My boyfriend's back (boyxboy)

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4. Independent Lizzy

Parking his car in the school lot, Lucas stepped carefully out of his baby, noticing smashed glass over the concrete not so far away.

His stomach tightened uncomfortably as he remembered Josh smashing somebody's car window.

Hitching his messenger bag more firmly onto his shoulder, Lucas strode towards the school building, hoping to find a friendly face before crossing paths with his unwanted admirer.

Luck seemed to be smiling down on him that morning and Lucasmade it all the way to his locker unscathed, Laura joining him with a wide smile.

They gossiped together as they collected their things before Elena approached them looking at Lucas expectantly. Searching through his things, he fished out the class notes she had leant him and handed them back to her.

In his second period, Lucas was spared having to sit beside homeless-smelling Brett by Dean indicating the seat beside him.

Dropping gracefully into the seat next to the blonde boy, Lucas bit down on his tongue to prevent himself from interrogating Dean about his obviously dyed hair.

Throughout the lesson, they discussed possible song options and Dean occasionally said a few phrases in a made up language from some film Lucas had never seen. He just smiled awkwardly at his duet partner, slowly realising that the new boy was a dork.

The lesson ended and Lucas and Dean walked companionably side by side. Dean had a lesson to attend but Lucas had a free period. He walked with Dean to his classroom door before saying goodbye, Dean nudging his arm playfully as he left.

Before Lucas could walk on, he found his way blocked by the person he had been hoping to avoid. Judging by the look in Josh's eyes, the other boy had seen Dean and Lucas's physical contact.

Clutching to the strap of his bag, Lucas kept his head up high and swiftly moved past the other male. He walked at a fast pace but he could hear Josh's heavy footsteps following him.

Turning a corner, Lucas nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt Josh's large hand grip his arm before pulling him under the stair well. Forcing himself to keep calm, Lucas met Josh's stare.

"Can I help you?" Lucas asked resting a hand on his hip and quirking an eyebrow, his heart beating rapidly against his ribcage as his palms started to sweat.

"What the hell was that?" Josh demanded to know, jerking his head back in the direction they had just come from. "You and Lady Lips looked a little too friendly."

"We're just friends." Lucas sighed before rolling his eyes over the fact he was defending his actions to someone whose opinion did not matter. "It really isn't your business so just leave me alone."

"Are you fucking him?" Josh asked with a slight growl.

"What? No." Lucas responded highly shocked and offended that the other teen would throw such a question at him. "I'll remind you again, I'm with Jensen. Just because he's away doesn't mean I'm going to cheat."

"Then what's with the blonde?" Josh replied. "I saw you two, you were flirting with him."

"That's ridiculous." Lucas tutted before falling silent when Josh kicked at the under slope of the stairs they were stood beneath.

"He's a good-looking dude that new friend of yours." Josh commented. "You'd better watch how close you get to him. If I see something I don't like then he won't be so pretty anymore."

He threatened before storming away.

Lucas let out a shaky breath, his stomach churning horribly and his legs feeling weak, too weak to remain standing.

He sank to the floor, wincing at the thought of dirtying his pants. Placing his hand over his heart, he felt how fast the organ was beating and waited for the thudding to slow to a normal rate.

After he had calmed down enough, he pushed himself to his feet and headed to the choir room. He idly danced his fingers across the piano as he puzzled over what he should do.

Threats spilling from the mouth of a jock were not something to take lightly. He wouldn't put it past Josh to team up with Zack and his other buddies then beat up Dean.

If those two Neanderthals could shove a girl around like they had done to Sakura on occasion, they'd certainly have no qualms about beating up a guy.

He didn't want anything bad to happen to the blonde boy so he knew he'd have to back out of the duet. If Josh found out they were singing together then Dean would be in trouble.

He thought about simply texting the boy to let him know he had changed his mind but he knew Dean deserved better than that. He would find the boy later and tell him to his face that he didn't think they should be working together.

At lunch that day, he found himself ambushed by Brent, the taller teen warning him off of singing with Dean, similar to how Josh had warned him not to get too friendly with the blonde, though in Finn's defence he didn't speak his mind in as hostile a way as Josh.

As he picked out his lunch, Lucas wasn't sure which boy he should be more annoyed with, Josh or Brent.

In Josh's case, his behaviour was born from feelings of jealousy and certainly more threatening.

With Brent, it was much more insulting and mildly homophobic. Lucas was particularly offended by Brent saying he had been all over him the previous year.

It was true that Lucas had once had a deep interest in Brent and perhaps he'd flirted a little but he had never been too inappropriate or overly touchy-feely. And the comment about a restraining order if Brent had acted the same way Lucas had towards a girl was completely unnecessary.

Jane, Elena and even Tatia had all thrown themselves at Brent in much more obvious ways than Lucas had ever dared. Not once had Brent ever freaked out over their attention. On the contrary, he seemed to enjoy it.

