My boyfriend's back (boyxboy)

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2. Duet partners

For the rest of the day, Lucas was very distracted.

Despite the amount of Chap Stick he borrowed from Molly, he just couldn't get rid of the taste of Josh on his lips.

On more than one occasion, he caught Laura and Sakura sending him concerned and curious looks.

In class, they sent him texts enquiring after his well-being. He replied saying he was just worried about Jensen and missing him. Telling the truth about his altercation with Josh didn't seem like a good idea.

As much as he loved Laura and Sakura, he knew the two girls were incapable of keeping secrets.

If he told them what happened, then everybody would know the truth about Josh's sexuality within a matter of hours.

Bully or not, he couldn't ever bring himself to out Josh like that.

He tried avoiding Josh for the remainder of the day but he wasn't entirely successful. Fortunately, he only shared Gym class with him which they didn't have that day.

He couldn't escape bumping into Josh in the halls from time to time between classes though.

Luckily, other than a few lustful looks, Josh didn't try anything. Though Lucas suspected that was more to do with the surrounding spectators as witnesses rather than Josh's self-restraint and respect to leave him be.

Instinctively, Lucas knew forgetting about the unwanted kiss would not be a possibility.

Although he had threatened that Jensen would not be pleased when he was released from juvie, he highly doubted that Josh would be too concerned about that in the mean time.

The best thing Lucas could do was stick close to his friends. He was sure any alone time with Josh would lead to more unwanted advances.

During the last lesson of the school day, Lucas was pulled out and summoned to Miss Blake's office.

Gathering his things, he headed down to see the school Guidance Counsellor; suspecting Mr. Blake had arranged the meeting so he could talk about Jensen.

Sure enough, as Lucas took a seat opposite the red-haired woman, she pushed a pamphlet across to him bearing the slogan 'HOW TO DEAL WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND BEING IN JUVIE'.

He rolled his eyes at the leaflet, not even bothering to open it up and scan through.

"How are you coping, Lucas?" Miss Blake asked gently as she adjusted some of the items on her desk, taking out her tape measure to ensure they were equal distances apart from one another.

"I'll be fine, thank you." Lucas replied just wanting to leave. He liked Miss Blake enough but he didn't enjoy counselling sessions.

"I understand this is a difficult time for you right now." Miss Blake said as she finished organizing everything on her desk.

"I just want you to know that I'm here if you ever need to talk. Or sing, you choir kids like to sing. Expressing your emotions through song is a healthy way to vent your frustrations, desires and disappointments. Perhaps you could choose a song to perform in choir practice that might help you deal with what you're feeling."

"That won't be necessary." Lucas told her. "Your concern is very much appreciated but not at all necessary. I'm an independent young male, I can handle being without my boyfriend for a short time."

"Well that's wonderful." Miss Blake smiled. "I have to say that I'm impressed. There are far too many people your age who become too dependent on their boyfriends and girlfriends. I think you're setting a fine example by showing everyone you can still stand tall without a man on your arm."

"Thank you." Lucas said simply not bothering to point out that he was really missing Jensen like crazy and didn't know how long he could go without the other boy's touch.

"You're welcome, Lucas." Miss Blake said looking truly happy at the thought she was really helping him. "Still, as remarkably well as you are coping with Jensen being away, I want you to know that my office is always open. You can talk to me about anything."

"I'll keep that in mind." Lucas responded offering her a feeble smile in return.

"Well Lucas, while I have you here, is there anything that you might care to discuss?" She asked him as she clasped her hands together and rested them on the desk.

As he mused over where she might have purchased the cute periwinkle blue sweater she was wearing, Lucas wondered whether he should tell her about his earlier dealings with Josh.

There was a code of silence within Miss Blake's office, it was her job to listen to the students' issues and keep them a secret, so long as the student wasn't in danger.

Though he trusted the woman to keep anything he told her about Josh confidential, Lucas still wasn't entirely sure that he should confide in her.

To tell her what happened would still be outing Josh before he was ready, even if it was only to one person.

For the time being, Lucas opted to guard Josh's secret. If the situation escalated in to something worse then he would re-evaluate the situation and make a decision from there as to what he should do about it.

A gnawing sensation in his gut warned him that things would get worse, but he tried to ignore the feeling as best as he could.

"I just hope Jensen's time in juvie won't affect him negatively or leave him with any form of long-term damage." Lucas commented and Miss Blake nodded in understanding.

"Well Lucas, my advice would be to just pretend that Jensen is on holiday." She said.

"That might help ease your worries and concerns. And I'm sure you can visit him. No?" She asked when Lucas shook his head.

"My dad and I discussed the possibility of visitation," Lucas informed her. "And we both came to the agreement that it would be in Jensen's best interests if I stayed away. Not everybody is tolerant of gay relationships and I've never been able to hide my sexuality convincingly."

"Oh, yes, that probably would be safer for Jensen." Miss Blake admitted sounding guilty for agreeing with such a thing.

"But if you can't visit you could always write to him. I realise that kids these days aren't down with sending letters, you're more obsessed with twittering and changing your facebook status every few minutes, but letter writing is seriously underrated these days. Writing a letter will be much more intimate and romantic."

Mulling it over in his mind, Lucas decided that sending a letter to his boyfriend would be nice.

It was important that Jensen understand how much he cared. He'd have to ask Jensen's mother about an address to send the letter too though.

He'd even sign the letter with his middle name Jennifer (named after his dead mother) rather than Lucas, just in case one of the juveniles stole the letter.

Though why anyone would want to steal a letter Lucas didn't know but it was always a possibility.

"That's a good idea, Miss Blake. Thank you." Lucas said politely causing the woman to beam before she dismissed him back to what remained of his lesson.

