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22. Sue's new Cheerleader

On Wednesday morning, Lucas woke up feeling incredibly nervous.

He hoped Jane's plan to get some dirt on Josh thereby ensuring his expulsion would work but there was no guarantee. Every plan they had thought up previously had been thwarted.

"Enough negativity," Lucas said to himself as he admired his reflection in the mirror.

"With that train of thought, nothing will go according to plan. You have to be positive Lucas Jennifer Benson, be confident that things will run smoothly then smoothly they shall run. Jane's plan is going to be a success and soon enough you'll be free to strut through the halls of Beach High in your fabulous outfits without fear of that Neanderthal. There, positive thinking. Oh my I am a gorgeous specimen." He commented arrogantly.

"Damn right baby," Jensen said appearing at the top of Lucas's stairs that led down to his basement bedroom.

"Ready for today?" He asked.

"Did you not hear my self-motivational speech?" Lucas enquired. "I am ready for this Babe. Let's get this fashion show on the runway."

"Hey, not so fast babe." Jensen objected when Lucas swiftly moved past him. "A morning make-out session is necessary or my brain won't work properly in class."

"Any excuse to have your tongue down my throat." Lucas remarked with a roll of his eyes, yet he still grinned before meeting his boyfriend's mouth.

"Mmm, baby?" Jensen asked, their lips still lingering after their kiss broke. "Can you make me some waffles?"

Being attacked by Jensen's puppy-dog eyes and pouty lips, Lucas was unable to deny his boyfriend his request.

"You be careful kids, you got that." James said looking between the two seriously as Jensen chewed down his waffles.

"Don't sweat it, we're gonna pull this thing off." Jensen said confidently. "I won't let anything happen to our favourite boy, promise."

"You'd better take care of him Knight." James replied.

"I am perfectly capable of looking after myself." Lucas commented with a roll of his eyes and the other two men just looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"What? I am," he insisted. "This Josh nonsense is an extreme circumstance and that psychologically unhinged mutant will not get the best of me in the long run. We shall defeat the enemy and then celebrate with style."

"I'll look after him, James." Jensen assured the older man.

"Good lad," James said approvingly clapping Jensen on the shoulder. "And make sure you don't get yourself thrown back in the slammer you little punk," he ruffled Jensen's dark black hair as he said the words with a level of affection.

"I'll be there for you boys later." He promised before squeezing Lucas's shoulder before he left for work.

"Time for sex on the table before school?" Jensen asked hopefully finishing the last of his waffle.

"Is sexual intercourse all you ever think about?" Lucas questioned in exasperation.

"No, sometimes I just think about making out." Jensen shrugged. "Come on baby, I need a good fuck to help calm my nerves about this plan."

"You're a terrible liar babe." Lucas chuckled before pulling his boyfriend up against him so they could get to work on stripping one another.

"I want it hard." Lucas whispered into Jensen's ear once they were naked.

Eager to please, Jensen threw the slighter boy down onto the table and worked extra hard to make Lucas scream as he left loving bruises on his hips.


Arriving at school, Jensen reluctantly left Lucas in the company of Jane and Laura while he walked another way listening to Molly talk about the difference between anal and vagina play in terms of sexual activity.

"There he is." Laura whispered as she walked arm-in-arm with Lucas and Jane, Josh making his way through the corridor from the other end. "Work your magic white boy."

Trying to ignore the sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach, Lucas forced himself to let out a laugh at the imaginary joke Laura had told him.

Jane laughed as well, perhaps just a little over the top, but it didn't seem to matter. Josh's attention had been caught on to Lucas and Lucas alone. He had no time to dwell on Jane's forced laughter when Lucas's angelic chuckles met his ears.

With perfect timing, Lucas 'accidentally' brushed against Josh as they passed him by.

He deliberately let out a gasp before momentarily locking eyes with his unwanted admirer. Lucas then lowered his gaze, passing the action off as shyness before walking ahead with the girls, being sure to look back at Josh over his shoulder and give a soft smile.

"How did I do?" Lucas asked the two in a whisper once they were far away from Josh.

"That was perfect." Jane assured him and Laura nodded in agreement.

"Just keep throwing little looks like that at him for the rest of the day," Laura said. "Then he'll totally believe it's a genuine meet-up between you two when we get Asher to deliver a note to him on your behalf."


As planned, Lucas sent flirty looks Josh's way all day. There was always a choir member with him just to make sure Josh didn't try to make a sudden advance and haul Lucas off for a rummage in a closet somewhere.

He and Jensen also made a conscious effort to keep at a distance with one another and not do anything that could be perceived as a public display of affection.

At lunch, Lucas and the chour girls bypassed their usual choir table, leaving the rest of the choir boys to sit there, and found a table closer to Josh.

The girls made sure to keep a flow of bitchy and self-centred gossip going so as not to arouse suspicion. They acted completely normal even as Lucas ate his sausages in a very suggestive manner, his eyes straying to Josh every few minutes.

With the way Josh was staring lustfully back at Lucas, it was a wonder the countertenor managed to stomach any food at all.


In his free period, Lucas headed through the halls of Beach High with Dean and Elena at his side. They made their way to Sue Kennester's office.

As Elena knocked lightly on the door, the Cheerleading Coach's voice boomed out ordering them to enter. Closing the door behind him, Lucas invited himself to take a seat across from her and she tilted her head to the side as she surveyed with a rare fondness. Elena also took a seat and Dean made to sit in the chair beside her but Sue barked for him to remain standing.

"Um, have I done something wrong?" Dean asked in confusion.

