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20. A Jane Bright plan

As they sat in the Ice-Cream Parlour along with Lizzy, Lucas and Jensen were playing footsie under the table.

Lizzy was talking to them all about her day at school and they tried to listen attentively but their main focus was on each other. It didn't take long for the girl to notice she wasn't receiving their full attention and as soon as she realised, she aimed a kick to both of them under the table, deliberately kicking Jensen harder.

"Ouch." Jensen complained shooting her a glare.

"Lizzy, it isn't nice to kick." Lucas told her.

"Yeah, and you shouldn't kick me harder," Jensen pouted rubbing his shin. "I'm your big bro, how about some sibling love."

"How about you two stop making goo-goo eyes at one another for a few minutes and pay me the attention I deserve." Lizzy responded. "I'm little, beautiful and mean, your world should revolve around me whenever you're lucky enough to be in my company."

"Is she getting this superior attitude from you or Tatia?" Jensen asked.

"Probably from the both of us." Lucas answered. "Sorry Little Lady. Tell us about your art lesson, we're listening now."

"Well I'm not so sure I even want to tell you now." Lizzy replied with a dramatic sigh. "I'll just try and enjoy the last few spoonfuls of my ice-cream. If only I had some more, then I might be persuaded to repeat myself and tell you about my day."

"One bowl of ice-cream is enough." Lucas said.

"But I'm a growing girl." Lizzy sulked. "I need ice-cream to make my bones stronger and keep my skin pimple-free and my hair shiny. Jensen, please?" She begged fluttering her eyelashes.

"Ah damn, don't do that cute little thing." Jensen groaned doing his best not to look at her.

"Stay strong babe." Lucas encouraged as he determinedly looked to the left so he couldn't succumb to Lizzy's adorable look.

"But Jensen," Lizzy said in a voice that suggested she knew she was a sentence away from getting the second bowl of ice-cream she so desired. "Recent studies show that the more ice-cream a little girl eats the longer it postpones the beginning of puberty."

"Ok, I'll get you the damn ice-cream." Jensen agreed launching to his feet and heading away to buy her another bowl.

"You shouldn't tell lies, Lizzy." Lucas said reproachfully as the little girl smiled smugly as she twirled a dark strand of hair around her finger.

"I know," Lizzy smiled. "But I'm just so good at it. Besides, Tat says if you really want something, then you should do everything you can to get it without the smallest feeling of guilt or shame."

"You're a devil." Lucas told her shaking his head as he gazed at her fondly.

"Why thank you." Lizzy beamed.

Jensen returned and handed his little sister a fresh bowl filled with a mixture of different ice-cream flavours and topped off with cream, marshmallows and sprinkles.

She dug in to the cold dessert; letting out an 'mmm' of approval as the various tastes melted on her tongue. After her second spoonful, she proceeded to tell them about her day again, and this time the two teen boys listened.

"And then," Lizzy said with a laugh as she licked her spoon off. "I pulled Tommy Taylor's pants down and we all laughed at his smelly tiny willy and made him cry."

"Lizzy, that's a terrible thing to do." Lucas reprimanded, shoving his boyfriend's shoulder when Jensen snorted with laughter. "Don't encourage her."

"Come on, babe, its kinda funny." Jensen said.

"To a former bully perhaps," Lucas replied. "But to someone who had to endure years of bullying torment the humour fails to amuse. That really isn't a nice way to treat someone Lizzy, what did Tommy Taylor ever do to you? And how much trouble did you get in to?"

"Oh, I didn't get in trouble." Lizzy answered with a shrug. "I just smiled sweetly, looked innocent and blamed it on Joanna Cook."

"You shouldn't have done that." Lucas told her pulling an expression of disappointment.

"Whatever, Joanna Cook deserved it." Lizzy insisted. "She wore orange and purple together."

"As offensive as such a colour combination for clothing sounds," Lucas said. "That doesn't make your behaviour right."

"Jensen, Lulu's trying to get in the way of my awesome badassness." Lizzy complained.

"Sorry sis, but Lucas's right." Jensen replied. "You don't wanna behave like that or treat people that way. Nobody likes a brat."

"Well Tat says" Lizzy began but Jensen silenced her by placing a hand over her mouth.

"Hey, I don't care what Tatia says." Jensen told her. "She's a bitch and basically everybody hates her. If you carry on the way you are now then you'll be just like her."

"Really?" Lizzy asked sounding excited by the idea. "You think I can be as beautiful and bitchy as Tat one day? Do you think I should join the Cheerleaders when I go to Beach High? And oh, I should totally start saving my money up so I can get a boob job."

"Argh!" Jensen screamed covering his ears. "No, absolutely not, just no. Just finish your ice-cream. I've gotta hit the men's room and repress this conversation."

Lizzy just cackled as her brother ran away before she placed her hand atop of Lucas's.

"Don't worry Lulu; I won't really get a boob job." She said. "It's just funny watching Jensen freak out."

"You Lizzy Knight will be the death of me." Lucas sighed as he took up a napkin and wiped the girls face clean.

"But you love me anyway." Lizzy told him in a sing-song voice.

Just as Jensen was returning, Lucas's cell phone started to ring. Slipping it out of his pocket and glancing down at the screen, he saw that it was Jane calling.

Holding the phone to his ear, he said 'hello' then listened to the girl complain about how vile and repulsive Asher Drayson was.

"Yes Jane, he is a disgusting excuse for humanity," Lucas agreed. "But did he tell you anything."

