My boyfriend's back (boyxboy)

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24. Do you even care?

Waking up a little earlier than usual, Lucas turned to admire his boyfriend.

Jensen was in a deep slumber, his head to the side and sucking on his thumb. Smiling at the sight, Lucas reached for his cell phone over on his nightstand then took a picture. He set the photo as his background before setting his phone back down.

Running his fingers lightly through Jensen's raven black hair, Lucas decided it was time to wake the other boy up. Grinning broadly to himself, he ducked under the covers and scooted down the bed before settling himself between Jensen's spread legs.

Setting his hands on Jensen's strong thighs, Lucas flicked his tongue over the head of Jensen's cock.

The action made the organ twitch and a sleepy moan sounded from Jensen's mouth. Pressing a few kisses along Jensen's shaft, Lucas gently fondled with the muscled teen's balls. He then took Jensen's length into his mouth and hummed around the flesh as he started to suck.

Soon enough, Jensen was jerking his hips up to force himself further down Lucas's throat and the countertenor was sure his boyfriend was awake now.

He allowed his teeth to lightly scrape the skin of Jensen's dick and the sensation created a distinctive increase to Jensen's pleasured moans.

Slurping harder at his boyfriend's favourite and most impressive appendage, Lucas softly tickled Jensen's balls and then swallowed Jensen's morning jizz as he caused his boyfriend to cum.

Letting Jensen's spent cock slip from his mouth, a string of saliva glistening from the tip of Jensen's cock to Lucas's lip before falling apart, Lucas pushed the covers off of them before crawling up his boyfriend's body.

He splashed kisses all over Jensen's torso, nibbling at his nipples before kissing him full on the mouth, the two teens sharing their foul morning breath.

Shifting further up the bed, Lucas arranged himself so he was straddling Jensen's upper-chest before feeding his penis past Jensen's lips.

"Oh yes." Lucas groaned out pressing his arms and forehead against the wall as he rocked his hips, pumping himself in and out of Jensen's mouth.

"Jensen." He panted out as his boyfriend squeezed his bum in his warm hands.

Eyes closed and mouth falling open as he continued to gasp and moan, Lucas's thrusts became steadily more frantic. It got to the point where Jensen had to force him away so that he wouldn't choke.

Instead, Lucas sat up against the headboard of the bed, legs outstretched, and Jensen jerked him off. A few tugs were all it took for Lucas to reach his climax, his seed erupting all over Jensen's face.

"Mmm, sweet Gaga, I'm on the edge of glory." Lucas mumbled and Jensen just sniggered in response, his fingers still wrapped around Lucas's dick.

Bending awkwardly for a moment, a cum-covered Jensen licked Lucas's sensitive dick clean before pressing an affectionate kiss to the head.

"Morning beautiful." He said softly looking at the limp cock in his hand.

Lucas pointedly cleared his throat, encouraging Jensen to return his gaze to his boyfriend's face.

"Morning gorgeous." Jensen smiled moving up to kiss Lucas's lips.

"You're a mess." Lucas told him gathering some of the substance on his finger and smearing it over Jensen's lips for the boy to lick off.

"A hot damn mess." Jensen corrected. "Think I should go upstairs for breakfast like this baby?" He asked with a smirk.

"No," Lucas responded instantly getting out of the bed and pulling on a clean pair of boxers and Jensen's shirt. "My dad would probably cry if he saw such incriminating evidence of what goes in between us down here. I'm taking a shower and on this occasion you are not permitted to join me."

"Bitch." Jensen called after him playfully in disappointment as he scratched his buttocks.


After Lucas was ready to face the school day, he headed upstairs to prepare breakfast. His dad joined him and Lucas handed him a cup of coffee.

Jensen came upstairs a few minutes later, his jeans riding low on his hips. Stepping up behind Lucas, he pressed a lingering kiss to his neck before rubbing James' bald head in greeting.

The dark haired teen then headed upstairs before coming back down wearing when of James' shirts with the buttons undone.

"Jensen, explain?" Lucas demanded finding it odd to see his boyfriend in his dad's clothing.

"Can't wear my shirt again, it's dirty." Jensen shrugged. "And none of your fancy gear will fit. Don't worry; I'll totally have my ma wash it then give it back."

"Just keep it." James told him.

"Or burn it." Lucas suggested.

Before they left for school, Lucas and Jensen both received a text from Jane requesting that the choir meet up in the choir room first thing claiming that she had some exciting news.

"What do you think it is?" Jensen asked though he didn't sound overly interested.

"She probably wants to announce that she and Brent are an item again." Lucas answered remembering how she had text him about Brent the previous evening. "But we'd better go anyway."