Having missed too much of his history class to understand what was going on and pay full attention, Lucas ended up doodling little hearts in the margins of his notepad, tracing his and Jensen's initials inside of them.

He jumped a little when the bell rang, startled out of his daytime fantasies of Jensen, of which a set of handcuffs were a main feature.

Like everybody else in the classroom, Jensen packed his things away. Joining Elena as they filed out of the room, he asked to borrow her notes so he could copy them down.

Walking alongside him, she handed him her neatly written class notes before hurrying along to cheerleading practice.

As he walked alone towards his locker, Lucas kept an eye out for Josh. He spotted Zack and received a locker-shove before he met Laura and Benny.

The two accompanied him to his locker as theirs were very close by, all of them discussing the duets competition Mr. Blake had set for them.

Not having paid full attention in choir practice that morning, Lucas listened attentively. He planned to ask Laura what song they should do for their assignment but before he could ask, she mentioned that she and Tatia were working together.

He pretended to rummage through his locker for something so she wouldn't see the disappointed and slightly hurt look on his face. There was an odd number in the club so not everybody would have a duet partner.

The fact that Mr. Blake had overlooked such a thing made Lucas a little annoyed. Although he loved performing, he didn't want to be the one who had to perform a duet on his own.

Turning to Benny, he was about to ask the boy if he'd like to partner up but Molly beat him to it.

She appeared at his side telling Benny he was hot and that they should work together. Looking confused, Benny simply agreed and Molly unexpectedly leaned down to kiss him before hurrying off to join her fellow cheerleaders out on the field.

Collecting what he needed to take home with him and leaving the rest in his locker, Lucas walked out of the building with Laura and Benny, unable to prevent himself from thinking what song he and Jensen could have performed together.

On the way out, he noticed Dean and reasoned that since he had just joined the choir and didn't really know anyone that he probably didn't have a duet partner.

Although he didn't like the fact the obviously fake blonde had stepped in to replace his boyfriend, he knew better than most how it felt to have people dislike you for no real legitimate reason.

So he lied to Laura and Benny saying he'd forgotten something and that he'd see them tomorrow before doubling back to where Dean was stuffing books into his locker.

"Hey," Lucas greeted trying to sound confident though he felt a little nervous. He never had been good at talking to new people. But taking Dean's dyed hair colour into consideration he doubted he had to worry about homophobia.

Something about the new boy just screamed gay and Lucas tried to convince himself that finding Dean physically appealing didn't qualify as cheating. "I just wanted to officially welcome you to the choir. I'm Lucas Benson."

"Hey, I'm Dean." He replied taking Lucas's offered hand and shaking it. "Err, sorry about Jensen."

"Thank you." Lucas said surprised to hear such a sentiment. Not many people had sounded overly concerned.

"He's your boyfriend right?" Dean asked. "I mean that's what Brent told me."

"Yes, he is." Lucas answered proudly. "We've been together nearly four months now."

"Cool." Dean said. "So, do you know when he's getting out?"

"Not yet." Lucas replied. "Anyway, I was wondering if perhaps you'd like to work together on the duet assignment. I'm easily the most talented member of the group even if my talents are often underappreciated so we'll have a strong chance of winning."

"Um" Dean began a little uncomfortably.

"You know what, I'm sorry I asked." Lucas apologized hastily. "I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. You don't have to work with me, I completely understand."

"Hey, no, I'd like to sing together." Dean told him. "I just I'm worried that"

"That the Neanderthals of the school will give you a hard time for singing with the school fag." Lucas guessed and Dean winced at the slur he used to refer to himself.

"I understand. Reputations are important. Don't worry, no hard feelings."

"No, it's not that." Dean insisted. "I just I've heard about your boyfriend, dude. If he finds out we sang together won't he like beat the crap out of me?" Dean asked looking fearful.

"Jensem isn't as bad as people make him out to be." Lucas replied. "And don't tell anyone I told you but I pretty much have him wrapped around my little finger."

"Well, if you're sure he won't beat me up for singing with you then I'd love to work together." Dean said.

"I promise, no harm will come to you." Lucas smiled.

"Could I get your number?" He asked and the two took their phones out to trade numbers.

"Well, I have to get going before my dad starts to worry, but I'll call you later to talk about song selection. You and me are going to win this thing." He said confidently before sauntering off, his happy mood being darkened when he found Josh loitering around by where his car was parked.

Not wanting to deal with Josh, Lucas stepped back inside the school building, intending to seek protection from Dean but the blonde was gone, probably attending some after school lessons for those with learning difficulties.

Frowning to himself, Lucas briefly considered walking home but he couldn't bear the thought of leaving his baby in the school parking lot overnight.

Hearing his father's voice play in his head, saying that nobody pushed the Benson's around, Lucas strode towards Josh with a determined air of defiance about him.

"Hey Lucas." Josh leered trying to sound seductive but only succeeding in sounding creepy.

"I don't have time for this." Lucas stated. "Please, just leave me alone."

"I can't." Josh claimed. "I can't keep away from you. My parents are working late tonight; we could have the house to ourselves." He said suggestively.

"I'm not the cheating kind, Josh." Lucas told him as he moved round him and slipped into his car, his movements quick and slick so Josh couldn't block his way.

"Find somebody single to harass." He added before starting the car.

As he drove off, he looked at Josh by means of the rear view mirror, witnessing him angrily throw something through the windshield of another car in the lot.

He flinched as the smashing sound met his ears, shortly followed by the cars alarm going off.

The uncomfortable feeling in his stomach returned and Lucas certainly wasn't looking forward to his next confrontation with Josh.

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