My boyfriend's back (boyxboy)

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21. Lucas wins

After school the next day, the choir members were gathered in Jane's basement for their choir rehearsal.

As it happened, they weren't getting a lot done in terms of practice. Brent and Jane were stood a few feet apart yelling furiously at one another, the differences in their height more profound and comical, with Tatia adding fuel to the fire, smirking as she said things that made them both angrier and shriek louder.

At first, Benny and Laura had tried to calm things down and stop the two from arguing, but their attempts were useless.

Sakura and Jake were sat down in a corner together making out, Elena was perched on Dean's lap with her head resting atop of his and Molly was on the stage making up a new dance.

Lucas was perched on Jensen's lap as they watched YouTube videos, on the couch, on Lucas's phone.

"I'm just trying to be helpful to a friend for the benefit of the choir," Jane hollered at Brent. "Why is that so difficult for you to comprehend?"

"Since when does flirting with Asher Drayson count as helping out a friend?" Brent demanded to know.

"If you were a decent girlfriend you'd never have agreed to throw yourself at another guy. You know how sensitive I am about this whole cheating thing after what Elena did to me."

"Oh come on Dwarf, you're not gonna take that crap from Gigantor are you?" Tatia asked stepping behind Jane and pulling the girls hair back behind her ears. "Especially since he gave his v-card up to me last year."

"You kissed me in the auditorium." Jane stated her voice dropping to a calm tone that caught everybody's attention since it was such a sharp contrast to the shouting match that had been going on. "Back when you first joined the choir, you kissed me even though you were still dating Elena."

"What?" Elena asked sounding highly offended.

"Really E?" Tatia questioned casting a disbelieving look to the blonde. "You got yourself knocked up by Jensen, you're not really in a position to act hurt by Brent making-out with Bright. I admit, the Frankenteen cheated, but you cheated too Blonde Girl."

"You're completely changing the subject," Brent complained. "I kissed you last year because I liked you."

"That doesn't make it ok." Elena chipped in moving off of Dean's lap and standing beside Jane glaring up at Brent. "I was still your girlfriend. Kissing other girls because you like them isn't ok, just like me sleeping with Jensen wasn't ok. You made me feel like a total bitch when you learned the truth about me and Jensen, but you're nothing more than a hypocrite. Kissing qualifies as cheating too Brent."

"Precisely." Jane agreed. "Whereas flirting with someone you find repulsive for the sake of learning information that might be beneficial to a friend's safety is not cheating. If anything, I would argue that you're a bad boyfriend rather than the ridiculous accusation that I'm a bad girlfriend."

"You're a lousy lay too." Tatia added. "The best part about having sex with you was getting to jiggle your man boobs."

"You should totally wear a bra," Molly suggested moving off the stage and approaching Brent with her hands outstretched to cup his chest. "Then you'd be like a shemale."

"Dude, that's just gross." Laura commented. "And will everybody chill and stop with the arguing. I thought we were supposed to be here to rehearse for Sectionals."

"Laura, I couldn't agree more." Jane said. "In order to take Sectionals for a second year I believe we should follow the tradition of me beginning with a solo. I already have the perfect song." She informed them as she moved to the stage and set up her microphone. "I warn you, this number is highly emotional so prepare yourself to shed some tears."

"Oh hell to the no," Laura interjected before Jane could begin the song. "I am not sitting by and letting you take all the competition solos again. Last year, we agreed that I'd so the solo, which would have been all kinds of awesome if Sue hadn't leaked our set-list to those Grace Adams girls and those deaf kids. Since you ended up with the solo last year its only fair that I take it this year."

"Thank you for your opinion Laura," Jane replied. "But as I have taken on the role of director for the Vocal Expressions the final decision rests with me. For this years solo performance at Sectionals I nominate myself."

"Well I think I should do the solo." Molly said. "I'm way hotter and more talented than you. Plus I'm taller."

"Oh no, if this solo deal is about hotness then the solo is totally mine." Tatia insisted.

"I don't imagine the judges will be impressed by you dancing on a poll in a thong and tacky shirt that barely covers the whorish result of your boob job," Elena commented.

"Something more conservative would be highly more appropriate. I've performed at church many times and everybody has loved it. This year, the solo should be done by me. Religion is making a comeback and God and Jesus are totally cool."

"We're not performing to a group of nuns and a horny priest, Clark." Tatia quipped.

"Well we're not performing in a strip club either." Elena retorted with a glare.

"Maybe I want to do the solo." Sakura spoke up.

"Get serious, if you take to the spotlight and start singing about death you're gonna leave the judges and audience really depressed and then we won't stand a chance of winning unless Molly and I put out for the judges." Tatia said.

"Who says a girl has to do the solo?" Benny asked. "Why can't one of us guys do it?"

"Lucas's our best male singer." Dean stated.

"But Jensen has badass stage presence." Jake pointed out.