"Can I drive?" Jensen begged after they'd made their goodbyes to James and stepped up outside Lucas's car. "Please? I'll totally give you head under the table at lunch."

"Very well Jensen, you may drive my baby." Lucas agreed handing him the keys and Jensen eagerly scrambled into the driver's seat. "But you are not going down on me in the cafeteria."

"That's cool babe," Jensen shrugged as he pulled out of the driveway. "You can give me a blow job instead."

"Why in the name of Gucci do I put up with you?" Lucas asked with a dramatic sigh.

"Because you love the feel of JenZilla battering your prostate." Jensen answered with a smirk.

Lucas just shook his head in amusement, wincing on occasion when Jensen whirled his car around a corner too fast.

"Stick close to me today baby," Jensen said as they climbed out of the car. "That bastard hasn't been fully dealt with yet. I don't wanna risk you being near him if he goes psycho like he did yesterday."

"I'm fairly confident that you frightened him enough to steer clear from any of us," Lucas replied winding his arm around Jensen's waist as Jensen settled his arm over Lucas's shoulders.

"So today shouldn't be too bad. Then the footage Artie and Jacob caught will be shown on Sue's Corner tonight and Josh will have to be expelled. If he isn't then not even I will be able to prevent my dad from forcing his way into Gilligen's office with his gun."

"Your old man is so badass." Jensen chuckled. "I wish my dad could have been more like him you know."

"I don't." Lucas responded quietly and Jensen looked to him in askance. "If your dad had been any different, if he'd stayed to help raise you and Lizzy, then the two of you would have turned out some other way. Lizzy wouldn't be Lizzy and you wouldn't be my Jensen. You may never have turned into the man I fell in love with."

"You know baby," Jensen replied with a fond smile. "Whenever you start talking all romantic shit I really just wanna fuck you."

"We are heading to the choir room," Lucas said. "Maybe when Jane's done with what she wants to tell us all we can skip first period and make some music of our own."

"On top of the piano?" Jensen asked.

"Definitely." Lucas answered turning the corner that led to the choir room.

Sharing a kiss with his boyfriend, the two of them giggled a little as they stumbled into the room.

It was only when Lucas pulled away from Jensen's kiss that he noticed Molly standing stock still, her eyes wide and her skin as white as a ghost.

"Molly?" Lucas asked looking at the girl in concern wondering what she was staring at.

"Fuck." Jensen swore and turning his head Lucas let out a loud gasp as his mind registered what it was he was seeing.

Not knowing what to do, the three teens just stood still and stared at the sight before them.

Next to enter the choir room were Dean and Elena. The blonde girl let out a shrill scream, moving backwards until her back connected with the wall where she slid down bringing her knees up to her chest.

"We need to get a teacher." Dean said sensibly but none of them moved.

Molly didn't even display any signs of knowing the others were in the room with her.

"Somebody get a teacher, now!" Dean yelled in a harsh tone before following his own order and rushing out to find a member of staff.

In his absence, Sakura and Jake walked hand-in-hand into the choir room. Pulling her fingers from her boyfriend's hand, Sakura's legs gave out beneath her and fell to the floor.

Tears gathered in her eyes before falling down her cheeks and Jake just turned his back and closed his eyes so he couldn't see him.

Aside from Sakura's sniffles and Elena's quietly mumbled prayers, all was silent in the choir room until Dean returned with Sue Kennester and Joe Blake in tow.

"Oh god." Mr. Blake exclaimed and it was clear he was going to be of little help.

"Get out." Sue told the children taking out her phone and making a call. "Out!" She repeated when none of them moved.

Moving to Elena, Dean offered his hand to help her up but she didn't take it. So he bent down and picked her up and carried her out of the room. Jake did the same with Sakura.

"Fuck." Jensen swore again before leaving the room.

"Molly?" Lucas asked not willing to leave her. "Molly, can you hear me sweetheart?"

"He looks sad." Molly commented, her eyes still glued to Josh, the bully's dead body hanging from the ceiling.

"Molly, we need to go." Lucas told her taking her hand and tugging lightly but she didn't move.

Unable to stop himself, Lucas turned his gaze back to Josh's lifeless form.

He felt sick. His eyes wandered about the room spotting the rucksack with the head of a hammer poking out. A length of rope was curled up like a snake, a set of pruning sheers beside it, indicating that Josh had cut the rope to a shorter length. A chair was knocked over beneath the body's dangling feet.

Presumably, Josh had stood on the chair before trying the noose.

For the first time since entering the choir room, Lucas noticed the music that was playing. His eyes turned to the C.D player where Josh's selected song had been on repeat.

The lyrics of the song he and Josh had performed as a duet together filled Lucas's ears as it started again, piercing through his brain and chilling him to the bone.