"He told me far more than I ever wanted to know." Jane replied, hardly breathing as she spoke at such a rapid pace. "Once again, my dads are going to have to move the family therapist into the guest bedroom so that she might help me overcome the disturbances of mind flirting with Asher has left me with. He insisted on giving me a far too detailed explanation of the most recent wet dreams he's been having about me, none of which will ever become a reality of course, I would never lower myself to dating someone so beyond the valley of puke-ville. Are all boys so vulgar with their fantasies?"

"Jane!" Lucas yelled over the girl to gain her attention.

"Calm down," he told her through the phone and he heard her let out a dramatic breath. "Did Asher tell you anything about Josh? Anything at all that might aid us in our mission of getting him expelled?"

"Unfortunately no," Jane sighed. "He did let a few things slip amongst the sickening fantasies he was relaying, but nothing truly helpful. However, all is not lost. I do think I can stomach being within close proximity again in order to convince him to send a message of some kind to Josh stating that you have agreed to meet him at a certain destination at a certain time."

"I thought that was Jensen's idea." Lucas said in confusion.

"No, it's my idea." Jane insisted. "Obviously we won't really send you to meet Josh. Instead, all of us choir girls will be there to greet him. We'll scare him away Lucas, you can count on us."

"Jane, if I may," Lucas interrupted when the girl started to drone on about the karate lessons she had taken as a child. "Jensen already has a very similar plan to carry out. Only he's going to face Josh along with the guys and my dad. In all honesty, I'd feel better if the guys gave him a talk rather than you girls. I don't want Josh hurting you."

"Don't be silly, he won't hurt us." Jane replied. "I may be short but I'm stronger than I look. Besides, that's not all. If I flirt accordingly then I'm confident I can persuade Asher to attend this meeting as well."

"What's Asher going to do, wet his pants?" Lucas asked.

"Well probably." Jane admitted from the other end of the phone. "But I was thinking we might have him out of sight and recording everything. Or we could load up on candy bars and convince Lauren to do it. Anyway, we girls will pull a confession from Josh's lips, on camera and then we'll present the evidence to Principal Gilligen. Recorded evidence is something he simply won't be able to ignore. And if Josh lashes out then I am fully prepared to sacrifice myself and take a hit. Striking a woman will make his situation even worse and Gilligen will have to expel him or my dads will file a lawsuit."

"That might work." Lucas said.

"I know, I'm a genius." Jane replied proudly. "I'll call the other girls and let everybody know. You tell Jensen that he'll have to cancel his own intimidation plan because mine if clearly far superior. And remember, choir rehearsal at my place tomorrow. I have a fantastic idea for a solo that I simply must do."

"Right, bye Jane." Lucas said before hanging up the phone and relaying to his boyfriend everything the girl had just said.

"Fine, she's got a pretty decent plan." Jensen said begrudgingly. "But I still say it takes place on Wednesday and me, James and the guys will be there too. Just in case things get out of hand and Tristan does, then we'll be nearby to run in and protect them."

"And one of you can stick close to that smelly boy with the funny hair," Lizzy said referring to Asher. "You can make sure that he's filming everything and scare him so he does what you want."

"Ah, good thinking." Jensen approved.

"Perhaps, though I really feel our trust would be better placed in Lauren as opposed to Asher." Lucas said.

"Probably," Jensen agreed. "But Asher can hide easier. Lauren's a big girl; she'll be too easy to spot."

"I just hope this works." Lucas sighed. "I'll feel so much better when Josh isn't breathing down my neck all the time."

"Um, boys," Lizzy spoke up and the two teens looked to her. "I'm not calling you dumb or anything, but getting that troll expelled won't make him go away. He'll still come after you at your house or when you're at the mall."

"Damn, she's right." Jensen realised.

"It's never going to end is it?" Lucas asked sadly and the Knight siblings each took a hold of his hand.

"Don't worry Lulu, we'll think of something." Lizzy smiled at him.

"Yeah, baby, we're not gonna let him hurt you." Jensen promised moving in to press a kiss to Lucas's lips. "Come on, I'll take you home."

Back at home sitting on the sofa with his dad, a sudden idea came to Lucas while watching Sue's Corner.

"Hey, what's that smile about?" James enquired.

"Dad, a lot of people watch Sue's Corner right?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure I heard that Cheerleading Coach of yours bragging about it being one of the highest rated shows or something." James answered. "Why?"

"Well, as you know, Sue's been very supportive in trying to help me with the Josh situation." Lucas said. "I was thinking perhaps she could mention something about it on the show. His parents are bound to find out about it. Maybe maybe they'll feel pressured to move town or something. Last year, a total of five ex-cheerio's ended up transferring to another school and another town."

"She can't just exploit this jerk on T.V like that without proof." James pointed out. "He's still a kid."

"I know, and I know thinking of such a thing is wrong but well, if she did have proof and it was shown on T.V, it might help the situation don't you think?" Lucas asked. "It might make Josh's family move away."

"It might." James nodded. "I don't know. I guess it depends what his parents are like. If something like that happened to me and you, I wouldn't let it run us out of our home. Nobody pushes the Benson's around right. If the Tristan's think like that, then they'll probably stay despite all the talk. But if they're really concerned with appearance and reputation like that Elena girl's parents, then they might just skip town. How are you gonna get proof anyway? I thought those camera things you set up at school didn't work."

"They didn't." Lucas said. "But well, we sort of have a new plan." He explained Jane's idea to his dad and James seemed mildly impressed. "This plan could work, right?"

"It depends if the girls can get the truth out of him on camera." James replied. "But if they get it then yeah. Yeah I think it could work."

"But what if it doesn't work?" Lucas asked. "What do we do then? I can't keep on living in fear like this."

"If it doesn't work," James said. "I've got my shotgun."
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