"Why don't we ask Asher to join the choir and have him do the solo?" Brent asked sarcastically with a note of bitterness.

"Stop sulking Brent, it really isn't attractive." Lucas told him. "And since Laura didn't get to perform the solo we all agreed she should do last year, I think it's only right that she does the solo this year."

"Thanks, white boy." Laura beamed.

"Let's put it to a vote." Dean suggested. "All those in favour of Laura doing the solo raise your hand." He raised his hand high in the air as did Lucas, Jensen, Benny, Jake and Sakura.

"Rather Jones than Bright." Tatia sighed putting her hand up too and Molly instantly copied.

Since everyone else was in agreement, including Brent, though he probably only voted for Laura to spite Jane, Elena and Jane released a sigh of defeat and both raised their hands in the air.

"Great, so it's decided, Laura gets the solo." Dean confirmed. "What song?"

"Song ideas must be approved by me first." Jane insisted.

"Whatever," Laura shrugged. "I'm gonna blow the roof off with my version of Prince's 'Purple Rain."

"Excellent choice." Jane admitted a little grudgingly. "Very well, show us what you can do."

She left the stage free for Laura and the black diva took to the microphone and had them all gazing adoringly at her as she belted out the lyrics and notes with her powerful lungs.

After Laura finished her song and basked in her applause and admiration, it was decided that Elena and Dean would perform a duet and they'd finish with a group number featuring a dance routine choreographed by Jake and Molly.

The two dancers got to work on the routine right away, Tatia and Jensen having to drag Jane away since the dark haired girl continuously tried to take over.

"I think that's enough for today." Tatia said. "Some of us actually have social lives that don't revolve around the choir ."

"Yeah, Sakura and I have a hot date tonight." Jake informed them all placing an arm around his girlfriend.

"I wouldn't call it hot." Sakura replied. "Not with your mum there as well."

"What's wrong with my mum?" Jake asked defensively.

"Nothing's wrong with your mum." Sakura huffed. "It's her constant supervision that's the problem."

The two Asian's left the basement with an argument starting to roar up between them.

Jensen and Dean walked with Benny upstairs and the others followed behind, making their goodbyes to Jane and heading their separate ways.

Before Jensen and Lucas could leave, one of Jane's dads invited the couple to join them for dinner and while Lucas frantically shook his head at Jensen behind Mr. Bright's back, Jensen was too polite to decline and agreed.

They ended up ordering take-out since neither of Jane's dads was very skilled in the kitchen.

Sitting with the Bright trio in the living-room, Jensen and Lucas were forced to feign interest as the two gay dads gushed over Jane and her childhood years.

"Damn," Jensen sighed when they'd finally escaped the Bright household and were driving through the street in Lucas's car. "That was so boring."

"Well let that be a lesson to you." Lucas replied. "You didn't have to accept Mr. Bright's dinner invitation. You could easily have said no."

"Saying no would have been rude." Jensen defended.

"Since when does my boyfriend care about being rude?" Lucas asked himself. "Next time Jensen; just say we already have plans. Or make sure we're the first as opposed to the last to leave."

"Sorry babe, how 'bout I give you road head as an apology?" He asked with a leer.

"No, last time you did that I crashed the car." Lucas reminded him. "My dad even made me pay for it to get fixed. He must have guessed how the damage came about. I know he pretends that I'm still innocently virginal but you and I both know that he knows you've already defiled me."

"Haha, yeah," Jensen sniggered. "That just proves how badass I am. I got to corrupt your innocent mind and your beautiful body without ever getting shot by your old man."

"There's time enough yet for my dad to put a bullet in your skull." Lucas said.

"Nah, your old man likes me really." Jensen insisted. "Well, you know, apart from the whole hating the fact I've been fucking his baby boy for nearly a year."

Suddenly, Lucas changed direction and pulled up in a deserted area where many Lima teens headed to make-out without their parents' knowledge.

On this particular night, it seemed as though they were the only ones there save for another vehicle a stone's throw away from them.

"That sounded like Molly." Jensen said in amusement as he heard a feminine moan. "And that was definitely Tatia." He smirked.

Un-strapping their seat belts, Lucas and Jensen moved towards each other and traded a few kisses before pulling apart in shock when they heard a third masculine moan from the other car.

"That's Benny." Lucas whispered.

"No way," Jensen exclaimed but after hearing a few more moans and a pant of the boy's name he realised Lucas was correct.

"Well fuck, hey, nice one dude!" He yelled out earning a whack from Lucas.

"Quiet Knight, your voice is a total turn-off!" Tatia yelled back.

"Come on babe, we can totally be louder than that." Jensen said to Lucas pulling him into the back seat, opening all the windows so their noises would be more audible.

"Of course we can be louder than that." Lucas scoffed. "But I only came here to make-out, not for car sex. I hate car sex."

"Fine, we won't have sex in the car," Jensen compromised. "We'll have it on top of the car."