'Hey, you've got a lot of nerve to show your face around here.

Hey, you've got a lot of nerve to dredge up all my fears.

Well, I wish I could shake some sense into you and walk out the door.'

Lucas swallowed wanting nothing more than for Molly to pull her eyes away from the body and leave the room with him.

But the girl was still staring directly at the face of the hanging body and Lucas shuddered wondering just how long Molly had been alone with Jensen's corpse.

'But your skin is like porcelain.

Yeah, your skin is like porcelain.'

Lucas cringed as he looked downwards, his eyes landing on the porcelain skin of his own hand.

His memory then felt compelled to remind him of the way Josh had leered at him while singing to him the first time they had rehearsed the song together with Jane, Lizzy and Mr. Blake watching them.

'Just the other day I felt I had you by a string.

Just the other day I felt we could be everything.

But now when I see you, you're somebody else.

In somebody's eyes and your skin is like porcelain.

Yeah, your skin is like porcelain.'

Principal Gilligem had made his way to the choir room.

Whether Sue had called him or a student had informed him Lucas didn't know. Laura, Benny, Jane and Brent never showed up to the choir room so Lucas assumed one of the others had warned them away.

No other students had entered, not that they would have reason to, and the two teachers in the room seemed to be arguing but Lucas couldn't make out what they were saying.

His ears only heard the vocals by Better than Ezra.

'I don't know what I'm saying.

Well, I don't know if you're there.

In the words you are feigning.

Do you even care?'

Yes, Lucas did care.

It was true that Josh was far from a friend and that Lucas wanted him out of his life, but not like this, never like this. He had never wished Josh dead, yet the other teen had taken his own life.

Of course Lucas cared.

'Well I wish I could kill you, savour the sight'

The lyric made Lucas whimper and a second later Sue had seized hold of the C.D player and thrown it against a wall. The music stopped.

"Come on, Molly." Lucas said in a choked voice before pulling her from the room.

Hand clasped tightly with hers, he led her through the corridors. Near a set of stairs, the sick feeling Luacs had been fighting off overpowered him and he vomited onto the floor. A chorus of 'ewws' from other students sounded around him but he hardly cared.

Rubbing his back gently, Molly guided him to the nearest girls' bathroom where he fell to his knees by a toilet and continued to reject his breakfast from his body.

Molly stood behind him speaking soothing words. She then helped him clean the mess away from his face before supporting his weight as he crossed to the sink.

His legs were a little shaky and every time he closed his eyes he could still see Josh's body.

"He killed himself." Lucas whispered, finally acknowledging the truth out loud.

"I know." Molly answered just as quietly.

"He killed himself." Lucas repeated turning on the faucet and splashing cold water onto his face.

"I know," Molly said again. "But it wasn't your fault ok. Don't you dare feel guilty."

"But he killed himself." Lucas told her.

"Yes, he did," Molly agreed still rubbing circular motions on Lucas's back. "I know it's a shock and that it isn't nice to think about, but you aren't to blame. You didn't murder him. He killed himself."

"Because of me," Lucas said. "He did this because of me."

"He was very silly," Molly answered. "And very mean. He couldn't handle the fact that you didn't want him. So he took the cowards way out and left you to deal with the mess. If you break down now, then he's won. Taking his own life was just another way for him to make you suffer. But you don't deserve this Lucas, you don't deserve anything that boy put you through."

"Are you ok?" Lucas asked looking to her and she just shrugged, a haunted look still apparent in her eyes, a shocking contrast to the playful innocence that usually shined in her irises.

"Come on," Lucas said pulling her into a hug. "We should find the others."

They left the bathroom just in time to see some official looking people making their way towards the choir room. Hand-in-hand, Lucas and Molly made their way to the auditorium, instinctively knowing that's where the others would be. Sure enough, they found them all there.

Jane was walking about the stage, the bruise on her face standing out even more than her nose usually did. She was obviously going over different songs in her head but for once she wasn't singing.

Jake had Sakura in his lap, Dean had Elena in his arms and Brent was sat on the floor at Benny's feet. Laura was sat beside Benny and Tatia and Jensen were both pacing on the floor space between stage and seating area.

Seeing Molly, Tatia instantly hurried towards her and pulled her into her arms. The two girls then made their way to Benny, Tatia rudely shoving Brent out of the way before both girls dropped into Benny's lap.

Standing in front of Jensen, Lucas stopped his boyfriend's pacing and rested his forehead against his chest, his hands clenching his dad's shirt that Jensen was wearing.

"Fuck." Jensen swore in a whisper and they all paused to look at him.

"Fuck." The others echoed simultaneously since the word seemed to sum the situation up.

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