Trying to ignore Brent's words, Lucas paid for his lunch and walked away. Even though he had already decided not to sing with Dean because of Josh's unnerving threats, hearing Brent's views on his choice of duet partner was not something he cared for.

He wished he could just sneak off to an empty classroom and have a steamy make-out session with his boyfriend to make himself feel better.

Or watch Jensen punch Brent in the face, Jensen getting angry was always a bit of a turn-on.

Joining the choir kids at their usual table, Lucas offered them a half-hearted smile but Laura saw right through it.

She asked what was wrong and he simply shook his head, glaring at Brent a little as the quarterback joined them. Making the connection, Laura turned to Brent, demanding to know what he had done.

"I haven't done anything." Brent said defensively as his features morphed into an expression that resembled a wounded puppy dog.

"Lucas?" Sakura asked looking to him for an explanation but Lucas simply shook his head as he nibbled on his celery.

As he looked down at his food, he felt a little pang over not having Jensen beside him to complain that his lunch was merely 'rabbit food'.

Normally, Jensen would end up pushing a handful of fries onto Lucas's plate to eat or sharing a hot dog, burger or pizza slice.

A large waffle was pushed onto his plate and Lucas snapped his head to the side, his mind tricking him into believing that he would see Jensen sitting next to him but it was Tatia.

She didn't say anything or even look at him, but Lucas appreciated the gesture all the same as he cut up a piece of waffle and brought it to his lips.

He was chewing down the final piece of waffle when Dean approached the table and asked if he could join them. Smiling so as to make Dean feel welcome, Lucas edged his seat over so that Dean could sit between him and Laura. The less than pleased look on Brent's face did not escape his attention.

Dean started talking animatedly about their duet assignment, the tone of his voice clearly expressing his enthusiasm, and Lucas could sense Brent's stare, the taller boy obviously willing for him to put an end to the partnership.

He hated to do it, but Lucas knew he had to. Not because of Brent's reasoning's that Dean would become a major target for bullying if they sang together, but because he didn't want to risk the possibility that a jealous Josh would seriously injure Dean. However, he would certainly use his current irritation with Brent's behaviour as an excuse.

"Actually Dean, I regret to say that I think it would be better if we didn't work together." Lucas said.

"Um have I done something to offend you?" Dean asked sounding a little hurt.

"Not at all." Lucas responded. "Perhaps you could do your duet with Elena." He suggested and the two blondes shared eye-contact before both returning their gaze to Lucas in confusion.

"Gucci knows I wouldn't want to offend Brent by forcing him to witness two males perform together."

"Dude, come on" Brent tried to say but Lucas had abandoned what remained of his lunch and stalked away.

Part way down the corridor, he realised someone had followed him out of the cafeteria.

He paused and turned round, expecting to see Laura or possibly even Dean, but he took a step back when Josh's shadow passed over him.

"Want me to kick Tracy's ass for ya?" Josh asked but as annoyed as Lucas was, he wasn't going to accept such an offer.

"Just leave me and my friends alone." Lucas retorted before walking away, but the other teen kept up with him.

"I've seen the way he treats you." Josh spoke up. "He acts like you have some fucked up disease."

"Yes well, many people treat me with a similar view." Lucas replied. "Not so long ago you were one of them."

"He's not a friend." Josh said referring to Brent. "At least not a good one."

"That's not your concern." Lucas shot back as he quickened his pace, slightly pleased that Josh had to jog to keep up with his elegant strides.

"Now as much as I enjoy our precious moments together," he continued in a sarcastic tone. "I really would appreciate if you could just stay away from me."

He carried on walking and thought for a moment that Josh had decided to leave him be. A few seconds later and he was shoved violently into the bank of lockers, nearly visiting the floor.

As he straightened up, he caught sight of one of the Math teachers. The older man meandered by as though nothing had happened, just as the teachers always did.

Apart from Sue Kennester, she was usually the one to shove the students around the corridors.


After school had let out, Lucas drove to the Knight household.

He took Lizzy in his arms for a quick hug when she opened the door to him before setting her back on her feet.

She dragged him through to the living-room where Ruth was perched on the edge of the dumpy old sofa, the T.V showing some cartoon that she paid no mind to as she stared out the window, a glass of red wine in her hand.

"Hello, Ruth." Lucas greeted speaking quietly so as not to startle the woman who seemed to be miles away mentally.

"She won't answer." Lizzy sighed. "I've been trying to get her attention ever since I walked back from school but she hardly even blinks."

"You walked from school on your own?" Lucas asked in shock and the girl nodded as if it was no big deal.

"Lizzy, sweetie, walking home alone is very dangerous. I don't want you to do it again, ok? I'll pick you up from school from now on."

