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23. Confronting Josh

He was nervous, terribly so, but he tried his best to disguise that fact with a false air of confidence.

As soon as their last lesson had ended, Lucas and the other choir members headed out in groups of twos and threes before all gathering at the designated area where Lucas had asked Josh to meet him.

His dad was already there waiting for them and he held his arm out to Lucas before pulling him into a comforting hug and letting him now everything would be ok. The older Benson then found himself being hugged by all the choir girls.

"Wow babe, your old man's still a stud." Jensen commented sounding impressed. "Get in there James." He winked and Lucas clipped him round the head.

Asher Drayson was also there, camera in hand and gazing longingly at Jane. Benny also had a camera so that he could film the on-goings too, just in case Asher messed up.

Together, the group moved further down so that they could hide. Lucas remained out in the open, acting as bait for when Josh showed up.

They had all agreed, albeit reluctantly in the case of James and Jensen, that the plan would have a higher chance of succeeding if Josh saw Lucas before being ambushed and interrogated by the girls.

As he waited, Lucas's mind tormented him with ways their plan could backfire on them. Josh might decide not to show up, or he might show up with some friends of his own.

The little weasel Asher could have double-crossed them and told Josh of their plans. The girls may get hurt. If his dad got too heavily involved and things became physical it could put a great risk on his health.

It was possible that Josh would remain tight-lipped and refuse to confess anything when the girls interrogated him. The batteries in Asher's or Benny's camera could run dead before they managed to get a full confession from Josh.

The bully might spot them with their cameras and realise what their plan was.

Shaking his head, Lucas tried to rid himself of all the bad thoughts but they stubbornly continued to nibble at his brain, only serving to make him more anxious.

He jumped when he heard the sound of a car pulling up. Hearing the sound of heavy footsteps, he was fairly certain it was Josh.

Although Lucas's car was parked in a place where Josh would view it, everybody else had parked their cars on the street behind so that Josh wouldn't be alerted to their presence before they decided to make it known.

Feeling incredibly tense, Lucas looked in the direction he expected Josh to come from and was soon met with a sight of his admirer.

Putting on a smile, Lucas waggled his fingers in a shy greeting as Josh let out a wolf-whistle.

"I was worried you wouldn't show up." Lucas said pretending to act demure.

"You know I can't resist you." Josh replied with a leer.

"Good." Lucas smiled trying to ignore how sick he felt. "Do you trust me?" He asked playfully as Josh began to walk nearer to where he stood.

"Of course." Josh nodded trying and failing to imitate Jensen's smirk.

"Then follow me." Lucas flirted before letting out a laugh as he ran away, Josh letting out a laugh as he ran after him.

Rounding a corner, Lucas ran past where he knew the girls to be hiding then continued to run to hide behind a bush.

From his hiding spot, he could see Benny with his camera at the ready. He could also see Asher with his camera, Dean and Jake hiding with him to ensure he filmed whatever was about to happen.

Although he couldn't see them, Lucas knew that his dad, boyfriend and Brent were hiding somewhere, prepared to intervene in case Josh got violent with the girls.

"Luuuccaass!" Josh called out in a sing-song voice that made Lucas's blood curdle in revulsion.

"Lucas?" Josh asked and it was clear from his tone that he was beginning to grow suspicious.

As the bullying jock walked along in search of Lucas, Tatia leapt out of her hiding place and speared him against the wall. At first, it looked as though Josh might strike her, but his fist came to a halt when he identified her as a girl.

Taking advantage of Josh pausing in his actions, the other girls emerged from their hiding positions, the six of them forming a tight semi-circle round him so that he'd have to go through them if he wished to escape.

"Ladies," Josh greeted with his mouth forming into a sneer. "Where's Lucas?"

The sound of a car driving off sounded out and Molly made a rare display of intelligence by seizing the chance to improvise.

"You hear that?" She asked Josh. "That was Lucas and Jensen driving off together. Most probably to have sex." She added.

"Sexy time." Tatia laughed. "What's wrong, Josh?" She asked catching sight of the envy in his eyes. "Jealous?"

"Get outta my way." Josh huffed at them making to push past Tatia and Elena but the Latina forced him back against the wall.

"I don't think so," Tatia told him and all the girls took a step closer. "It's time for you to have a little talk with your Auntie Tat."

Still hiding behind the bush, his precious jeans getting grass-stains as a consequence, Lucas began to worry a little.

From an outsider's point of view, it currently looked as though the girls were the bad guys. They either needed to say the right words to trick Josh into confessing or be hit by the boy. Of course, Lucas didn't want any of his girls to suffer from a bruise or a cut lip at his expense.

Particularly Jane, she had already been tortured enough by having to kiss Asher.

