."

"So, you're the son of God. Does that mean Lizzy is God's daughter?" Lucas questioned playing along with Jensen's determination to believe his mother was virginal.

"Hell no, that Little Lady is the spawn of Satan." Jensen declared. "After God blessed my ma's womb with the wonder that is me, the red devil downstairs decided to have his wicked way with my ma and that's how Lizzy was born. And because of all that satanic mojo burning in Lizzy's veins, she will stay young and evil forever so I won't have to beat the hell out of any guy who dares to date my little sis."

"She's going to hit puberty and grow up one day you know." Lucas said ruining Jensen's fantasy of having a sister that would never develop breasts, start her period or do bad things with boys.

"Yeah I know." Jensen sighed glumly. "And when she does I'm gonna lock her away until she's thirty. Then she can join a nunnery."

"Your protectiveness is adorable." Lucas laughed. "You're worse with Liz than my dad is with me."

"Since you've mentioned your old man," Jensen said. "I should probably tell you that we've got a little something planned him and me. I'm gonna get the other choir guys in on it too."

"What plan is that?" Lucas asked as they left the girls' bathroom and headed outside to go and sit on the bleachers for the little time that remained of their final lesson.

"We'll get Tristan to meet you somewhere." Jensen told him and Lucas opened his mouth to protest but Jensen spoke over him. "You won't really be meeting up with him; he'll just think you are. The psycho wants you badly Lucas, if he thinks you've agreed to meet him somewhere then he'll show. But er, instead of meeting you it'll be me, the guys and your dad."

"You can't beat him up." Lucas stated. "I don't like Josh at all but you can't all gang up on him like that. And my dad does not need to be fighting; it isn't good for his heart. Not to mention that if you get in a fight you could land yourself straight back in juvie. I don't want you going to that place again. I need you here with me."

"I'm not going anywhere baby." Jensen promised lightly grasping Lucas's chin and stealing a quick little kiss. "Look, your dad is the scariest most badass motherfucker I know. He'll only have to mention his guns and Tristan will be bricking it. I'll be there to make it clear that you're mine and he can back the fuck off. The guys will be there to offer a little physical persuasion if necessary."

"Dean's not long been out of hospital," Lucas pointed out. "I don't want him involved in a Josh confrontation. Jake might have abs but he's half the size of Josh, Benny's a swimmer he's almost as thin as me and in all honesty I think Becky could beat up Brent."

"We don't need to hit him," Jensen shrugged. "If we're all just there that'll be enough to scare him. And maybe Tatia can be there as well. She's a chick, she can hit him."

"What if this plan just makes things worse?" Lucas asked.

"It won't. Don't worry ok. I'm gonna take care of you baby. Always." Jensen told him.

"Come on, class should be finishing now. Let's meet up with the guys and tell them the plan before we pick up Lizzy and take her out for ice-cream."

"So when are you planning to give this talk to Josh?" Lucas questioned as they walked back to the school building.

"James said for us to do it Wednesday because he gets off work early." Jensen answered. "That'll give us time to decide on an unpopulated location and for you to convince Tristan to meet you. You don't have to make any verbal conversation. You could just send him a note or something. We'll figure it out, ok."

"Ok." Lucas replied winding an arm about Jensen's waist as the muscled teen draped his across Lucas's shoulders.

The two were still very overly-touchy feely, both needing one another's comfort due to Jensen's absence at juvie and because of the Josh situation.

Just as they met up with Benny at his locker, Lucas spied the girls milling around Jane. They were applying gloss to her lips, fluffing out her hair, perfuming her wrists and Tatia forcibly stuffing the dark haired girl's bra.

Once they were done with their quick middle-of-the-corridor make-over, Molly patted Jane on the rear and encouraged her towards Asher Drayson so she could flirt with him and attempt to get some form of information from the weasel.
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