"What is it with you freaky choir kids?" Sue questioned as she stood up to circle Dean. "You all seem to be physically deformed in some way. Sand-bags has the giant breasts, a complete waste of money if you ask me. The money she spent on that ridiculous surgery could have paid for a set of new confetti canons. Then there's that annoyingly loud Hobbit with that huge thing in the middle of her face. And now there's you with a huge mouth."

She reached her hand out and prodded at his large lips before prizing them apart and inspecting the inside of his mouth. "Shut your hole Barbie Doll, keep that open too long Porcelain may get the wrong impression and expect you to service his cheerleading baton."

Dean snapped his mouth shut and looked to Lucas and Elena, wordlessly seeking some form of an explanation from one of them. The two cheerleaders just shrugged.

"Ok Guppy Face, you may be seated, but don't get too comfortable," Sue told him. "In my office I much prefer my students to be in physical discomfort, it builds character. Also, I would like to know your measurements."

"My measurements?" Dean enquired looking totally bewildered.

"That's right Juicy Lips," Sue smirked at him. "I've just decided to make you a cheerleader. E, tell that girl with the weird accent that she's off the team Now E." She prompted so Elena stood to leave so she could deliver the news to a soon to be ex-cheerleader.

"Um, I don't wanna be rude," Dean said awkwardly. "But I don't wanna be a cheerleader. And I'm on the football team. I can't cheer and play at the same time."

"Oh of course you can, its called multi-tasking," Sue told him. "You teenagers today, you're all so lazy. Now you're going to be a cheerleader and you're going to enjoy hating every second of it. I think I'll have you perform in a skirt, it'll bring out the colour of your eyes."

Dean stared at her in horror before looking helplessly to Lucas who simply offered him an expression of sympathy.

"Coach," Lucas spoke up redirecting her attention on to him. "We've formed a plan that we hope will lead to Josh's expulsion."

"Outstanding," Sue complimented. "And since you are currently seated in my office I can only assume you need my help in some way. So what is it you need from me Porcelain?"

"If our plan is successful," Lucas explained. "Then Josh will confess to the harassment he's subjected me to, as well as to being the one who really attacked Dean in the Gym that day rather than Zack"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, get to the good stuff." Sue encouraged. "What do I get to do? A little poisoning? The removal of limbs from this brute's body? Making repulsive people of all ages cry?"

"Another time perhaps," Lucas commented in response to her suggestions. "We actually hoped that you would show the footage we manage to get on an episode of Sue's Corner."

"Thereby publicly disgracing this troll to the entire town of Lima." Sue acknowledged evilly. "Sweet Porcelain, I like the way your brain works. Clearly there is hope yet for me to corrupt you into being as brilliant and ruthless as I. Though you don't have my bone structure."

"So will you do it?" Dean asked.

"You girls manage to get the incriminating footage and I'll air it on Sue's Corner." Sue promised. "Now get out of my office, your adorable faces are inspiring my long-repressed desire to create life."

"Thank you, Coach." Lucas smiled gratefully standing up and leading Dean out.

"And Big Mouth," Sue called after Dean. "Don't forget to show up for cheer practice tomorrow."

"Is she serious?" Dean asked Lucas as they walked down the corridor, meeting Elena on the way.

"I'm afraid so," Lucas answered. "And no, you don't really have a choice."

The trio made their way to the library and located Jane, Jake and Sakura at the back along with Asher, the latter of which was practically drooling as he gazed adoringly at Jane, perverted thoughts no doubt racing through his brain.

Joining them at the table, Lucas took the pen Jane handed to him as well as the sheet of paper Jake pushed towards him. He then neatly wrote a short note to Josh asking for a meeting. At Jane's insistence, he added three kisses at the end.

"Now all you have to do is give this to Josh." Jane instructed Asher who nodded dumbly. "You're making me very happy by doing this favour, I really appreciate it." Jane told him sweetly.

"Before I pass this note on to Josh I request physical evidence of the extent of your appreciation." Asher said in his screechy voice.

Sakura and Jake pulled identical expressions of disgust and Lucas felt his sympathy rise for Jane.

"Dude, just give Josh the note or me and my girlfriend will shove your head down a toilet." Dean threatened as Elena narrowed her best bitch stare at the gossip mongrel.

However, their threats and glares had little affect on Asher and he demanded that Jane kiss him.

Closing her eyes and holding her breath, Jane moved in and pressed a kiss to his lips. It was clear that the girl hoped to pull away immediately after their mouths connected, but Asher seized his opportunity and kept her close as he let his tongue invade Jane's orifice.

"Wow," Asher breathed when he finally broke the kiss. "Marry me?" He asked.

"Just hand Josh that note Asher," Jane ordered shoving him away from her.

"That was repulsive." She whimpered once the fuzzy haired boy was gone. "I think I'm going to reject the entire contents of my stomach." She said before hurrying away with her hand over her mouth.

"Remind me to buy Jane a truly fabulous present as a thank you." Lucas said.

In his last lesson of the day, Lucas sat at the back between Benny and Laura with Tatia and Molly in front of them and Jensen and Jake beside them.

"So, everything's set up yeah?" Tatia asked him in a whisper.

"The plan is completely in place." Lucas nodded. "In exactly one hour and forty-five minutes it will be down to you girls to force a confession out of him."

"Consider it done, Fancy Pants, I totally have my torture methods." Tatia said.

She smirked evilly and Brittany commented on how hot she looked before their hands disappeared under the desk in a manner that looked incredibly suspicious.

As Benny polished his glasses before paying avid attention to the on-goings between the two girls, Lucas twisted in his seat and smiled over at his boyfriend before chatting to Laura.

They discussed fashion and hot male celebrities, an attempt for Lucas to ease his anxiety over their plan as he kept glancing at the clock to check the time every thirty seconds.
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