"Don't mess with me," Josh warned glaring hard at Tatia but she did not back down. "I'm not in the mood."

"Now, now, there's no need for that tone," Tatia chided. "We just want to talk." She said raising her hands in an act of surrender.

"Stay away from Lucas." Laura spoke up.

"Why the hell should I?" Josh asked and Lucas became a little more hopeful that Josh made say enough to get him expelled. "What are you little girls gonna do about it?"

"Are you threatening us?" Elena demanded to know.

"Not at all," Josh responded. "If anyone's being threatening right now its you," he said looking round at them all. "I haven't done anything wrong, so why don't you get out of my way and go home and play with your dolls."

"We know you broke into Lucas's bedroom." Jane said speaking louder than necessary, presumably so she could ensure her voice picked up on the camera.

"Oh yeah?" Josh asked. "Prove it." He challenged.

Behind the bush concealing him, Lucas worried his lower lip between his teeth. Things weren't looking very promising for them.

"Look, we know you did it." Sakura snapped angrily. "You've been harassing him ever since Jensen went away and it has to stop."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Josh replied with a smug grin choosing to play dumb.

"Girls, please," Tatia said so as to calm them all. "Come on Josh, talk to Auntie Tat. If you girls will excuse us." She said before taking Josh's arm and leading him closer to the cameras but not close enough that he might see Benny or any of the others.

Seeing the looks on the other girls' faces, Lucas guessed that they had no idea what Tatia was up to or how they should proceed.

Lucas himself was clueless as to what Tatia was trying to achieve.

"Now that it's just you and me, let's be honest with one another." Tatai said. "You want in to Lucas Benson's pants." She smirked.

"So?" Josh shrugged. "It's not illegal to be in love with someone."

At the word 'love' Lucas's stomach churned uncomfortably and bile threatened to journey up his throat but he managed to swallow it down.

"Of course not," Tatia replied. "But it hurts doesn't it? Especially when that person doesn't love you back."

"You don't know what the fuck you're talking about, Lopez," Josh snarled at her and Lucas found himself worrying over Tatia's safely even though she looked completely calm herself.

"Me and Lucas will be together, I'll make sure of that. As soon as that Knight asshole's out of the picture then Luacs will come running to me. He'll see how he really feels about me."

A strong gust of wind blew past, the cold air messing up Lucas's brown tresses but for once he didn't automatically move his hand up to neaten his hair.

Hope that their plan might work out after all slowly returned to him. It seemed as though Tatia was getting close to drawing some form of confession out of Josh.

They just needed verbal and visual evidence that the boy was truly dangerous.

"And just how do you intend to get rid of Jensen?" Tatia asked him. "You can't come between those two and break them up. They love each other too much. Face it; you don't have a chance at winning Lucas's affections."

"I will make him love me!" Josh growled in her face before pinning her up against the wall, his hand latched around her throat.

"Tatia!" Molly called breaking away from the other girls where they had just been standing awkwardly unsure of what to do.

"Lucas's mine!" Josh insisted. "I'll fucking kill Jensen if I have to. I'll kill you too you little bitch. Lucas's mine!"

"Get off her, leave her alone!" Molly pleaded desperately trying to yank Josh's arm away from Tatia's neck but the jock easily shoved her away.

As Molly collided painfully with the concrete, Elena and Sakura rushed to her side and pulled her out of the way while Jane and Laura tried to stop Josh from choking Tatia.

Because the situation had turned dangerous, Jensen, Brent and James ditched their hiding places and rushed into the fray.

Leaving Jake to ensure Asher kept filming so they'd have his footage as well as Benny's, Dean ran towards Josh too.

Before the boys could intervene, Josh had punched Jane hard across the side of her face, the force knocking her into Laura and sending them both to the floor.

Tatia had then dug her nails into Josh's hand, drawing blood and shredding thin bits of his skin off. The scratch made him release his grip on her throat.

He made to land a blow to her head but James grabbed hold of his arm yanking him away from the girls before he, Jensen and Dean pinned him against the wall. Brent tended to Tatia who was coughing and spluttering as she tried to get her breath back.

"Only a pathetic coward hits a woman." James hissed at Josh who was struggling to get free but James, Dean and Jensen were able to keep him trapped against the wall.

"You can't stop me," Josh insisted his eyes wide with rage. "No-one can stop me. I love Lucas and I'll make the slut love me back!"

"If you dare come anywhere near my boyfriend, his dad, friends or his home again," Jensen threatened and Josh's struggles ceased as he cowered under Jensen's protective glare.

"Then I will shove James' gun up your worthless ass and pull the trigger." Jensen said indicating for Dean and James to release their holds and step back.