He opened the door, took Lucas's hand and pulled him out after him before bringing them both round to the hood of the car.

Hands at Lucas's hips, Jensen kissed him passionately before twisting him round and bending him over the car chest-down.

"Jensen," Lucas hissed as he heard the sound of Jensen unbuckling his belt. "You cannot be serious. Someone might see, they will see." He whispered jerking his head in the direction of Tatia's car. "I am not lowering myself to such vulgar behaviour."

"So stop me." Jensen smirked as he tugged Lucas's pants down and wrapped one hand around the countertenor's cock and began fingering his hole with the other.

"I hate you sometimes." Lucas groaned settling himself more comfortably over his car and spreading his legs to grant Jensen better access.

"Be loud for me, baby." Jensen instructed.

Feeling his cheeks heat up in embarrassment, Lucas closed his eyes, took a breath and then let out a fairly tame moan.

Tatia and Molly both released pleasured shrieks in response. A few pants later, Lucas's competitive streak made itself known and he accepted the unspoken challenge of finding out who could moan the loudest and utter the dirtiest things.

"Nrgh, fuck my dirty ass, Benny," Molly moaned from the other car. "Ooh, Tatia lick me!" She begged.

"I need you now Jensen," Lucas gasped being louder than necessary. "Stop teasing me and fuck me hard and rough with your cock."

"You want it baby?" Jensen asked. "Your hole's so greedy for me. Tell me how much you want it slut."

"Don't call me a slut." Lucas huffed before letting out a yelp as Jensen spanked his right buttock.

"Oh, oh, Tatia, please, stick that nasty tongue somewhere else." Molly begged.

"She's good." Jensen commented. "But you're better. Beg, bitch."

"Just fuck me, Jensen." Lucas positively growled. "Use that huge dick of yours and rip my hot little ass open. I'm so desperate for you, baby. Just fuck me hard and do me rough, please."

"Such a good slut." Lucas praised before guiding his cock into Lucas's entrance, complete with the condom he'd had in his jeans pocket all day.

"Oh yes, so fucking big, mmm, take me, fuck me, use me." Lucas chanted.

"So fucking tight, so good." Jensen grunted pulling out slowly and pushing back in.

"Jensen please, I need it harder, faster." Lucas begged pushing his hips back against Jensen to get more of his dick in him. "Fuck me raw."

"Oh yeah, gonna fuck you so good." Jensen said speeding up his movements, one hand resting at the back of Lucas's neck, forcing him to keep his head down. "Scream for me bitch. Let those losers hear what a dirty slut you are."

"Mmm, shit, harder." Lucas moaned.

In the other car, the two girls as well as Benny were still going at it and letting out a series of moans.

However, Lucas's pants and groans easily outdone theirs. He was loud and shrill as Jensen plunged roughly in and out of him.

"That's it Jensen, pound my fucking ass." Lucas encouraged.

"Fuck, you're my hot little slut." Jensen breathed moving his hand up to grip Lucas's hair then force his head back so he could claim his mouth in a bruising kiss. "Such a good whore for me."

"Oh, oh, yeah, urgh, mmm fuck," Lucas groaned unintelligibly. "I'm so close, Jensen I'm gonna I'm gonna"

"Yeah, cum for me baby." Jensen ordered and Lucas was moaning higher than ever as his orgasm was ripped from his trembling body.

"Ah shit." Jensen hissed as Lucas's anal walls clenched tightly around his condom-covered cock.

"So fucking beautiful." He sighed in a tone of awe after he'd spilled himself into the condom then pulled out and bent to admire Lucas's gaping and well-used hole.

The two boys pulled their pants back up and Lucas turned to meet Jensen in another lust-filled kiss.

"Love you." Lucas said.

"Love you more, princess." Jensen replied holding him close.

"Cut the romantic shit, you'll make me yak." Tatia called out to him.

"Screw you Lopez." Jensen retorted.

"Already been taken care of." Benny said smugly from somewhere in the car.

"Well, Lucas was the loudest, so he totally won." Jensen stated proudly.

"Whatever," Tatia scoffed. "Your boyfriend might be loud Knight but both of you suck at dirty talk. Molly totally kicked your gay-boy asses with that."

"Go eat pussy Lopez." Jensen called back to her as he and Lucas re-seated themselves in the car.

"She already did that." Molly replied sounding highly satisfied. "Bye Lucas, see you tomorrow."

"Bye Molly." Lucas answered before driving off.

"So, tomorrow after school we put Jane's plan into action and see if we can get a Josh confession on camera."

"Yeah, just relax sweetheart, it'll all work out." Jensen told him.

"Jensen," Lucas said as he pulled up outside Jensen's house. "Never call me 'sweetheart' again." He advised.

"Sure thing, slut-boy." Jensen smirked.

Lucas simply glared before snatching a handful of Jensen's shirt and pulling him in to a steamy goodnight kiss.
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