"Will you drive me there too?" Lizzy asked hopefully.

"I like your shiny car. It's so much better than Jensen's motorcycle. And it's better than mum's car since hers is all smashed up."

"Do you have homework?" Lucas asked and the little girl shook her head, her tongue darting out of her mouth a little, a sign that she was either lying or up to some form of mischief.

"Lizzy, don't lie to me." Lucas said as the girls lips twitched into a smirk. "Let me check your homework diary." He requested and she scowled at him.

"Fine, I have to read a chapter of my book do some sums and learn my spellings." Lizzy complained. "It's not fair, school's for suckers."

"I'll help you with your homework ok." Lucas told her. "Finish watching your show and I'll make you some dinner before we get it done."

"Can we have sausages?" Lizzy asked.

"Of course, Little Lady." Lucas smiled.

As Lizzy got comfortable on her stomach, her feet up in the air, Lucas stepped closer to Ruth and waved his hand in front of her face but the woman didn't respond.

Worried, Lucas moved to the kitchen and phoned his dad, asking him to come over before he set about fixing some dinner.

Around ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door and Lucas answered it to admit his dad and Stacy.

He blinked in surprise but smiled up at the woman after she planted a kiss to his forehead and took off her coat.

"Papa Jamey, Auntie Stacy!" Lizzy squealed in excitement when the two adults entered the living-room.

She hugged them both and babbled about her day before Lucas dished up her dinner and set it at the table.

While Lucas sat down with her as she ate,BJames and Stacy tried to get through to Ruth.

After several minutes, Stacy succeeded and the woman broke down in her arms. Hearing the sound of her mother's sobs, Lizzy looked to Lucas with a pained expression but he didn't know how to remove it from her face.

He simply coaxed her into finishing the last of her sausages before herding her up to her room where he helped her with her homework.

She read beautifully to him and easily picked up the correct spellings for the words she had to learn. However, the girl did struggle with her Math sums just as much as Jensen did.

As he showed her methods on how to work out the answers, she broached the more serious subject matter of her brother's imprisonment and her mum's depression.

"I thought Jensen going to juvie was cool at first," Lizzy admitted. "But ma's really upset. It isn't funny anymore."

"I know, sweetie." Lucas sighed as he ran his fingers through her dark hair. There was a distinct curl to her dark tresses and Lucas often wondered if Jensen's hair would curl slightly if he grew it out.

"You just have to be a good girl and be strong for your mummy while Jensen's away."

"How long will he be there?" Lizzy asked.

"I don't know, Liz." He sighed. "Come on, you still have more work to do and then we'll get you in the bath."

"But I don't want a bath." Lizzy complained. "I had one three days ago."

"In that case it's definitely time for another." Lucas told her. "You don't want to end up smelling like Brent do you?"

"Yuck, no!" She exclaimed as she wrinkled her nose. "Go run my bath now, Lulu; I don't want to end up stinky like Brentessa."

Lucas chuckled in amusement and left her to it while he prepared her bath.

As soon as Lizzy was done with her final math sums, she came skipping into the bathroom already naked and hopped into the bath with a splash, sending water all over Lucas's beloved outfit.

She giggled at the outraged expression on his face, knowing that he'd never seriously yell at her.

"You're lucky you're cute, Misses." Lucas told her.

"I know." She replied arrogantly as she tipped her head back so Lucas could wet her hair with the jug before helping her shampoo and conditioner it.

After her bath, Lucas had to fight with Lizzy to brush her teeth and get into her nightgown. She clung to his neck when he tucked her into bed, insisting that she wanted to stay up just a little longer.

He all but wrestled his way out of her tight grip before turning out her bedroom light and closing the door.

Making his way downstairs, he smiled sheepishly at Ruth. She smiled back weakly before voicing an apology. She seemed a little better from how she had been earlier but still not as healthy looking as she ought to be.

They talked about Jensen and the length of his stay in juvie was undetermined but it was possible that he'd be inside for six months. It took all of Lucas's effort not to cry.

"Don't worry; this is Jensen's first offence." Stacy said and James and Ruth both looked to her with raised brows.

"Well, his first recorded crime." Stacy amended. "He'll probably serve a few weeks then be let out for good behaviour." James and Ruth snorted at the idea of Jensen behaving like a good little boy.

"It could happen." Stacy defended.

They talked about Jensen some more before Lucas copied down an address onto the envelope of his letter so he could send it to his boyfriend.

He then left along with James and Stacy.

James drove Stacy home in his car and Lucas headed straight home in his baby.

He was back before his dad so he sat on the sofa and waited for him. His dad returned looking exhausted so Lucas forced him to eat a helping of soup before insisting he go to bed and rest.

After hours of wriggling and squirming to get comfortable, Lucas finally found sleep with Jensen's letterman jacket bundled up and held against his chest like a teddy bear.
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