Jensen was looking Josh right in the eye but nobody was holding him down anymore. The teenage remained rooted to the spot purely out of intimidation. "I mean it Tristan, come near my boyfriend again and I'll really get nasty and willingly go to juvie again for murdering your ass. Now get the hell out of my sight and don't ever touch or come near what's mine ever again."

Jensen took a step back, still sending a mutinous glare at the teen that had been harassing his boyfriend. James doing the same for his son.

Josh broke into a run and didn't once look back as he scrambled into his car and drove off.

Standing up, Lucas came out from the bushes and walked towards the others, Jake dragging Asher along behind them.

"Is everybody ok?" Lucas asked concernedly.

"Fine, Benson." Tatia answered a red handprint still clearly marked on her neck. "Honestly, the things I do for your sweet ass."

"Thank you." Lucas replied gratefully embracing her.

"Yeah alright, no need to get sappy." Tatia scoffed shoving him away and taking Molly in her arms instead to assure the girl that she really was ok.

"Jane?" Lucas asked wincing as he saw her face where a large bruise was already forming.

"I'm fine." She told him from where she was leaning against Laura who was comforting her.

"The footage?" Lucas questioned looking to Benny and Asher.

"Got it." Benny grinned. "I'll probably have to edit out the last part where Jensen threatened to murder Josh but everything else is great. The guy went insane and viewers really won't like the fact that he attacked the girls."

"Asher, give your camera to Benny." Jane ordered and the boy handed the camera over. "We should look at all the footage so we can get the best angles for all the action and sound quality."

"Get Lauren to help," Elena suggested. "Her editing is easily the best."

"I have a bunch of candy bars you can bribe her with." Brent offered casting worried looks to Jane.

"Good, we need to do this as soon as possible and get the footage to Sue." Jensen said.

"Come on buddy," James said clapping Lucas on the shoulder. "Let's get home. The rest of you, you've all got a ride home right?"

"No." Asher said amongst all the other people saying yes.

"Then I'll give you a lift." James told him.

Tatia, Molly and Elena all went with Benny in Elena's car. They were going to take the two cameras to Lauren's house right away and then drive down to Sue's as soon as Lauren had completed the editing.


That evening, Lucas and James had the Knight's join them for dinner.

Lucas did the cooking while Lizzy took over the T.V channel, forcing James, Jensen and Ruth to sit through High School Musical with her.

"Seriously Liz, couldn't you pick something a little more badass?" Jensen groaned.

"Nope," Lizzy answered. "I'm going to marry Zac Efron one day so I have to watch his movies. That's what's going to make me such a good wife."

While cooking, Lucas received a text from Jane saying that Brent was being really sweet to her and wondering if she should take him back.

Rolling his eyes, Lucas replied telling her to listen to her heart. He was sure the two would end up dating again anyway so it hardly mattered what advice he gave.

"Hey baby." Jensen said walking into the kitchen. "Need help?"

"No thanks babe, it's nearly done." Lucas told him. "What's wrong, aren't you enjoying High School Musical?" He asked with a grin.

"I'd rather sit through a marathon of Bane (Brent and Jane) duets." Jensen replied by way of an answer. "So, since we managed to get some incriminating evidence on Josh, you and I really ought to celebrate."

"I suppose we should." Lucas agreed melting into Jensen's arms as his boyfriend hugged him from behind. "What exactly did you have in mind?"

"I figured we'd use that canister of whipped cream in the fridge." Jensen told him suggestively licking the shell of his ear. "You know that you're my favourite choice for dessert."

"But your mother and sister are here," Lucas pointed out. "And as much as I love Lizzy, that Little Lady is a cock-blocker."

"We'll wait till they're gone," Jensen said. "I'll sleep over. Your old man won't mind. We'll just tell him we have to work on a project, that'll help him pretend not to know what we'll really be doing."

"Mmm, love you." Lucas murmured turning in his arms for a kiss. "Oh, dinner should be done. Go get the others, and you can tell my dad that you'll be spending the night."


Elsewhere, Josh Tristan was walking alone through the streets of Lima. He had a rucksack on his back, the contents of which had been stolen from a neighbour's garden shed.

Walking through the darkness, he muttered incoherently under his breath before coming to a stop. He looked up at the building before him before cautiously checking that nobody was around to see him break in.

His movements were clumsy rather than sneaky, as though he wasn't putting much effort into his break in.

Walking round the back, he had taken out a small hammer from his rucksack and used it to break a window before climbing through, the shards of glass snagging at his clothing.

Stepping inside the empty room, he made his way through, forcing doors open until he reached his destination.

Turning on the light, he cast his eyes about the Beach High choir room.

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